WEEI>On Demand>>He did it! Rob Bradford finishes the Boston Marathon, joins Dale and Holley, demands a Coca-Cola

He did it! Rob Bradford finishes the Boston Marathon, joins Dale and Holley, demands a Coca-Cola

Apr 21, 2014|

We check in with Rob Bradford after he completes the amazing task of running a marathon in the warm sun in Boston today.

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Well I'm not exactly sure what the the Boston Marathon record is for most weeks. For 26 point two -- but I'm fairly certain rob Bradford broke at about. Four hours ago. Because he was live tweeting the entire day and yes Americans survived to tell the tale but I dropped off quite -- -- the death -- -- could have beat the Braves Wheaton and pick your play. That's. Beat David if you gave me time update in how I was trying to toward my -- That it became -- survival update so I saw when you that they held that Newton needs that I feel terrible I. I felt. I mean I know you guys like -- on the sun. Thought about that. Yes but instead I think things -- went with them so. If -- was your take on on the experience. Are talking about. I believe we were. Often people with different. If Edwards wins it it was like this about. You know. I tell you why when I was north of the build them like this you know it is it was -- off and -- -- -- -- -- were you guys. To me it would be quite -- that she gets -- who goes from. But guys the last few miles was a -- And it was life also made the ability to go away but it went to something like you can't that it. Now I've this is -- Weaver and I like -- While we're coming down the homestretch. Coming down and taken her on her for coming down oil soon. That was unlike anything. It's a bit I feel kind of guilty because I was like running at a pretty good clip which -- wave bigger than. Across the finish line and -- -- -- to go. Fullback thing to the Paula. -- why was I doing this -- but. -- -- with the soft. That's one of the things -- said he's run Boston before as well as you have. That he felt totally different this year than any other time he's ever. I think -- it's related. You know I don't know how to explain it. In the crowd was -- I think the crowd of more consistent throughout the entire race -- ever wore people out there. And I'll say it again the last couple right there -- like anything that I've ever seen which of these now listen guys this isn't like. I'm probably -- 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Or 2 o'clock in afternoon I'm committed late. These before kind of and it's still -- it was this. Profit from -- -- It. That was wolf won't went -- Their -- thing. That there there have been a lot of movement in the ground that was -- since birth but they were -- the very. A long -- work. Well you can go back whenever it is. What the hardest part for me was your Fort Myers doing it for lives. -- It's. You're 21 miles I think we did not on March 20. And I feel like Nokia can do this but I'll come back to the sun this was that -- to access to. And that's the food that's my excuse but it was widgets on there's not a lot of seat of course -- -- -- Well it's what's the won't. Words that mean -- flying. -- won't report -- they've. Heard about that well that's one of the great things about the marathon. As you run the marathon. We'll have pulled -- scoreboards. But basically in your face almost the entire time when the radio broadcast going on I thought -- this I'll never forget 2006. Where it's welcome back to tie it up or running it's a radio. And I he would joke -- That a couple miles miles later. Rather putt putt well. You know and that's the great thing about you get yuppies -- the goal line. That they buckled went. Learn more about -- possible hoping. Until -- United see you today I thought you sort of -- -- -- -- right -- I guess. Maybe it's not you know do you rule wolf -- had problems with -- where you usually would grow about five. And I I thought he planned to catch up its arms -- -- -- better. But clearly this -- the stuff back. They need this guy it's much like I thought that reflects on vacation with its operations division. And if guys like that you the road it's not it's about -- stuff up like they are the Yankees that stuff. I see where both. Shane Victorino and will middle Brooks. Are in the pocket lineup tonight. How close are we to getting both those guys back into the Red Sox -- -- to rebuild pretty soon here of course -- -- these -- you know who goes down. It. So I don't notice it. Right but did not play today. I think. -- -- -- was before I went to the start line today if you ask me. What can be the odd man knows that he yeah its options. -- just over a hundred. You know he's a valuable guy when he's going you receive these guys. It will mineral rights maybe. Early next week and I think that's not rated thing I think that it will middle what's in this lineup as well chronicled. I still think happy that the tension power that is wrong. We can do this rates again. So this is about doc announced that I know that we outskirts and things that yes we now know. It's. It's pretty rough I was I was that the answer is rotting like this. Site its best experience of -- on. They're built it this fifth and if it's. It's if it's pretty faithful. You know it's such I give -- orbit -- obviously everybody runs as it sets an enormous. It's great for this. It's all believe in my wife hates this penalty kill let me do it again by its youth who have supported this time and was gonna do one last one thing -- Don't fool proof that. We'll congratulate Rio. We are proud of you it wouldn't. Great work they can't take that middle layer that's around your neck they can't take that away right I struggled they care by. But they're not going to not going to the back. Getting out of Michael because I still see people coming across the finish line out there that's the great spot by the way guys -- it's like right here. Well over overlooking the whole -- if you walked up the stairs. Yes sorry about that Smart thought it would have admired their elected well worth the Ayatollah who elevator there is this besides besides the fear they. The the ice -- boat with -- I was afraid that the last. So it's funny that's exactly what minute and a half won't he got here is supposed to -- -- congratulations dropped -- thanks guys for rob Bradford from WEEI dot com joining us. We're broadcasting live from the globe bar and cafe 617779. 7937. Telephone number Salem -- Sports Radio WE yeah.

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