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Reflections on Marathon Monday and recapping the race with WEEI's Kirk Minihane

Apr 21, 2014|

Dale and Michael talk about what Marathon Monday means for them, the tremendous amount of people and positivity today in the Back Bay, and then Kirk Minihane, fresh off 26.2 miles stops by to recap a great experience in today's marathon.

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I have decided. Not that I have the right to decide this stuff but just in my own mind I've decided. This is the most uniquely Boston today at these. There is no other day of the year that it's more Boston and today he has especially since Europe the far right now serving drinks and -- it literally you can hear it. I'm looking outside of this. Rainbow hue and its passing by the open front wall of the globe bar and cafe here on -- and three wood just up the street from the finish line this is where they enter the chutes and start if they're watering get their medals and get themselves all situated and and -- a rainbow -- a lot of blue and yellow last year's adopted -- of Boston's strong. Lotta orange. Blaze orange seems to be the color of this year's Boston Marathon but this is the most uniquely Boston day of the year the streets of Boston. That all the way from Hopkinton to Boston. There's nothing they can do to take this -- away from -- although two idiots try to year. I was -- listen you know there's always. Going to be a jackass is -- in the ground but because of the ones we have last year. It's a much heavier security presence yup it is -- and Ocalan Afghanistan and that's fine that's fine. It's just like anything that would stretch and something happens something I have to. They were seated. In your country. Better ball security. That next day. It's just that the world changed that thought thought that before 9/11 super cup where the Celtics. Before nine elevenths. If I had a flight at 230. Out of Logan. -- at times like it here. On. Five after two. They would possibly through security wasn't really gets -- down and security. Not that can take off your belt they called year's think off your sneakers and who was with not pocket is gone right after the game. 1215. With -- -- it happened in the same thing here it was still have a great time. Let you've been down here is -- here if security check points. All over the area although for companies where -- difficult. To walk. Difficult to -- without the proper credentials -- still. Even with that he wouldn't be security presence. Record with traffic. People have a great time -- beautiful day in hope mountains here. An American. That's right an American won the Boston Marathon men's division for the first time we're thirty year. At at Fenway when they announce the winner of the Boston Marathon and they -- mavs but let's keep. One Boston Marathon and there was polite applause and then they put up to you whether it there and and they said it was a standing ovation at Fenway Park as soon as they realize. Only how an American actually won this race. Mike Mike girl like I thought chilling Flanagan was gonna perhaps you know make it an American double -- -- finishing seventh. But on this most unique -- Boston days wasn't perfect and an American wins the marathon here in Boston Houston for the first time in thirty. Yeah and it also I think because of the name you know doing you know about commitment -- I think I think it was running but. And once I found out he was. This little Google search on him and if you -- the time he's got an incredible story. It was his personal best he had never run faster than he did today is talking about the -- gap with him you've been here since in the US it's. To a result with the -- you know way. If that's the fans that the struggle to they've gone through this thing that we went through. To -- the United States and it's pretty crippled that does the recruiting story. To give UCLA and the coach who told -- driving down. Not defeated San Diego for him what your -- won't -- -- it's. Fifteen years ago who is driving down from pronouncing his name. Practicing the pronunciation like I would go off alone on the air all all the way to -- Diego it has declined to offer him his partial scholarship. After meeting him in -- ramblings -- that's it. Full scholarship to cut into -- it's a great it's a great don't know if you -- -- made it slightly -- -- the Red Sox. In the second oh couldn't overcome a large deficit and not knock off the loans they can close. I know because I've been following on Twitter all afternoon rob Bradford just past the -- in Newton says he feels terrible just well few minutes ago now. Three behind -- he's slightly behind -- -- hand who's sitting here with us and looking remarkably well considering what you just finished that game was yesterday. If that -- that don't. How was it as warm out there it's it appeared there was just. What's the temperature. It's only 57 your boss -- didn't but I think it was warmer inland if you saw it was so on the whole time -- modified it was. -- I care what I think every level four hours until the time it was it was great and that's the last half post disaster. It was great I mean. It was an unbelievable. I've talked -- beginning and I've never seen anything like this in my life and the report he. The whole way. -- They do it now houses compared you're. Other experiences and -- -- the report dead with the twelve years ago Mark Few misses or nothing like isn't that you have experiences that won't. Compared with who what where. In Boston yet. It's it's just different first -- -- it's it seemed like it was a vote. -- it twice as many people in the crowd. And I don't know maybe one half -- -- runners in runners it was just. An emotional event. Pictures of people inside people you know last time I -- people are nice but you'll remember Wellesley and Boston College because -- -- like that the whole -- beginning and it just may get down and so we keep yourself run you say do you get the perspective and become such -- You can you can trot the last couple months. It was shuffle reflecting. When my producers who won today but at. And that not good. I like I mean it's impressed -- I am by your performance and I am. The fact you didn't like -- the entire run is apparently rat for trying to do all right -- -- that word that's it. -- -- -- -- -- account -- it would be no so I think it's gone and you keep the tour. I mean he's been tweeting all day really all -- I -- my own office and -- It's so we just he just got through that old yet appears to hear about. Or maybe well maybe that's -- -- What you say tonight feel -- -- when it is we got three they didn't have taken a playbook take a