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Shabazz Napier joins Joe and Dave as the UConn Huskies are honored at Fenway Park

Apr 22, 2014|

UConn Point Guard, Shabazz Napier joined the guys for a half inning and talked about his experiences in college, his reasoning behind completing his education, and growing up in Boston.

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Well back for the top half of the second inning at Fenway the Sox trailing the Yankees. -- -- thing the defending world champion. Boston Red Sox and we're delighted to bring in another champion a great chip -- Napier from the UConn. National champions the most outstanding player in the final four I think I did about. Five or six UConn games in every single one of them I think -- -- got third. And about nine rebounds. Just to make congratulation today you prince's. Great to see and a wonderful moments you guys tonight here at Fenway Ichiro takes the first and in their. For a called strike have you gotten to the point now where yeah I believe all happened it it was an agreement happen. Yeah those those some. Well. It's a dream come true. Ichiro takes one down low for all you guys are amazing. In the tournament. Soup to nuts and just an incredible run was there a point there early in the NCAA tournament. As Ichiro takes a 11 takes a hack and dribbles a file -- you were thinking yeah this this is gonna happen we can get this done. You know it -- -- it game by game you know wanting to Flores. What the whereabouts moments of you know in the back you. Like you know we could possibly -- game -- -- -- game road in this sentence. Six in a -- just incredible 12 pitch swing and look for lying around in left field and dropped down for a base hit. As you could tell Chavez is Iraq's bring guys weren't -- Sox gap grew up rooting for the Red Sox you live and die with the rest of dad. Do you know in the during the kids go with -- the Red Sox Celtics the Patriots and so. But. That we have. Restaurants and if you get to Fenway once in awhile. Actually I would have probably won the two times -- was it. You know I think finesse and they've moved him to execute. Yeah often but I watched a lot of games on TV. Note that from watching the playoffs. That's what the World Series -- The -- that should be a specific. This is there isn't that nice seat there we like it. Ichiro first Roberts swings and a chopper to the hole and -- base hit ball got stolen it just got a piece of the glove deflected in the left peel it back to back singles. By the bottom of the order Suzuki and Roberts announced to Colby Ellsbury again and this was interesting issue -- in July were. Waiting to a come out of the commercial break they showed a little vignette. A video tribute to Jacoby Ellsbury he was in the dugout and then it -- that over the camera over -- Kobe and the fans give a very nice warm round of applause and I. There was -- says you know. The Bruins -- those kind of necessary but that's been in this day you know you have to get them to -- -- Just to sellers is definitely. This -- defense always. But we got the best in the world so. You know with the. Ellsbury tripled on an 02 pitch his first time up and came around to score on a Jeter base hit. Now 21 for me bluffs above takes a pitcher outside. I told Jill this Juventus in. Talking about some your accomplishments your numbers are off the charts of it. They -- you realize he led his team in rebounding is it to the national champs the -- that the best guard on the floor in the best -- -- he led his team and rebound. -- like 61 there's all effort -- -- That kind of -- well. Should do this and scoring passing and it's in their for a called strike Ellsbury one for one tonight. So what's next few -- obviously it's the NBA the next step. And if you're thinking about that right now or you you still thinking about. A little bit about this accomplishment and obviously finishing up school and everything else is -- that's close view the 11 inside for a ball. Yeah you know the biggest thing where. Finishing up classes such a graduate this was the biggest. He's like came back to school. A lot of guys to city got a degree which is allowed to view is about my mother -- for those -- report it and at the end of the day of the is that we'll go to where you know -- degrees open this report. Set by Lester and the 21. Outside for ball on the ice it is wonderful to everybody who who talks about career you had incredible career head. Again Minnesota win in wherever you go. That's all you've done that mean you've been the leader in that cause to win that's withdrawal by this. Is that. 31 pitch now Ellsbury good hitters count for the lead off man of the Yankees swing and high fly ball to left. Gomes driven back he has room and on the edge of the warning track makes that catch. Fires in the third when you know you base coach. I think about it runners at first I didn't. That if it. I should -- just has tremendous tradition. You basketball. Since the sixties so many great players. This championship brilliant special weakness like last year's champs in the Red Sox really wasn't expected. You know that's the that's the beauty of it when guys don't expect to win. You have. Waited so people. I'm always who would -- that -- know that I am aware of it maybe. In this system. The support if you go out which is so today it doesn't matter of sports and. It's a great message. Is Derek Jeter. One for one will RBIs singled first pitch is a curve down into the dirt for ball one. Your coach Kevin Ollie did such an amazing job. Taking over after very difficult view that the previous to UConn was not allowed to go to post season play. And it and to do what you guys did that mean having met kemba around in this season I could not be more impressed by that guy. To be able to do that right out of the gate. There's no way to go but down now we go six and only NCAA tournament. Next pitch in there for a called strike one amazing job. There is a good guys on and off the court. See the passion he has on the court you know and in in -- guys and sort of in that this is going to be tough. You know this. He citizen of -- what do you know big pedestal -- -- and did a great as what he wants to be done those those who allowed. 11 is up five for a ball on Jeter we're visiting with a great Chavez -- the most outstanding player a final four for the national champion UConn Huskies who once again. Made it a sweep in men's and women's college basketball in the the center of the college basketball universe without question -- stores Connecticut. Just remarkable with 21 pitch few swings and fouls out one straight back what's a bit like on campuses you've both won. -- it's been you know quite crazy but you know. Is at that that they citizens since. After them we that we could have felt that we would you know effective effective -- and in this. In that degree so -- the books for the women want men night after you guys you're off watching for wasn't in my room which -- he lives in the way it is a good within forty you know. Expect that -- those seasons so. The pitch. Just outside. Derek Jeter certainly got the call there -- a fastball at 94 -- -- thought he had a strikeout. Too happy with -- young umpires. And take a look at on the replay. Just off the edge of the plate. You know coach -- throughout the first point at -- -- won the first and second times. And he refused to do -- at Yankee Stadium isn't that the Yankees broke his heart -- -- -- schedule I would I would do it -- If I. I guess everything that you go about what happened at. The middle of the went out to Juan. Lester could use a double play ball and pitched just outside ball four and they're all loaded up Jeter took a couple of very close pitches. Lester leaned in and again a long stare at the young home -- -- -- -- -- And that'll bring up the dangerous Bel Tron. With a bases all filled up in one out to nothing yankees leading here in the second inning. So trouble brewing. For the big lefthander Beltran is already punched in RBIs single tonight. He's batting from the right side a designated hitter this evening was Soriano on after him. So the Yankees have a loaded Ichiro third Roberts it's secondary Jeter at first. Beltran was very good power for homers the first pitch one on high ground all the third gobbled up by a whole slings and this. -- get one on the first. -- play. And retired the side exactly what the doctor ordered for Jon Lester. Q that's a great visit. Can't say congratulations and a few of the men and spectacular job all season long great career thanks for joining that you think -- Too bad -- most outstanding player in the final four for the UConn Huskies we go to the bottom of the second to nothing yankees. On the Shaw's star Marcus WEEI Red Sox radio network.

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