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Race Director Dave McGillivray Talks About Today's Marathon 4-21-14

Apr 21, 2014|

McGillivray breaks down the preparations for today's marathon and expresses no safety concerns surrounding today's event.

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There's nobody busier at this moment that for in the race director of the BAA -- David Gilbert joins us from -- to good morning to aria. Everything going smoothly. Yeah yeah it's great so -- I thought about the weather and yeah he'll be warm later on that date but right now it's pretty chilly out -- any prospect. They are running well right now so I'm. We know what it's gonna end up being that's not accurate and you're up here on the two. That true and dealt what was under checklist -- you got up this morning what you accomplished and what is left to be done before the mobility impaired start at 850. Well I don't know it just electrical I would you know he can now -- And not you know quote -- lead lead. Holding area which the senate scored thirty mobility in the wheel is enhanced cycles and Abdul you what -- village and check out that out well we actually have been dropped docs are. You know you don't erase street around the lead vehicle that make sure they're all in on time I mean to go daughter and are but I'm so -- haven't -- one might think that's out of place. As far as you can tell has ever won -- heeded the warnings and and and not brought back Paxson and end yelled in terms of the security situation everybody's following directions. Yeah yeah I mean I haven't seen any incident at all whatsoever I mean you are important obviously -- -- here and that and doing their job and everyone feel very comfortable very straight. So so I took. And no one showed up and it cost to correct. And -- -- yeah -- I'm sure I'm well but it got -- and it and it Devin come out of the yeah. Wall what are you worried about what is what is concerning. I'm a little later. Because intricate. And I'm glad I'm confident and comfortable and I like my game face on it is you guys know and and and I would just a little in under two hours and so riveting and it's really happening and twenty minutes when we bring that he mobility and help create if he without the but when silence at 840 -- than -- I don't he mobility -- who bring the wheelchair out and tools and then it cycle and nearly went in the league and where it went to a tree and we go. I heard Ed Davis 83 times the model law enforcement will be present and accounted for on the race course will -- -- you know. How how many law enforcement at Davis at three. But I within that 3500 -- thousand range call me that's probably. You know it would only if you had only twenty you know where. Little little laundromat where we didn't even have that many people -- and now we have -- are put an -- and that number but. Don't do that job and it's doing what they what they need to do that against every Wednesday. -- a great job so far if you're if you're confident that I'm confident and of the race director is pleased with the way things go on and I'm sure it's in the come off without a hitch today and he got a million things to do what they should take a couple of minutes talking to us. They've already good lesson out.

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