break what the people at this. Rise to the side. But get this happened talking about a really. We had no idea of what to expect it. That means you can present security all over the place. What happens if you're so you know what's gonna happen and don't think anybody's who's. It about things you but wait you know that that's the price of -- What is something that your practice and the atmosphere news that this war perspective -- -- -- the perspective. Line on marathon in the trees then why take it day day off. Right up to grow our captain will we are right now after the race. How would your body you know what would you -- when there's no oh by the way -- -- background what background music and nobody. And remember who won the women's the men in the second now I think the race for the last hours and starts and the people. Were struggling. Bradford bucket yeah. Guys with just kind of been wanting this for years some guys have to wait two years. And you -- telling their people and -- family members that no. Couldn't finish last year and we're real emotional too when you get to the end to the position and looking over your. You're right you think that stuff to the less you know about one given most usually the last. -- -- -- I'm hope I'm ultimately like that that's what you like that for years about what they -- There was a a picture that I just on Twitter few minutes ago and it was Jeff Bowman. Standing at the fence stand. At the -- at the finish line a few minutes ago just applauding people. And he had if I just finished -- -- today as I was on the train coming in here stayed up to 2 o'clock this morning reading it. Finished on the train really good yeah it's great -- but he said his goal was. Not be standing with America right. And he was standing at the fence at the finish line at the marathon now think about what that's going to be like for him more. Action that while Hussein this one because he snapped at him watching him last year for this guy. I think I was going to happen in the way it goes to the hospital. Typical when things are okay. And you later and walked him then went through iTunes. That your central figure. In this whole notre. I wanted to do it just like if you're part of -- that's the smallest with just kind of witnessed the whole thing I'm like you know. And there are people. Who run ultra marathon who have point 75 miles to -- feeds him. I know you've got. But he could fit that aren't. -- I didn't know Dave Bush while walked in the office hello I'm doing OK nothing. -- shoulda been. It definitely colder it's not possible happen happens and get that sense that and that's a hundred number and I understand it over the governor about if. That sense that maybe that light it up with these -- maybe it's a that the walls and made him -- thing gaff that left the US I think we have the I came up to me but it -- documented is like. In the field what you. And I want to that in -- here that would. It with a different. Work with this but that's the -- up on the record support it. He's won what the people know why am I that gave us that at -- with a seven year old woman had no idea I don't know -- -- from America I just want left alone. How long does it take you to get from from the time the race starts welcome -- to take you to get the start. It was like six minutes six -- seven minutes to do it differently now so when the sort of evolved through the front of the way as well I think. I think. Await something exit for the things that supplements that it. I'm of those have been -- -- -- -- off the grid of any incidences. And no food no thoughts you know and want to. Red Sox went no regrets at the -- my era sevenths service it. Bruins are four games to one in their theories include that out of the race yet that that's I -- by I was hallucinating I think that's such power output from my office. What's -- about a story was that. Then I did I get -- -- he's out on the course bill. He's running at about 930. Per mile pace and we think no no no there there there are people leading Anthony's behalf. But he's out there at about 930 -- -- what rapper with a but the routes to and and I didn't think -- did the planet ago. Finished seventh. -- But an American one male one for the first time since 1983 who -- met up let's see from San Diego and had his personal best never run faster than he did today anything. Today a -- things to do it and I said to Michael you know -- -- the -- runners have their names on their -- right just as naff -- so yeah. Yeah yeah but if you look at. -- nets did right he's got the names of the four victims and broken sharply on to the fourth quarters of his very sad very emotional broke down crying when they played the national land. That -- Flanagan finished seventh and I think was probably disappointed she finished fourth a year ago and I know she desperately wanted to win for the American side -- there but it didn't work now now how Long Will it take that we -- under the -- them. I'll be on a beyond Comcast nice. 630 type way nuts is that right. And I'll be with the guys. -- -- a sore puppy it's one of the things that's what it's too much. I think it was fun it was a fault it was it was terrible wonderful. It was never it would help if I don't that it was just answer my question Republicans say what -- I bet you. Well today obviously no bombs and you know -- -- notes and I wanna go under for a little front a little frustrated that. Marathon when I was about 149 source put it while. OBO gave them some experience -- time with. You know me so I think it's usually easy to roll his eyes to my background. And what -- -- -- perspective on a little boy that's -- -- -- got a little back and stuff with them with yeah. Some. Left Boston for five minutes through the updates -- -- in five years ago but yet so that's a bit early edition tonight. No respect him so good to see guys aren't. They'll all the all kidding aside I'm impressed man it's nice that that does this regardless thank you there for you now Lola. It's announced on a cold bath and some of them are answering that -- down as fast as -- -- It's -- -- public they don't sit around that's. When you look recognize that it. That's often that -- -- -- and neglect will be their tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tonight you can do this -- if if there was an opportunity though that. The curtain and and Iowa because -- the marathon little over four hours congratulations to him. We will. Take quick break here because that Patrice Bergeron can join us in just a couple of minutes. It's -- -- live from the globe bar and cafe oil and street Boston. On Marathon Monday here on Sports Radio WV yet.

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