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Fantasy Football Off-Season Podcast 4

Apr 22, 2014|

The 4th addition of WEEI’s Fantasy Football Offseason Podcast is loaded and ready. In this week’s conversation Jim Hackett and Pete Davidson of Rotobahn.com dig into the sinking draft stock of Teddy Bridgewater (much too their chagrin), while refocusing and emphasizing the immense scouting work done by Pete on players like Bridgewater, Zach Mettenberger, Blake Bortles, Bishop Sankey & Lache Seastrunk. Also, Jim & Pete touch on news from around the league regarding new Jet, Chris Johnson, Montee Ball in Denver and help you tune out all of the negative noise some in the media are trying to push. We’re not buying! Lots of Football love in this podcast for the Football lover. Enjoy!

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This is the fantasy football. Thank you and Pete Davidson in the world. Does he flew home. Presented by a Mohegan Sun Bowl and don't. Welcome to the fantasy football podcast offseason podcast number of war. I'm here with a weekly conversation with Pete Davidson chief writer and editor of -- -- Von duck on the fast track to fantasy football domination. Our podcast today has brought to has always been our friends at Mohegan Sun and -- we are getting deeper and closer to the NFL draft the I'm excited about it we talked a lot about what to anticipate where the talent is and I'm eager to hear. What you've seen. And talk it through with all the news reports that are up before doing that all welcome news for the WBI as a football podcasts -- I know I'm I'm good looking forward to a nice little weekend of course. My that we can draw like my weeks and sit around and watched Phelps up. But you know I like to remind myself that as a watching this film it is that we can. Exactly exactly and and it's -- and in -- there's no shortage of what to watch if anyone is. Listening to podcasts are falling -- on dot com following either of us on the Twitter universe at patent on. And out -- on hacks you're seeing people these scouting reports out there today and we'll definitely get them. But as we talk about that public. A look at chickens sitting on its. The exact best ever count on the 6 -- in your ticket at that but we stay away from my blankets. Actually so but as we talk about we dive into the scouting reports as we will. In this podcast we do I. We don't have to do a match game PM joke act but I'm thinking you and ideally people would get it. -- -- dictated towards say the percentage of people in our audience you know gene Rayburn is. We're. I'm going to when he pops. Are right there you go pretty nefarious people bullied as usual or. Could it. Excellent green line that -- It never happened but. If you so scouting reports are pouring out of your keyboard. It day by day hour by hour. And true what's interesting is a lot of noise right now is or lack thereof -- should rephrase it. It's around the guy who. Your first scouting report was missed -- gradual -- Yes indeed and I -- Good read that's got a report we say in the -- if I'm not mistaken in the first two paragraphs we say we're getting this out early because we know the guy's gonna get trashed up and down. You know we we wanted to get out there early before all the people started terribly tore apart and gosh. I guess I was really right on -- one -- Why is what they're going after what are people. Not seen what are they seeing that's concerning them and curious in -- Well we will actually in the article is actually I just pulled up when I mention excellent mantra right but essentially what I got. What I say is you know criticism is gonna -- more attention and praise this time here and I think that's all that that really is a lot of what's going on. Nobody knows if you sit there and go you know I've watched -- majority -- the best quarterback and that's in this draft. You're not gonna get a -- a blank don't gonna turn their -- But if you put in the second round of the track after the third round of the draft you can see incapable of doing this that and the other. Now right now you've got us now you're now you're at the top to keep the -- to get involved so I think a lot of people. You know Merrill I don't I think then well you know maybe -- -- really think she's a mega bust but quite frankly I think -- just wanted to be relevant for 2448 hours. They'll -- -- middle living. In that's. No because I mean you know look I don't know everybody -- guys feel like guys they don't like I mean I don't listen to what type percent disperse say I mean I do my own you belt but I don't find him to be anymore knowing that any of the other guys out there frankly. I mean a lot about you know let you know what it's our industry should -- but. You know I -- sometimes I think guys are on -- show and I have to say something. You know -- the coldest time so -- Yes you know and sort of ironic giving her current conversation but. You know I think it. That's where comes from sometimes you know there they go on what you know people look at it in terms of what what should I say what's gonna get me forward vs what can be included. A valuation and you know -- Bridgewater. I would back a look at the film again. Last week just like they went in my -- you know if something happened the tape recorder the last two months since I wrote the review and now that it happened he still lost. Let's let's -- well what's my little game here so. And I would like we don't last week how can a guy get worse when he's not playing exact opposite I was gonna Google -- game like this kind of -- Anyway if you gotta get that while logged funk guitar tactic. He is the gala right -- in bullets like what you love about this guy what strikes you why you really think he's very good order yet before you jump ahead. What you think. That strikes you as to what. Is gonna make him -- capable. And there's a very good. And consistent in FL quarterback potentially verses in the other column what the bashers are. Are are saying -- his strikes. A get -- first ball of the bashers can speak for themselves 'cause I quite frankly have no idea -- talked about. They're they're talking about stuff that -- on the film they're talking about stuff that happened to try to work out that 99.9. 999% of us didn't get to go to. So you don't let those folks can hang on their words and hopefully for them their rights because they're -- all look really stupid. If this turns out to be Blaine Gabbert scenario the reverse. You know so -- you know look we spoke about bridge orders weaknesses in his scouting report. And -- weaknesses are his deep ball you know his deep balls inconsistent. And we think that we need when he throws our extended his deep balls pretty good but when he pushes the deep ball the way he pushes an -- throws. There's definitely submission the ball tends to flatten out a little bit. You know and that this is something that we feel can eat you know easily be corrected over time you'll get better -- it not worse. And it's just one aspect of the game not to mention. -- NFL look at off 32 NFL starters over the appropriate people. Yeah I mean look at the 100%. -- into the most prolific. Ever you know at this stage of their career meeting radiant green at a unit into why. What I would and I think Brees had a great deep ball but but -- and I. Did fifteen minutes on -- missing some key people in the big game of the year. Rates so yeah I mean it's not like I think sometimes people talk about things like that people as just the best of the best just sit there now. Now all the time after time. We know that's advocates it's a low percentage pro America who's throwing it in the matter who they're throwing it to at a veterans covering peppers. One guy the world Agassi it is maybe it's maybe it's just when I'm watching. Google I see who does it's that with the highest batting average. Aaron Rodgers. Yeah. I mean Rogers -- Is incredibly accurate and I think what Rogers has on the deep ball that tied it and then as though you most underrated aspect of the people I think it's all about time. You don't need a bit armed protesters