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Does anyone really miss Jacoby Ellsbury in a Red Sox uniform 4-22-14

Apr 22, 2014|

We discuss the return of Jacoby Ellsbury to Fenway Park, including why he left Boston, and what the crowd reaction will be for him.

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Fourth and final hour dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI. -- -- lot of Bruins red wings we've talked a lot of Red Sox yankees Red Sox yankees with talks and Jacoby Ellsbury we've talked some Milan Lucic there is a gas segment out there. Of the of the Sports Radio listening audience that thinks reliably teaches a dirty player. And they are upset with me that I don't think he's a dirty hit people on the -- As three times that we know of that's what he confessed. I mean three times that. Apple wasn't the same guy all three to all parallel all the same area it is in my book because same guy. Nobody wants that that shouldn't happen and upbeat got a -- -- that's good and -- anybody on the ice now there's a guy. Who has begged me to beg you. To unblock him on Twitter -- yeah you're not gonna do. I haven't blocked them. I probably shouldn't but I won't I won't have known for a long time. We go back to the the -- the two days he was one of emailers before this beautiful thing called Twitter. I follows us on who follows me on Twitter. And Nikkei average apology to particular he can communicate with the he says to me. I'm MPH BO says. Michael opportunity. -- -- mobiles there. Opportunity is that generic word for job. Stop being so dramatic. Brian I gotta tell -- You -- in the case of words. For Jacoby Ellsbury so Jacoby Ellsbury saying thank you to the Yankees for giving me jaw. I couldn't get out could've gotten a job anywhere else was just the Yankee. What that what they gave him was the highest paying job. They offered him more money than anybody else did that was the opportunity that they gave him and he took it as I would do as you would do as most people up there would do that Jacoby. You are going to make my job a lot easier. You no longer or a thorn in my side you are flower our clubhouse that I'm happy to have. -- that he likes not necessarily oh man. I I I know that in this town if you go to the Yankees it's like you went to the evil empire did unity you know your -- the EU spit on my on my father's grave and you call my mom and -- There's a lot of money here the Red Sox weren't -- even come close they didn't even get into the bidding war -- they knew. Approximately what it was gonna go to when they weren't interest that. And that's fine that's their choice to. Posted. Our ticket take it Brit I take the money. Just -- just don't play the game of although they gave me you know the the the rags to riches story rags to riches story with the Yankees he went. You went to the team that was gonna pay you the most money good for you call it what it is. Not an opportunity. Grab bag. And it's. -- -- were playing semantic games -- but that's fine the Red Sox weren't even interest that they didn't even get involved in the bidding. They would have been happy to bring him back but they knew that they they weren't even gonna get in close to what the Yankees -- -- off from so they just said you know what thank you very much we appreciate you. We're gonna move on from here. It's gonna happen again. Maybe it'll be Jon Lester by the way. Maybe it'll be Lester of the will be the next guy that somebody up there has been offering thirty million dollars more than -- the Red Sox are gonna offer and we're gonna think he should -- -- here. Well I think in the case of a lesser -- I don't think it's gonna happen Lester. If your mercenary camp play a mercenary. A couple days of the week. Gimme a mercenary -- -- it's a full time job 24/7. So give Jacoby Ellsbury credit he played it the right way he'd never see it. -- love it here this is the only place I've wanted to play everybody so nice the fans are great ballpark as well loved about love my teammates. Love. A lot of people around the park love the vendors the owners. Now he said well this got to do what I have to do it. That day you'll that would take care of itself -- pay somebody to take care of that he played the that cold. Corporate mercenaries the entire time and any Caspian. Jon Lester you can not today. Give me a hometown discount and then go for the big payday after look at that pisses people. Ellsbury is really pissed off. Have a mobile Internet and and Jon Lester said he would take a hometown -- Africa. He just doesn't have the same idea of what that entails as the Red Sox do if they think that a hometown discount is seventy million dollars over four years. I wouldn't take it either I was him. It's it you you can't say that that if you say those words that you have to take whatever they offered master. Lester because they -- I mean they they embarrassingly low balled him in my opinion. Well embarrassed because it's embarrassing into the got because it got out all I promise -- -- one out okay -- -- up looking bullish when it got out. By I think. It's still part of it's it's part of the negotiation and I'd be shocked if Jon Lester wind up anywhere -- Jon Lester and one of the Red Sox. I hope you're right and it's going to be. You know somewhere in the neighborhood of 510115. Million dollars. Five years. So maybe maybe an option out there vesting option for a six there's some the -- -- but he set the terms are. He's -- hometown discount. Yeah in other words I won't I won't charge you you know -- hundred I'm not forty million the church -- to turn down so sewed it back to your point about Jacoby Ellsbury and saying we would all do know. Not necessarily. This is