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What's wrong with the 2014 version of Clay Buchholz? 4-22-14

Apr 22, 2014|

We discuss the harsh start by Clay Buchholz, and how the turnaround from last season's start has been disturbing to watch if you're a Sox fan/

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Well laughter -- up picture perfect postcard day in Boston yesterday it's -- kind of nice and warm out there as. We headed into work today but as many of you get a chance to to leave and a couple of hours and head home. Hopefully the rain will hold off Korea and it was just everything yesterday except the results of the baseball game was -- everything else. I nice today kinda nice beautiful up there let's cloud not now story. What the winter that we've had all please know you are over sixty degrees that degree. 65 is the -- 7075. People like injury. On the other side of the glass. Take a drive -- -- drive and start looking up to the right. They get in the neighborhood of Boston University. Bothers. -- dollars -- why -- daughter and would never do -- he looks forward to this iPhone thing about the wind blowing is off click click click of the sunbathers out there. All the wrong that. So yes it is beautiful outside in your -- that a perfectly yesterday. Where it. Extraordinarily well. In the baseball game I'm gonna take it was bigger -- baseball was just about people feeling comfortable people feeling safe. I I really didn't hear a short because it is always -- back to normal in New England means. That somebody's gonna complain about being mean that's normal. Onshore there were some people complaining about. The overwhelming security presence but I didn't see that happen. I heard Dave -- all right with I agree with you completely I heard Dave McGill -- on this morning -- Dennis and Callahan -- minute hand. Andy said he he can't remember a more. A more peaceful marathon basic you know sometimes these things you know you have a few -- -- and you have some drunken wrestler disorderly conduct nothing. There was nothing. Everybody you know treated it perfectly everybody responded perfectly. Some of the stories from the finish line yesterday some of the pictures we solve. Of people helping carry other runners across the finish line I was grateful collapse nearly at the minute a minute solve everything yesterday. Was was like you read about -- chamber of commerce. Pictorial but you don't even before it even before last year one of the great things about the marathon. Is at war. You know four entire days before few hours. Elect hours here and there. People were. People with that and that niceness -- the best sighted view it that marathon couldn't bring up the best that you patriots day. Could bring up the best out of you then there was no side to bring it. That we quickly saw that many times over the past 510 years. People will be applauding today merit honor that they did know people will be helping now. Being pleasant because it's a great day. I mean you. You really have to be miserable. Absolutely -- you gotta be a terrible SOB not to enjoy. Patriot. I think efforts some of those there are few of those out there but luckily we didn't have to deal with a much that was even before. It took on new meaning yesterday yesterday it is went to went to another level so as -- said at the end of the show. Now that into the shall we get from globe cafes in the and grow. Low bar capital are kept it there mr. -- bar and cafe. Proud of you guys should be proud of themselves. Boston looked great the region in the great perfect after the way things had yesterday. Now the question is will continue to look great after tonight when you've got a Stanley Cup playoff game in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena. Between the Bruins in the red wings and a baseball game down at Fenway Park you know that did the rekindling of the romance. Here in Boston anyway they played New York already between that the Red Sox and the Yankees and the return of Jacoby Ellsbury. The Boston for the first time in an opposing uniform all. Well when Jacoby comes back I think it'd be a lot different then. Johnny Damon returning with the Yankees. It's a motion would Johnny Damon you know it is Johnny you lied Johnny you lied you said. That was the farthest thing from your mind going to the Yankees -- different than them. You are narcotic Kutcher here -- knock punishing day you're not gonna go to the corporate giant. Known as the New York Yankees are gonna stay right here as -- in 88. -- and it was a texture who sets and Trey Lewis a few weeks ago a man I thought it was apps absolutely perfect. You can't get upset with someone unless you love them for. And and in that regard to your -- Tony from -- was and it was very deep and philosophical and yet remembered this stop you creep me outside. It's just at -- stuff gets wrapped it around you are and you keep that -- I don't know why I don't know why I remember that that you do that to me but. But he was right and in Jacoby Ellsbury case. Love them and to be that upset when he comes back in another teams uniform -- -- shut up. We have a love -- I can tell mainly I hate relationship. This he'll get perfunctory bowling when he comes to the plate for the first time -- be the first batter of the game. It get that but it won't have doubt the heartfelt. And I'll the visceral from the gut level bowling because they love them enough. Hate him when he comes back in another uniform. -- be and who. Except. We didn't know him that well. Tell me as a Red Sox and -- Red Sox fans that -- in love. Watching Jacoby Ellsbury do his thing. Hey there's a punchline and edited in -- little your little dig up. -- try to get a chance to watch him much he was always on the disabled list value out of you applauded guy. Who was an Arizona rehabbing from an injury. I noticed. -- injury prone the last few years but when Jacoby Ellsbury was playing for the Boston Red Sox did you love more not many people on that list. Pedroia Ortiz who wells. I was doing this thing -- it was a lot of fun to watch. And even -- he didn't know me you don't know what's favorite food in this favorite color and his favorite song and how he fell in love and all that stuff. You watch him go from first to third in the blink of and I are you watching steal home so fast that J. D. Drew didn't even react. No I don't think J. D. Drew is gonna react -- -- if they -- some of the things that you sought Jacoby Ellsbury -- goal from. Go from second to -- From second hole. On a passed ball was the first to -- -- some incredible things. Yes you did. You did love them you wanted him to return but not at that -- you didn't. Love them the way you love Dustin Pedroia the way you love. David Ortiz. You know you you love them as you as you correctly point out when he was performing at a high level. But there was a portion of his career here when he wasn't performing at all and that stuck in people's craw. It it really bothered them that he didn't get back quicker from injuries it's not so much that he got hurt. They understood how we got hurt but how -- to take back met the -- and a lot Patrice Bergeron played with a broken rib and punctured lung and you know why can't Ellsbury get back out there. But but you don't -- on the way you love other people on this team. A text -- in the eighteen to -- rethink possible says. Cats will screech their boobs because they bought -- pretty boy. At a young girls that like me all man. Jacoby Els where he's just too pretty well matinee Hanson matinee idol has absolutely. And fast I I just think that that. He does it he doesn't give you that that emotional and rip. The -- Johnny Damon did your right and -- bug people when he came back in the Yankees uniform even though he tried hard to stay here. -- know -- well and you know what I believe I truly deal. I believed that the Red Sox in effect tried to call -- laugh all you got an offer their article at let's say. And then subliminal crappy did have an off. I I I truly believe Damon's story in that whole thing one thing I'm not trees creative and have to make up good lies. Story I don't think so I think it sees a pretty. Pretty straight straight ahead what you see is what you get that a guy you know. In my putting in my coaching this enough ways I don't think he's a bright exactly at this -- people I. No Democrat go to -- I would I create a view that Smart in yet to keep your life straight at the my dad always had grown up piece of he said you know. It's it's too hard to lie -- guys I gotta keep everything straight dams that I was trying to hit that -- heartland at our area. -- you know are all in all I would lie I just know and he did it all adds hill right dale it would go get I'm -- He messed -- my head when he -- that stuff. No there there there have been guys who have left here and you didn't really -- that he -- line I I you do when. He'll get booed tonight but it won't be. You know a white hate you when your house that's kind of -- to speak -- -- well it it will be I think the atmosphere will be charged because. Red Sox yankees is going to -- rebirth. Right now. You know other rebirth this year epic complicated. Appeared. Yeah he's a good book as they can pitch. And you'll get your first opportunity tonight as a Red Sox and the -- mossy Hiro Tanaka who has been. So far everything that that he was billed to be and and right now even though the Yankees spent a truckload of money. Both in the posting -- and what they paid him right now at it you'd be hard pressed to say it was money well spent. -- the tale of the tape you wanna do compare and contrast. And break it down to questions pre season questions he had about the Yankees pre season questions -- had about the Red Sox. And really focus in on the pitching rotation. The question for me we talk about yesterday for the for their Red Sox. Was what are -- gonna get a clear buckles it's always of course it's one of those polarizing. People say take my buckles that had some bad luck some people think these -- it. Why hasn't gotten. -- toughen. It and have the fortitude to do what it takes and he can't be like you know Lackey -- within our. Pretty much fallen off enclave buckled the little little