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Marathon Expert Toni Reavis Talks With D&C 4-21-14

Apr 21, 2014|

Reavis previews the running of the 118th Boston Marathon with Dino and Gerry.

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Tony -- on the AT&T -- if you can -- -- up that would be great morning Tony how -- -- -- Arianna and very real well one barrel on Monday here I you'll be joining Lisa -- and -- -- on WBZ wire to wire coverage. This sense as a overview for the ball in and your expertise certainly is. Is the elite runners and today in in large part is not about the elite runners it is about every single person being up there. And bonding over what happened a year in five days ago but. What is. The perception of this particular race Tony and -- will also -- the runner's world. We're remember this John. The professional runners. We're not professional if they get -- every kid who played baseball basketball or hockey didn't begin to be a professional. Runners are exactly the same. They feel as writers like every one of the other 36000 people do that this is special Austin are up about the bosses and special every year. But this is is similar I can -- To the feeling. Completely different reason. About 100 celebration in 1996. That was special year there were 38000 people in that race and every athlete wanted to be the guy or woman to win that race. There's Denver same feeling. In the here in Munich Copley Plaza Hotel when you're talking to the Japanese this very special love them for all the reasons. It is special to the people of Boston Massachusetts doing that and it emerged -- Tony at 6 o'clock at grew up half a dozen adjectives. And trying to predict what the take away the emotional take away will be at the end of this day. I throughout emotional heart warming resilient poignant enthusiastic spontaneous touching exhilarating. I -- up on celebratory I don't know why I think this but I think there will be you know fewer tears less morning not so much a sense of loss but he celebration. That that this race and these people certainly not the people who were who were injured and in any way -- that way but sort of like a a symbolic completion of a process maybe this will be a 26 -- celebration. -- -- -- Our federal amid. -- a little bit earlier I Tibet by the -- every morning out -- out of San Diego -- I I also agree with an average everyday of the week but the bottom line is. They carry you were talking earlier about that the guys being addicted to table they're not addicted to pain and sometimes comes with a test of the marathon distance. But running itself gives you this overwhelming feeling of a well being. And up feeling confident and strong amid talk about Boston's strong ball is running strong marathon strong -- train comes with that but the celebration applies the commonality. We saw yesterday and but the Bruins in the Red Sox have been those are tremendously skilled athletes well this isn't a sport that has anything to skill oriented. It is effort oriented -- -- cut -- -- part of what the but it means to be human testing yourself beyond the limits do you think you can. So this -- all the 118 years and hatred Tuesday what this state means historically in this historic city. Really resonates around the world there's this thing which we called the running community last week and 40000 people ran the London marathon. The week or where that 30000 people -- the Paris marathon this is part of the world wide community tour all of fans and -- people from all over the world. And once they have in common is the ability or the -- to run from that point topic into the act like your -- plus. Over 26 point two miles in that links them no matter what country they're from what religion they practice. This is what they are today and that's just a pure runner who steals all those feelings no matter what else they might not have been -- Well Scott Brown Merkel and the terms sweet pain called sweet pain and I think it's good -- -- got injured you know you know you can play through the you're right it is a test of will and I think. Runners. There are tougher than than most that we maybe not. You know and if NHL players but they're tough for the most that's because you just have to overcome those obstacles in your own mind and it. Everyone at least at every athlete especially a higher level Echelon epic you become this like there comes a point when your body says I've got to point. Returned -- -- out -- it's all become will power -- Don't mind trick the body aches and it ordinarily wouldn't go and hired mistakes. But more willing to -- rushed forward to which you can -- equally unattainable goal. And I look at that I had I just tweeted about my friend John Young who they dwarf and he's gonna take 66 and have hours. To finish today but he might be the toughest one on the whole crowd of 36000. Bill -- used to build