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Jonny Gomes with Joe Castiglione & Rob Bradford after the crazy win at Fenway

Apr 20, 2014|

Joe & Rob talked to Jonny Gomes after the dramatic run-off win at Fenway over the Orioles.

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And now let's a go to the guy got it started Jonny Gomes Johnny congratulations. That was really huge hit because this one match. It looked like it was gonna end this way. Well we're it's more positive thoughts and yet but I mean the way the day started with that ceremony was thirtieth touching. And I mean -- first class of the Red Sox and the Red Sox Stanley and you know the whole area you know pick in the details like that. -- and John you talked a little bit yesterday about getting that feeling back from last year playing that. -- away and we're talking about it how last year when the other team made a mistake guys to convince him it. Does start to feel that way it's same sort of baseball he played last year. Yeah you know I think we're on the right track you know I think you know we got a little ways to go. You know. Tonight was a great -- who we got his -- and bottled up and you know continue this you know I mean we don't like trying to this. This baseball you know one every three games four games. So agree when. You know I don't think there's anything to where we get nice that we shouldn't have too much are prone to note that a what Johnny Serbia very very unusual last of the ninth inning we thought Detroit had won the game with a home run there. And the call was that reversed the but there you found a way to win and then there was very heads up base running by Indianapolis to laugh. Yeah that's there -- their -- you know I was talking to rafter about yesterday with the you know just baseball IQ. And you know we get we go to question you know it doesn't draw on that and yeah it would -- -- back and recovery and you know the ball by the catcher. And the same time is a little bit of a risk for it there you know I mean you know the curious rattled home double play out of it. -- so what happened we scored when the game is good water. And Johnny go to go back where you talked about at the beginning which is the ceremony before the game I know how much it means to you. How much tomorrow means to you was it thought it wasn't what you thought it would be and how much it touches. You know lecturing come in you know with a neutral feelings and his friends know soak it all in. And you know it you know really hit home for one how many people. The the tragedy did affect. Two how many people helped out. And three coming out touching it was very you know us ballplayers and early in the ballpark so me with that being said heroics intoned that. It is it's a lot easier to help -- than it is to heal so I mean those people are still battling you know through there. Physical and mental rehab and you know what we're trying to do our best over here with smiles with you please. Place haven't done that -- bit. To see the way you are have been so involved was such sensitivity. -- during this whole ordeal over a year now watch. Is I think he has hit. Just speaks volumes about the character round of the Red Sox players. Yeah I think you're right I mean we're doing nothing but just paving the way for you know the positive side. Of absolute tragedy it did happen I -- can't forget about the -- over Los Angeles lost and financial physical you know track you're still going on today. But. You know this is not a team not area -- -- -- with -- with that instant. You know the boss destruction in the last. But Johnny thank you so much Jeff for being you've done for our area and of course what you've done on the diamond as well you -- -- our guys appreciate you joining.

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