pinch here or weaker. And it throws off. This whole routine so -- also the question. In the rotation for the Red Sox took questions. For the Yankees in my opinion one of them was CC sabathia. He got to be able to regain its velocity and still a legitimate question got to be able to regain his form the other question is not good as he got a bit. We've heard all sorts of stories about. A great pitcher coming from Japan he's going to be at top of the rotation guy I don't need to mention. The man. Daisuke -- liberal talk about Daisuke (%expletive) -- dramatics but you know what he was at the start. When you're that -- -- -- -- -- but he was pretty now personally I think it's pretty darn good I mean it would a World Series and so that amplifies I think he was sixteen and nine are quite his first year in the Major League. Why he was coming in second you're. Here is very good set your it was me Soledad in a solid. Output and fourteen win the rookie. ER re right around for just over 42. Year. And gave Davey eighteen wins low ERA. That it all fell apart. Still prepare for -- prepared for his 75 pitch. Of the 2009 unit patrols in the -- and fees or not I have never day -- frustrated five. I I will say he was the most frustrating. Boston athlete of my lifetime. I mean some guys you know didn't perform well and say al-Qaeda and get it done some guys you know didn't do this to do that I've never been so frustrated watching guys. Eat eat he would almost get to the point where you'd turn the TV off evenly had a technically watch the games I just I couldn't stand watching him pitch -- An artist's craft managers and it was -- -- we should not popular not complete package not appreciate a craftsman. Like Daisuke but don't know what Tanaka the artist formerly known as -- when I looked at him in and saw those stats. I didn't lose a game last year. There -- overrated. We don't lose the game may -- -- national credit and it's been a dark and it's rated -- -- your starter and don't lose. -- the 24 no or 21 and oh in Japan. He's won thirty straight games now on the regular season. Oval course the last several seasons. And he's been everything that he was billed to be you'll get seemed tonight in in what really should be a great pitching matchup you've got Lester on the other side you've got to knock at. On the mound for the Yankees in a time Marcus first opportunity to pitch here at Fenway Park his first opportunity to pitch against the Red Sox. And I want to get back to buckle for minute because I've heard people -- since the game yesterday. Calling in complaining about Buchholz I always ask this question. 'cause I'm I'm sincere when I say what do people want the Red Sox to do. I mean effort peoples I sent into the minors the last month but I've heard people say trade him that's happened. I've heard people say get him out of the rotation I'd rather see work and I'd rather see whoever that might happen. -- I don't think self and that -- got -- -- because of performance. That could happen if if there is any kind of issue that's physical issues although -- they only give you little -- and the Red Sox -- that's not the case. I go back and I said this flu few minutes ago during the crossover I go back to Terry Francona talked into. Several years ago. Andy was saying when a guy struggling you don't Ron from home if fix them. And I Dick Clay Buchholz is in that category right now he's in the you can't run from a category you got to figure out how to fix in category. And I don't know fits you know between the ears that is the issue is circuits and that pitching arm his or or I don't know what it is it's obviously not right. But they're not going to take him out of the rotation short of injury. They're not gonna take him out of the rotation enacted a seven of the socket they're not gonna trade him he's here they've just got to figure out how to get -- you get the most out of -- -- right now. There is there where you can you can. Be somewhere in the middle and you can you can send Clay Buchholz away on an assignment. LA is gone through little I need to regenerate that arm a little bit he's got a little data are more. If he needs a little more. A little more training on that isolated training and we're kind of we're gonna manage him for the next few weeks and in the -- adapted the alum to do that in the meantime media in the meantime you bring up. And so it's an injury technically but it's not an injury. It is that he's not injured it's just someone on one time. As he had -- I don't believe that's gonna happen we're talking about a guy who's made four starts. And and this is the past month of his rookie season in the major leagues when he said -- a buck 86 and everybody on the planet wants Alex Cora playing. And and the Red Sox have now -- no it's not like I -- a guy like this at all exactly no -- warmed at the Major League level at that point Pedroia had not. Pedroia hadn't done a thing of the Major League level. But they had faith based on their scouting and their minor league performance in record that he was gonna beat that guy in Buchholz is case they've seen him do it