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DJ Bean live from Detroit previews Round One Games 3 and 4. 4-22-14

Apr 22, 2014|

We check in with Mr. Bean live from the D to preview two games of Bruins-Wings action.

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I think it's just -- him his last game and there are it was a lot better rushed him. It's over and gets harder and moving our feet more and in my physical. I think that kind of helped us. And get more chances didn't. Forced them to me actually so. -- you have to do that again and keep working hard and it. Sting -- relentless. That is Bruins defenseman Doug Hamilton talking about tonight's game three Bruins and the red wings. At the Joe Louis Arena our own DJ being from WEEI dot com -- by the way. Will join us as our third man in on Friday joins us right now from Detroit hey DJ I don't. Yeah are you guys. Or greatest your first trip your first trip to Detroit and you are looking forward to it I'll give us from Detroit inside guys set this seeing what you got. It's good you guys I worked for a nice run in the water -- look at the I haven't left. -- the Joe Louis Arena or my hotel much. One idea -- last night I walked by the I walked down some street some guy with a standing behind -- door growled something that was -- to scarier than ever heard in my life. Our second city in America right at at at at it it's been wonderful wonderful. I it would appear based on what -- said this morning he'll have eight defenseman in the warm up. Will make his game time decisions then. But for me it really comes down it would that decision I believe between Andre Amos. I I totally agree and I think that. Did depending on whether or not -- you ready to go and thus the Bruins at -- -- speak to us today. Quote with extremely tightlipped about. Are a key situation only saying that you would take to warm up. And you you wouldn't even answer it's. If Mubarak has played well enough. To make it tough decision for what sparked a rookie is Arrigo. I think it's an interesting case with those who because going in this series obviously you are Cokie. Or -- just because I'll probably could expose Mubarak but. And now you've kind of gone the way it was in the dark for two games so you wonder you do you keep writing Saturday put -- -- in what -- yet. You know DJ dale has been asking the question for two days which team is the real Bruins team the one. Other showed up in that game won and lost one zip or the one that dominated on Sunday. -- what what to run it or or is the answer neither -- somewhere between. Well the poor rob Bradford says the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Because really that is it is a combination of the two I think that the offensively and what they've been able to do strategically -- limiting our public doubt who. In some of their better scores mean we haven't heard grew up like we're in the entire series. That indicate for both of those games I know that that about the -- who scored late in game one. But it kept it relatively quiet advocate being part of that he would -- so effectively -- strategically. About the our identity now the second game to actually got that -- set up in the -- but those are pretty much none of that vertical line. He's in game one so I think. Be Bentley which is keeping them with your team took route pretty much we've seen all season. Offensively bit easier time getting through your -- gamecube and got more what you solid down the stretch from the. When the Bruins play an afternoon game as they did on on Sunday. They generally make a couple of players available to the media a couple of hours before the game and Sunday one of the players -- on -- And I am paraphrasing but it's pretty close to quote -- said generally it doesn't it doesn't work very well when you (%expletive) us off. And I got the feeling that that's how the Bruins played from the minute the puck was dropped Sunday like they were pissed off. Right -- the -- they shouldn't do given how low. I want say you're fairly flat they came out in game one because again people keep forgetting what -- -- they would help Detroit prevailed for a score looked. Through the first six 56 minutes and 58 seconds of that game. But I but I still think that offensively given their struggle people at competed at before and the red -- -- -- vote trying to rile them up obviously didn't work. I do -- -- -- some credit you know at least a -- it is black in broad -- but you know -- For him in Charlotte that's pretty good deal there. Yeah I did you see the home ice advantage that the red wings now have. Factoring into the series. Our idea I'm fascinated by -- Mike Babcock and we talked about your day is one of the smartest coaches in the area are extremely creative. What he's done even with the first two games without the -- Around to look up we support our guys are guys who resided or an amateur tryout agreement a couple of years ago didn't really want them. What you've been able to look back I even on the road playing him against cricket for future that our. Yeah actually scored a goal against -- by albeit something pinball goal but now that he had last change you'd say today that. It or read -- on the -- stuff from Babcock said he still uses unchanged. To get Pavel Datsyuk the way to treat bird relative which makes all the sense in the world -- -- -- to be extinct thing is. Said. What are those lines Bergeron and -- she will go against that two in the other or get plate going down on the fourth line against. And that's either acute voter confidence -- -- -- -- -- major -- -- for the Bruins. Because you'd have a right leasing and -- playing against scratchy pretty much holding their own but because those two young warriors like this is our. We're playing against two veteran -- over. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We're gonna do it or did it in play or I'll probably get -- for drones -- -- Interdiction strategy or at the rattling but. Certainly should set -- in the Iraq as well. The Bruins had a better road record on the red wings had home record this year. And that's why the fact that the Detroit wrested home ice advantage away from the Bruins in game one doesn't really worry me very much. Yeah I need. -- -- that people keep going back that November 27 game. And I guess recruiters -- like I understand why they keep going back to because it's due to deport sort of bop its part that it should be part people's -- I know they had -- off the one Joe Louis Arena since what 2000 America but you really do that for well what except for the the playoff because. I mean it -- on Friday abilities or playing during the regular season against each other were different. -- that you're seeing out whether it be Datsyuk or Zetterberg in the lineup for -- line up in the it or not in the lineup late fees and in the team in the Bruins not