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Boston Marathon director Dave McGillivray 4-22-14

Apr 22, 2014|

Dave called in to discuss the epic Boston Marathon.

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Yesterday at this hour we were trying to determine what the one word additive would be at the end of the day to describe the 118 running of the Boston Marathon I said celebratory. Jerry said defiant. -- just made -- very good point about the word perfect as it turned out. I didn't go river stricter BA joins us on the AT&T -- -- congratulations on several levels levels will not running and finishing the marathon last night after 11 PM. At first and foremost pulling off flawlessly a Super -- lies to -- the whole world was watching well done my friend well done. Thanks so much in my might get my one word is back at -- -- Q was epic that's an excellent word did anything go wrong because from the public standpoint from where I stood from where people watched it there was nothing should reverse -- small problems here in -- -- what was the worst thing that happened yesterday day schedule with. You know it's interesting because you know Ali. You know sort of things start early on in -- because they at this. An indication that things to come in the first thing is that I was being picked up at 4 in the morning -- -- -- to drive that was picked me up it I would stop the so -- batting with the I have to run the which I probably could have been I didn't want to. And then secondly there was I get the fire in the thick of bridges something -- I've -- OK that's a -- anything and the last thing which was unbelievable. Is that there was so about what sounded like an explosion at the village in Hopkinton. And they were gonna evacuate the whole area when it was is that a by. Italian blue. That would put the chances of that happening yeah I blew and it just sounded like a huge bang. And everybody. Oh my goodness what's happening here and then they figured out it was about so the date kind of got it up a little tentative dip -- everything from the plane on went flawless I. Can't believe you didn't see that accident on the take a bridge -- -- -- -- and got off my electric slipped the we'll let that slip through security some -- what. Date set -- by the numbers the marathon by the numbers in his mind boggling. Up beyond the 32000 runners 101000 volunteers. 19100 medical personnel. 3500 security personnel 68 race officials to 1652. Way radios. 2000 tables 9000 barricades over a thousand Puerto parties. An 18100. And fifteen bosses to move people around. That's it if it's on you must have a staff of one million make all this happened it. Yeah like. Maybe around 21 people and I believe that the people here. Just jacket and hate -- we actually turn we turn to wait 5000. People who wanted to volunteer I -- coming -- -- To get people a credible -- rather event participant different everywhere want to be -- part of that if he really jittery America front row seat in in the event tonight so. So -- great we're very fortunate to have them. -- from what I was and I was at the finish line for hours and it was awesome I said early -- it was one of the great sporting events of ever then ever attended. But there were a lot of family members who thought they could get somewhere near the finish line to see their their family members finished and they couldn't is that. Is that impossible to rectify. Well listen this was again an epic year and I would normally motorcycle and what I saw I still can't believe that -- -- how to -- and deep. Holloway all the way I mean there had to be well over a million people out there and they will will be paid -- cheering and screaming -- The crowd control was perfect it was an anything out on the street know and jump and out on the streets in fact you know it's amazing we use we have. A couple of thousand quote unquote standard in the race yeah. In Hopkinton -- accounted kept it. Fifteen. -- I think I didn't I didn't see any at all to race their way have you that's good point at center right think of it that way but it felt like people shot them so they weren't seeing right it felt like you know other than that the crowds are for huge and the emotion of the event. It felt like a regular race for being -- which I think is what was always your goal it. Oh absolutely I mean we you know with without attribute activities like police so leading up to the race. We got to the race we wanted it to beat the Boston Marathon you know the pursuit of athletic excellence all about the runners at that point in time. But it would mean in the survivors participate. In. The other folks you know jump -- at the end who were survivors and run with those who they were waiting for the last year but never made it. All of that which is on the lead and then you know what's so fascinating to -- all the professional. Plays you know like Teddy and in Flutie and and just crap I mean but -- and I were standing at the -- I went to Josh and Josh Earnest and Barbara so great at -- great I mean it just amazing to see the entire city come together in one event and you can't -- that in any other sporting event. What's the signal to use data that says OK everything's under control heading back to Hopkinton to do my annual run in when everybody else is done what went as that moment arrived well. Lee you know it's you know and that party still a couple of thousand people left out on the court and -- do the whole walk in the finish area check in with the option and I went to the medical and I do all of that. And generally speaking