throwing on time. You know the -- -- into the deep ball or something that -- sixty to seventy yards downfield most competitive people August 34 yards and warned that. You know sometimes a lot right. You know sometimes people just over the safety twenty yards downfield it goes for 6078. That's the that's the Brady to -- play up up the -- -- -- thirty yards down right in his hands and off he goes. And so I mean look I mean I'm not particularly worried about Teddy particulars. -- deep ball you know it is the I think he's a player and as a road Obama is scouting sort of philosophy were much more concerned with strengths. -- weaknesses with the exception of weakness is that would be fatal flaws right. You know it but -- running back is to slow the flow. -- I don't care because stand at a certain -- -- -- like -- right you know there are saying is that. You know you can't GOP running backs don't run for eight. You know collapse and slide into -- If a quarterback in college is using a and engineered football to match is live for -- to. That's probably not going to work well and yes or -- throw it not do well in the come by it. I think I agree perhaps signal to some sort of some sort of B vitamins for I don't know -- But -- but you don't -- stats matter abilities matter dictate matters at all matters. Bomb and it it it Bridgewater is a guy where. When you watched the tape. It it just jumps out -- you and I you know it's funny I guess that I watched -- I went back into a couple of games on last week just to check my own insanity. And you know I've been watching guys like fails. Have been watching guys like Stephen Morris. You know even the Blake portals. Do you mean you know -- met burger who you know we like a lot of film. Who well. -- watch and the big picture from Pitt. Yeah. But our cars the cards right. Yeah I mean -- car. Yeah cart -- another example. I would say you know it's but but what I'm trying to get that is when you watch Bridgewater. After watching all these other quarterbacks and this thing that you liked initially. Or even more pronounced. It wouldn't say here's here's the thing I want to have so put all your -- right so he's watching the best the best the best quarterbacks and they have traits that. You pick up -- when I watch Bridgewater I saw a lot of those same traits now since the Super Bowl and I've watched a lot of NFL quarterbacks who have watched have a lot of this year -- class. -- now after five weeks of watching pretty much everybody in this year's draft class and then going back to Bridgewater it's like wow. This all the state what twenty does all the stuff I've been looking for the last five weeks that I'm not finding an awful. You know that's the thing and it can sometimes contrasting like. You watch one running back and then another. You get a feel for the two back side by side. It's shaping the quarterbacks and with Bridgewater. Again with the exception of the people. The army solid it's accurate the eyes are always like always but almost stole. Where you want to debate -- has excellent downfield focused. And it doesn't inhibit his ability to deal with the oncoming pass rush -- exceptional in terms of pocket movement. Keeping us focused downfield and then once he decides what you gonna do the ball out. Quickly with accuracy. You know he's got good ball skills. As Hussein in in in his interview you know you do when you when a quarterback is going to play action. You want to play action fake to what exactly like the -- Analyst on the radio that. Individual orders outstanding. In that regard. So you know there's -- equipment import at Madison and I think one thing that people have to grasp. That doesn't happen by accident. You were just coincidentally. Sillier policy expert. Now you got to be able to sell it that's -- That's -- you work done something that was coached well yeah and I don't think. Another thing that's going I would Bridgewater you know and company personable wonder what doesn't matter we just say that one -- to stupidity should probably start given the task. You know -- -- -- relic of 42 -- about it fifteen to right and it can even go. That's just one example but you can go all day don't want to scorched. And it's taken if you've ever seen us implement they. Well -- -- -- to -- but if you go to sold differ and so you know I've never taken the NFL one. But if she's I mean that the results are scattershot and they don't really give you much of an indication I mean look I think when a player does really well or really poorly. Maybe that means a little something yet but you better be careful draw conclusions from that -- you know. Itself. You don't think that her daughter got a twenty that's not that bad actually francoeur got like an eight. I'm pretty good gap yet and there's a bunch of really good quarterbacks get fifteenth -- -- when Jim Kelly was one I mean it's you know. It's it's it's it's just not something that matters to me and his and his score would be about well that. That's not it's a great measures taken to two is that in today's NFL at the speed of the defense is. You better be you know sell it. It on on play action that's a big deal you look at that get to. What's -- big deal if your run based offense for sure. Correct it's right and yeah exactly and and dump some of those defense is out there you gotta be able to keep them. On their toes and it's such it's such a big part against the watch. You know. That the joy of watching Brady for the last decade plus and got so good at it it's such it's such a a migration away from what we've seen in the past. -- -- -- is also very good that I got to watch for a couple years one of the best I've ever seen Chad Pennington yeah great very rarely will use your quarterback the better ball skills that petting -- and you. I've never been seriously -- about watching football. -- a quarterback who flew the cameraman. More than Chad -- Yeah Neitzel in the stands on. Did you see it happen all the time with with ten. And Pennington the guy who aren't aren't surprised she's not a quarterback coach at this point maybe just too young maybe make more money -- needed that to -- I think coups. Potentially head coach someday and good one. Well I don't know he's not coaching so maybe not he might have desire and ESPN here. Who knows what he was a Rhodes scholar really -- -- and he wants he's also probably got about seventy large sit in the banks so. Q did you do it Jimmie Johnson its treatment of acne. So anyway bombs and so yeah you know what looked. But the basic they would Bridgewater is uncertain feel bad for the kid could he essentially with the exception of not throwing it to come by -- on the big time guys do yeah. What's the can really done wrong yeah I was reputation as somehow gonna waste out and it's. You know what somebody's gonna get this deal would dispute settlement. Let's say and do you think it would that's -- wondering do you mean how many NFL GMs and player personal directors. I wonder agree that the stock is declining and in how much. Well that's a good question and that's the million dollar question and you -- I think one problem with the whole NFL draft and other problems call it a dynamic factor saying. Is that these draft next. Rule the world. They do that someone a couple of. You know some guy puts Brit order in the second round somewhat sports writer writes Bridgewater -- the second round we didn't. Some dim -- just put in the second round of mocked meaningless should be NFL read back -- mock. If they do you think they listened to a couple. And if you break gimme a break sorry get fired or not it's good. I like the energy and and but it's it's a topic -- interesting tonight. You know whether it's type corneas in the other -- you know Jaworski the panel. And his rankings over -- I mean. Jaworski offensive. -- and I don't think you define -- got by one man but George just said some pretty big misses in this. -- any -- quarterback that doesn't mean you're gonna evaluate. -- analysis all over the world that's -- matter. Yeah I've enjoyed isn't. Just a nice guy -- -- the combined no complaints is in debt is absolutely