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Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston, joins Chris Villani on Easter to talk Celtics

Apr 20, 2014|

With the season over, Chris Forsberg says the Celtics accomplished what they intended to this year. He also gets into what Rajon Rondo may be thinking heading into his last year in his contract. Danny Ainge has a plan and it'll be interesting to see how this off-season develops.

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Sports -- WEEI Chris colliding with you for another hour. Switch gears and tackle Celtics now is the -- wrap up what was. Agassi college disappointing season a lot of people wanted to distinct so in -- -- mission accomplished talk more about that covers Celtics three SPN Boston Chris Forsberg Chris. Thanks for taking the time power it. Happy Easter to you as well thanks for joining Chris is Sunday afternoon extravaganza really appreciate it. Well let's start with this season is a hole I mean you know the Celtics didn't think it would a whole lot of games this year when you -- valuing it kind of the full body work particularly. Developing some of the younger players and and kind of seeing rise John Rondo for the first time more in the driver's seat you think the Celtics had. Eight productively. Bad year this season. Yeah well I would say they've -- accomplished what they've looked -- probably hoped you know from from Brad even. To develop in the in the Atlantic and -- under Palestinian -- in the right areas moving forward outlook and now it's pretty and it sit there and say well you know did it but they could anyone could they have one more -- or could they lost some more games. Are you look at it but. You know I think it really played out the way we we we expected it to their person -- back in December and they went -- by 48 New York. We're kind of -- violently in all like oh my god they -- they're gonna win third target compete for a spot in the Eastern Conference at that hole. But you know I think had to resolve that normally -- that -- gene variant you know from there was really this kind of a focus on the individual performances. Let's style tiger let's on the individual performances that is starting with Rondo I mean he's been a big talking point that is team now for awhile. How big of an improvement a step forward do you think he he made in terms of his game -- he talked about making a big one especially. I.'s ability shoot from mid range and a little bit more from the outside you'd think he took a step forward this year coming back from the injury. You have -- evaluated at 38 and obviously use. Should revolve that are coming out it was clear all that on the -- -- on. Just working on my jumper and he kind of went to the recount caucus helped him. Interest the city and in bird develop that kind of court ordered -- from three point range to get that they -- stretch a lot of these guys not including Rondo. It'd be incompetent that shot and -- and our defense has become -- and a it's gonna help them out tremendously especially if packed full explosion he got attitude. To it arsenal it -- hard for me to gauge it because. He got hurt you gonna end up in you can it is as they shut -- erupt there it but. Edward Kennedy ordered beginning on that bat the bat of themselves on off on consecutive night he wasn't able to do that is a hamstring flared up there and you know still it is mission accomplished that he got about -- -- and you know it's gonna -- -- the go into the summer a little bit of momentum here. Feel about that it will be ready for October rolls around by. You know he I wanna -- if he can further develop. Game -- -- -- -- in at least on the perimeter and and that midrange jumper. What's Diaz is that it made a million dollar question. Well what's the any age is. You know it his goal is motive for Rondo now going forward because he's heading into lockyer is we all now. In -- starts to get into next -- still without a contract beyond next year. Every to look at that is pretty sizable risk opera Danny -- for players at least expressed interest in May be trying out free agency. Dad there's no real good answer right because the you'd you'd been here near term I think it will be involved could bring them back and make and the centerpiece what happened to get the it's so that's cute dog -- and creativity and clearly wants -- -- -- -- -- Brought back money at a -- you know you're willing to spend about levels and make him the centerpiece her court or you know -- or on your franchise. To prop decision I think it really comes down to what we know what the market -- and it's any good at this summer. Also -- both -- lighten up again and and they are good deal that he feels like -- maximum value for Rondo and -- the team you know either equally or better moving forward more pressure saying I think half the -- lot. Saw a lot -- into the until a conversation this year because. Again it is it's a little bit -- the -- always gonna be a little bit protect it just to belabor the CD it works. You sign and trade when he gets that summer. But that's that's still no guarantee you know we've seen guys outlook weighed in and you don't always get maximum return on -- It's -- -- position would be and you got to try to protect those assets you know it's clear that brought a lot of support in the organization auction down. And I do you think that they've ROK with the idea that parties saw that it they are -- but it that the building around the audit everything. Progresses nicely as we get back and he kind of showed that all our -- against. It's just gonna it is going to be a little -- respectful of the the next you know whether there there will answer it gets a point where. You know often got to admit that money. When it comes to free agency a lot of times we can find out what drives players and every player's different. Some guys like where they're playing right now some guys just wanna make the most money they possibly can't some guys. Want that opportunity to win. What do you think's going to drive right John Rondo the most in terms of where he decides to sign his next long term deal whether it's Boston or elsewhere. I. I -- that the one thing that that. That is all about giving -- that that. Captaincy here he probably had a greater respect for that -- -- and