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Dale and Holley with Patrice Bergeron live from Detroit

Apr 21, 2014|

Dale and Michael speak with Patrice Bergeron on the phone from Detroit on Marathon Monday fresh off a Bruins optional skate. Patrice talks about the B's slow start in game one, putting it all together for the team in game two, how the rest of this series might play out, and what this anniversary of the Boston Marathon means to him.

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Let's talk Stanley Cup Playoffs right now the guy who was part of yesterday it's 41 win a big part of yesterday's. 41 win over the Detroit Red Wings he's in Detroit for games three and -- Patrice Bergeron joins us on the AT&T hotline -- -- Soria. You do it we're doing great things I was sunny beautiful Detroit today. And -- -- what are prevented them. -- site yesterday a little more represented at a college you think the Bruins team should play and how they -- life. Yes definitely it's the way we want to put it we we need what you want our success and it was a bit more like a horse wish I was. We'll be -- war our peace and you know we got the result that. We we wanted to -- -- I mean we seem to be doing that that it children's war in chosen not. Both thanks so what we keep doing it if we were playing. The great teams so we're gonna make sure we're ready for more of them want you know bounce -- -- that that -- -- lot more of your experience. You know I have to ask is as great as you guys looked in his as rated just started yesterday what happened Friday where was it Friday. While. I -- -- -- we're playing against either wasn't it failure her best effort overall but you know it's been tight a fight period thank -- enough. I think it's going to be like that. You know on the office -- -- prep work really hard to carry some offers because content -- really like to get the front with the on -- distribute these things without looking at and we played tight defense or else in the hilly and bigger picture we refer refer. The most perfect games. You know mystery she always -- better for me when that's the -- players hockey. Another guy like that is on the red wings public option. What is the challenges would have backed up with a guy like that what they could also implicated him. Audio interview where we're we're used on the unit that is great would require both sides also are on the offense and he's. Don't make something happen not -- and that's what he carried take why can't they get the ship off that you make sure. You know we're. It climates are on the -- -- -- beautifully. Can find them. So if I get that the challenge in the and on our side -- -- and small concerns about it it is the best defense we're here. You're you're able to have them and -- -- -- for for the full -- -- Think it's so difficult and I know a lot of people thought well I'll tell you removal of what it is that what it is with that the creativity. Yet that narrow it down for him and talk about it great is what wouldn't do the job done. Yeah I I would go with. It is hockey IQ I think he is part on the -- it is. It is excellent and you know I think that. He can you play happen or it actually happens or you know you need that we -- history. You know people -- fight and he is strong on the puck is -- respectful. Every play is. Every whose book -- that he can make sure you -- bill. Every -- but precise set of on the telecast but I don't count your general manager Peter to rally and your coach Claude -- of both said. This is the best season you've ever had the NHL what do you think. I don't know I united. Which I think -- better each and every year like this year. And proven that we goals scored department. But that's always it gripping him I know it's sort of work from a two week here at the most important part of for myself and I'm trying to help me -- they canceled the you know if it's nice to hear that he would -- book is worth some. You're your teammates have said. That you could be 830 or even forty goals for almost anytime you want. What you do worry a lot about the other end -- the ice do you feel that you put more of an effort into the offensive end of the ice this year maybe that you have recently. I wouldn't be necessarily -- the quake in. But you know mistakenly hit about to let you know I don't always get that. It's sort of maybe on -- and some third party involved so that's good let's forget the that he and I think. I'm always gonna play. Please. Current defense first thought but I thought he would. You know. We played just the right spot at Wright was right on and and and go for positioning unit that is her cheating on the often -- not. And all every word go. You know bill later reference to your your teammates. And -- coach and general manager talking about the intricacies. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A lot of injuries like instantly cup final. Were able to work a lot beyond it was with the golf ball well because -- -- Yeah lots of -- -- not the -- Will recovery you know trying to. You know recover from multi hundred. You know team -- The final there are so it was the difference over it not matter obviously -- -- were -- -- He didn't really get in -- and they achieved that a group late but you know I thought it went pretty well. Start of the year would goals scored but. You know it's a pretty good after a little bit than an -- -- corn and overall I guess -- he went pretty well. Tell me what kind of emotional lift you guys that yesterday. From the Justin for a goal in the first period and what it did you match. Yes it can help like yours you grew up I mean it's a miracle that the court records so is that I would pick. You get further momentum