a nice guy. You know. And you know the combative I've got a little bit down on just right now because she came out and written and well and basically cannot -- -- -- OK I've watched the tape now I like import gosh like you'll be liable in the. -- exactly it was such a the bandwagon anything to do it is is is -- an outbreak in the film them. When you have -- it was that I've seen a little bit also Emily gives you the aren't educated to -- and it's the classic. He's a runner he's gonna get hurt I don't like it -- -- it was all that and that although hanging fruit. You know that the people who've been doing their homework did you know sort of got passed right you know. And you know what's interesting to its -- glowing fruit like. On his rankings aside yesterday he was you know he had segment burger as a higher drop draft prospect okay where you might think that. I don't know. Men's -- in -- and -- yeah yeah yeah that's that's really outrageous. I agree and it. And with me for a second but what's amazing is like if you're gonna pick on some of the low hanging fruit like -- the long ball well deep well war. Went with -- and -- like a restaurant what's gonna get hurt well how about is coming off an ACL injury. Which now that's that's like that's the reason I said what I said I mean it was that he. Well OK you know what we're talking about met burger I think we're gonna save -- later -- in the via podcast -- one which -- -- met burger right now. You know why we like we likeable lot in fact if you go read the scouting report on her go to buy dot com -- You know we basically I'd basically say you know we were prepared for met burger to be right up in that class. Where -- -- themselves Bridgewater. You know we would have if he if he was a large percent. We have him ranked higher than portals. And probably Ireland Carswell. So. We like that -- Berger a lot. But not -- law. Flawless prospects even -- even if yelled completely intact. He's far from flawless. I mean -- -- -- You know he's got a a fairly serious. Off field incident this past week we detail in the article on to his credit. It's -- -- it was a one time incidents -- said the right things she's done the right things she ended up in junior college for years he's worked his way back so I think. You know we believe in second chances like that right no no problem there but you know it's an -- You know it's not nothing happens to disappear. Right so you know there's there's that. Not a huge factor but the immediate small one but the injury. Members injuries sort of like remember Lashley talked about him and those injury it has sort of not just an injury because. -- -- case the injury was it it it it it spoke to what kind of player he would. He's -- he's at just a gritty hard knows where that's going right with a body like -- get hurt. Right right right if you stick your case in the fan. You know what happened and that's detrimental style -- met murder a little bit different but with members of the injury. Ghost. To the concern that I had. Before he got injured which is a lack of mobility. So now this is the guy where you know he's six foot five plus is 230 pounds you know he's he's not fleet of foot. Made a classic NFL pocket passer he's elected to meet met burger has potential to be everything people thought Mike -- -- was going to be. I like -- lot better than Atlanta. -- Still has some footwork issues I think -- I think his -- a little much I think he needs to do a little bit what Tom Brady did if you go back to watch Brady at Michigan just his left foot. Described as too long if you watch him now that Scott is very in control yeah I think met -- needs to make a similar adjustments. You know and I I think there's another a couple of other things that the we'd like to see him do in terms we use and stuff like that but he's -- -- prospects. Any slows the living you know what a ball he can make all kinds of throws the deep -- And you saw that deep down in college or the ashes are further apart guitar that -- out for the left actually college yet. Like he can't I mean that is. You -- you need a candidate make that throw. Yeah got its appealing when it went you know if you're 32 GM's you. Pete Davidson where the -- does a guy like that. Now with the injuries -- yeah. Well you know what I it's harder for me to say that in the east teams because I don't get to put -- a doctor. -- right you know if I get to see an MRI and I get to see. How tight that I mean one thing and you know this -- you got an ACL reconstruction one of the big things with me is how tight in the joint post surgery. And I don't know yet I don't get to grab members in the -- out. So you know these teams are we're gonna learn. How well let me is doing -- where you get trapped. If if if -- mean. Is it everything is on schedule. Right and and the surgery went really well. That I think. Met -- has a chance to go early second round maybe even late first. I think he -- a chance to do it because if he gets back clean bill felt that the doctors -- or thumbs up. Then I think teams look at him go wedeman. We don't have to use an elite pick on him. Keep letting people we don't have to -- -- -- -- -- this can be this can be either the excuse the reason we. Besides there's you know we say put it in the lab for a year. So it didn't he could end up almost being a benefit consecutive you have to see in a stretcher a full season Richard. Which is what this player needs in my opinion about the way it pretty much every quarterback in the draft needs that which the fans celebrate. Every quarterback really come on schools that. I think every quarterback benefits from. Now need -- needs a little bit of a different kind of factor I mean. Don't know. We don't know Brady would look like as a rookie -- -- Aaron Rodgers with a look like as a rookie you know -- look Philip Rivers with a look like as a rookie you know a lot of guys didn't play as rookies. Well Bledsoe did and he showed pretty well so. And some guys can do it absolutely I mean Joseph Flacco but Roethlisberger and its there's no doubt it can be done but but the question is even for guys -- do it. We don't ever know it was ultimately to their benefit -- we don't know what happened that they didn't. You know. Anyway I you know I think this because it's I think a lot of people were written on the shares quarterback class and it's sort of forty that it's it's like this standard law and -- looks in this draft class. I mean look at it and I can't help but explain RT diamond rings in my chicken nuggets I expect did you really expect to find that to -- rare. You know -- -- a transformational. Role in this clam wished. Companies and it -- is greater than that luck is a transformational player that was there in red. Yeah I mean you know it -- and go for OJ results better than -- a -- that a -- the big differences -- -- -- 3540. Pounds smaller. And then in four or five inches shorter now that. That's taught you need to be a lot better to make up for that. And he runs a lot you know which is you know so. Is that which is a benefit that which is a a detriment in some ways. As it that you and I talked about I think that the concept for the belief that running quarterbacks. Are gonna get hurt more. And there's something to it. But the idea of it if that's the the supposition that seems to imply as the quarterback you're safe in the pocket which we all those Crockett. You know where it was Brady when he got -- -- up the block but -- I was escaping the pocket. Independent -- yeah. Right so you know you get hurt anywhere I think one of the things the people. One of the reasons people think QBs get hurt and into the pockets back. Yet it's any -- yet but he is -- fact you almost -- boy. You have between Mike -- situation with a shoulder pad a lot you know. He does things outside the pocket that that I wouldn't teach quarterback to do. It is -- -- running until you actually had and I didn't full credit for guts and heart and all that -- but. Get -- heard a lot -- -- are a lot shoulder. You know cartilage stuff and you're you know. He's always got rib cage tweaks to it banged around. You