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A great Marathon Monday 4-22-14

Apr 22, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing yesterday's Boston Marathon and Kirk's run.

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-- much to my surprise. My quads. Are a little more so for them my hamstrings this morning after all. Four hours and nine minutes of me standing out there cheering on the runners they went by -- -- but I will say this. The energy and the excitement of the crowd around me. Kept me up right and and stationery and active and plotting for four hours and nine minutes this evidence of the day certainly have something to do with it. But I'm I'm making a top -- and retired now retiring from this because. How can it get any better than yesterday so that's that it's good luck and a group of fans were the -- on anymore about it. Top one out on top good cause too crowded missed too many people there they were in my way. But it -- you know what I don't think it will be elected next year I don't think government like that again -- -- runners or or famine and that was about it that is. Was electorate but it's still great it'll still be greatly -- and as you know actually interest. Rate for hours optical. I would do it again. Bush is better marathon experience than yesterday -- personable -- even answer that I'd like to thank our personal Dennis and Callahan -- fund. Since he finished yesterday he's been on Dale -- Hang way up Mikey did Schwartzman overnight -- I think he called it is that why you ask me -- they needed no I didn't tell you I just arguing -- -- -- every radio program in the world -- -- -- nothing for a I was JT the brick column we said hello what George great. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Was announced a settlement paid television -- I'm fine early edition that comes to -- on Holland's supposed to publish -- -- called -- -- The ABC gratitude. -- they were there from media and as -- like words for you which -- would -- for wind or shorts and a from every -- entertains your a couple of minutes drive and informative and did you tell him via the good idea bad idea for a I'll never dull moment. So why not stop at this point I might I night you'll. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Like it was yesterday and they use their four while future was. On believe it was 1 and I am congregate cornea Marcos awful. It was one of the great sporting moments ever. Well ago. I was by myself at first in the stands it was funny deal where we were the team due to the stands were fifty feet away. -- -- But 45 minutes to get -- walked. Two miles I knocked it down Arlington and it backed up across and it wasn't the back across his back up and two blocks over and it's. And security was a pain in the -- there was a lot of frustrated. People family members could not get to the Boston's right. They couldn't get anywhere near the finished with a shoulder VIP pass ideas why. Cries of -- here but he's you know like L with that I went into the VIP area three different times of literally six hours. And every time it was. Our way yet more undo again and they'll. Boost and it was I mean it was over the top and I'm I'm not gonna complain about it. Hopefully -- shield them right you'll be risking twelve year old kids. Mean again just profile a case stop -- twelve year old kids don't arms anyway. It was awesome display sauce and even no -- We you know we was now we met him mister minister I think we did Tony Revis said they would not be in a -- the greatest experiment in what you -- absolutely the greatest. Whenever premise is better that Revis out that was better than anyone and anything and he said no chance that American it was a surprise that -- -- -- even know anything. Look like typical American remain. He just he might be from your -- It's yes I think that's Eritrea bit rhetorical stuff. He's a native of -- read for any move here and when he was twelve that's cool. Based chants of USA started when he was two blocks of more -- when he made the turn right most. Ago chant USA. At Roche has happened. Yeah happen all day -- -- But he was I was paying attention but the -- out nobody goes with it I would that he would yet all these that John Hancock and identity is the mayor and it was a tough job -- joke but. It was just wanna know who wins this guy. And I hope that he was American in the crowd and the and among big man on the -- marathon runner fan. That was so cool is this a bit upset not the fact that America while -- huge he's 39 yet not. He's. Well -- like algebra -- at least six months and you turn yeah he's just to know he just turns 39 next month that's about. He's got that when it gets more press that he's got it's it's absolutely true. Mean the first wave leeway if you see people this week that smile and not even straining and accept your chick she -- should theater itself -- use -- strategy and finish line. And they call we coaches over and everything she's I mean which is coach that'll feel right. But the guys ask the skinny guys not nearly as difficult for them as it is for yeah. Yeah well it's much longer for you -- yet it's much longer for other people was for me you might. It was fine commute was longer than -- to be it was hot it was hot the sun never let up all of your