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Chris Villani Says he has the key to a Bruins victory today

Apr 20, 2014|

Villani says the key to the black and yellow squad being victorious today comes down to possession/zone time. The Bruins need to take control and put pressure on Detroit. Make Jimmy Howard beat you!

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Certain areas we have to get better at obviously and to create more scoring chances. You know we got to find a way to get through and now we're gonna find a way to get some some more shots there and a and they do you really play a tight game where they make it hard -- you get there they get their bodies in -- way and so we got to work through those kind of things. Little bit here to two or create a little bit more and probably get some goals. Of course -- Yeah I gotta get some goals getting it some at least more than the nine on Friday night Chris -- would you Sports Radio WB EI. It's our Sunday afternoon Easter egg extravaganza. And we talked plenty Bruins three now window and they drop but three Clark gets in Celtics pulled it later on the show Chris Forsberg ESPN Boston. Text -- 978 area code a lot of time on a -- has been peppering. BH TT tech slide 37937. With some version of the same store the -- the better team the Bruins are are gonna lose it it said sexier it's swept. And that WEEI is somehow hiding the truth here it's all -- conspiracy man. We're all working in ruins black and gold to -- here -- yellow trying to hide the truth. At the Bruins are the inferior team according to this text don't buy I mean it's it's frankly nonsense. Now you heard some of the things that might -- yet he goes soap bars say this is a bad match. One of the buzz phrases we hear about these matchups in the first round it's okay the wings have a lot of speed they're the faster team. Hardly a new development. When you look at the teams the Bruins played in the playoffs first round for the cup final. But the big coup over the faster team a 2011 what's in Montreal the faster team and a first round that your wasn't rot now. The pastor team last season in the first round. It sure I'm talking about seven game series I tell you Bruins dominated those -- those teams. -- lady -- and frankly mortality Chicago team in the cup final last year and lost so. I look at that match up and say it's are from being something that the Bruins can't overcome. When it comes back to musicality comes back to being strong in front of the net make Jimmy Howard work. -- he pitched a shot out on Friday night and barely broke a sweat. Until that stretch after the power play until that 56 minutes in the third period. Before the dot -- goal. The dude barely broke a sweat you -- got all launch -- in the crease for crying out loud there was not think -- what he was still would see the puck stop the pot. I give credit for making every save yet to make -- give Detroit credit. Absolutely. But you know that they wanna play that kind of the style I mean a lot of people who talked about the importance of -- Bruins scored the first goal. I don't think that is support I I do put a lot of emphasis on that. More so for Detroit and Boston obviously if you're the Bruins could score the first -- take it away from that. As if the red wings are able to score early in this game this afternoon if they are able to pull one past two grass -- then. Takes over the air out of the 7565. That are gonna be at the garden this afternoon. That's significant in terms of building a little momentum in making the underdog the red wings feel like they can kind of hang on kind of hang in. In this particular matchup but if the Bruins come on I said I'm not not really worried about Detroit. I'm not really worried about them when I look at this match it's more for me about how the Bruins play. It's more about their style and the one word that might kept coming back to over and over and over again was possession. Or put another way zone time. And that's the Bruins didn't have on Friday night that they need today. That happens or when his game and really do think it's that simple unless you do get the Jimmy Howard standing on its head which make a mistake -- didn't happen. It was not inverted at all on Friday night it was outstanding it is said. It was -- skates seeing every pocket stopping every -- but if the -- -- that -- we're check if they get the puck deep deep deep. If it's not nearly as much the preachy line essentially retreating getting back trying to gather the puck and sent back the other way that's the way Detroit wants to play. And that's what the Bruins need to avoid. In this particular. Game and in this particular series. So I don't think this is a bad match up or at least match up there there they have a degree of on familiarity with it they know this match. They've seen in different versions over the past twenty years I mean how many times in different series and we talked about okay. The Bruins might be stronger more physical might be deeper but man would get this team speed -- -- a match that is is nothing new for your Boston early but. They have to be the stronger team the advantage that they have. Has got to be an advantage they they've they've got to use. They've got to make it their advantage by being strong with