right away your right that we -- some of which -- even before that flew with. -- get rewarded and get that that belts. That's the truth on -- -- -- if loud where we are because yeah. Where we're pretty close to the finish line of the Boston. No. There's so maybe there's some of the emotion. We're different people who got -- -- one of the first events that happened post marathon. One of the great moments was his crowds in the National Anthem. What are your thoughts here later. About Marathon Monday today and some of the potency in Boston you. Yeah I mean it was a really really moment. When an out in. And you'll. Computer thank you get up well in the first in and and and future. The crowd that international had them together and really you know community fill up -- -- or. And you know help you know one another. Was something very special to see them. I guess that would try to. -- -- You put it. If that people's spirits were for two hours. In a matter of the game. To try to change people's mind -- these are. It was very it was a horrible event that I thought the Boston strong in this city really rally up enough. And showed some. True character which is not surprising for. -- -- On a Sunday morning recently UN Zdeno -- represented the Bruins at a photo opportunity right here at the finish line right where we are. And they said afterwards nobody wanted to leave the globe photographer said everybody get wanted to just hang around and beat with. Each other after that. -- special moment special picture for sure know his history be part of it. Definitely untrue and it wasn't there. It was in very or even for myself you know at the finish line with group which what do we what happened last year -- It was nice. I guess put an end to that it would not -- the beauty and Forsberg this year as a marathon and it was the -- need. Morning Anderson and picture. Final question from me. Do you think you've got one of the best goaltender the National Hockey League if not the best goaltender in the NHL. Yeah I think -- the question -- I think -- supreme. Is improving. From year to year which areas that they care right now is. He's Clinton when -- remain -- hockey and they -- through secure. I hope we've been in the business school in I think he deserves it and he carried that on right now and well. The traits we always appreciate your time talking hockey with the best of -- in game three tomorrow night thanks for taking a few minutes back home here. A -- think very much take care. That is up Boston Bruins forward Patrice Bergeron joining us from Detroit where the Bruins play the Detroit Red Wings in game three and four. He reminds me so much of -- -- in this regard on. Off both arrived here and started playing when they were eighteen year old kid. Pulled. Spoke virtually no English when they arrive. Came from you know French speaking Quebec. Had almost no grasp of the English language and now when you hear what you. At that point in his career with great work now with Patrice Bergeron at that point of his career you think we've been useful life has been. His whole professional like he has been. Eight team. Wouldn't play this person -- the -- -- the other night -- eighteen. It was they couldn't we think the board at the point. Who Martin -- to remember about kind of children in the -- -- -- -- -- with Marty scrambling and and I did it with a perfectly production for an eighteen year old kid into the National Hockey League. He is truly one of the leader of this team and one of the inspirational. Figure that this team. And I know how well the tee box and how you know on emotional he sounds he's not like that when he's addressing. -- what those guys. And guys like closure is one of those guys that did you. Under rated. -- The fact of the matter. Quiet life -- I am very popular. You hear something simple little. Because everything. And this two way player because -- woods hadn't played in another system he knew that so all the people. Who followed all the people who play with them all the all you can hope for. Great player. So what you mean what if it didn't underrated. Because he's not flashy he doesn't -- his own warned. He's not writing you stick out to center writes after three scores a goal he's not calling out other teams he you know he never did not chirping. He just goes out does his job and understated professional life treats people professionally plays the game professionally. You know never out of place never out of position never says a word out of line. I couldn't get to allow a lot of headlines in the in the National Hockey League or in any other professional. -- the guys in the NHL who don't do that. And they still they still -- that. And it's just not as -- to do whatever and I maybe maybe it's just that baker who that. You know if you're good you're good as we. If you can -- let it. And not that can sit passively cooled. I maybe couldn't compete -- like a report we did that we have it but there's. -- -- And so and so it was more authority before fourth -- -- Or credit I would much rather have Patrice Bergeron MIT and -- -- Wasn't worth fifty. Gordon I would much broad level much rather have to treat her daughter -- have a serve like paper while ago -- could -- it. That 26177. Tonight with you know what that's. We will yeah six -- 77797937. Telephone over it like John as we talked. Patrice Bergeron we talk about Boston Bruins. Now we can talk about the Red Sox you prefer that I have a feeling hockey fans want a chance to gloat a little bit about what happened yesterday you just heard from the -- We're broadcasting live from the -- cafe and bar on oil instance read dale -- Sports Radio WB yeah.

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