putts standing there but it felt -- Of course and initiate it you're an idiot the vision and where -- -- just -- -- -- query on our opponents on screen like the halfway point is I didn't Robyn are waiting to stop -- CBS and I've been at all -- say okay I know to put African. On again -- have a right device feels warmer it. Is it feels when you were like I -- like I like running hats with -- I don't like those -- the -- on so I was I was called signal that kept the sun off your forehead ultimate thing is a did you face the big -- and I feel I felt warm at the of people. That was a little hats on people that people struggling in my point more people walking and not I think he will operate -- I stretched I want to over the tried stretch in my hamstrings but in I was -- a -- a try I was -- let's take a pass heartbreak hill. I was empty hole leak completely spent Bruce -- was downhill hard. Just BC a little bit -- -- was -- it was great is that if I'm telling you from. Beginning to and that usually go through you know actually in the frame him it's quite the was yesterday it was 23 deepens the whole race and everywhere it's all well. All point six miles about were no gaps there were no gaps you know -- we know that's awesome blossom was. -- unbelievable. Now was what was it like that it was -- -- yes the -- -- I got there. I -- -- and I'm telling -- I still say the ladies there the better it is it was just. Watching I was there for Brad follow. He crusty and he -- Like three feet away but he added phones well he wasn't listening to the crowd at finish. That's not the way he has he's his -- -- I was fallen -- live tweeting the race but he didn't look like he was struggling now that you're in the unit compared to some of the people. I was there watch that I could -- and it was just unbelievable to see what else. Four people each -- yet they literally like when -- -- you -- you know somebody. And they carried them I don't know couple maybe block made via couple does that count if you get carried across you know he didn't get carried across that is wrong. If you read that somewhere else I did. They stopped before the finish down propped him up and he staggered over the finish outside did not finish the race that's not a somewhat. To say if he's let me finish it is now no medal for them. -- -- -- -- But the people who carried them. Didn't know -- and realized it like friends notes and team everybody's different doctor -- and but they eat at bar stool as the video people like vs two guys on him and then someone grabs a lag and so wells grabs a leg -- people. Running in the Boston Marathon and it's -- rapidly looking guy right yeah with somebody like. -- -- needed care opt Sonya I stayed I was out there at 5 o'clock. There's some bodies -- or fish and fish. I'm all of them I mean I sought to the fifty pound guys. You know and and always you know. That chicks and were finishing at this -- thing that Rosie -- they were crossing the finish well I'll say this there were some symmetry there because at twelve -- yesterday for members of the Red Sox took a -- each from clay but -- a drag his carcass off the field -- Fenway Park I guess -- answer the question yeah. The morning -- I guess not. A lot of tweets about that yet I guess -- is not a morning person -- at a sleepover was all excited sort of -- -- -- stupid isn't it well I hotel. You could stay -- hotel. After Hillary I would wanna try to get to that's that's during the traffic would be brutal. That the problem from what would you what you starting pitcher to go home and get some rest it's animal like. In the afternoon the day before -- -- John Henry tickets and hotel room boss right -- seems like the Red Sox must have some. It still in the airport. That's true enough I'll probably yeah I'm on the Eric that he'd be -- he'd be educated academic -- It is amazing though -- does it matter if I was at the colony hotel at 515. Just had to be 56 -- wasn't. Getting on again are grabbing that coffee getting on the bus and sent. You don't -- for six dollar price that must be Jesus. And that whole weight it is a long day it's just it's just don't want your busted blow up to 920 were told that Bradford who what was your source. Animal say -- went on a -- for forty minutes I had this like there was no DiMarco every webcast of this right holdovers. You can get a -- wait for the next one I got out there was -- delivered 3040 minutes. -- like I was a price that's ten times between that and forty I drank recreational rates and -- -- seventh so what was your time. -- -- Action I swear I don't know this for 0815. Guys that I was going to ask cute little nine digits -- formula for a night did you see the the 484950. Edit and and and stepped up last. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then I'll echo doubles to move last mile was so cool Christmas -- from ten more all the way to Obama. The finish line you felt like what time your life like people like you a little rock star right in the distribute -- -- not rock star last night with penguins at the good lie to save for Dennis Kelly and alleyways and you waste that it ought to hang anyway. And then recycled it again rest today I -- a rock star. The collective appetites are believed to humans through in 34340. -- and sit there with the phone attracted new era and and -- -- was Hartman had to was difficult. She didn't have it was very different is it hard to track -- America on behalf spartans are -- have poured out hostage club VIP pass so I'd like currently in the she's an FBI people like you don't get this. That's why it was weird spot that she resented Euro tragedy strikes at the marriage and congress I was -- didn't get a second degree about it I had to find a friendly cop and let us get close and we tracked human and we kept looking at Coleman -- few in Orange tank -- yeah. When pitchers it looked as a miserable condemn an arms Tenneco is and yeah sent by the time we where we must have seen twenty guys large tank -- yet and I kept telling he has not and should say -- name -- These pets because of everybody without a hat looked like -- face was baked right. Why -- you can't or I care or how try it has tried it it doesn't work for will get a different kind of wiser than right between eight I read out Tapia and just keep the sum up your -- do you Wear a visor you wrote. Well I try to match I learned they had to do I don't like Korea ahead exactly like Jim Carrey hit it exactly like curly and -- -- -- a -- a I don't need that that is not a and to those do you. One -- -- impressed I -- those are all yeah on eight though I don't know this piece I'm willing to try anything it forces in the blood. Moves the bloody bloody democracy yet on -- -- a couple people with those but. Finger shoes it's this and that's I saw I totally bare foot -- site trying to prove to be a BB but the and cause problems like I was one was really is totally better. And he was finishing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And wait for -- Russia. -- -- backwards -- was not present did not see him now I did some -- I cited -- -- is about -- in the program pretty tough -- and it's -- the last -- yeah probably -- policy would be able the -- he wanted to be his last -- sounds so -- hopes on the field there -- -- I saw so many blind -- -- unbelievable that the newest trend as we -- on the next -- spectators. Five for the afternoon there were a bunch of blog -- this yes that's true but they pavlik some movement like stringers -- the gun nuts. But it's like Leo and yet they in the but the trend is that -- a pleasure tragic as it right next to each other than they do a bank in the one mile from -- It. Just zigzag and will elect a guy out said. You why it broke up. What are you a lot. There was lots of the line guys which is very cool to see them -- million. Borrowing guys. Must have been 25 Boeing yes including none of them had killed anyway I don't think so right. Which I was thinking that -- has given the blowing ease back a bad they don't get it but these people redeemed because there was a -- one that was three. Guys with one or anything each each and lost one literate and they were run together and it they finish together like -- how it mean it. -- told you you'd have laughed in my face I was crime all of the babies slumber and in the stands. Sydney and soulless corporate house right next -- when I -- you there right there via and they waited to hook up with of their team members. And I think it was her son. And another guy and they were run and they hooked up with them and she -- I think -- just -- -- Boeing recently and she finished -- finished on the bowling -- The last hundred and the place was just in tears it was them that the Clinton. The most emotional moments -- see just waiting yeah -- and they're team guys all the on the captain's contracted right it's like to Andrews the those guys -- in just a moment of falls he withered as so that could greet him at the end. That she got out of a chair in and grab their arms and ran. -- The last half -- I'm with the America. Couple hundred as the moment spoiled little Bradford ran over to you greeting at the kind of portrait at the outset of this. -- to an end and this goes back to my theory of relativity relative speed that I tell that story about cross and the -- About how different. A -- athletes or in any discipline Bentley car. And hand last year plus everyday blocker and train his ass off and blooded cold sleep as -- banks -- the whole thing. And be disciplined and run ten miles twelve mile on trading at one point one miles. Do everything I did a race or two with them and you know in the mission's name in calendar -- -- exact time into account under the time and a stopwatch and this speaks to well there are different then we are twice as Kirk. Finished 191846. In the Boston Marathon you weren't even in the top half top twenty 61 who's in the top 37 -- Amazing because you worked your assets of that to the small to be pretty mediocre -- Think there and Asia at the finish -- and you've been there before us how many great runners there are about talk about. The -- twenty you know pop guys up toss -- about sub two and a half just cat -- jet like from -- only come from all the world which is guys run and -- marathon. It finishes and grab that little tin foil Colton a water and then way to -- -- Lockett back to their car their hotel like it's not that there -- so moment. You finished 191000. Now experts in 9846. Almost wanting. That's not enough. No I -- 37 point 8%. 