know and then but that's said iso or shut their particular in the pocket as well. So we've -- quarterbacks or risk no matter how they play that's probably in my opinion to this would look at. Yes I think you measure all the positives and NC LO translate what team they go to that the bottom line is great to great. Crop but very good attractive appealing -- to -- -- -- out you put a scout report up and tweeted out a few times public portals. I just get your. The audio from line. And because to me it's not just about like the -- it's important to point a little bit but I but to me. So it's not just about his strengths and and what he can do any idea that it really is -- to -- the bigger story at least now in April you know pre draft. Is his positioning. In the minds of the GM and in that the draft pundits have vs the vs the remainder of the crowd and I'm just I'm eager to kinda. To your breakdown in again you're a guy who looks at the strength as you said earlier but. My sense is. -- not a 100% sold us. No idea who I'd like we -- I think the last two podcast -- -- this school administrator you know if you're a guy that has to have a bunch of stuff extra. You don't feel like a number one overall pick to me. So like my first battle was just. Eliminating him as the number one pick caliber talent. You know just to get everybody had him going one so we sure wrestled with the concept of going one in the world we thought about the more ridiculous it seem to us. We don't take a guy that you have to fix its first overall pick in the draft so on now. I don't wanna sit here and killed portals 'cause I think he's an excellent prospect and we were -- the guy we really like until everybody out of the top of the -- that we circle -- -- We touched Kyra you know we we sort of saw the world was maybe a second rounder could sneak into the first kind of thing. -- Orszag now under the can produce like a first line. Yes and look it since the portals craze started we've gone back with -- every -- film there's nothing that you can find complete portals we have watched. And yet you know I think. A punch the more you watch him the more you see his strengths. His weaknesses are saying I think that that can be dealt with and fixed. On peace and other quarterback I don't think that really would benefit from not playing -- There is -- you can poster child of that. Yeah because she's a -- he's the guy who plays. But it's just pass a little bit and which I don't really hate I think a lot of quarterbacks. Do that there are quite good. But you know -- you can feel the stress of the game he's. You know he's always looking to make a play and it's not -- he's not let you know up to a pocket passer where he's you know. Get to my read boom boom boom and then either you know it and get rid of the football when he doesn't like refused downfield. He goes to -- day. So you know he's the guy who. You know that you need to that. You need to see the total picture and you need to seek or what you know what -- world upside what's he gonna be if he's successful and so many. This saying that could make -- successful as being a -- for -- -- all these -- -- You know I -- I -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's got report I can remember we send the podcast last week. But you know you -- compared Roethlisberger he's not Roethlisberger doesn't have ten and a quarter enhanced if he can't do the single hand pump fake. You know he's he's really not the same kind of Baptist Roethlisberger isn't any drop. Expert and Roethlisberger to is that just ability. -- -- -- -- lay asked that the more duress he's under the bigger the play makes. Yeah -- world I -- think has that ability. But it's not it's not to the extent. That it is with Roethlisberger I don't think he has the ability is and Roethlisberger is one of the strongest individuals. I've ever seen but. Quarterback well he looks great I mean I've seen I guess I can defensive lineman land on his back and had and they get thrown off. Did you shoot she you know he's an unbelievable athlete in terms of what he does in the pocket and you know in terms of how he kicked out of the pockets of times and it's. You shake your -- -- -- -- underdog you know I've pretty definite playoff games you know -- he's seen at. You know -- be a pain in the butt for your team. On. So I don't -- he's got Roethlisberger elements but he couldn't hang its hat on that does scouted that we Roethlisberger kept in -- and now the other guy that I've heard and compared -- -- -- Well. I'm sorry but. There's no way Blake portals throws the ball as consistently as -- -- -- the same level of accuracy rivers has herky jerky motion but it's the same herky jerk every time. As a safe rivers throws a beautiful all. You really -- and very consistent very accurate ball well done so again you're. People are making a -- these Johnny Bravo comparison if you looked like Ben Roethlisberger a little bit. You know he's got the same body type is Philip Rivers can play this initial production factory employs eighty people like Philip Rivers. It's sold -- for me -- reverend -- are not look at the terribly portals into a pocket. Quick stroke accurate passer. A look at it take advantage of useful skills. So I want I want portals to find his throwing motion and I wanted to make it consistent that's the first thing for him. Is I want him to have a definable peaceable throwing motion that doesn't change under duress. And I don't know if you can do that over the summer. You know it has built ourselves he says according to some I didn't portals it's somebody's got a report last couple that you know. A lot of stuff that works in the dark -- a workable right. And you know I don't think they're gonna have -- -- dark to put this guy up in the light if you say. -- -- -- I do not. So inept but that's just my take the reality is that it echoes in the first five -- Based on the current. Group think in the NFL -- to -- yet that's that's where everybody seems to think of the quarterback goes Heidi must play. That's their way. What kind of Austin's. Is an offense that he could. You know be a decent Tennessee quarterback in NFL quarterback. Any offense did the exception would be something like West Coast. You know what turned into a guy who needs to move quickly -- -- guided it's just pointless to actually want to draft a quarterback. My opinion. So you Yucca so it's easy is that you don't want him Micah. I'm a mix of those gonna silica can Alex Smith is kind of a Kansas City at that kind of timing -- sentence like and. I think it Andy Reid to see Andy Reid would. Moved his offense around to fit -- century to play for -- you know read changes is Wesco scheme around. -- I mean under morning like they took a 200 deep shots -- West Coast offense in the high you know I don't know about -- but but you know to. General yeah in general you know I don't I don't know I don't think the world would be a patriot quarterback. Now I don't think I don't think they would want him personally. And I don't I don't know that everybody says he's perfect guy for Billy O'Brien I don't know if that's true at all. Body types yeah sure -- I think O'Brien likes. A little bit more the pure pocket guy. Well when -- -- -- -- when I listen to you and I read the scouting reports and do my own. Viewing. Just ticked it off in this for second to go to pages from minute met members sounds like the guy that would be kind of that -- bill. Our money. You know. Met burger. Would be. I would -- perfect. -- -- -- I think is that similar attraction I would think. Yeah I mean he's he's got even a bigger on the ballot and he's he's got you know bigger body as well. Yet we mentioned it in his review the New England would be. -- yeah. Yeah particularly if it's like you know in the beginning of the second round. And did it rumors that's -- move up a little bit in the draft so that kind of media that frees up that position a little bit to get a little funky and think long term. Yeah I mean police. I'm actually -- good -- us. Why -- out -- -- -- but yeah I think look it's it's a page should get brands until he put it this