compare athlete to athlete knock -- player and compare athletes -- policeman. So one athlete Jacoby Ellsbury said I'm up. And you pay me you could have taken every single dollar available to me. In another athlete who states. -- Jon Lester stays here that means he will act conservatively. You'll have turned. When he -- 253035. Million dollars on the table. I think that's fair if it's a free agent class with. If he goes to free agency it's Jon Lester and Max Scherzer scherzer one Lester to. So we knew when you have that -- have -- set up. You don't have a ton of competition -- picture. Your picture and -- left -- pitcher a left handed pitcher who's healthy. Who has a couple of championships underestimate. -- has pitched in the American League in the American League east. In Boston. Notorious for for being a difficult place to difficult place to pay play because of the expectations. Having now a winning team. That's expected to win the World Series most years him because of the media and then coverage in the scrutiny. But they're -- market is gonna get -- violent. I do think that you know when you look at and attacks -- hears it did we say the same thing with regards to Wes Welker. And yeah I am whenever somebody gets offered more money to go somewhere else and takes it. We all think that they should have taken less money to stay here. Because they're supposed to think as much of -- and your team as you think of your town your team we lose sight of the fact that for all these guys this is a it's a job. For you what's your it's your loved it's your application its its short team it's the team your grandfather and your father took you to -- But them it's their job and and they wanna get the most money they get for doing their job. I'm OK with that I've come to terms of that long time ago -- says why would Jacoby say that the fans were great -- when they were. -- gotta call some BS on that one. My guess is when he's walking around the streets of Boston money wise. That all I love you Jacoby. I mean come -- we're talking about the -- caps and how upset they are. Just right here is what I'm. How many how many millions of people are we talking about the care about the -- And millions. Lots many factors that note that the 48 of the 35 about 38000 people at the ballpark is not just everybody who calls Sports Radio. A lot of you listen to Sports Radio in him never calling you never text you just listen. So we're really gonna. -- we're gonna overemphasize. Either the columnist who called Jacoby Ellsbury soft or the talk show host to call them soft. Well or. Somebody from Quincy somebody from Dorchester. Somebody from Arlington called soft and -- the fans aren't good Jacoby Ellsbury. But the hole and I helpful -- old Michael I'll I also think that those people are in the minority I really do I think the vast majority of fans in Boston. If they said anything -- Jacoby Ellsbury when they saw on mountain a restaurant or or shopping or whatever. I think that 99% of those people told -- how much they loved him. I love -- Jacoby all great game Jacoby. Do you really think that that many people on the streets of Boston never set on you saw Coca -- always so they don't do that. The people we here on this radio station. The columnist you talked about the talk show host to talk about what you think at that such a small minority group that his experience is is -- academy. About a guy. Says. Dale olds to himself. In the listener community. To remove and -- block on my count. Sorry I'm. I don't I don't know anybody. Here's here's what happens okay you take it throws there here's what happens as soon as you get personal. As soon as you say personal stuff. No desire to deal with the anymore. And it used to be I used to think while I have to put up with this if I do this for a living I have no I don't want to have to put up with. You get personal C I got no desire to block and it's abided -- can't take any take this to the appeals court Tuesday. Dear mr. -- I am so sorry. I am so Sar which -- until the next time he gets pissed about it just makes all of the mistakes that -- I became too emotional make it sound like like somehow I need to that -- with this guy says to me. Arbor except as a banker with every people's well being and our people follow my guy being on Twitter. Lot of people on -- -- on how a lot of people I know -- He just figures from Wednesday. No chance probably not notes 617 -- -- a threat advocate for you -- are gonna happen. 6177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T text line and lord knows you guys there. Are all of that is 37937. Like. The person out there who keeps wanting to the mix real world in sports world so Lester couldn't make ends meet with seventy million. Price fifteen bucks an hour forty hours a week then do that to happen again can't do that you -- and and I know that we can't in the real world trust me I understand. That it's sometimes hard to make ends meet believe me I understand. I really deal but you can't compare that you can't compare what you when I do -- and then sir or -- was texting what you deal. Tenet took sports where you'd just can't of course he could make ends meet on seventy million dollars. Why woody if somebody else is gonna pay a 120. Why would. Well as seven in a 120 is not is is not the conversation conversation isn't here here's -- answering your own question. Why would. Why will. Going to be bold here bald. DJ being up there to -- some chances. Why will Jon Lester take 115118. From the Red Sox when he and it. 14145. From team Eckstein why teams -- -- -- -- -- do because he was serious when he said he take home art discus throw some people won't -- but he's not gonna take. -- out -- eighty