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Mike Loftus, the Patriot Ledger of Quincy, Joins Chris Villani to Break Down Bruins/Red Wings

Apr 20, 2014|

Mike Loftus covers the Bruins for the Patriot Ledger of Quincy and joins Villani to provide his insight and analysis regarding this matchup for the B's. He gives his keys for the B's to get a victory.

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Sports hernia WEEI -- colliding with you here on Easter Sunday Bruins and red wings. Little more than ninety minutes away from dropping the puck in game number 21 round Stanley Cup Playoffs with Detroit up one game to none to talk more about that. And all things bees from the Quincy patriot ledger is Mike -- Mike are you -- happy Easter. And you are on our. Appreciate you taking the time and let's start with health or his Bruins team and a map mark 'cause key Kevin Millar got back to practice yesterday will they be back to action this afternoon. Are we there yet Claude Julien you know what what -- -- thinking now about. Quarter to 2 o'clock and -- prop you'll tell if they'll they'll they'll say he -- -- -- to the other two and so. I guess. I I didn't think it -- -- one of them would come back probably Miller because he did make aren't the rights and other times this week. -- -- coast yesterday I was first on skated that we know of since. Last Sunday so he should -- down while has only -- 11 time on the actual voters felt. The other thing is you know for for missing those guys the other night in this exciting -- candidacy accordingly give up 24 shots and one goal. You know I you'd you'd like your best players all the time but I don't think I don't think the defense. And you know -- defense they were missing the other night was set figured an issue. -- kind of goes back goes to what I want to ask about next who's just the overall defense of effort on Friday night mean anytime you lose one to nothing -- -- back Odyssey defense was it really the problem but there wasn't even a real. Consistent volume of great scoring opportunities for the red wings who's really to to my at least more about that one sensational play by Dotson. Right right and you know on the match. That's an extreme version of -- but that's that's kind of arbitrary scores it's usually they take Europe in particular rule in the state. And -- and turn -- into Russian and try to generate their you know their. They're -- they're offensive chances you know in transition because they are fast. On the PA it was an interest in game the other night because you know leading up into the series. You know put the fear of a concern on the part of you people who followed the groans the fans and stuff -- you know these these young guys from Detroit you know over the night square similarly. When adding to teach me into all these guys these young fast guys. You know they weren't factor what do volcano towards. -- their best player they can -- placement you know with three minutes left in the game. When you look at that goal in particular I mean -- feel like the opinion has been somewhat split two grass that he was screened. Again I don't think he was but in any part -- the main point of the problem on Friday night but. Did you look at that is the soft goal just a fantastic point. A little brother I wouldn't call it soft who wish there was something funny happened with with that pocket wasn't a great shot that they may be. Don't let that fool to -- that -- you know you don't offs and sequels go through have been trying to hit the middle and -- You know so it was it was surprising gold but it was also. You know one of the very few chances they had -- -- -- had wanted to achieve it in that period and maybe perhaps doesn't indicate silk. You know what I mean a lot of a lot of what happened to that goal happened got the option to that -- -- and you know they had just nearly scorecard with with Lucic on that tip where it was. But the you -- the winds changed our -- or don't want to wanted to release Bergeron. Riley met a little bit more and Marcia now had chances to deal with the popular little bit deeper in the offensive zone and didn't work out all -- should know shortstop soup so little a lot went on in the I you don't masks culpability. You know I get a little bit problem but it's it's not it's it's not a chance the -- usually give up either. The diversity. 