way if the patriots at random -- member I'm very happy. Yeah bad patch it's really pretty much in it enough. And it just the people who haven't heard this before its jets in a case that -- -- that goes on the that's been I would be happy. Because he could focus on Brady winning three more -- next year's Q what Ulysses the all have the clipboard and again in Iraq and a good pick for. But now which. Members are kind of sound where what would you get a text from now and I think that I think -- probably. Just his contract up at the end of the year right. Thought he had tricked out now. Yeah for sure that some saying again I don't know. They would do that I think I think they'd keep ballot as a backup this year and then let him go free agency in the. We have a lot of chips they -- package him you know that's been rumored -- Yeah but I don't I mean what are you gonna get from ballot after the draft. I don't know -- much I'm thinking draft like if they. For instance let's say you know they they took a second round -- I just let them happen. Well just because members coming up the issue at all I think you know that ballots in place and I think -- -- -- -- -- comfortable going to have a -- -- I think there's more value for the patriots stick to keep. Ballot as the backup and then at the end of the year let him go and -- and -- be a nice compensatory value guy for you. Down the line to -- back when he signs someone else. And you know. He could conceivably bring you back -- report you just have to wait an extra year for the compensatory process my guess is that on the path to go. Then again they've played with almost no back up yeah who knows yeah. -- after certain. Don't know Neville those as so really we -- -- don't Lisa we -- we dove and a lot of the draft by the way I am reject can't hack but a professional. I don't bring my -- and stuff here I'd -- I just wanted to clarify should be have a couple new podcast listeners minute team. So considerate -- -- yours podcast this -- that this is W yeah I'd gone. -- to New England. So we need to yes I'm aware has clarified in a public some news around the league if you want tennis to -- out of the -- draft prospects. A case -- yes we like members are a lot obviously -- in beauty you know we go around the news. And blood you know does that whole thing about the depressed running back market yes. That's sort of changes -- a good running back becomes a free agent doesn't amendment. Suddenly nine million bucks for Christiane -- met Clemens when the next attack. Yeah actually it anybody who is Chris Johnson owner or someone who's. Chris Johnson on the table a -- trader ever she goes to wrote about dot com there's an article up they're called the jets -- Johnson -- which is obviously a play on. Something sort of dirty but it's also let it play on at the jets owners last name. I'm in the man's name is Johnson. He kept and then we went to assign the episode where the church church sanctuary might need a new Johnson rod -- but -- should look at -- Anyway yet it's I think. Which you and I spoke last week that we. About it we talked about him and in the balance between -- and ivory potentially get him. By the way wrote world cleaned up their act on this issue. I think I think one of the senior guys came in and and seventh straight but they are now saying that it's pretty clear Johnson should have -- the edge of bribery and of course. They were wrong before and right now. Critical -- -- got like a four year five billion dollar contract. -- just got a two year nine million dollar contract Johnson got you know what 9000 career rushing yards whatever that is. And -- got about 900 so not a distinguished record not to mention -- can't play on third down -- -- incapable of it. Yeah and Andy riddled injury history and ivory Casper restaurants a look at just got a little knee. -- -- Yeah -- has some type of scope but it doesn't -- -- a really big deal although I did it's when you mention that because I defined. There was a funny line to sit nothing out of -- yet PSC says nothing than usual for a for a sixty year. Running back as if that's supposed to core concerns you know take a look you know it's only one of -- -- it's like losing a step is not usual for sure -- a. I don't know I think context you wanna bring an -- tennis career is like two and a half years those -- credit doesn't exactly you know right you disputed back condition that it really matters and is an explosive -- Now that's that it felt like it was it sounds like it was a cartilage defects and given the time between now. And the start of the season it -- to going to be probably not an issue. After my major reconstruction at a college six as well and you know I was back running -- 98940. -- you know. I particularly okay. Appreciate if you can't stop Katrina antibiotic. Used to it. So disappointed with your tree can be accessed at Drexel that that's the Basil take don't worry you're getting younger can -- its -- More running back to knock interesting little. Kudos coming out of Denver from Pete Manning over every is in the off season. About one of my guys Monte ball. What are your guys like alana and -- That is I don't remember who actually poetic on Monday after the trade I was told London's advocate liberal but you currently own and I do need to we can't tell you waxing about him politically toll on your roster anymore -- on -- -- I know actual books. It's -- little -- But what's funny direct -- Peyton Manning gives him his blessing now it's funny. Because market ball's value last year got a huge bump from Peyton Manning saying a bunch of nice things about him during coach PH which turned out to be a bunch of two week. Thank you. So. So you know summary -- actually beat nick -- debt but you know the differences there's no not shrubbery and are consumed cookies this year. You know I think. We'll have a ball article this weekend. Just just to clarify but yeah I mean Marino siding with the dolphins is obviously have to be a big -- for ball's value. However. The one -- political you know caution people. Be careful about trading from -- table now. Because you know. He could catch you know you never know what's gonna happen in the draft the Broncos draft -- then she could be a big heap of trouble. If you -- because people are talking Belmont gave Fonality number one -- top twelve taking -- Well look it's I'm not saying it's outrageous. -- you're you've got -- ahead of the -- get Carter had little horse right now you've got to get them through the draft without them bring in another back -- -- put my people for trying to. Right does Helen does it would have any say in this matter any kind of the issue. So now but it had no say whatsoever and it maybe shows opens -- -- electoral football player that would help. You know -- -- people are counting -- out for sure that's why they've got ball the first round but yeah I mean you make a point. -- there so that there's no reason he can't you know finest football Jesus can come to camp ready to play we'll just have to see what happens. But -- -- Olympic I would talent but he said some of those -- -- kind of issues we had issues fitting into the offense and picking up the past Russian. You know the little things. What is involved involved good and okay impasse -- Usable -- sounds. Good solid back well maybe a tad bit of a stretch as the third down back in terms of you know he's not Joseph Addai. It got no shot Marino -- not Ahmad Bradshaw but. I can get the job done. It's just you know and I needed it could be good goal line back. You know we keep football is that he just said he got to continue to -- Refine his pass protection. And it got a the other thing he -- he needs to not fumble. He did he -- put the ball on the ground a couple times last year that can't keep happening John Fox will yank your tail. You know all Belichick Steven Ridley. It's that kind of stuff keeps up so he does need to. Stop on the tour. At some point and maybe that's made that little. Vote of confidence from Manning has what that's about it -- this conference up maybe come up and get focused. You know maybe you know. For