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Bruins' Enforcer Shawn Thornton Talk with D&C After Game 2 4-21-14

Apr 21, 2014|

Thornton joins Dino and Gerry to recap Games 1 and 2, discuss Brendan Smith challenging Chara, and preview Game 3 in Detroit.

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Our conversation with -- -- is brought to you by the city of Boston credit union and by Norfolk power equipment he joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning Sean how aria. You have you have vested interest the F or the foundation has a team out there are running -- running Eagles today correct. I do it do unfortunately well why do Detroit so. Get to without inspect them for everything they've done but that opportunity hopefully elect obviously parliament a lot of good enough about the -- well. Try to pick up or. It we talk about the toughness of hockey players and clearly that is in evidence do you think if you weren't playing at hockey if you think if you weren't otherwise engaged in your profession. You can run a marathon. What quite old when I'm done I don't know what -- I felt like audio -- people we ought to let I'd like to try to a year you're up here after a retired. How far did you go now if you do run the distance could you do it. Right now it probably not very far yet the first post summaries make it to file before it. -- up. -- we talk and we'll talk more about Zdeno -- little little. A moment from now but he's considered the best conditioned guy on this team your team or any team. What would you agree with that and does he standalone in your mind are there other guys like him. Now we've got we got a lot of guys that are really uses actually he's in tremendous shape -- -- Iraq but. Our team as a whole -- picked -- put a lot of stock -- conditioning -- people come here from other teams I think there relatively surprised appreciate everyone has an Al. We demand from each other is what else. Really a -- -- what would you talk to your foundation people about this this race and and -- and I've been going back and forth in terms of what at the end of the day the description the feeling will be like. I tend to think about exactly sure why that there will be a celebratory. Phones. To what we're gonna watch -- all day long -- marking a symbolic completion of a process will be. You know fewer tears we will be mourning two losses we won't be sad about this day I think there's a celebratory nature of what's about to happen did you get that sense from your people on the core and foundation team. Director there are very fired up to be running -- I mean there's a reason it figured. About them more numbers this year a lot of people wanna -- a ball -- as for the right reasons so. Are popular users don't get caught up on and enjoy it Ed thank you thank you -- -- but it created great senator Graham about it well. How many how many got many runners I. Unbelievable out. Is Sean turning to yesterday's game I I guess in in a simple phrase the phrase the with a plywood well that's more like it -- the Bruins play yesterday. Babcock said after the game that he thought the problem with his team with the wings is they tried to play the bruins' style. I thought it was more of a factor in a function of the Bruins playing the bruins' style yesterday afternoon. I think the first game. For whatever reason we didn't have that actual little all -- Stephanopoulos from you know we can between games -- not make excuses whatsoever to Santa. -- -- -- -- -- Lecture in Arcadia as opposed. We've got -- little bit quicker it'll be a little more physical. -- all our -- in -- We that would -- more. Our style and indeed do we got to continue to track but what. Would would you agree and is it fair to say that this team Boston Bruins team functions best when there is a little nasty nature of their intent when they're out on the ice. That's -- for -- you know you're not particularly -- out a little bit of and CE you'd have to put a little bit look better as you. -- -- lecture or lecture. Long wall. Pick up paper ever. Do you feel. As good about it two goal lead player on this team is as we do watching it feels like one goal obviously. They could scored a fluke or whatever bounce. But two goal lead with -- -- pretty safe is enough. I don't know audience. Pretty alternates is about their votes in the playoffs now. It would be over so he tried football -- you earlier what you were down by water up by either of the batteries. -- -- Now we all had a big laugh at. Jars flight with your teammates brother Brandon and Smith did you think that. If if that where you show would you said you know I got to do this he's laughing at me. I gotta drop the gloves. I don't. It's probably all you don't know. I don't know what the thought process float on either side and all of these. Six -- 9200 stick it out big scary man. It would I didn't like up to do that so I have a little bit more. Reason is -- to -- on the other side but it wouldn't recommend I've I've -- looking at practice I would recommend it that it it. Have you ever got gotten punch to with by him like punched in earnest seriously. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is it that the -- all. Riley said of his brother Chara wouldn't be the first guy I choose in the NHL to go against maybe Brenden should probably think twice next time. What -- the -- was laughing at that what was what what what struck seem funny. I don't know the property of what all of that everybody in. I would out all the everybody. Well he didn't get Chara off the judge for two minutes to start the second period and is that why. Because there are opportunities for charter flight but he doesn't and I'd like to see action quite frankly on my second -- going in to see what shark could do is it because -- understands. His value to this team and his value to this team is winning on the ice not sit down for Five for Fighting. Yeah 100% pick. What it thought -- thought that a lot -- rear view these are all the big orders. Coming up through he's not a that would operate but he waited more I -- on the equities. Arguing the call him birdie to cut that you lose certain arguable or players on our team he'd. And sit on the officer. Help we've we've really -- Hey this is Kevin Miller crazies unfilled or hope he'll hit anybody wanna. These are these are big south yeah. -- -- but it is early at the whispers well given the very definitely physical all of early which was which it is not. But what he does he's. I think she's underrated as a pop and Wear but he's definitely not under rated -- up physical can it. Can you explain about what happens win having been shut out of the first game flora gets the first goal one nothing does that sort of take. The weight off your show coaches say OK here we go it's on our. Debt and a little -- fortunate bounce -- their attitude -- -- call click it will take it off the catcher. Pretty fired up when I went and on the bench but we also use just one -- to keep going well. Suppose next you're the first one but he can't let. I guess. Determine what's gonna happen wrestling game whether -- -- keep going play in the -- You say you scrapped with -- in practice in -- ever taken a stick to the groin from Lucic and credited it. No not at about I expect they were it not get practiced. Now you got protection down there the Kaiser's flop in their right they can. -- I didn't actually land and watch it and I do I have a place but it is what happened and I just thought it on the ground. And but while we get up I don't know how parties such. -- -- -- -- A good -- to his credit though he took yelled -- -- -- -- -- I mean he had to was pretty obvious but he didn't say. You know like it was a bad camera angles and -- adequately the only as the black disgrace they -- greatest success. A very Smart and and a guy so that the presently. I'll say this when you see it's Sean what when I saw the first time my voice went higher. So that the ignited a -- making it -- the the 31 goal that was the kill shot was not. It. I mean we were. We -- a lot of short and it situation in the second we're battling. Battling a little bit of -- and I think there's a huge huge hole or thought for sure very their product. Coming waited in. The great lately he's. I think everyone argues that issue that in addition to get which is second did have a guy with is usable. -- you everybody after the game said you know you raise a level intensity played harder and harder. I got a question for you -- why don't you do that every night. I agree. I don't know. I don't know a lot of guys like this I think it is just the latest we were really feel about I don't know what that. Littlest -- we got what felt better don't have a lot David in about the amongst everybody is that -- vocal we'll look better in the dusters and. They have good stuff like qwest has not been much of a factor in that he was you know the scoring sensation that everybody was looking -- concerned about giving a speech prior -- the series starting. Is -- something that the Bruins have done thus systematically. To fit to neutralize him a bit or just. Playoff jitters what would you analyze that situation yes. John you -- and knock on wood over there battle that had like a -- for. Pretty -- that it it it. Our -- at the -- so far. Yeah it's look he's a really good hockey player. I don't think he's. Bob. I think out of it Norman in the period policies about development as a write in our government ordered former pick. Sympathetic adult pop -- you've got a pretty good job -- Keep things most of the other side an airplane well. Up a pick and they'll work pretty strong defensively. And work. Definitely aware of that. A final question and just between the three of us as auto -- would venture would be heard you're looking ahead to the next series but. Given the fact the Canadians are up three games to none would just assume have them win -- with -- and sit around for a week and a half and get rusty or you wanna see him get dragged a seven. All got I don't want what back into the series I think airlock. Ottawa that I'm just worried about here you hear about it. I knew I was getting an answer that at bat all right John. Safe flight we'll look talked down the road. Our eye off the Detroit -- with Denis and tell him.

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