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Will the real Bruins playoff team please stand up? Difference between games 1 & 2 night and day for B's

Apr 21, 2014|

Dale and Michael discuss the first two games of this 1-8 playoff matchup and take your phone calls as well.

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Back here at the globe bar and cafe 565 oil and street Boston. If to what this joints jumped when the it looks as though the low rate of -- runners coming -- -- -- street directly in front of us here has slowed a little bit. From my peak levels earlier on the left runners can keep coming here for another 45 hours or so. That HTT -- in recent multiple. Through this. I didn't realize the raptors defeated the but it's hoped it would question whether they would do that with -- look -- the hey you know what he can make fun of the man he did it and and I've only talked about it not I don't know if you've talked about it if you haven't done it you got about a man who has done and I. Absolutely absolutely and. Another another cut through. With that Bradford. If you that at any point become so that the best that they. I don't think so no -- I'm guessing he didn't he didn't even see it -- I don't think. I think any negative -- Linehan did. Early in the early statement. But Bradford think that the things. I have a simple question for Bruins fans we go forward here today at 6177797937. Simple question. -- Friday the real ruins or with yesterday the real. Is what you saw Friday more with this series is going to be like. Or was yesterday which was a relatively easy I won't say easy there's no such thing. Relatively speaking relatively easy win for the Bruins with that more with this series is going for if it's if Friday it's closer to reality is that it's going to happen. It yesterday it's closer to reality. Five maybe -- Our would have been would have -- -- -- would have you you know Friday. I don't think anybody -- to. Your biggest red -- thing in the I don't know who that person. But the -- reverend Rick -- -- -- Probably didn't expect from the real. We're what went to Boston Bruins keep up with hearing about. The reflexively. So that wasn't the group. Any problems but that's what you would wouldn't work it would perform. Yesterday unbelievable. There's probably a better game they've played all year or words that he can start to finish what they were out that. Yeah a little slip in the second but not as dramatic at the target -- -- they were yup. So let's say they're not at that level and just go back to your your average Boston Bruins picked him. In the two certain important. That he went over there. How does that mean that -- were pretty good right. Think it looks like it looks like -- Saturday -- well I don't know I -- yesterday was a Republican look like that. -- the -- that was I think the Bruins I would like that a lot of the season they really did they. They were for extra month. A -- they were strong right which is. If it was almost like Detroit had to show what they would never they were never really. It again about what and made one we feel we're feeling pretty good about the way it was playing. If they needed opponent might think needed in the hole it didn't this happen to be there they can they won't do. They would -- winner took home -- -- Just above and beyond everybody they play. Want to direct you to think you did you watch them. And more intelligently knowingly united. Or just more often. But and all the other stuff but this -- I don't know -- like yesterday's -- I think that the yesterday was closer to the real Boston Bruins team -- and look -- on the Friday -- much resemblance. Of the real Boston Bruins team. It might be answered my own question with these sort of silly do you have this new question -- yes yesterday was close to -- -- again I'd I think that's who they are. There are those pessimists out there who probably are more worried -- on and off Friday we have -- Detroit didn't show up yesterday. Detroit just didn't play well yesterday that's what the problem was. We'll see what Bruins fans think 6177797937. According to Connecticut. He scoring I don't. -- -- -- -- Good afternoon. I think that was the real pros we saw yesterday they got guys in front of the that we thought that technical buy out -- it. It's Q3 guys in front of the net they were playing their power game. I think reform and -- style then I -- -- comment that guy. Riley -- rather than more and if you. You were seriously considering. It means -- approach. Further habit but I don't you almost have to admire it quarry. I mean he was trying to he was trying to give his team a lift and and and what it with really try to do with it today -- -- -- off the ice hopefully for five minutes. Yeah I admired who is very important but I also. That -- IIQ. Are you coming from with trying to do that but that's a you didn't -- it well I mean you at a guy yells that that's why we although I think that's farther into southern Iraq this rush in there. That maybe there was a picture maybe you know ref would have maybe backed off -- of that but that guy. Maybe you didn't answer and there are in a lot of people are diminutive and that -- One has yet made -- really rushing a little it would sacrificing -- for the review period and I mean look I -- though it with probably not a good career path electric it's. I think that the -- -- -- and I do disagree with -- a little