atomic simply because we do it for five or six hours I mean it's crazy I was OR two hours that you are asking us. Well let's and they got this sort of ten year old boyfriend and six. You can't run -- -- looks like that's -- Sony emotion of today be helpful or not a factor or hurtful. Although no no no problem yeah aren't hopeful a deal out of pocket girls Malia and big Gilbert spoke to believe Patrick with the technical meeting yesterday to set. Just be ready -- -- -- it's going to be master. I mean -- there's an overwhelming. I -- to control. Bit -- -- doubt you'll start Hopkinton ditch the siren all the Boston Marathon I don't know the first half of the race. -- -- Roland when he got to hold back a little bit to maintain a patient the crowd the girl's Wellesley. Conduct problems greens. Also yours yours first Breeders' -- you'll hear it sure looked good but the bottom line is recognition -- -- department Coolidge corner could -- -- square. So you have to be very careful not let all the motion above normal Boston Marathon. Couldn't beat added survived this sort very emotionally you're up 2014. If people -- go -- much too hard because they he also good and it -- so motivated by the -- speak out. Is there a chance that we could see an American -- -- with a chance -- of hastily a Flanagan general Linda or somebody crossed the finish line as an American first. As better on the women's side in the men's side. Then and and much better and in that sense something shortened Flanagan used actually did I mean she is ready to a proper coach Jerry Schumacher yesterday. And I mean it's all been done I mean some the whole idea never exporters get into the starting -- that the -- rebelled or think of whatever may be. Healthy and ready while -- perfectly -- -- -- she's perfectly ready. She's got a great to an operation should been actively a ball and runs six times over the course throughout the -- this this trading cycle. And if they're told they're now the questioners. Is it per day a lot of times like come on Tuesday is essentially and ready. Does he does best she was on the Olympic team in London which was injured going into that -- was ever gonna perform this is her Olympics. So redemption is in the air of these -- two American ladies right and all -- complicity are beyond Iraq and the American -- fit and ready the border just got to monsters they're gonna have to try to -- and it won't be using. Will we ever see an American win this race. -- don't know -- and a charger. Saturday are you on Saturday we could be up to BA five K I have been to a bad here under which the third. -- -- -- -- -- And they had unbelievable. Field Olympic silver medalist on the men's side world championship gold medalists on the women's side. And Molly are a lot of Providence, Rhode Island at Notre Dame on the women's right I mean it was coming field and Molly huddle what it. And and true are you are a north promise me native who lives and hand over what has been trying to compare Robert rancher. You came within a hair's breath it exactly the same time there's -- -- Debra -- commute yoga. The reigning Olympic silver medal in the right -- I mean this whole idea of a surprising American -- come into the war. Is no longer surprised me were contenders we don't have that -- But we've got the top there. Tony and they got a lot of stuff to do can we put -- what ask you to pick a winner and double Seidman and -- men and women. Well I think we haven't had a defending champion no repeat champions and Robert chariot repeated and to those 62 await what Lisa just seesawed above. Ethiopia is in great shape he won the big marathon are in February that everyone runs into body. And he won it is a winner he's in great shape so I think he could repeat today. And on the women's side of old just -- notion. Veba she's a Bronx based Ethiopian. -- should living your search for years years years. Second twice with the New York City Marathon Q1 eight -- -- on -- ever won the world marathon major. And I think she may be ready to stop while it deals are very well match and very tight as it did you know it. Some doubt anyone -- handful of people on either. Jury it occurs to me is a listing in the so called soft top news at least complete the -- he is the mr. skin. Runner yeah yeah I get let's milk -- -- you exactly just a part of it is that it that the it was a subsidy but not the city apart Tony. Tony with Tony will be with the BBC's coverage and that's at least accuse and who else all our capital Richard Alpert Richard yes -- 67 payment drops are older remember all urgent yet. If you wanna stay Smart about the marathon listen to Tony -- all day long Tony. Appreciate it take some time on marathon money enjoy that -- soak it all have a great -- different but it gets got a nice article. I took it -- with that Santelli at the AT&T.

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