understand how important it is as to where that -- -- -- You know we go back to -- decade and discuss at all we want but -- -- 100% this year how to be a better leader. And I think that's -- -- weight on him and when it comes you know can he be the next year even bird you know it immediately back. A number and -- raptors I think that is gonna drop in -- a year. Outside of that I don't know if it's a little more difficult late he decides that ought to in the is the best option for Campbell you know it's hard and that had to decide where he'd he'd best I think it would come down -- -- and and the ability to win I don't honestly. I don't really want to win it. See it this year for straight about what to eat -- -- got -- losses news it was it was hard for him to navigate its well I think it would come down what situation -- in the best chance to win. Tyler Chris Forsberg yes PM Boston will celtics' season recap parents sports hernia WEEI. A lot of people were happy with the job the Brad Stevens did this year turned to getting guys to buy in like you talked about a few minutes ago developing. -- some of those younger guys like sellinger an all nick. I feel like the unanswered question I'm curious to get your impression of it is. How good can this guy I'd be when all of a sudden that that goals the stakes are a little bit different maybe not next year the two years from now and now it's not about developing her about competing but it's about winning. Is -- be ready for that. I -- I gotta -- all indications -- -- will they. You know -- EU EU we got the great and so this year you know opening complete public life they've been treated -- right. After -- is over rated sub -- tiger what he's saying it's like you know at first probably the gains. At least you know I was just trying to figure out what he would be in light in the schedule players -- there's a lot thicker than that I'm sure he'll play. The year Q will be much better prepared for all that. We do wonder about -- that your read my mind that that's the pivotal award because he got the transition year this year. You know we're good at that all the fireworks it's about this summer but yet these -- are going to be a little bit more competitive next year. They'll still be of that sort underdog role it's off ought to be a sort of probably. Won't have a much expectations and as well I think you know that's -- our production last second year I think think it'll really ramp up out of Boston. You'll get a free pass that is it what he did call it all obviously. Be enough anymore it's going to be you know what you on this level it -- get to see doctor contender. I think -- -- -- -- -- -- the call that he he seems to leave himself the UT percent but in your organization. Really believe he'll he'll figure that out. And but it's going to be interesting got to get that count person and give the chance for -- then -- it it's urgent and can take over. While college coaches by and large have not been successful coming up to the NBA level white could Brad Stevens be different. You know I don't know if it's it's it's fascinating study to find out exactly why it. You know whether it shifted the completely different mindset of a college player -- an NBA players audience. But not recruiting united if it I think. If it's so hard to tell lie although it worked in and try to hide in our life to work for -- I -- It was sent from from watching this year is that he really immerses himself in it and that's not to say that the security event or -- you get the sense that you -- Be -- they -- you know. GL and -- and mold himself. To figure out a way to reduce the level and I guess. You know if I had -- yes let's say that some could you just can't -- -- that they can be NBA -- something one way at the college level for whatever reason it doesn't translate that it. It themselves. To adapt to that but -- sensed that that Brad. -- began nothing went the opposite slope he didn't think he keep you back and finale you've got -- -- -- but he he did the first -- earlier Carter cards. Chris Forsberg joining me on Twitter at ESP and Forsberg and you know Chris when you look at this lottery coming up obviously the William ping pong balls could bounce any different way but. Statistically the celtics' most likely end up in kind of that. Or 56. Range. Now some of the guys that may go in that range elegant media power forward like dole on -- Julius Randall -- Point guard -- smarter combo guard like -- them. Will Danny -- consider. The potential positional redundancy of let's just -- appoint up power -- like bond like we got a couple power forward young power forwards on the roster already. Or is it just gonna be. Best player available kind of approach do any age here and it. It's tough because once you hit the only. It would with the mindset says that it's the best available player that you worry about the position later because it's one yet talent you never -- -- what -- could be high level all star to get a guy that you know. Has also a potential just because. -- EE you know political logjam in a position convert things change quickly in the NBA. It's so hard to know exactly what direction and how they'll think until they wanted to be -- Where they land. It is a little bit daunting legal obstacles. That fourth through six area is either strike gold -- in its -- -- -- a that's opposite that the that happened that top spot either -- he'll look at it more often if you're if you're walking away without. We get there heartburn and beat. It if there's talent there and I think they're confident that. You know build hold the roster as investors -- way to Alter the Afghan. You know he had -- another power forward that necessarily means he can't carry soldier and a live act. I don't know the opposite in the Parker. More that they got like Chris Humphries her war or -- -- -- -- -- like forcing you to shuffle a bit more but that being said -- -- -- Iraqis. We repaired knees and then they need to rim protector bad miniature standard. It was just quit so evident this year I almost wonder that it it be more inclined to either EU trade out in the parking pot luck the next year and that. Attack a severed created here you are assets used those draft pick trading get an established. Do you think this is one of those offseason where they can get their court they