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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, Bruins- Red Wings 4-22-14

Apr 22, 2014|

Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports joins the program to talk about Game 3 between the Bruins and the Red Wings. He also discusses the issue of targeting player and weighs in on Matt Cooke's vicious knee hit to Tyson Barrie.

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They're great. -- -- -- Final -- among -- ID 37 WEEI Red Sox yankees and Bruins Detroit a very busy sports on I'll be a lot of fun. A guy always has fun out there and make sure to tell the players Delphi out there is our friend Pierre McGuire NBC sports he joins us. On the eight TD hotline he joins us throughout the postseason. We've put out the bat signal for a Pierre my little -- you. Doing very well market to target toe -- Hello there appear at this wanna set knowing you know the Bruins put at the line of the night last night at -- three and a half minutes the game. It and flurry is jurists I don't know what's going on that game you've -- cities like a Pez dispenser. Pompano rebounds left to rights to great line I really appreciated. Well thanks a lot -- appreciate. He got better. And an early game low launch like given credit for that of world war the first period was global copper Marc-Andre Fleury and the coach percentage. Here let's start with Bruins won't get into the Mac cook -- some discipline things later on as you are locked in. As any by the league on these sort of things I thought the two games. Were played very differently in this series so forward game one Detroit was able to keep their composure. And play -- game and get a beautiful goal by Datsyuk late game to. Plated a much more frantic pace the Bruins able to get physical the red wings reacted to the Bruins got a huge goal from -- each. And the second appeared surprised how different these two games look and you agree that they -- -- different stylistic games in the series. Wolf first I totally agree that there were two different style applies. Secondly I thought the Detroit plays exactly to raise the bar to play on Friday night. In game number one I thought they were outstanding and not the posture was poor. Boston couldn't impose their will I thought they get more bodies have been that they didn't do that in game launch in game two. They were able take the speed element out of church came by and large. By doing an excellent job in the neutral -- by getting more bodies by being more physical. On the Detroit Red Wings' defense -- taken some of the skill element the church related offense without physical port. And the top line was very good to give a -- -- creature were outstanding and the Bruins penalty killing was exceptional a big reason why they're neutral long dominance in the new. In the penalty killers was from novel really -- great. Yeah I think we always talk about you know top this musicality and we just look at hits and I think that's a mistaken I think. The -- says its attack in the net possession of the pot it. Back chick fore check I think that's one of the biggest difference for some more urgency right. Totally agree could Madrid can more -- you know one of the things they showed on Friday night and I know a lot of box of yours couldn't watch because were blacked out combustion. Our media on the week in next. But showed that the tenacity of the Detroit red orange in their back checking and that's a physical brand of hockey it's not crushing somebody. It's separating from the pockets forcing turned over to its imposing your will with your speed. And take -- scoring opportunities because of that speed. I perpetrate that really well on Friday night they were not nearly as good at it. Sunday afternoon and a big reason why get a because Boston brought different characteristic of the game and that was physical play along with a lot of skill. Did you agree with Mike Babcock after that second game when he basically said look wanna play our style of play. Or their style plate here and acknowledging those for roughing penalties are not the way Detroit's gonna win this series. Are totally agree in fact you told me that your in -- second period interview with them on the bench. Because he's -- much because we're not playing the way we're capable flying and we need to be better -- -- -- actually -- that to me during the game he saw the same thing yourself. But in the same thing most of the -- -- -- No they can't play if they wanna get into the street play with the Boston group to have no chance they're going Belfast. So they have submitted -- quite and -- whether they can do that or not. I would tell you this and I know New -- try to the mother told you can't turn on. Friday the one thing about Mike Babcock I think he's the most creative coach in the NHL. And he'll find a way to solve a plan to his players so that's the one caveat I'd have going into tonight's game. The Bruins better not let off the accelerator could that they do that -- have a problem. -- a quick follow up on that because plot to blast after your appearance Friday when he said that. Do