really -- playoff lineup last Sunday met some. I don't take anything good that after the regular seat and into consideration so I don't think improvements. You're. Illusory that they entered and I also business -- lot scarier than going in. -- -- The -- -- out ode to they're going to Joe Louis Arena tied 111 bowl of Phoenix developer. Are we had no we talked last Friday DJ it was a little more difficult no games play NC trying to call what the series is going to be. Just done something that you that you think is gonna happen but you haven't seen that one now you've got two games -- You know what to expect what kind of series -- with a command here Bruins in five red wings in six red wings and probably got. I saw -- hold on to Bruins in six although it gave me that Michael I would. The hidden pretty cautious when I was saying brewing in -- but -- look up they're gonna win this series in five but I was going to be relatively easy series. I still think it's going to be inevitable series for them because as I was saying before. Different moves and Mike Babcock -- The interesting is they may be an. While they may free up certain guys if you free up one guy for Detroit then -- big -- up two or three guys for Boston. I needed it you have to shape and glory against Soderbergh who aren't getting the thing because Soderbergh plans on -- well he did it without outlook we go far. But if you pick out luckily he cracked feet then. Depending on but the -- but let -- doubt -- or. Or when W Wyatt -- beat up your free up some really good scores ought to immediately get the competition so. I still think it's going to be a somewhat meant posters of possible pulpit and say. -- -- -- -- you are being cautious -- -- working for for the globe with a New York Times the Washington Post called my man is just a prediction what you were weren't you being cautious not packed car. Working for WEE. I got thrown out there working for the lowly globe Brooklyn New York are less than what it is. You throw it out there if you say something stupid that's okay that's encouraged. It's the business mature enough to understand that we made stupid president. I'm not saying something stupid up and says yes that's a -- in a what are how what should be dumber OK it is speaking of want you to be dumber and and take some chances. All got a text here from your 24 year old female fan says. -- DJ to get a drink with me when he gets back from Detroit cause I'm not going to Detroit with them. When he gets back -- what address. What he -- leash again. I Kenny about Muster up all the way to tomorrow -- I don't even know this girl. That's right that's right she is that you here's the good news isn't -- that she's passionate that's -- that's what you want right. Okay now which -- looking for. Final question for me at least before we let you go we ended this series -- atop the Bruins had a clear advantage in the goaltending department. Nothing I've seen through the first two games has changed my mind about that. Well yeah I mean I I think that Datsyuk goal in game one was better than people give her credit for could I do think that acute coming into his -- He saw that Turco wasn't completely perfect square it is to spot as such and use the bodies in front as such. But that the congress was saying the other day. If that's what the or anybody else in the NHL probably didn't -- -- and that's something that really only Pavel Datsyuk and do. So you take that one goal that was scored it was just. In saint in Peter -- certainly. And then the other goal is. A parked at the should have been shot. -- -- shouldn't have beaten Jarome Iginla deeply as he did. And certain product -- -- and and in so you can't wait to -- for either of those two goals and he's been completely -- well. And as we've seen throughout the course of the regular season. Jimmy Howard has struggled at times this year. Yeah I mean that those rebounds they're gonna happen it's just the man and I don't think they'll turn over the gonna happen the way they have for whatever reason each of the first game each goaltender has come too far to the net and on the proposed to -- park. Only cowards not to is that people replicas court ought to build though route but yeah I have I think that you saw that the with the Bruins during the the front of the net. There was a lot easier. Lot easier to generate those goals. Against Howard obviously having power please we'll do that for you but yeah I mean I think that we saw more of the Howard says you should expect you don't fall. The game to nothing you can give up four -- -- game but -- to victory in the process is playing well that's -- where. What did you enjoy the game tonight and also attacks -- says he is willing to pick up your scraps and he was that girl's number. So you not to worry about Hershey's you know he'd take off the leash the -- is not. -- you helped to go for it. Don't god bless I have. I am a little bit concerned and it's not a huge concern but a slight concern they play Thursday night game four in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena. Your co hosting with us Friday at 2 o'clock here on Sports Radio. I'm certain are not flying you anywhere so you -- really hall last -- drive and from Detroit back here to get to know you're hearing time. There's the water right outside my hotel in Tokyo crosses takes you to win there. And I think -- a goal and hope that it. That's what we need to to police just asked what that is that's what Andes -- -- exactly a weirdo I'll enjoy the game. You CDR and JBJ being joining us from Detroit where -- be covering the game for WEEI dot com the cover Thursday's game four as well. And then he'll join us and be our third guy in on Friday. That crazy to want. A long series. Yes. Shorter the better I'm Crable -- when you consider that Montreal can end their series tonight with Tampa the playoff hockey playoff hockey. From a good come on this series goes the more bad stuff can happen no he wanna think that way you wanted to get overweight -- -- got to think positive. Dexter says -- your such a homer. Let's just say beat Troy does win will you ever give them credit yes if Detroit wins a given credit. Yes. Get credit for Friday I mean at the Pavel Datsyuk. Is otherworldly. And -- five players in the world who could do what he did on it on that goal on Friday. The Bruins played very well Friday neither today I thought they played really well Sunday and you saw the results. 6177797937. He AT&T expects to 379 and -- so it bother you cold over so why would you think to get pulled over. Why and what you're doing wrong. And everywhere just pulled over -- and just maybe pulled over that sound effect and we kept playing games -- folks like that. 6177797937. -- telephone number it's dale and -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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