56 minutes prior to that the preceded ankle or a lot different than the previous two and a half periods in terms of the Bruins and kind of a sustained fore check what was it about. That's stretch there was so dramatically different because before the goal. It felt like a matter of time before eventually the Bruins got to get one past our data and get a goal obviously went the other way. Yeah I I don't want to the Bruin Q -- their way into the game but I I think they may be you know waited a little bit too long arm. When he came he's -- that he really kind of you don't -- will gain great -- play -- game for Detroit they. -- they were really dictating anything that they were current cabinet that way that's that's what they would prefer. You know as it is to keep the colts and it'll probably keep that -- -- -- that'll that'll -- they think they can match bruins' offense and I think it it took the Bruins a little bit too long -- You know to really make that portion and get a little bit more physical. The one thing that really helped -- would say they finally got -- -- like. In the third period in nearly scored but I think -- I think a lot of chances it -- you know that's that's which you want a cold we are late to get what you. You know you definitely want to create some momentum and a spot. I thought that happened so you know when you look at today's game. You know and I you know that's that's definitely a goal to try to you know get the -- honored to -- it's an -- there. No longer an option play with a long enough that. You'll either get the scoring chance or -- its gonna have to look. You know it's gonna commit some kind of infraction when -- little -- injuries. Nobody on either power play unit -- -- and it -- went in pretty good this year so you know he knows that they would like to get a little bit more today. What's your thought on Jimmy Howard the way he's playing this season I mean and to get to work terribly hard on Friday night he's been. Injured and at times inconsistent this year -- got a goaltender is he right now. I you know it's it's it's really hard for me to say I didn't -- we -- Detroit. This year -- three out of four times -- before Thanksgiving so it's an it was a little wobble Fareed you know start of the watched them. With the idea that they might play and while it it's hard to gates has is numbers. You know in today's day and -- are not spectacular north 265 goals against I think during the there in the regular season and save percentage wasn't right either -- you know you can. You can live without when you're good defensive -- on the I don't think. You know I mean I I kind of think that this year at the jury's. Heard a little bit out the series is its elderly -- shut out the it didn't really have to do very much the other end and that's another thing for the pros would float up. You know get more pucks -- get what fox -- and you know make the world a little bit more. Like a lot to join me Quincy patriot ledger from the TD garden the Bruins and red wings -- about ninety minutes away from game time. Getting back to the -- getting back to that top line decree to line. I thought they were particularly disappointing why couldn't they get going early in that game -- power play. Good question I'm sure that there out. -- -- -- what are the things that. They order big picture you're weary of with Detroit is that you know. That's systems that that you know that preys on the state that that's just let you know if you if you try to do something a little bit too fancy. And they kicked the puck away they're they're gonna do what they eventually did not have a pretty cheap line. But you know the groups or they're gonna get great chances Nicky -- You know commit an infraction in in transition slight I think I think that maybe that they were a little bit too careful. I would expect that were -- you know more than me because it's it's got the capabilities to. You know to try to beat. No a little bit more physical than they normally Lucic you know they say it enough but you know -- I think the one guy that we didn't see very much a regular -- and and I you know you you know he's gonna try to look to wrap that up today. We talk about the -- Kelly I mean for me at least a lot of it was. The lack of a strong presence out in front of the net part of the reason I guess why Howard didn't have to work all that hardy saw a lot of the shots. They did find there weigh in on him you expect that to be a point of emphasis for the Bruins this afternoon. Yeah with the with the lines that are good at doing it on. You know that that's not a big part of like at the the virtual online army although you don't want -- and in -- Smith went on our -- pretty good to get near there and -- it's stopped but but you know Lucic beat Cuba and then on the third line. You know to get to get Soderbergh more involved that lion you'll find it picked it up around in the third period I think that would really it's -- Chris Chris Kelly. But you'll sort of -- you know there's that that we are thought the last months six weeks and years. It's just the -- and hard to move -- and you know he could -- -- lol so yes absolutely you know they they need to get some more you know. They need to get more people from the net but you know. It is you know that -- had all starts with people getting the -- down there which which they just didn't do you know well not flash game. We -- Bergeron and Datsyuk and I know Claude Julien was asked about this after the game and he said that view is you know apparently comfortable at those lines. Out there at the same time and obviously so was Mike Babcock do you expect more of that today