the puck by getting traffic on front of the net and by the one thing I neglected to ask Mike about. The faceoff they've got to be stronger there puck possession starts. With a faceoff right it starts winning draws -- you get the puck first that you hold on a possession. First two periods they -- have many possessions longer and thirty seconds longer than a shift. Shift change lose the popular background try to breathe and -- it was constant. Got on your heels hockey for two and a half periods. Penalty won't come up power play opportunity woken -- and maybe that's another key. Maybe that is something that at least you know circumstantially can can draw the Bruins into this game a little bit earlier. Eighty get their first power play opportunity until midway through the third period on Friday night. And it's -- a lot different. Then the pass by two years where one of our favorite and most I was talking points with the Bruins can't they're good power play is awful. Third best power play the NHL this year and you sought. I -- when they were out there with the man advantage on Friday night that's when a lot of that. That consistent zone time in pressure on Jimmy Howard started the power play even if you don't score -- be something to jumpstart your tire off that. Something you'd jump start your into higher gains. And that's something the Bruins can do if they get dropped penalty -- now I -- Really wanna see that a big play after usually decided. -- five on five hockey to the Bruins are one of the better five on five -- pride the best five on five team -- That's -- wanna see these games ultimately decided. But if you get a penalty can draw one early in the game get that power play that's something to jumpstart your -- brightly. -- coverage you need that to be their jumper it -- choice. It should be paid down a game Stanley Cup Playoffs at home don't wanna go back down 02. NDE got to be able to come out that kind of fire that kind of intensity back got to sustain. Consistent puck possession early. Roll those slides get that were checked going in -- any chances on Jimmy -- quality chances. Yeah not the kind of stuff yet to stop on Friday night. Despite kind of sit back -- crease and make it saints they sent -- and I don't wanna take everything away from the red wings here. I don't wanna take everything away from what they were able to do it the fact they put a shot out on the board. But it was more about the way the Bruins played -- a red wings did in particular on Friday night with the exception ankle by -- -- great individual leopard. And the weird goal. But a great effort great play by one of the best players in the world 6177797937. AT&T text like 37. ID 37 EU China not Twitter Chris -- 44. And on the flip side of that. The defense -- play for the Bruins and in the play goal for two grass what I wanna see different absolutely nothing nothing. I knew we soften the Bruins defensively. Is what they do. -- a lot of ability to trap in the neutral zone. Getting physically -- jamming up in the middle. When they're in the deep offensive zone trying to force. Hi everybody with the puck would there be a Winger center whoever blue liner bringing it up forced them out towards the wall and try to create. That. You know that that trapped. That has been very very successful for them that has been a big part of what they do so well as a hockey team. And at that Tuukka Rask in the same sense Jimmy Howard and I can tell he was sensational on Friday night but he made every save -- to make except for one. One crucial one obviously that decided the game. So to -- did just about everything right that he needed to do you want Friday night. And he said he was screens that he didn't see the shot came in for dot suit that one got by him but for me it was more about the relatively thin margin for error with which the Bruins left themselves. By not really waking up -- sensibly not generating those kinds chances until they got. Way too deep into the third period to realistically do about it. I'm Chris -- hanging out with you Easter Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. We'll be keeping you up to date on the rest of the NHL post season as well including the flyers in the Rangers. 32 lead right now with Philadelphia over New York late in the second period. Like many Canadians play a little bit later on today Montreal to a two nothing lead in that series. And I think. Somebody protect it was for Tampa had a great line solid reliable high incidence. You know they know what it's like -- Bring it to nothing lead back home and lose the series referencing of course 2011 when the Bruins with a team that did that to a lost. The first two games at home went back up to the Bell -- end up winning that series in seven games that -- wanna put up. Although smile on the faces of some of the birds faithful I'll take quick break we'll get you trending now all the updates and would get into a bunch of stuff in the next hour we talked a little basketball as well the Celtics -- coming to an end. It get into the Red Sox who play what is bound to be an emotional game tonight. At Fenway Park plus all your Bruins calls walking at 6177797. 93 said Chris colliding with -- on Easter Sunday it's Sports Radio WE yak.

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