bit they didn't actually Russian right away. I mean -- told them kind of you know jostled a little bit and in those laws that he was laughed and adamant that it wasn't until Zain Zdeno what is stick on the -- But I think if that's what the -- that this was about to -- -- here if if if we don't get in there somebody is about to die opera ended up and get a bucket Brandon. I don't feel welcome -- guys -- thank you note that back thank you I appreciate it will because I have a great day. Who don't know advocates on both. I I got a short period -- in game -- it was awful its never wanna eat out but after game do all those here was bad for -- Babcock whose second period in Britain in the flat out admit we are not wearing red wing hierarchy don't -- particular over a cut later dialogue. But word for word what you want you're the coach to say a couple of. Yeah I didn't I didn't hear the NBC interview -- was in the building at the time and I I didn't hear I saw that he was talking to the air and -- know what he was saying but Al. After the game I didn't hear at the podium and he said you know we have to decide if we're gonna play like us or we're gonna play like them. Right -- -- got to respect that currently there are so well at all here they went into the playoffs they are better than that you see everybody who got through Arctic -- felt. Detroit red or all due threat no matter what before this -- think -- what do you do it through I could -- -- is going to be fired period. Brought her Hillary people it's on your report as. Appreciate all right I I do think. And vote keeps beating that thing -- you know this is not a one match they are not in the AC. You know they are better than an eighth -- and I think that's fair they probably are. But the Bruins are so clearly the ones these that I still think it's a pretty big gap between. Throw it if they -- They had. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's what it is to be if the Bruins would be better but not by. As larger margin -- I think fail. If you had both Zetterberg and -- playing on that on that Red Wings' defense. That's the big thing for them and their defense is so young and so inexperienced. That when the Bruins get possession in the offensive and get that body movement and you know start -- use your term brought in guys. It's a it's at the that's not. A 100% not even close though many still one of the best players at -- that. -- -- one. 617779793. Sevenths telephone number were broadcasting live from the global bar and cafe. Right that your call we talked ruins it's dale and -- Sports Radio WE yeah fourth and final hour dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI. We -- broadcasting live here at the local bar and cafe 565 -- and street. In downtown Boston absolutely stellar. Chamber of commerce day in the city of Boston. Runners continuing to file by in front where we're sitting right here and it's they hit through the chutes and get their medals and get their. They're drinks and they're like Gibson and everything else as they finish up the marathon. Rick can be -- just finished recently. -- 31 and final Boston Marathon together. -- -- has said that this the last time that he was his son Rick. In his -- from the streets from Hopkinton to Boston and they just finished -- a little while ago as well. Abilities and think about this story is relational in that it you know you got a forfeit. Two points. And I know that it's so strange that that would be unified. You know exactly. You know lived -- They've been they've been a simple. Was that he. Well Dick that they've run over seventy marathon -- you their witnesses their 31 Boston Marathon. Thank god love him I mean it's an amazing story really. We have an opportunity you through. You're known as the conditions yeah we have often thought to. They were. Went with. What they've got this I would sponsored by Leo that's left wrist specialist -- commercial project manager or you have. Great -- relationships you lose by a man who ripped through. Is added to any terrorist team to the flip flop but it was a terrorist group dot com or terrorists who fear opportunity. -- let's get back to the -- to you guys 6177797937. Were asking a simple question of Bruins fans. What's Friday night the real Boston Bruins team if it was this seven game series. With yesterday the real Boston Bruins team if that's true. This might -- or five or six games here. -- certain -- -- that you make some more yup let's think Friday night at the real. Rural. Obviously with the yesterday to -- who would yup slide is the little red wing. That took the -- red wings. Vs the real forward. How that would you know the difference though Michael is. I didn't think the red wings played dramatically differently yesterday they hit 35 shots on goal yesterday. -- stopped 34 of the 35. -- have scoring opportunities. To become a snuff them out rose to -- good job. Dealing with the so called speed advantage that Detroit has. I don't think they were dramatically different how they played yesterday and probably played Friday they scored a goal Friday this article yesterday. About saying. About a foot a couple of excellent enough I didn't get a chance to. Citizens who are you going to break but it paid off the keys as they say hall is the radio Booth -- I'll get to yelled I was telling you about Philip guys. That I think as the old daughter. The only guy and a future. That I had across