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Daily Diamond: Pittsburgh and Milwaukee clear benches in big brawl, April 22, 2014

Apr 22, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss the latest brawl between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Pittsburgh Pirates

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We'll -- Or didn't do you really doing then that's not -- -- -- -- what Bryant are often see in the one constant -- you. Baseball we've looked thin blue. On Sports Radio WV. He's the center field back goes with the black kid these apple. Okay. Is going to turn second and had birthers. -- television -- you know with a two run triple. Here at home it's. What we -- to best its. Is throwing punches it's. -- -- We've got a full fledged brawl PNC's more. -- -- -- -- Early out there was there but what prompted this I. -- thanks John crock but that's correct but -- what dropped the -- up the picture she went out Gomez that was Pittsburgh Milwaukee. Over the weekend pirates and brewers Gomez Cadillac you know out of the plate out of the box. It's the third and all hell broke loose because the pitcher for the pirates here -- with the long. Alex surfer hair sort looking at all it's to authors were -- Cole said on what he said. -- Gomez Carlos Gomez not care. I say if you're a home run in Washington they have -- have -- -- watching. -- sediment and I didn't try to provoke a fight. I was frustrated and I let my emotions even better being done. Carolina didn't want my teammates -- You really -- try to provoke -- you believe when he says that no no bogeys at -- there. They're both assets be perfectly honest with your player from the other -- -- what do Carlos Gomez saying that he will fight if someone calls them on it. The right thing you've seen nobody come home. From the go down for them and everything. You com. Try to find me. I'm ready. I'm not long ago forgotten that I did today. Not just gentlemen's job on the move this will be used and have a good night they know -- place that does not their respect nobody. So these days -- good. It was fine and I'll finally. Yeah Everest to Carlos Gomez is that you know he's sticking to -- tosses to a different level emotional player beyond. Let's think -- emotion of the game that set the tone it down a little bit -- with Gary Cole. You know here's the thing if it's the game is getting so young. Right you know you don't hear -- talked about and charity gave the -- to bring up the use. But the game is so young that these guys you know camera at a college first round picks in the it's been about a year and a half of the minor -- negate the basically everything is rosy all the -- -- -- Callahan they keep the guys D'Amato -- 25 you're talking about -- -- -- you -- that -- some people that just don't get it. They just don't get it. You know whether it's Gary Cole giving -- -- homered say forget it a home run don't watch it -- you know you're cool people watch them all done. Normally got four months in the league. Think it goes -- is doing his thing and in good. You know Ed Ed Ed you got was that -- that -- brick and put my priorities palm. That you see these young kids right -- so many -- that you don't stupid stupid things. You know what you should have done your goal you shouldn't even acknowledge Carlos Gomez. Acacia backed up third base and not said a word not even look in his direction it was the third inning. And next at bat first pitch put it in his ribs they go I don't know what happened to go away from me. Yeah yeah that's how you handle it. Dempster last year they run things a slight opening IQ what he can't the Yankee Stadium yeah. John Lackey profit off the eighties pop it off or Brian deficit in newspaper like on a Thursday or Friday before the -- You know -- got a right to appeal so we get the unit is part of the process. You know we do we get as -- -- we get back to guys up like -- -- -- general -- there are no I have no big deal of what happened when he's on the mound Sunday night. Three through three pitches and drove them right mr. but he drove them. That you don't draw attention to yourself -- -- don't -- you worked for the guy. Probably if you want to help the right way -- it for the love of god get that glob of the pipe erupted upon if putting your belt. -- glove like everybody else who's been in this league for awhile they don't like. Figured out -- Tony Montana. And Carlos Gomez he does does appointments a little bit. It's just it's who you associate when the young players which I blame the veteran players for not teaching to wait a veteran players to teach and ways of Pittsburgh. -- McCutcheon. Many require young players league maybe -- -- -- -- thing is like Eric Hinske still kicking -- just it's just that this is summits. Young players out there that it's like -- they have you know as talkative guy from the royal -- -- was -- a botulism team. He says no we just missed that like veteran guys who have won big victory that you know whatever it is it's a those guys are needed you know because it's still you learn every single day in the game. It's an Asian kids don't know how to handle some of these things they're here to out of college for years at a high school. And it just run around of stupid stuff as it all figured out Gomez on -- had a lot of these this one Jericho with just as guilty -- well let's get a break get Q what threatening your top of the hour we'll come back. -- we got Bruins and red wings tonight we'll get a game preview and a series recap so far my body here require last year. How many games back of going to be suspended for how many games will -- could be suspended for Pierre McGuire joins us that they.

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