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Former Patriot lineman Joe Andruzzi Checks in with D&C on Marathon Monday 4-21-14

Apr 21, 2014|

Andruzzi reflects on last year's tragedy and talks about the runners for his foundation.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline are friends were doing major lineman Joseph Andruzzi good morning to coach Jerry Kirk and John here at the finish line how are you. Hundred Margaret does it seem like a year. Because we were talking about this on the year are recently that I'm sure. For the victims who have gone through surgeries and spent you know 89 the hundred days in the hospital it's -- probably like ten years but in terms of your involvement in that iconic photograph that you during the young woman down the street does this much a year since we've been so we gathered to do the show. No doubt. And there's no longer and longer journeys -- and many others for. You know him and seen here in all the stories and beating all the people it's just been amazing to hear. How old many positive things to come sort of a big negative it's truly in order. So what are you do until they originally got a bunch of runners correct. Load up. This morning two years -- chairman runners on netbooks low oxygen. -- zone lyrical art form -- our initial restart of leadership. Excellent it's for the -- is -- foundation correct. The holidays -- coming under team. We are certain runners this year. 47 will be running. Three of them -- in judicial body and soul. Well look poetry and agreed term -- -- and you know -- -- Different memories behind us and make -- new one this year and cheered on. Although Iran has -- in all 36 problems are going to be out there should be truly an amazing day. And -- the second part today. -- they aren't the only relevant to these veterans are -- on issues probably one and done most of them -- out there and didn't. Put their body to -- for the list for the six months. Not only. You know change your whole lifestyle but also raising funds from any charities so global Kurt -- Sherry -- -- are up there. Great notebook personal funds you know and 47 out there are strong for -- were Rangers islanders are amazing it's a great. Close to 450000. Cultural issues so it's been unbelievable didn't -- to create pro. How many families and individuals. You talk about being inspired joy over the last -- stuff he's -- stand up specifically. To go wondered two things that. You saw over the last year you thought you know just couldn't believe it. And a -- being. Whoever from the soaring. Hope somebody gets a convertible term turnaround and the younger -- and civilians into the medical students. Make -- my way down -- -- and they are just. Run run and downward. Wheelchairs. And trying to make their -- and helped the injured and then it was basically. Where you know split circuit. Decisions and learn from. You know the medical term -- and I used to it through Europe. Truly amusing when everybody. Just a step number I don't know where you or. What you're doing currently people. Just. We're helping injured or hoping breakdown senses and union Moses Aaron of doing so many things and you know -- -- we've definitely come together and -- stronger unions. You know definitely living up to those two are great work horse and strong today. -- -- let you go I can't help but think I'm sure it is occurred in your mind in Munich in -- like -- the connection of what happened a year in five days ago to the nine elevenths situation with your Brothers the New York City firefighters there there there is this kind of strange. Emotional connection that links those two together in your mind I would think correct. Yes it means later this year they could -- can. There is very eerie feeling. You know me. Outlook. And we have to move forward and probably told me. September 11 after my character battle and they ethical questions robbery what doesn't truly nation stronger. And I actually believe and control over every day. Keep moving forward. You know in Gilbert from the in the for the moment and from your social. It was great to be upon him -- and -- treatment -- current picture there was an error appeared in the lurch here. I'm eager to -- apparently -- you know -- The woman it is. Going to be out there this year writing the book from -- congress and so acutely. Armory rather become carefully in. Premarital. You know -- Alberto cores. A -- anybody is that didn't checking out the Andruzzi foundation how to go about doing that if they wanna jump in her. Total population and Joseph Andrew truncation all government you can come up. And him anything that we do -- about in the communities and the only area community foundation helping. You know certainly -- -- And he's going through a -- -- battle with cancer so we it's not easy I've been there incidents. Of economies even easier we're trying to. Appropriate follow it and -- -- many people in helping us do it has been amazing to be a part of the marathon this year. They'll let you go with this is your former team -- Bruschi busting your chops because I know he's running he's trying to tell you that you need to be out there next year. -- It's business I don't know I'll be there running I did you. I had to do you have -- A tough to fourteen floors and a half months. That would Europe fourteen and half fifty minutes for the five K but rate. No -- net very appropriate war a larger. -- -- -- And there are some remember routine some of -- brand. -- there is gorgeous morning. It was a very nice to be out there and she although mortgage. A woman of rule three point one mile run walk. For me was. You know pretty inspirational especially coming up and looking up a bit reflect preparing -- outside before how much Apollo and to make their final term. Premiere for divorced most of them alone and heard stories in terms stream and -- -- you look good on the blocks. And you actually saw him in parents -- the distances -- still seems so long -- Joseph Andrew is a good luck to you good luck to your runners soak it all and enjoy the day especially Campbell talked -- -- the road. Current partner regular Joseph -- he was Dennis -- at the AT&T hotline.

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