everything -- on automatic pilot that point in time and I -- -- met but I did last year in. In a little bit I know what was gonna happen at the finish line when I was standing on the starting line ready to go this year I waited almost to the very last person the next I just. I couldn't leave just just to be sure I didn't leave till around 6 o'clock in which the finish -- down like extend so. Like everything was okay but in just made her look a lot longer day -- latest but I finished at 1109. And Adam you know I and it. The president had it easy run in what we're glad to be able to service feel that -- euphoria the dollar grant caucus. Was easy to Q eleven hours -- -- eleven on the -- an idea how well they like Gary Ackerman and what was your time in just one like little -- for our eye color or your company. For Easter -- how many sections that are actually. Donors to mr. men and finished in 40859. That really. Seriously yeah. Yeah what do you think -- -- -- -- IA director now valujet said for a awaits and we think that time isn't -- a day. That's simply hated how the crowds at a police escort. At the selling -- assigned there were. Million spectators for the race and I was going -- a -- and I think or about ten when -- must be Hillary running that it really -- when traffic is has resumed in your -- off to the side of the road and all the fans -- gone and you're there by herself when I normally do it like around. 345 in the afternoon I'm telling you the in this still a lot of people out on the Portland in the battle room yelling and screaming and -- up this time when I was going to attend 1030 at night. It was here because there was like no one out in traffic it died down every when he was just either in bed or in restaurants and there was hardly anyone out there but at the finished. I had and came within a couple hundred people waiting -- -- -- that was critical. How much time do you take off now when do you start again Dave. I you -- take time line on and now at a 29 Morgan MM I get up and went to bed at one and I get excited I get it. And I'm losing and losing ground here on my other events can and take the first damn I'm I'm I'm I'm gonna start training for the onion in Hawaii. It is very I have to go pick up all those water cops. Other picked up the team does a great job although you know it's interesting that all the officials they can get cleaned up like you know. It's great and then all the unofficial basis for people won't hear about stuff when I met them -- this city can count to a great job they supported. They clean it up and it. -- that you slept since you took such a long time to get back out to the finish -- the start line obviously didn't pass anybody on the way and in years past. If you pass people that started like when the race started. Yeah I mean even though I think AM have been the last -- for the last two point seven years there has like the hundredth running apply here in the united cat one or two people -- maybe one of the -- -- -- A person they all depend on when I got it like that earlier than normal that in the past somebody -- -- -- that later and then. It went inside and. I didn't see a single. -- a single arrest single night -- do something goofy like run across in Brent try to get on camera not the wasn't on the word non. Now everyone just behaved it was. I I don't know where leprosy and ultimately it again. I'd give any idea of the amount of spectators has been speculation. Yeah like I said I mean I see it every year I mean. You know -- -- consisting when will we go back with the lead man maybe it is isn't even as crowded as it will get a a couple of you'll have on -- way to win the -- in the coming through so. I'm telling you they had to be over a million people. I'll Wear and muscle Barry the fifteen bandits -- are there -- you know they just kind of fell in the back side and I didn't get much attention to them well congratulations again on two levels terrific event epic event is that is appropriate way to put it. The course you know maintaining your string your running when everybody else is done awesome job Dave -- overeat. Open it and you know what captain opted -- women you know and Americans and then a course record by the women and Ernst van -- winning now. The wheelchair division for the tenth time and -- just so many stories you know 36000 people 36000 human interest stories just fascinating day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Swim and is the product couldn't you start with a three mile swim which does not mean you can do small craft committee tried out wasn't doing good. They can be two real quick about it that was the other ones are really -- I can't swim to miles because the ocean if he trained. Now in the ocean it's hard. I'm you can beat the current with music gulfstream right in the flow to Malaysian airline others gets pushed like while the three casino if you do this when you do the -- how do we almost did that one year so what target date I think it is no network is the front it was at the waterfront. Was in Boston -- whatever and and they try to get -- to do that we run block well those that Dave ran back in the seventies for while we do. -- him like a tag team deal. As we're too lazy and soft how to do it a teary -- dreams where I am talking about the bike now all like you. The like. He has to swim right eyebrows went east to swim no -- it naked with my -- -- -- how would I rather -- -- -- -- the all right our 3-D UC old -- -- phone lines open we'll talk with you 61777. Point 793 so.

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