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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: David Gregory is tanking 4-22-14

Apr 22, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed David Gregory's tanking Meet The Press ratings.

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All right headlines brought Cuba eighteenth -- they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible -- by precision fitness equipment shop where the pros do. Precision fitness equipment we start in Honolulu under review which is in Hawaii the state with president of the United States was born. It's been a great deal of time. -- through -- born writer. You can use toward a white. Yes are you actually do you know what he's he's -- -- now now in I don't even if I didn't thinking -- It's the distraction. Realize US dollar to -- rule notice to rule when you -- president from Eritrea. Not to -- -- -- so that the guy was born in Canada -- the US these three losers whole life. He should be -- could be subversive they want to -- some lower gross and a government that Schwarzenegger wanna change the constitution. That we ought to say in Tuesday's presidential material effect this for the Boston Marathon -- -- account yesterday because -- sport outside Roger can't be pretty president he cannot back I can't doesn't present it to be good president. A sixteen year old boy a lot of evidence that it's -- that should be. A sixty year old boy stowed away in the real well. Of a flight from California to Hawaii and so and stop right there now I read that part in this morning yet said. Okay he'd guys ready -- roasted them -- -- and they -- body parts. You know be on on the landing strip them do you would die instantly. Like with and didn't put -- yes. She walked away on who survived the trip halfway across the Pacific Ocean. Unharmed. Despite frigid temperatures at 38000. Feet and the lack of oxygen FBI airline officials say there's a guy he was unconscious unconscious. Discount is a way it's tougher than the current masses on the -- Found -- walking around. 202 people of stowaways in wheel wells in the last 25 years 74%. So I think a hundred dude I don't it was a little Hollywood tonight it was that they didn't look at thirty was a little right right and up to 3000 feet currencies of delegates -- go to April like Logan to Martha's Vineyard does that mean we can have an air flights out 30000 feet. Mean what centocor. This is not is a pretty good percentage and electronic want an all out like given -- shot -- -- 400 I'd guess. FBI spokesman Tom Simon Honolulu told BP on Sunday. The -- question by the FBI after being discovered on the tarmac. With no identification -- like -- be alive Simon said security footage from the San Jose airport verified the boy from Santa Clara California hop the fence. Get to a -- airlines flight 45 on Sunday -- child -- runway from -- after an argument. To the flight landed Maui boy popped out from the real world sort of wander around the airport grounds he had how. Only -- he had no idea where the plane that he was getting in two was going. What doubt that it's Hawaii although could have been closer would have might. You know better chances -- -- but he survived that could have been like -- exactly -- -- -- yeah Australia. Government Malaysia that'd really be screwed it. She's here's we want to hear from first let's hear from Sully Sullenberger. Via its pilots who -- -- visible piece yes he was weak. He hung from the wheel well and and he felt the ground and regain some strength and stood up and -- -- walk into the front of the aircraft but it's so rare that one can survive in such an extreme environment crystal ball how -- It can get to minus seven that's cold enough to free someone solid. It is and the auction at that level it's a tiny fraction of the auction will be brief here -- -- It was children out the whole trip in the all frost bitten. And it's just -- writes it's a little birdie on I think it is incredibly important and Fred where. -- -- If you open wheel well are you confident you know the wheels are gonna go when they come up Arnold Schwarzenegger and -- and immediately in the movie -- planned jump opens the old way in the wheel well it should socialist. -- good right it's like this in the we'll crush on you -- In August of thirteen or fourteen year old boy and I curious about the 35 minute trip in the real world domestic flight. Others the way we'll wasn't died and sixty year old killed stow away aboard flight from Charlotte Boston. Four years man you don't suburban London streets. Main -- 2012 or be sent. A way -- the highway it's better community. Are -- ever cross your mind at the wheel well it's typical real us. Now. On random. Saint. C.'s Meet the Press story David Gregory yeah ratings are important for Meet the Press will be like if I saw. Adrian has Davis says the couple times won -- creature Greg. And it was just -- out its. Space Brittany on the issue of smoke laughter choose. Which part of the names. Oh that's right well connected him Greg yeah well she's she's not hurting. Us I -- a guard at -- The Washington Post media reporter suggest them Monday network NBC. His stage basically psychological intervention. Gregory higher shrink to interrogate his wife and friends last year hopes of discovering. What can be done fixed -- pasted that with -- -- -- -- -- -- only a few months is that seems really strange at that point. Straits -- worked so -- you're David Gregory it's in the sorts -- Medical bag yeah -- -- White House lectures -- a -- it -- ego -- -- -- -- The -- whistle. It's a good question and my -- I feel like there -- people low around them I wouldn't mind seeing psychologically to the candidates on what makes. -- That would be mr. Kilpatrick -- even be like five that's itself the basic idea that we. -- -- -- -- that it should mr. Pataki for time. This card dropped when we open up an urgency to shrink and we've seen -- -- here she problem again pretty wild. It was a high school. Really I got a ways not despite the teacher you never you never loses though. I have up a couple of years ago yet -- for -- really yet what how often. And once a week. -- yourself what was that matters now knows just as I was trying to get through you know. And yet there was it was it's that there could talk to break me. Of Israel -- I'd -- like. Oh my. Nose and the helped him. -- I am right now that prescribe pills we talked about that in one. That they sort of -- -- yeah she's. Some medicated world which discount. Look at them at five sessions with doctor Irwin Corey help me out a lot. That was space doctor. After Moody's which. He you know -- -- refuse to receive like Tom Cruise you know that -- should be absolutely do but I I didn't think I used to be at the time that I absolutely. Right. Guys they view to your. Talks -- -- the pocketbook that you can't talk about house knows no fear what can you talk. Tell us that I tell. Us anything about what we repeated on the talented. Grab it did that's a broom like even grabbed an office. Right that was great. -- -- offender they're perhaps you know perhaps they are not -- the gang guy that yes. Was listening to a witness described gang initiation rituals yesterday Ortiz said he grabbed the -- Rushed towards the witness in won the US Marshal opened fire. It 25 year old. -- -- -- -- -- She and several times -- -- shock jurors -- -- courtroom watchers died hours to get the shots were fired an excellent a mistrial. And a it's. You know declare Q yes I would. It was traumatized mr. Jacobson who was in the courtroom supporter grandmothers scheduled testify at trial. That's out of gang activity in this. Thinks. These crypts in the this as a crippled bad guy so exit -- until. -- -- do that they'd they'd drink coffee. Coffee. The -- guys they -- and don't all of your view into. Didn't go to sewed up -- spectrum that -- -- married and water where the magic and -- saw on the yes it was these wells. Was cheering you on. Some pictures me Alba who could easily beat you easily will be like two week it's the problem. That you see you. It's on him yet and all the advocates who -- -- yeah that's headlines -- like it needs are as its. I 7937 quick to -- -- race director Dave -- renewed missile Merrill bumping yesterday and then ran a marathon last night. Got an eleven on viable topic they see help keep by the way yesterday I thought it went. Brilliantly.

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