that -- to -- This is my hockey playing. Bill that the effective with -- or. That's the hope that it is Russian forward. But it hit it that this. School and she loved it -- -- love this that you had a move that will make. -- the big also a huge tool that can man who can to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- with. And the other -- group. You know a lot of players and their players what to say I -- see from the about the cost of reform. What is that what goes both. Program -- him. -- -- -- With. What would you take it that was right but it's. Couple of wrong. Well. You'd think after. If that's what we go to the -- -- pathetic people need to let it. If you Ricky out of the water bottle and we didn't hit triple triple maybe hope. The victims who thought about water bottles public about the display. It about reads that a key figures that were not -- would not save a little bit. He's he has -- didn't work rate I mean it's just like I love flat line but it's pretty will be leveled most of the time. Back to the -- Miguel. It's -- up in Maine hey Jeff I don't. Good guys are you goes out. What Lendale wanted your question and also talk a little bit about the bruins' bracket that their input you practice here but yeah I think -- I think if -- believe that. Yesterday at the real Bruins and out Friday is not a if you discount him a little bit of the regular even with the red wings. And all the more importantly Montreal. I think that Detroit always fell into a bit of not a billion trap game yesterday but I think guys human nature is they've taken all my from the Bruins with a game one win. They got caught up over the but it extracurricular stuff yesterday with thoughts and our players with a roughing penalty. And I think we got a little lackadaisical. Knowing that they so call Mike from the C. Now if you think that the Boston Bruins are truly free goal better team -- Detroit is you have to discount -- -- said. The regular student -- when he. And the road the road map take the Eastern Conference finals out of hard that it be for them that they're playing. Right now at Detroit if they win that series they're going to be you know Montreal. It's also designed to beat them he'd understood here you -- -- I. I I just think that the whole speed thing especially with Detroit is is overstated and overrated in many respects but I will say this get back with one about the brackets yet. The perfect scenario for me the absolute perfect scenario. And I don't think this can happen but if if it could if you beat Detroit in round one. You beat Montreal in round two. You beat the Rangers in round three. And he beat Chicago in the Stanley Cup final to -- to play for original six franchises on your way to the Stanley Cup championship. I don't think it'll happen in Chicago especially in trouble right now down love to win that series. Well what -- what are route that would be if that was your path to a Stanley Cup championship. I feel like it's probably the reason it did happen it sounds feasible. Until you get to the final. -- Chicago bound to. -- Blackhawks lose. They they're so familiar with each other their arch rival. It would it would shocked -- Chicago come back and don't seventy. It's known right now although he asked me who's the strongest looking team I think San Jose. Just feeling things out -- Now hop out of that was a rule in San Jose finally it was jumbled Joseph Thornton -- thought that -- -- would never looked as -- I'm Ricky tonight on May Ricky I don't. Good you know I won't go away somehow got talked about the tailback. That. Forward if around the Montreal Tampa Bay game I mean that was a total joke of the the potential -- can can -- -- you know what's funny about it Ricky and I and you know the former referee Kerry Frazier right. And Kerry Frazier write that column for TSA and open candidate yet they're equivalent of ESPN. And he writes up one rep column he looks at these things in and writes about it he took the call was right. Well. I don't know how how we seem to like that I mean they let the play continue for a -- five -- seven back in. And a third of the so called interference are on the goalie and that and then when they scored the goal of the -- cubs' ballpark and in -- -- take the -- here I mean. Why did -- let the play continue. I can't answer the questions and and and -- I mean I don't and in the NHL hour. I don't know picked up again last night I'm might -- -- what we're -- to ways to game one map Robert what cup final now. I need. But Dwight Howard clearly traveled wanna -- I mean everybody in the building started with chronic. And they club final on what OPEC agreement -- Yeah well I mean for your -- it's really came to call. And it was -- and potentially even though right certificates although it if they -- I changed this series and you're not good enough team to win any welcome. Unfortunately that you know what we want it Houston's got bigger that it was not -- consultant who for 46. Last night that won't -- so. I don't I don't know if they -- -- -- itself. The trial this tropical because that's going to be is it difficult time. You don't you'd also have to think that that the Tampa Bay. Team has been much closer to Montreal and I think they've been in this series so far if you think that that one call could -- the whole outcome of the series. Tampa Bay and it's not their fault then bishops are. I just don't think numbers went