me to keeping his record -- is that they don't bring in itself back. That has the ability to deal from ball and that they that would scare me most would be a guy who's got. Real good passing game's third accountability and let's face -- the perhaps as you know the Broncos do get in the passing game motor wish. So jobs yet so I again a guy like since. You know who's. Scatter report is up -- wrote about dot com if you don't know who. Trolls -- get reforms but you know either running back from West Virginia who's accused and up until last year and he's got serious receiving ability in the back. Heck of a patriot. That's I think refereeing you really need. Yet he got some other backs up on the site to bishop saying -- from Washington. You know tightly packed yet talk a little bit about him when we get some others -- in feature we've talked in the past about Juan Carlos hide obviously -- But obviously it is a sick is again it's a new report that went up this week. If you wanna elaborate on some of the things that you like about him mature audience but here. Sure sure and I definitely check out the reporter wrote Obama it's up it's it's you know it's a lot to read we've got couple videos in there to watch -- I think we included -- -- like you came in California game. But let's think he's a guy. Where you know that there's really just not much to get back in terms of -- you know knocking him down. He keeps you know he shows up in most of the the greeting categories positively you know immediately to a nine. Which is by no means a small back but it's not getting you know he got a bit back right. And so -- You -- -- no armpit I say you know. We -- is billed as a positive because he's five now to get a good look senator gravity. -- -- well. 449 speed which which. -- -- -- Just judging by people's reactions I don't think most people thought he could run under 45 and he did so that's positive. And he's just good running back which is something that it's overlooked a lot in the day in the days of the combined. You know people -- like 044. Good three -- -- -- it out but but but think it does build up the running -- stopped well. He's been coached well and he follows his blocks he knows how to use blocks he also knows when to get out of the plane and went to -- you know make the cut and get into the open field. He's well coached. And obviously he's approachable. You know it's it's hoping to get good coaching it's another thing to accept. And and suck it up despite she clearly it's. And his three -- was was good so obviously he's he could give the pitcher radar as we spoke of a couple weeks ago. I liked the way he breaks tackles the trouble. Get a tenth seeded. Cannot take the big hit. And he'll turn you know. -- think you're gonna get hit it hasn't been a glancing blow kind of thing. I do like visibility as the receivers get decency decent hipster. And pass protection. It's -- great he can what we saw until the intent to cut most of the time. But he executed did. Hoped that this -- -- the. Come to college -- are really. 26 from the bench sorry that's a great. Yeah strength and number for running backs who -- got a lot of upper body strength. We'd like to see you use it yet you know unit that the classic blocking and and so what you hit record it record well. We wanna see more of that. Come backs in college -- are really. And even adept at pass -- Well the ones who played pro style offense is -- OPEC you know they need to be adept but at least it got -- start. But you know I it. The reason it's definitely the biggest issue for running backs that are in the NFL -- -- like that you and I got to do this pretty in depth. Last week with a hole the position is changing. You know they're still producing old style running backs. Right you know and every Underwood is an example -- -- going to be the first for a second 1990. He's probably to go the fast six for public that. And he'll be a decent player in the NFL I think but he's going to be a more of a role players that they built cal back. -- -- Yeah I mean or -- and recruit you know I'd say this stuff about Williams and all we're doing is gone by -- another billion in the think that he can't pick up some of this stuff maybe. You'll go to a team that. Find some new skill tree and the based on what we're seeing themselves. Yeah I mean he's he's -- first and second down pounder. Eagle eagle what you see in -- project and then it gets in the right situation. You know with the right coach -- is -- If you did a good -- and any place. The rights always are and their kids not to just take it down heroes are all the time. More on any more on -- thank you it's not -- normal life is Davis race. It is a funny name I had a lot in here jokes that didn't quite come to fruition for a some of these some not. But yeah these -- that we think. The program was. The let -- -- -- And like yeah like I said we we think based console has been pretty well coached I mean he's been very durable the last two years -- taken like -- I don't think I bring up is I like his efficiency and the good legacy use -- well we like to finish as Brian just got an inch forward lean. And one thing we noticed some back to run with a good forward Linas sometimes they're Asian trip up. You seem tripped up when afoot tackled distillery leaning forward to the technical. Is that it's sort of fall on your face and forty metaphorically but. We beat it's one of the reasons she finishes well because she's -- leaning into guys on him down you always accept an extra yards -- -- it says. See people but he dealt with like the fact it's north and south is always working hard to get north itself which again for smaller runners not a common trait. Lot smaller quick guys wanna try to. Show off. He's he's all business got a runner he will make you got -- But it's not dancing is not. And he's up field. Hold. Little Gilmore has. Yet been a bigger than Joseph -- but yeah. Saturn's. Yeah anyway and but we add up all the streets it's it's it's it is as I say that's a -- session. Running back actually that we think. Think he's a guy where if you catch a break goes to a great team. He can be pretty good. Now there are a lot of teams out there now we're. You get a quick kick I mean the jets were one little girl before brokers Johnson. -- you know right now that means think he's probably training goes to maybe the -- loser. You know as poll. Then again you know so but yet there's there's there's not a lot of teams out -- so right now we're desperate for running -- It which is it to see it makes that kind of back after the draft a little bit more. Something to watch is still -- that the NFL's migrating. Away not away from that position but it's definitely not what it used to be twenty years ago but it's a sexy position and it's still very critical terms of -- in his football team just now. Yeah most physical -- you at least two. Right and -- you know like Blake has said last week I think the positions at a low point right now but it can come back just fine I just agree I think right now there's. You know the the NFL's essentially sent out a signal that this is what we're looking for colleges have reacted to of course it's -- are in my early Thursday. And only have a job -- -- -- for the NFL the senate and I think it very clear about that. On -- analyst. Yeah I think what's interesting is what may happen and it's already happening to some extent I think you may see running backs. If it -- it may become harder for some of these programs to get the best running backs because I think. You know if he's -- -- have baby. We can't say agent the what you say they have a skilled advisor. I've got a top high school recruit. Who has NFL ability. I don't think twice about sending him to a place that doesn't give him the skill set. When he comes out to be drafted -- Smart. So you know I think that's something you can see where certain colleges may be able may start adapting pro style offense is for the purpose of recruiting. Interest. Is that that's -- a new twist on on that position when you -- Don't you follow this thing to its end you see things have to change. You