you did you say. The ways said it made it seem like you think that the Babcock in Detroit as a major -- major body coaching advantage. Over the brewers in the series -- do you feel that way that Babcock has the banjo were Claude Julian. Knowledge just -- -- things differently the -- to -- green there are certain element of play. You have to change your tactics and their style play persons quote -- has been there because they have the same type of players spaces could be in the sinking actions toward intent. Yes there have been a couple of role reversal what the Bruins have an ideology and characteristic. To the way they play and they appear to that. Detroit had changed significantly. Because of the fact that so many injuries insure their roster got younger in our hurry. In the defense not nearly as good without -- richer and Brian Rafalski. They had to change a lot of what they've done so the creativity of Babcock message comes in the they tried to change on the fly. In the -- -- -- well it doesn't mean they've called Giuliani can't keep up with it -- just -- the one thing might start and that's a big reason why they're in the playoffs. Is because Mike has been able it take this roster re molded and remake it on the fly in the -- made them very dangerous. You know the power play you know the penalty killer should -- for the Boston Bruins you guys agree -- pointing out. How the Bruins are approaching it -- tugboat Babcock what is yet to do it maybe control the puck into the Bruins on the populist. Reuters the number one thing -- -- showed those neutral zone plays of what Boston's doing push back ended up its blaring in the neutral on a north -- ago. Foreign term but it works trust me and then. Mike Babcock can -- that the Olympics -- for team Canada. The literary factor -- make -- almost impossible penetrate there's all the puck possession by carrying it and so they've basically taken -- Detroit options. To get into his own boss and I'm really good job of that third they're dark crude and quote Julianne and Jeff ward deserve a lot of credit on that third Jarvis as well. We're talking -- all. In accordance glad you saarc are just gonna say because now Detroit's gonna have these summits marked characteristic of that. They're gonna have to shoot the puck in and go retrieve that Lou and that's a different deal. So now we'll see if Detroit can make that kind of adjustment because that's not an easy thing to do they like to gain entry with proposition rather than shooting. And retrieval shall see if they can be. About you told us Friday appear with TC was here was that so far in the playoffs he noticed that. There was a good about targeting going on that teams are being allowed to target of the players I can't help but notice in it what you mentioned. On Sunday which is that Brendan Smith is the guy the Bruins have gone after. Where -- -- ranking among the games you've seen so far the Bruins and their approach -- Brendan Smith the making shore he's been a focal point of what they're doing. All mean it -- in huge because and even Brandon alluded to -- what I did a pretty. Game interview with them. Mud and basically showed you know they they try to get me off my game are trying to get me to take penalties and turn the puck over. So it's clearly a -- they decided that maybe he could be a guy that could be forced into that. But in terms of other series nothing speaks louder to the targeting issue than what took place and Saint Louis and Chicago. And you look at what happened with David -- should look at what trap which are the occasion you look what tablet -- -- -- So targeting being alive and well. In the play out your very long time. But that's why should Russia be on Friday the watch and all the game to have the work every game every night that differ actually last week I was in Columbus. And you look at what Cheney probably seven or go to port Columbus is doing and tonight I'm here and try to do that you trade boxing game and clearly that's what will be one of those targeted players but don't think the Bruins are going after. Battled -- -- either and don't think Detroit market try to go after David preachy. Soul you know you'd think report communities that targeting heard terms being are well. You know one of the things that they -- people concerned with maybe is the youth and it defenseman in in the in the matchups and how that's gonna play out. In Boston is a very quiet and necklace line near the park. Really didn't do too much. What kind of death differences you think you know CEO in Detroit I was Babcock kind of free those guys up a certain mattress may be cool begets other lines. No one of the things just happen didn't. Lou with satellite in particular because Qatar and I course aren't overly large but they're really quickest -- -- and -- on that line you're gonna have to become more physically imposing. To try to create some more room -- many and -- one of the other Internet whose chip and chase and check a lot more. Could Boston's defensive really good job in the neutral zone especially in game number group a popular outstanding. Well that that's going to be a big thing