bring about you know broad Bill Bradley green. -- -- that you're kind of searching for need but and that instance I think it it does all due draft. Plan a little bit. Is that blockbuster deal potentially out there for the Celtics -- Kevin loves the name that popped up quite a bit but whether it's love or whether it's somebody akin to that. Is that blockbuster trade you'd think realistic possibility. You know did. Other and then never -- morning law and -- And it's it's hard to say because -- out -- like I don't think we're sitting there. Are most evident and and and what you know -- it's it will probably will move and add and it -- they would leave Mubarak. But it just felt like those things probably materialized. A little bit differently than just being able to save from afar in that's dealt out what I weak and definitively say. Is that the -- caveats -- potentially make that happen. And whether -- draft picks and create exceptions -- contract or. Now that you have young talented and as much acute I think -- incurred but what -- awful American soldiers this year than those guys and the potential the L Jackson likes. Guys that ruled out you know they're they're not -- not levels were quite yet but -- -- But you know and so I think it's fair to say it is on the trajectory any stretch of the apocalypse of the report on it and if that voltage. He's going to be all sides. It is going to be intriguing especially that contract then got right now so in the debate to build -- that he got through it okay if if if she got to market. Every what he'd like to pick every year and by the year. Not many of them also you know one not on the world and try to go get something and that's what -- you know like it -- at once as like light so it's not a comedian. Quickly the backcourt is it's just a lot of that they have -- I don't know -- -- gonna outlaw the use them but. He's got a lot of teams out of this industry building but you know and it -- the Celtics and it's -- try to hit the accelerator through this process. Don't feel like Danny loves this process to land his picture right now sitting around is Easter table that. Completely ignoring alike is that you know annoying cousin talking about politics or something and his. Fantasizing about his draft picks over the next five years and how he's -- divvy up and rebuild this team I feel like he lives for this stuff. You have -- right leg in and that's the Pentagon all year whether with a trade deadline. He just seems so call and I -- maybe it's -- in my -- I get the sense -- -- general -- to be super -- -- out artists like. Lock themselves and -- -- never getting off alone in trying to get their that he -- contract. And you know him more than anybody really. How did you harvest season was going to get in -- was so flawed it's just that the injuries and everything he's eager koehlke view it was gonna play out a little bit like it did -- not. Quite the way it -- like LA -- a sense of having been at war. And I'm sure you sit there and it in a seven and it was -- the body get them back to a contender without -- even more assets and Mort always Cuellar. In the off season. I'm I'm pretty sure there's one guy who would who would -- to hit the accelerator to to June 24 eleven draft is -- -- -- -- in the first weeks of July it's the and it that they advocates and those that something can. Up and hey you know he can bring a little bit off the back after -- after top -- Absolutely it is you roads on ESPN -- dot com the real season starts now. For Danny Ainge he gets to start playing with some of these toys right after the draft lottery and -- heading into the summer so it should be readjusting to watch -- -- -- dedicated you know and it it it is as dark as large result in two under the special all your brother in when he there competing. It is it is. If you didn't pay attention to see that probably would play. This Liggett got to keep what he'll the self you know that it is hard -- -- -- -- -- security guard had out there roll back -- -- that it does not. Talk -- and they are no way. Here's the good though -- will be back here in the lady get the sense that I'm overly optimistic and Greg and Gregory who laid. Articulate it seemed really well positioned and it is if you get back they're based right. I'd quickly for alleging go -- -- since you mentioned piercing Garnett you're targeting Eastern Conference playoffs a little while ago. With the tailspin that Indiana has been in do you look at. The nets and they may be they've got -- the best chance or is get a chance anybody to knock off the heat or is they're just nobody in your opinion these -- -- Miami. Yeah it's at -- My brother not that that -- -- -- I don't -- you know -- -- -- productive -- after the for the Eastern Conference that you like they really -- -- times this year that opposite that Indian it catch themselves through that report insert a little bit. A man with a -- awfully good at it it on a different level especially in the broad. And so to me -- it is if Indiana health and aid they get knocked off if it. Got to work. To get through the first round against Toronto I just think you're going to be more rested they're going to be able to really dictate those series. And then got to get to the avenue of the west and the being a war. I as much as -- as well I don't want it here I think that the -- are well positioned here to it's their third in a row. You know yeah it it could be a lot more interest out there there's a lot of talent out last help but it got everybody comes out of there. He -- you to rub their money by you know it is going to be I think I hope so but it's a lot on -- we'll keep it weird is that going to be eight. Security guard had to figure out of our Trabant it's -- -- that it would be under test to see what they can deal. It's depicted it these QB -- run for their money. No doubt they'll be the sentimental favorite one would think here in Boston Chris Forsberg got Twitter ESPN Forsberg. I appreciate taking a few minutes on a holiday enjoy the rest of it will talkies. I thought our appreciate it Chris Forsberg join me on the AT&T hotline. And I'll take quick break Red Sox lineup is out the puck is dropped at the garden. And your phone calls are welcome at 617779793. Set sports or did WB yeah.

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