know I mean it's running backs are just gonna say well -- -- -- make any money. As we -- last week they're gonna start doing more things to -- -- to make their resume look good and their record and they're gonna consider playing other positions. They -- special teams do that more kick returns but return stuff like that they can be more valuable. Yeah I think I -- -- we spoke about them in the last week that we before chair McKinnon well my papers sleeper running backs in this draft class. You know it's you we joked about him being converted to a quarterback but I mean. If it's not a joke I mean I think it's very possible that. A guy like -- that's exactly what could end up happening. Thinks it's funny how things and it. -- All the interesting thing I didn't have a look at the leather helmets again but we might not see that mean that. The Iraqi People punctuated players. No because it's like OK I want -- -- as a franchise tight end and a franchise. Too much Adam again. -- too much money but I think you might. A little player with a head -- no players can play doubles snaps would be like yeah right. Right but to have that versatility is becoming more more important. Yes. Like I can just to get to answer your question I think you're right but I think snapped separately -- that you may you may have more players that. Play on both sides in the football. You know I mean like for example just in the last couple years Taiwan Jones. Convert the quarterback last year Ontario Mikhail converted from running practice two cornerback. -- sit here in New England Troy Brown do it right so entitlement. Right now what's stopping. The raiders for them giving Taiwan Jones and tailback snaps they feel like it doesn't need to do it felt that this is it's it's definitely one of those things it's out there. On the running back topic because they destiny and it bounces off from the website and scouting report which is. Last CC struck in Tikrit and it is it's that stands up for a couple of reasons to none of not. Not not the least of which. Is that your I'll make sure watching -- hit expect but. But is the team he played for because it -- Taylor does nothing else in any sport standout with the colors that they Wear. That's for sure but does the scouting report up on -- dot com with flashy -- drunken. Let's dive middle of it tells them -- that one up on Monday. -- I don't know actually it was he's been up for months clause that allows anybody that we did have a long time and I think. These first six player that we did let up on February 14. For the Columbine but don't look at. Dodd said that we last week to produce that's. -- destruction -- his most elusive running back in this year's class who -- lately I think that's pretty clear that you watched the tape. But he's got you know if you read the report were pretty clear what we think of -- his -- ridiculous. I mean ridiculously disconnect it when NFL rushing title he's got that kind of talent. But. You know -- also a guy where. You know it didn't really catch any you can catch passes last year did not catch a single path that's race that so you know. -- considered throughout his ability to do -- well sure because he's done it. Arm that's -- in the -- policy and it's hard to believe. But you know I think you got heavier before but I'm not mistaken I mean what he can catch the football a little bit split. You don't look if you was really good at it I think they'd have -- -- -- -- you don't you know. So let's let's face it we'll go to number that's gonna try to potentially. It'll launch our secret weapon if we ever make -- national championship. Where -- key strokes receiving ability for whatever NFL team drafts. Were not -- But you know the -- keep the guy where. I think I think the current situation in the NFL were actually you don't get on the field right away is a really good thing for a -- -- future. First of all. Any running back who. Said who who you know doesn't play a lot their rookie year. As he spoke about last week it's partly a bad thing from running back. You wanna take a lot of -- off your tired your rookie contract if you can afford it I mean it's it's sort of odd to say and I know a lot of fans about shake their heads but. From a personal standpoint. You're -- first round draft pick you're not make a whole lot of money you wanna -- you would appear to be as fresh as you can when you get your first. You know contracts are -- technically you're socket. So you know and it's I don't think it would I don't think it would hurt him. Just sit a little bit early and what you really need to get into the system. Learn the system gets some coaching that that he can respond to find it offensive wants to make something out of him and I think the upside long terms ridiculous really it. Brought if you just if you if you if it's too much too soon. I think you'd be looking at and I -- Pete's scenario where he just doesn't mentally put the whole thing together any struggles. Well anything you know it's -- will see what it is I mean he's definitely one of those guys were I don't think she you know you don't want -- going to -- those teams were like. You know have to be done this way I don't think he's that kind of back to you keep the opposite of the bishops -- You know yeah in terms of you know he. You don't wanna take certain players you don't wanna take that creativity away from. And he I think he's one of those guys want to let him be himself. But by the same token that doesn't mean he doesn't need to pass protected Dunst and obviously hitting catcher single past probably wasn't able to pass protect either. You know so it's -- He definitely to me is a player who could be great. But I think you need to -- bring him along if it's gonna help -- because right now it a little bit of a one trick pony. Yet it's funny thing is you mentioned. Finding the right timbers the wrong team in the first in the Cayman in my mind it that it and his that would be -- That's what they've not -- area -- -- but what what how they've mishandled and it's such. Augusta and it restarted them CJ Spiller lecture with -- -- in buffalo I. If on the -- -- battle coaching staff has gone I agree on an unrelated robbery with a nice guy but. -- around but I'm sorry. Your good guy -- fired yet how to clean the -- allows them. -- Jackson nice player but can use the if they were quoted -- That's an issue that's an issue but the thing the thing that broke me it was letting him play after high ankle sprain in the next week that he's still this is irresponsible that I -- I'd like it had -- -- in front of me and I'd like an explanation as to why that went down that way it is it to. There's no justification what they did was Spiller last year. And essentially what happened is the guy got a high ankle sprain I think we do. You never -- full game. They have been well he you know he doesn't have the endurance and electric addiction wonder if their trainer or coach ever had a high ankle sprain. I mean -- touched -- -- in currency issue. It's a it's a pain tolerance issue and it's not gonna you're right if you keep running back you'd been on weight -- for a period of time. So let's get tackled. What happened then to top it off if you collapse that I must assume -- -- think -- -- home field. So -- And again we're talking about the jets playing ball how old are. I was talking about them to build taking some chances of Tashard Choice at this is that what you can I CJ Spiller got top ten pet. He is -- big investment officer. This is what are your key pieces of talent that -- got 435 speed. The last thing you wanna do it but instead mess around but I ankle sprain and it was just. It was high school stuff. It was I'm gonna -- to channel this energy feeling for. Now you got me fired a little lights are not happy with the right attitude that looks good and. And a segment as we get it we've got -- coming to the clothes -- got a couple minutes left. And you. Well you know what you are upset and nobody to collapse bitterness out of do you get a guy like Stiller was willing to go out there and do it. That's the kind of player you want so it's