though I'm gonna be interesting that it told Marta on Friday that she will -- you truly get to try to be to attack Boston. Because -- like the stretch that's a lot. And then saw that in game number -- in game number three here it's going to be interesting to see what might does in terms of keeping. Shape and Qatar and I course the way from checkers he gets last changed. Let's the only panel that. Italy get it right just a 5000 dollar fine for me La -- trying to test the under carriage that. Of -- Kaiser over the weekend Pierre. I won't tell you that I take a look at Hollywood came to me from a lot of different coaches and players around the -- is everybody evaluate -- things don't forget that. You know I've had done this before he did it to. Election you know more than a Montreal and Boston Bruins game to game it was actually -- in the she's fortunate to work at the beginning. The dark camera so it's happened before a lot of people pleasure to go one game at a 5000 dollar fine but 5000 dollar -- still sent a message don't do it again. And I -- on Joseph before I came on what you guys and I mean this sincerely. Meanwhile news that's not the way he's forced to play. Waited he played great came on Sunday is it's almost like who's playing guilty a -- played a fantastic game on -- -- What about the Mac cook's situation. We we got into we -- a little bit it's just what what do you what do you do with the Leno spent three years year but still. When he did a price -- Barry that would just that's on call for you gotta it's got to be minimum ten if you ask me. While he's got an in person hearing number one number two place and berries are very important part and I know people boxing -- to check your watch Colorado lot. Pricing bears are hugely important player -- teams -- the better. -- -- young defensemen in the national hockey and he really has indeed been a huge part of that resurgence especially with the without flaws encroachment. To be an aggressive offensive team. I watched that so many times as those in the car coming from our Columbus did you trade last night after argument in Columbus. And you -- you -- left -- Kamal and she's in need turn and you see. It's almost leads are guided missile it's just it was Andrea. In a listen I'm gonna play some Obama are good he's done a great job rehabilitating his wife and rehabilitating his career. That being said he did a bad thing last night he did a bad thing and they'll open the push forward so definitely the pressure I don't know how many games they opened the purse. What was your guest BP year when there in the meeting is over in the news comes out what's your best guess on what Matt Cooke gets from control on the NHL. Little earlier this morning I -- one game in men. Bottle now but their knowledge I'll put it it all normal won't touch -- -- very very early this morning just from people about how they were reacting. But as I saw it in the afternoon and I saw it if -- car and then I saw when I got back to my hotel room at 2:30 this morning. I think it's going to be much more -- than that much much more severe than that. It appears the real quick got these two games that you've seen from the Bruins -- of that game two that come around and he brought that more visit Kelly aggressiveness. He says that this can be a long series or think nothing can maintain that style of play at this thing can be over soon enough. This is this a hard court building supply and just as often very difficult following a -- Joseph Louis is difficult so important because the board shall fast. And that place in the strengths obviously of the Detroit red orange with the speed in the counter -- game in the utilize the Borchardt. As well as -- can only utilizes home ice advantage. So if if Detroit were to win the night obviously a -- -- pretty much it's become very launchers that they don't want that I that I think it's very problematic for the red orange. The air grates up is always appreciate the time in no connect later on this week. They'll report talking gentlemen on Friday by the way just shut up to all the volunteers all the -- the marathon all the great citizens of Boston. Watching that yesterday. And -- -- the celebration of humankind. Was phenomenal -- I'm proud to have lived and usually for pictures and I Google. Because they're kind of what to watch that. Was just overwhelming it was great celebration of humankind and -- -- -- -- really great. Watch the great dame Boston bureau reporting it to back in here over the weekend hopefully later on the play post season will -- your Friday morning Friday afternoon you've -- a pretty -- -- I -- there is Pierre McGuire NBC sports network and he joins us in Pierre and all our Bruins covered brought to you by HSA insurance insurance benefits. -- -- -- -- step on their when he said he was -- one game. But if they give Matt -- one game -- early we'll look at. Like 2 in the morning 3 in the morning -- just joking I get it has to be. It has to be this'll be his seventh suspension. -- curious at what is the march 2011. When he got Ryan McDonald sevenths this.

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