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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Fightin' Ain't Right Edition - 4-22-14

Apr 22, 2014|

We go inside the art of fighting in sports for four important questions, all brought on the big brawl in the Brewers - Pirates game.

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And colleagues. I don't always get them but I got this and it it. -- and I got this one for four brought -- by AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible. Feeling it. Based on this song that we're going to be talking about sports conflicts. Actually no we got more questions on -- -- I always say that to. What question number one was he believable in any given Sunday or Hillary you remember when you interviewed LO the New Orleans who performance in a pivot around with a bunch of questions about -- -- And he loved it I wouldn't say we're more requests for capitalism. Do the -- really -- school -- and that's. Rather than mapped it out on to bigger -- yeah -- her -- was how much when he -- when black and which is little question yes all of them. Goodness there are considered comedy that's a question. Aren't let's kick it off. All right question number one baseball brawls are rather commonplace but usually the -- -- just -- players grabbing and holding each other. However usually the flying inject. -- however there's been many brawls that have gotten rather violent. Which baseball brawl was the scariest as a -- This of course is playing off the one we just saw this week Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. Which was actually by baseball brawl standards was pretty good right. Usually they are not I -- not gonna use the race just because then bet me hard cash that I would use the phrase at some point during the course of the segments I'm not gonna use it. But let's just say. They usually not manly events right baseball fights. So the scariest one. This curious what you got to go way way way way back maybe one marriage show. John rose Borough -- -- a bad you know. I bet you know any time you're -- them that if somebody. I'm going with -- you would have that -- scary. Well let's get a lot of times -- sitting there. In this game as you're watching it you're not afraid you're not scared. Right the one that I was a little bit afraid. A little more recent than that was Red Sox Tampa Bay. Remember that one or which -- put Carl probably fifty I cannot out of there word is that the Brian Daubach. -- baloney on that one. In the piles got hurt Fallon was that was actually legit that are Coco but Coco Crisp going out there karate -- right yeah I got it into. It's got a little box -- what -- wasn't Jonny Gomes and he wanted them -- Tampa. In and they show him wailing away on but it got the real a -- -- -- he was he was really angry with that he was looking forward to. But there was a there was one and it may have been the James Shields one. It's the most engaged I've ever seen. Carl Crawford. The guy ran in from he ran in from left. Like a receiver. Calvin Johnson. Running it from left field to the mound to the James Shields. And they take on that burly man Coco Crisp and so I. Accurately picked up video on your -- Maybe -- maybe Don Zimmer you're afraid lethal hole boasting about recovering Garcia and Jeff -- I'll get us not and we security -- -- Garcia with a -- -- Hannity and again have yet. War. -- important. You can benefit from that front that's they don't want kids food players would continue. Who argue. One of my favorite quotes ever. -- Carmichael fighting in hockey is as Canadian as rob Ford maybe. The fighting in hockey debate has raged on for years now. Will fighting in hockey be banned. By the year 20/20. Four. We're gonna look ahead of time bill. And twenty. 2410. Years from now while hockey. -- fight when Harry craft is running the New England Patriots. Jeremy Jacobs owns the Buffalo Bills Charlie Jacobs. Running the Boston Bruins. Foster may each president -- had a good day. Of the Celtics. And what we run a Red Sox David Ortiz managed an Internet stocks. Still mattered the officials scored -- 224 there will still be fighting enough I -- traders will be going on the Boston sports but there will be fighting in hockey. You don't have fighting -- and then the fan base to fit what you don't you don't care about us the fans want it. They have tried on several occasions in an attempt to sell the sport people who don't want it. To try to toned down on the violence and get rid of the fighting. But for the people who do like to -- a hard course who like the sports fan like the fight. So why would you take it away no I don't I I think there will still be fighting ten years from now. Texture -- and in the voice of Peter -- well hockey is a minor sport but that's a problem at all around. Even though I don't go to the I. -- basket brawls are generally rather -- mostly about should join the baseball -- they really are mostly a bunch of giants wildly swinging their arms. The malice at the palace forever tarnished -- test. Kermit Washington destroyed Rudy Tomjanovich has -- And Alonzo Mourning got his leg pumped by Jeff Van Gundy right now that's a visual we get me where -- did. Which basket brawl. Was -- most memorable. What's New York -- I mean Tom John of action Herman what I mean almost to -- That's reconstructive surgery pretty nasty. Nasty hit if you haven't read the book the punch. Really talks with both guys -- -- -- and and talks with Kermit Washington former Celtic by the way. -- was done by John Feinstein goes great sports books. But that's not the one for me the one that they changed it there's a lot of debate in the cost of rod. It was the malice at the palace. One thing for -- for that to be a fight on the court. Star frightened if they did. That's pretty bad isn't good -- it like golf. Mike apparently scared of Mike Milbury job dammit and I -- -- -- -- -- -- if that's what I've been waiting for. This is why I pay to come to -- we watched basketball game between the pacers -- -- -- it ought to fight but they're dark past. That's it that's the war. -- Time now for the AT&T question of the day the Red Sox and yankees have engaged in some epic brawls that changed the landscape of seasons. Fisk and Munson and 73 Billy hurting your shoulder in a fight in 76. -- -- Varitek that reignited the Red Sox in 2004. And of course -- tossing Zimmer to the ground in the 2003 ALCS. Which Red Sox yankees brawl was the most memorable text your answer to the -- -- -- 37937. I can't wait to textures have to say for 7037. Johnson said. -- crazy old man charged in the field. That's gotta be it -- Amber's parents he would like what law. And it reminded. -- of yesteryear. When teammates got me. Like it. Want to go out and tell Pedro will go on paper cover now. You know like. A total walls is an expert but yeah -- an -- -- older sister -- Scaled down version of the adults are. -- -- At the CEO. You know with. Hopes it helps -- on one. Member that -- that he was like this on. The bears game there there's the Yankees -- Utley and carvers commentary -- was like paper and one. Wound -- the clock which is dating him. To give the Texans running full spin offs that you don't -- crocodile tears. Elective what's your door -- parties in the earth now I -- -- that was the most you know memorable one. But it rotten and Jason Varitek. Side. I mean just that whole thing with the club up in the face the picture that to this day Jason Varitek will lots about tackles and up -- -- You know what is the -- it's probably selling it at a at a table in Vegas casino idle threats against me. I don't think of Iran is going to be all right -- gains Tuesday stills who went -- -- because of school to pull. The guys and guys screaming if you if you come on come on this the first rip my mask at all. It was great -- you can read his lips and I don't know if they're actually said that the story. Quote. Every 26250. There -- So. Iran pumped up and that it. I was say it was a it was a good moment not necessarily a great fight only great for -- the last one and a but it's something that you wanted to see in the UK it was A-Rod first year with the Yankees and that was after the entire. You know 51 dates with -- Michelle Obama on the radio at the time you guys ever have a turn generating. No matter what was happening. When you were -- at the time right Dylan and -- love that you. Average return on radio and the matter patriots game. It can be Bruins there could be Celtics. You're talking about eighty rod to the Red Sox. It would -- to his old -- took over the region for a month and a half. It's gonna happen now. We knew where Manny was gonna go there any and Lester -- was Andy Lester to Texas. And Nomar to where Chicago. And Omar's orders to White Sox -- or Magglio. So imagine. You replace Nomar Manny with -- a Mac via. We're bring in -- But I don't jitters who's right here.

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