important for you was the coach. You're the parent. We need to protect that player who's willing to garden do you view that you have to be big enough cannot take it you have to be picking up this -- -- It's like it's like when your pitchers for a 107 pitches but he got a complete game shutout going but he nineteenth. Right we're taking out. You know if you're if you're if you're coach doesn't have the guts. To do that you gotta get rid of. Well that's the problem with that -- How many times can the starter talk his way to -- -- -- many times every time it -- mistake I mean that candidate Schilling convincing some of the state of the game that's what clicked right. At -- drug industry in the gonna happen and deal with this. And out of this situation where Pedro was clearly out of gas the question yup and that that's good example because. You're manager they're needed to be the bigger man you used to -- Pedro what your heart. -- -- -- -- Well the problem in the NFL as a sentence at age old. Wrestling match Tug of war between you know the coach needing to win now Rex Ryan yup and the organization knowing that they need to break it down -- do something different -- Yeah now that's that's that's a good point but you know -- in new coach and ultimately now writes it's -- and by the way I'm killing Barone but we'll -- you feel. But but he probably doesn't do a person involved in decision -- GM should. Should probably -- to. If -- the GM like the data were a mistake but -- have my ankle sprain but you know what I don't want to practice and forget about playing on a -- The hills near the new rich owners committed -- -- announced. That they need. Luck mistakes were made to -- get their act together but although I have to say exciting Mike Williams. Parks hardly a -- indication that -- -- -- making better decisions up there. It. And it's been a -- front for bills fans I think losing patent hurts them you like does that coach in Cleveland after -- -- agree. Japanese defense questioner. Gets it right and -- the coordinator of the jets before that he's he's good you know he's he's good football guy. On. What we have Michael Williams signing is insane it and that's one of those body moves so I mean it is Williams -- from her own and come out. So yeah I mean -- acted bills fans good luck they need to do there's some good stuff going on up there with the talent but I'm. To the jury is out on this coaching staff of. I had the injuries in that the patent. Yeah while at the the bills need to have than what we're just kind of -- trip through I don't know -- brought out. I'd like that the bills ends the humanist in me wants me to get the correct but it bills -- need to happen -- happened the patriots did. Direct donations to these human. The argument that. But like you know they look they need. The Victor kinds. Out of the way a -- like. A local guy. Like joking about -- I have now we do -- think -- -- a joke now. It's neat that they need they need a guy like a local guy -- was -- on Robert Kraft to command. Bring the right guy in at the time it was Parcells then pass the torch appropriately they need a whole whitewash their needs as it needs to be blown up and rebuilt here. Yeah I mean it's it's weird because I liked what they did with their draft last year but. They -- did it's definitely not a well oiled machine. They need now. Aren't what my actual last built start you have to the last -- we have to wrap it up but you are at it but it's that we talked about things being cyclical and at the beginning we. -- weird Robbie Bobby Meachem Buddha. Body -- which shortstop for the Yankees Robert Meachem just -- the stage for year. The answer to interest out there is gonna move to. For the good move for the -- they needed all they need a little continuity. -- -- -- -- But it's at the outset of the podcast today we talked about Teddy Bridgewater and one of the things that like reading between the lines in in in the conversation -- listening to you. Talking up ritual -- there's an under current. -- did you do did address it like Merrill odds and tight -- But does and under current there that I wanna give you the opportunity to get on to soap box and -- on sensing. Particularly in this time a year when you just kind of like it was breaking players down about the media in in and that hair down tactics that are there verses. You can't tell the -- about -- end event only to talk about. -- -- -- But but but but vs what it does seem to be -- silly season now it is and -- vs vs out what your approaches on bonds and giving Paul what. Look at what we do is starting so I mean we're all business. You know we're we're all -- You know robot is not a wish sandwich. As -- -- -- used to say. And -- I think you're right I -- -- if you go around -- and read a lot of the so called football reporting -- you know this week and it's a lot of stuff about nothing. You know a lot of just pure speculation he had some of the fantasy sites that read it's like. You know you really wanna do a full article. On what went wrong with Lamar Miller last year. Marked their balls -- -- -- committee backfield I mean casual. But it was not but -- but there's the there's what I expect our remarkable yet but there's just there's too much time -- too many. That's the thing and that's where -- -- -- -- the -- off the -- a little -- is that it it it goes back -- I think we've been talking about for weeks which -- it's amazing the appetite for NFL football. When your six months removed from. From kick off on -- it's it's it's unbelievable and you know so yeah there's a lot longer -- out there and they're gonna get fed I guess. I guess the complaint you and I have this could we could we give them real food and. Exactly -- are they feeding them milk bones -- -- -- and you know meat byproduct bulls are at stake in this something -- but he had. Howard traditionally we won't debate can stick. A knife so did you ever -- civilly and now. We -- very -- and move my friend we -- a very healthy out hustled in the action council that we had bacon and Canadian ecstatic. Good as hot meal. A month at a rate cut by the going over the -- anyway. My more than bitterly arugula no -- -- -- good healthy balance in any humans always good good. There's going to garnish and hard hard to deal absolutely. Force -- parsley night. With that said which a happy Easter to all our podcast fans and listeners out there and I'm very glad it's tuned in you can catch this. Every week we'll be doing podcast throughout the offseason heading into the draft. And then as we get into the real meat of the offseason heading into the season and all these podcasts are brought to you by our friends at Mohegan Sun. You look at some fun to do and go to somewhere fund draft that's gonna be a big ramp up will be talking about that now podcast come. And in the drafting. Yet in the -- drop since that and in the interim to get ready for your draft get rid of the NFL draft who's gonna go where where it's gonna mean your fantasy team. All you need to do honestly is go to wrote a bond dot com it's got you covered the guy is scouting. Like a -- Mandela check your tire might think is that Scott reports that they're -- they're on point in your working as hard as he does and I appreciated hopefully Ellison is due to Shirley Q. -- -- Last time I saw a picture Belichick did one of those both drinks since -- Now that's eats -- he's he's party. And I I -- -- connect I have at a poetry can you'd expect expect. We'll take care that the -- were able to draft but so I'm glad I went to the draft. But go to go to moribund dot com -- all -- insults a real quickly to kind of find out what's happening. To follow us on Twitter follow at rural -- that's -- handle and in my handled between his stuff give me some original contents of fun Boston's sports stuff. Is that -- -- -- and all this content can be found here in the podcast is we rehash it. I hear WEEI dot com and we appreciate it was 62 and dial in and -- check out Radovan dot com for more. Thanks again the. Thank you back. Next time -- talk to you soon.

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