back consecutive goalie and that that looked. As an expert about this news that red wings who were hurt some people off on Friday night went about the officiating has no issues. I would be officiated on Friday night -- a Christian and I have a problem with the officiating yesterday. I think the officiating. Had anything to do with -- was losing that. No no no no I don't at all and the other thing if you look at yesterday's game the Bruins came into this playoff series with the third best power play in the NHL the go two for four yesterday. On the power play Detroit penalty kill was kind of middle of the pack all season long. Detroit's power play has been a dismal in this series so far but it wasn't very good all season long in fact it's been kind of surprising. Considering the caliber of skill position players they have youth football terms of their power plays than offensive and all year. So I I don't think if that I picked up power -- -- were dead even yesterday. For a piece in the game on Friday I think the Bruins had one and the Canadians had two power play tries. I don't appreciate having too -- up. Yeah I think I think they're. Would you you wouldn't believe this would happen to. The professional hockey team but it seemed like -- I think it was the tenth hole Watson who. But the rewards were the first to leave it alone won't. Definitely it was like we've had a feeling out the other teams that going forward the rest of. I don't know if they can about things he needed it or or perceived need it right it. The red wings -- not but it seemed like it would give credit counseling they definitely forget. For the novel we -- -- work being I've been. Start to finish builds up in New Hampshire tape -- -- -- resort to -- Yeah reflect -- and it could Wear it won't release imported and lots -- been working out. Well under our control. In order. Or just poured in through proportionally although some penalties that like -- account for it victory. But you know what happens though bill if you're the opposing team in Detroit as Mike Babcock says you know they don't take any of those roughing penalties usually. What your man your manhood gets challenged you know it's like you feel like you got to stick up for yourself in the Bruins come big and strong and tough and mean. And you feel like like I gotta do something here and -- you almost get forced into into responding -- way. I know. It and unemployed Holmgren minority Marco with three -- going -- Yeah. If you took to the -- to politics is exactly it everything that you would think people with and with openness and while groups want -- -- when -- losing close minded about it. Or no he was the I think he it finished dead last and I look. I know that for many people that the fifty goals towards the shiny -- right and everybody wants the shiny Bobble in all of the bruins' only had that guy. I'm telling you right now. If I were Peter -- economic -- really would either I would not -- the 31 run for Alexander Ovechkin even I would not do. Art is -- that the court. But if you have an opportunity to acquire it wouldn't think that's -- with the with the wealth. You think you would buy in no absolutely not what about old noble goal. You've got a sniff there yeah that's definitely the a championship. -- being recognized as a great player is a winner I don't think someone would do what. When dale hunter with coaching the team a couple of years ago he tried to make full effect in more responsible. He tried it -- And at the end of the season like they beat the Bruins playoff run -- -- and at the end of the season hundreds of you know what I'm back coached the junior team is just the work that anymore. Fighting with this guy every night all the hassle of trying to get him to play the right way. He just wasn't worth it to know. Absolutely would not buy it. Because it -- -- thought that Bob and Michael how many guys that every sport how to secure about once I know what -- -- It is -- -- ability. And it seems like that to -- he just cares about you know. Alexander Ovechkin cares about now operate he does care about anybody ultimately. And Bergeron beat -- polar opposite of that is you know. He always would team up individual accomplishment. Peter should rally absolutely positively. Would not rate the record to run improvement in even. And I would need. I don't blame them well but my point -- you have an opportunity to acquire this talent like that. Not with -- let's just say you know wants to it would be something stupid if they aren't. A future first round pick up next year -- year -- This is going to profit from this movement. Absolutely would not would do -- one thing he's got eight million dollar cap number two that I mean that's part of the problem. He would he would just eat up your your salary -- -- you could even make them. The only way you can make it is you get that money going now. And no I wouldn't know it -- crate -- name that guy named the big ticket guy off your team that you trade forum and I'm telling you I wouldn't go near the guy. We don't want to believe it is. About the greatest coach in the world like that -- -- confident -- -- until I don't like as though. I don't think so. He would take coach killer probably and cost them with his job to. 6177797937. Broadcasting live from the local bar and cafe 565 Wilson street Boston. Dale and -- Sports Radio WB yeah.

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