62%. Finished I got a -- -- a lot of congratulations yesterday toward the people were great the fans out there are a lot of minutes there they were surprised. A lot of people I was don't want people recognize we took pictures did you acknowledged that if they say these even jump into one guy should be even John and -- nice -- them we are. Turns out -- that it happened to me this information for us at my back was killed at least and they wait for my quads which were like -- mind. Users illustrated here absorbed yes. I'm like it might. Choked -- still think and some of these moments the finish line -- a lot of work -- -- wouldn't indulge me I was close to be on our site you. Guided by yeah well you know it it's our our. We're all the people we ultimately Hamlet from Wellesley to -- -- that's like kissing Booth at Dick did you I did you stop -- at its I five I was in that that was a good -- -- BC was a good boost after that. What was the worst. Moment was right at the finish -- boils street was lost control -- -- little yet at the ball. It's at 640 segment. For the no I did the Pope -- the humble and compete for 78 hours. What was the lowest moment was I ran all the way lets them -- -- -- corporate up down up down. Trot -- the top and I'm telling you like to. There was nothing left yet -- and collapse and you dad saw a few by helping them -- -- -- -- -- -- Over the -- did hunt tons of medical people -- know you know what is disturbed every mile. To the end I must have seen 67 people that balanced churches and look on news of the day -- -- -- -- just the idea because of years now 12 textile -- might go would be would be to somehow avoid the first medical system at mile one. You know that's not a good -- had a healthy I think I -- five -- -- to collapse that ultimately I think I've done my thing. A lot of people to Google a lot of piano trainee over Compton she didn't finish -- heat exhaustion cure sick. Your pal buddy John you know John Young couldn't -- -- -- twelve miles in the gets sick here I think it was warmer in the summer so more people what was the percentage of it was probably not as high as I've thought because it can't -- and so I'm happy yeah. Did you thirty water -- drug through. Yeah parent report after report water near port so much water yet more I was like Rachel's story foods we have to pour water on the hat. And that's cool dad nice cool Jack had. -- distress so I had to fight and a half I felt so -- let my -- time like 407. And I would have to wait that long for just exhaust so you know you're a second away from 409 I know I could've -- at that point really you analyze -- -- special because he was 40815. I'm just suggesting that the last. Five feet he can -- it up ever hit a realty under 409 anyone's. Ended up is up on it but they -- the so it was seven whatever we submit to -- put to watch I did -- -- -- -- to digital. And I don't know -- -- on I watch -- your outright were. That's a Teddy Bruschi finish that's pretty cool -- she saw these guys before Bruschi. That's true or forty. -- he's won his good natured guys as wife was right where I was and she was slick looking for tracking them and Atlantic's and he's at 76 team Korea Asia that's pretty petty team these teams -- that big you know and an eleven guys that. And he said 75 finished only one. Couldn't finish. But it's part I thicker Bruschi and in if I have to run whatever five miles and like ankles and knees -- Bruce -- ankles and knees feel hips. -- overall is. In Hopkinton to still that has has the got to supply Atlantis and its -- and then -- pressed because -- -- Rudy finished the police so fit -- -- Ali -- now he woke up Saturday and Sunday mornings and I'm gonna run. And he ran and he looks but he didn't well that's like that was like LB before the pan mass challenge that's good at that as of Friday -- they are tired tonight by the -- reason not quite running marathon shape he's always in good genetic yeah. And he finished and you know I girl Natalie Morales at 331. -- really. She -- though that -- -- real skates and the new kid on the block guys immaculate inside or -- -- it it is 340 meters and Danny would. That's pretty impressive an NC. To -- of these -- yeah and Elkins knew cute. Right we do -- Q is this picture of them -- and -- abbreviation it's you can't and eight KO TOB and today it's on the -- right. It's on the blocker and I went to -- you do it buyers must. All product. I violence though the old garden W us trolling. I think at that age. You do and Africa -- it's 177757937. Congratulations -- of getting -- that tough day out they are you got through it. Or 0859. You finished. Head of 37 point 8% of the people next year. I'm gonna run at 345. That's a guarantee WB over the hill particularly you'll be -- QB for whether we -- in the masters division went terribly better -- overcast. 48 degrees and we're in good choice whether I usually do -- instead of running. Get ready for the marathon -- -- could do run like 215 road America roll marathon this article -- that there. Up well I don't let's talk review 61777. Point 7937. As bad as some of the marathon people at a yesterday crawling or carried across the finish line. Nobody had it worse -- -- buckles without question Bruins. And we missed a night game number three at. Part about how that might turn out your phone calls next to the NC.

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