a fifty cents on the dollar home team to be -- -- at the Madonna will BP took the step what he's got to leave millions of dollars on the tape. What it would if it decides to -- with the rhetoric of the Red Sox pay him something that we think is is is fairly high. That number would be -- In free agency for anybody. It's over paid and free agency picket -- That's what you get -- justice Stephen Drew was banking on hey everybody gets overpaid free agency -- turned out fourteen million dollar's gonna get more money later didn't happen. But when Jonny Gomes signed with the Red Sox got all overpaid Mike Napoli got over paid twice. What the Red Sox everybody who goes in the free agency. Shane Victorino. -- get overpaid. And the same the same will be true of Jon Lester but he's not gonna go to -- 86177797937. Jesse's in Concord hey Jesse I don't. But it got things kicked McCall are not Denmark and -- right before you -- -- to Wes Welker comment earth miked. Armed and not thinking about you know did the difference between sports and a real job -- if you're out somewhere for awhile you kind of surgical. They're not just about me and money -- acutely Marty patents he -- and you. You know if you kind of grown into that city the notion that come into consideration when making an -- enter inching in that matter that's like I think got. -- you certainly have the right Damien Woody it's always the example idea of a guy who won a Super Bowl here. Became a free agent got the opportunity to get paid took the big box contract from the Detroit Lions knowing full well he was never gonna win anything. In the rest of his career that he played with the lines. Nobody begrudge him that he he'd earned the opportunity he made the money knew it wasn't gonna win away he went most guys. Try to look at 8882 prompt track here how much money can I make the have a chance to win. Most guys when they look at -- want both of those things. In Damien Woody's case he didn't care about the winning part -- already won here he knew he wasn't gonna win there but they gave my whole bunch of money any time. Are going to be a lot of money. -- on an interior linemen. Now left tackle is gonna get. Fourteen and 1214 million dollars. My card. Imus Saturn Kenny and shotguns NAFTA but that he could either -- I take the money though this guy says. We're won the World Series you Dick. Well. And look best at such a New England insult dink. We won the World Series you can't nobody got over pay well and in the -- direct nobody got -- beginning of the season. In free agency when the Red Sox were given three and 39 to everybody. Bringing in you know given Ryan Dempster two and what to a 26 and give Victor Reno with three and 39 in Napoli who is. Johnny don't get his money David Ross. Quite quickly to a paying a backup catcher this kind of money everybody. Look at that and say it's over -- it's it's free agency. That's why a lot of players relish the opportunity. The go on a free market there's politics is one -- They get paid just. One arts and Walpole high art. -- -- That meant a warrior I don't great great good guys -- -- -- Our guys are -- deal breaker where sir -- I broke bread better -- art by. You know I think you're you're you're slightly. -- the media actually. That -- Quiet kid from the -- abdomen or upper northwest. Probably endured -- Couldn't guy who works well I mean you're aware -- radio not -- not protect its course I'd argue about many a lot of the -- me. And end. Is that you'll -- couldn't -- obviously not if you're not a big contract -- but probably shut the door I probably. We're we're eager to get out of box and I don't know what the primary. Role. You know you're really I didn't hear that the worst thing about this -- and I looked elegant Irabu but you know I -- -- I don't -- disagree with -- now. 'cause he went to a place where it's going to be worse. Well I do not like -- tell you it's not like you went to Seattle. You know and and and signed with the Mariners and got a bunch of money out there where he was job and keep quiet no. He went to a place that worse or at least on par with Boston. The Lira stood up or if it hasn't happened area. I think -- -- -- out of the report about the site where you're gonna dog but it worked out great but in my life but one. If I repeatedly hit a ball would not make it right Allen both look like -- -- -- he can get out of that. Denied I don't think it's going to be that -- get to I don't think people care enough. -- I looked -- you're gonna hear -- there's no doubt about that. But you know he's not gonna get Ray Allen treatment because Celtics fans loved Ray Allen. Loved everything about -- we talked up how he played loved what he represented. And then and then -- Clinton and took the money went to Miami. It in my area after after a loss after a loss -- Miami and that we'll do season. After being up three games to two. If LeBron it was like we've stolen in the intimately from Boston. I'll public figures -- the story for another day I think the rest of the country even Cleveland. May have softened a bit. On LeBron James. The rest of the country maybe the rest of the country certain certainly has Boston has not. Boston is more intense on LeBron then then the day after the decision. The only way and we went there see you later. 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T text line 37937. It's dale and -- remember tomorrow will be at Fenway Park. Steve Lyons Steve cycle Lance will be at third man in and manager John Ferrell John this is that you're talking like you -- somewhere -- -- don't act now Michael if you're here I'm here December. For the next sixty seconds herself.

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