and is it a wash or is -- a potential edge one way or another when you look at the Bergeron vs dot declines. After after one game it's it's a little difficult. You don't I mean I think it really you know Babcock wants. You know what would want. Yeah I think that's that's with the Bruins wanted to and and then. And you know Babcock didn't try to get away with you know didn't try to get away from it. You know I think I think preaching -- is really kind of the key here is they don't have to play -- that's the result sort of -- the different wire. All you know I mean I think there's some opportunity really here for. For critique like you almost want Bergeron lying. You to be kind of a -- they're -- if they're gonna play against the you know the top offensive player of the -- offensive -- -- the the -- -- -- try to get away with it. And get away from it you know you know I I think it's something that could potentially you know walked to the early advantage but. You know Babcock the coach and it's if you except matchup you know maybe you know maybe different music okay. If you like it that you shouldn't do it. -- there's -- some fishy here. What's he what's he what's he up to you or there that. It's pretty lucky so sneaky Babcock with -- is great head of -- Mike -- for he had -- the patriot ledger join him a couple of minutes left here. One of the big talking points coming into this series and even after just one game those voices have only been magnified is that even at the Bruins are the better team. That this is a bad match I know a lot of the games as you pointed out. Were before Thanksgiving between these two -- the do you buy into that notion that this could be just a bad match up for the bees out for first round opponent. Well. It. -- I would go far too far to say it's a bad match up arms in its but it hard matchup I mean this thing in there. That I think the Bruins can exploit there that there -- things that maybe make it easier to play its Redmond since they've drawn some of -- -- -- the the red wings. You know there is no Zetterberg or probable we will get some points as you know they're -- defense. The other -- defenseman is not a fantastic start with -- in the secure American. You know -- I think there was some thinking it you know is that in the red went on out there that you can exploit. And it wouldn't be too you know we've we've heard a lot of vote you know that these young guys in the guys came up from the minors and at. And I think they're going to be spared the players but the role in the first playoffs and the Pulitzer. You know pretty much. Pretty much experience -- -- I don't know it would be hard communicated -- matchup in the first I would eat. You know a bad ones but I -- you almost never I mean it's. Kind of the American their DNA right now right you know Tony's going to be -- the first round so. You know on the Internet that series -- -- you know long series seven games and -- is supposed Kamal what. Well as you look at this game this afternoon we type but a bunch of things but two different keys yet a bumper sticker. You know one or two or three particular keys for the Bruins today to to flipping the script what would they -- It's -- first state they. They've they've got to you know get the more more time in Detroit zone it is key. I think they have to. It's got to play a little bit more of physical game particularly on on Detroit's defense. And -- I mean you know I really feel like it's it's that simple otherwise you'll stick to their system. You know you know when it comes you know he's going to be very burial or whatever it's crickets are -- you better be right on your -- and back after them. Or they can coach twelve -- so it's. If it's like up for you I don't and there are. And. There's no world says it has to be 3-D -- -- they want. A small bumper so hypocritical but what a couple -- but ferret out there enough. By the way what a day -- Easter Sunday and the special over at the the garden spread making as a hammer something any good. There are some camera there that I -- they're also do the -- also about making an affront shouldn't there so much as. But my my version and was called sausage I guess that's. It works a comes from the same animal relatively speaking eggs out our -- and I like it up in -- Yes yes close enough. Plus we'll call that him dinner for Easter Sunday -- on Twitter at -- does underscore ledger Quincy patriot ledges where he can read his stuff Mike really appreciate taken a few minutes on game day. Enjoy it and I have a great holiday. Thank you very much are really yeah. Thank you very much Mike lot to get from the Quincy patriot alleged Jordanian AT&T hotline. We'll get to some of the things he talked about some of the keys to these game small bumper. Two big keys I mean really he can come down to 11 above all others and I'll get to that next mixing your Bruins calls. At six once that 779793. -- Chris colliding with Europe Sports Radio WE.

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