at the Major League level. It would be harder to run from -- but it would have been -- run from this. I don't go to the Major League level what what you've seen from him is just out. Wild swings and just he is so inconsistent. So how do you deal with the inconsistencies the best way to deal with inconsistency. To send them away or the best way to deal with that. Is the -- you're perks of -- the Arnold provoked a day. Arnold approach anything else. You anyone -- -- -- -- -- -- that's domino that has done an Arnold wrote. But only Texas and I'm on the government the American -- -- the and I felt -- put it on purpose I'd let. -- Arnold approaches I just sit back out there. And he'll figure it out. Yeah that that's exactly what they're not they're -- gonna keep send them out there. And I and I know it drives fans crazy because what the fans say is. -- did you know that that game last night yesterday after mode yesterday morning actually started a game yesterday was just as important as those games in September and you just kicked it away because it through Clay Buchholz out there. This is one -- shouldn't. He stayed at Fenway Park. Statement where Parker Sunday night on what Mike Napoli and John Lackey. They have. At least from now they'll settle out there -- So maybe you shouldn't do that. I know pitchers and aptly titled a definite need to do with -- -- but it superstitious. So he did it of course and it. Dwyane Wade Boggs would putted pretty damn good hitter didn't eat chicken every -- but at what it anyway but he chicken every day. And he probably felt like that had a lot to do -- me. Getting a lot of hits. I think a clip of bodily. -- -- -- -- -- -- Larry Lucchino. And John Henry Tom Warner have missed -- perfect marketing opportunity. Number the whole the White House the but the Lincoln bedroom and. Not so there's. What did I I would not I would not think that they slept on this. Pardon upon slept on its opportunity because they may have Marty thought of this. This is what they do they sell. Every single -- Fenway Park Roy yeah stump. Lenient in on the early morning hours and guys climbing out of the rack -- it exactly and coughing garnered us than 83. Not a. Well where are what do you what your carpet as the magic. Add on -- -- -- Red Sox where. You really wanna be close to your team. I'll tell you the one thing -- -- ball pretty. I I don't think it's sleeping in the sleep -- what's screwed up Clay Buchholz but I'll say this. -- home Sunday night YC hanging around the ballpark anyway I wanna be late. That don't relate early white is white white is he up to sit there till 11 o'clock or my guess was 10301030. Sunday night why. You know is it like it's like that last road game in your common home and they sent a pitcher home first send them home. Just a moment and you know will send -- car for you I would get there early enough. I don't think that in -- and how he performed because you know what I. I'm guessing he slept in his own bad start forty stunt that went to hold your youngest seventeen. OK -- -- missed out as a lot of lessons and their babies at a high. Arab babies there even -- nannies even whip but nightmares. -- young baby gifts -- those kids. Can't scream and. I'm sorry I'm not -- you know I I'm not real big on every case they -- Stay there come on now we can't be looking for excuses like that. They just got a -- and they're not gonna run from home they're not gonna. They're gonna get him better because you've seen -- I've seen it at a Major League level. Last year what was. 36 or something and was. -- That's what they gotta get back. Now if he's hurt and the elements start over again and all that stuff but they swear he's not he swears he's not just fix. Get him going again I think -- Brown's -- and hearing. 41. To -- to arrive. At regarding our -- actually not thirty but the point is still made bogey at the U thirty. 6177797937. Is via telephone number the AT&T. That AT&T text line. Is up 37937. Not texture here says Ferrell did tell him to leave get your facts right field and why didn't. Why he stayed in the sleeper that -- -- the outcome one apple. You don't get enough Neitzel global outlook if you don't get enough time little. You're lucky -- bedtime stories from the top bunk. Fascinating all contract protectors as I would how much how much for a night -- sleep room I would definitely buy that this is a great idea. Yet they're gonna let people. Play in their way stay at Fenway Ford how would you did you -- report. 5000 L in the hole and paid 5000 it or not it's a big part in but it's at -- Clark's all act the subject yourself to. Ortiz. How about you haven't or a -- -- Ortiz from the Fenway sleep room. I'm hanging out at Fenway Ortiz -- bat in his putting pajamas telling your friends at Fenway tonight. I don't think -- and hanging around here. Heck of an idea of Michael I like your marketing expertise here 6177797937. -- telephone number. Our talk Red Sox were -- talk Bruins we got some of the things will let him as well it's dale and Holley Sports Radio WEEI -- he's he's.

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