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Chris Villani Provides his thoughts on today's Bruins/Red Wings Game

Apr 20, 2014|

Villani opens with Bruins and what they'll have to do to even up the series later today at the Garden.

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Well rather than a -- a lot of shell I prefer to think this is Chris -- Easter Sunday extravaganza. NASA and far between now 4 o'clock we got Mike -- Quincy patriot ledger is going to be checking in from the TD garden in about a half hours so get. Some pregame updates that check -- on the status map park house -- Kevin Miller among other things. As the -- get set for game number two against the red wings will take you Bruins calls in the meantime at 617779. Seven not 837 attacks -- buzzing is always -- 37937. It can chime in on Twitter you like Chris -- 44 and outlets and a little bit this morning. To butch and DJ talking you know primarily -- do you guys and it seems like in which he got appointed this -- that last hour. It seems like there is two sides they they kind of emerge in others the rational side that says hey. Birds gotta play their game only down a goal like game in the series only goal I guess in the aggregate scoring tally. And this is one that we cut could be a deep series against a pretty quality first round opponent relative to what you're typical. Top seed presidents' trophy winning team could say. And the other side. Says I think I'm quoting here. Put them on their -- With Bobble Datsyuk with the visit -- the Bruins you know the the more desperate. I think that was the that was that the general -- year. Yes there it is of the conversation so we'll call that the work more passionate more urgent side and I'm more desperate side will say and I think that I as a typically do cap on the middle here. I don't think this is the desperate situation for the -- by any stretch I mean look we've seen this team plane at seven game series well a lot of the first round. Over the last five or six years we've seen this team good down early in series. Still come back to wait even losing games at home the 2011 against the Canadians were down 02 had not -- north the Sandra bell and still came back won that series and that. Even though I don't think is the desperate situation for the bees I do wanna see a sense of desperation if that makes any -- I -- cease emergency I wanna see the Bruins getting back. To the kind of musicality the kind of strong puck possession game. It made them the best team in the NHL. Or the entire season but especially when it counts the most the second half -- the year at a building towards a post season run kind of building towards this point. We know we've seen. How strong these team can -- possessing the puck how good they can be on the were check out bacon -- line after line. And continue to keep the puck in the -- and -- zone in generate scoring chances and how it's not Friday night. We did see it Friday night. -- glorious. Like six minute stretch. In the third period -- right around the midway point of the third period until. That's simple. We saw. That -- that sustain fore check that consistent. Pot possession and pressure that the Bruins were able to put on Jimmy Howard for a brief but leading stretch. Unfortunately at that point it's so late in the game it's so late in the third period. You put yourself in a spot where hey you're opened 21. Bad break or one sensational play or combination of two. Going against you go back the other way and putting the only goal on the board the Bruins lose the game once enough. What we saw what the Bruins were able to provide in the third period. For that stretch about ten minutes left in the in the game until the Datsyuk -- 67 minutes there is what the Bruins need to come out with today. It's about being strong in the offensive zone it's about getting the puck deep in -- checking to keep -- the it's about the top line decree Cheadle I'm not spending nearly as much time in neutralize or in the defensive zone trying to get the puck going the other way we saw a lot of that. On Friday night Mac -- happen again. So what we saw late in the game we sought the third period from the -- would. Is exactly what they need to do exactly the kind of effort the kind of in -- urgency desperation. Musicality. -- any any term you wanna. That's the kind of play that we need to see early on from has brought its team he would be. Can't wait till the third -- can't be back on the heels and limited scoring chances in limited offensive zone time or two and a half periods from this team. They just don't play that way. They certainly don't play well that way. And it opens itself up to even though the Bruins played pretty solid game played a good defensive game. I mean there was only one goal it was a sensational individual leopard buy dot. Even though they played a really strong. Defense in game -- Tuukka Rask was fine and the people lame blame onto grass guy I completely disagree. But what they did the effort they brought the energy they brought was too late in the game even though it seemed like Detroit for me at least. With in that you know that that that desperation that hanging on for dear life mode. That mode where it just seems like are at this is gonna happen at some point they keep. Putting pucks on that -- creating those rebound opportunities keep Jimmy Howard sliding side -- side eventually something's gonna get -- what happens. Howard makes a save and he himself called -- lackeys. Puck comes back out towards neutralize ends up on the stick of may be the best player on this planet. Certainly an -- conversation. And he beta of fantastic individual -- pretty may have played -- not -- guys -- don't want past Tuukka -- and that was it. It's more about what the Bruins do today that about matchups in terms of one line vs the other the Bruins have all the check -- there the better team. I know Detroit's one ot now four out of five this year. And I understand one Friday night means -- well a lot I don't really put a lot of stock in the ones that were especially early in the regular season including the one Bruins went I don't. They both of these teams are a lot different today than they were back in November December even January pre Olympic break. But all the checked mark to me go to the broad. They have the deeper -- lines due to better scoring team in the better defensive team they're better on the Blue Line evil with their relative inexperience and injuries in Detroit dealing with some of the same things. In their battery goal. With Tuukka Rask. Maybe the best goaltender in the NHL this year so it's not about what Detroit does in this game it's not about what Detroit does in the series about the Bruins. Showing up in playing the style of hockey that is made then not only the best team in the NHL this year one of the better teams in the NHL now for -- years. Get physical get out front of the net get traffic out pretty Jimmy Howard. And try to create some of those opportunities try to create some of those scoring chances early on in the game to not wait don't let these team this Detroit team. Feel like he can win don't let them feel like it's still got out light and an opportunity. Into the third period that's exactly what happened. And even though the Bruins came out with a lot of fire from the mid point of that third period even though it started to look really familiar. That's -- the broads are placed republic really familiar a lot like what we -- out of his team the last couple of months by that point. You're risking a lot because by that point it just takes one using Jimmy Howard's words lucky saved. And then a great play back the other way to screen in front raskin XP you know Dotson puts the one goal board and the red wings win it out one. So it's not a desperate situation for the Bruins. But I do wanna see his sense of urgency in a sense of desperation. Bristol -- with your Easter Sunday 6177797937. Tech slice 37937. If your head into the garden today could just planning on. Maybe eating a little earlier -- later that you planned on Easter Sunday can get a watch the Bruins give me call what do you wanna -- On his Bruins team today other than the obvious other than a win what's the most important factor for you. In -- way the Bruins have to go about their business this afternoon to try to tie up this series it to try to send it. Back to Detroit even up at a game apiece rather than going back into what -- we could all agree. Would be a fairly desperate situation if they end up back at the Joseph down 026177797937. I'll get some calls here Tom on the cape lead to stop this afternoon a top. Baker fellow -- -- -- real thanks to technical abrupt. So certainly if you know we're gonna play -- So I don't worry about the -- out of the game I worry about the talent. And I think that you know we. That goal that -- to -- -- gave up was amazing for. -- and third leg just put it between his legs and you know give it a goal. Was amazing I mean that was Gretzky Michael. -- all the not a lot of guys could make Els played in not a lot of guys can make -- -- happens to be one of them but the puck ended up on the stick around guy. Yeah exactly and he had to -- problem Manila's you don't crazy. I'm so we're not threaten physical play now I think it's talent. And I mean it's people so I I think we're looking at the third line like I'm looking at like crew. You know to make plays and not looking at march on I mean these guys can make plays Amanda why. You know. Well but but but are they because the biggest let down and I had from Friday night. Was the play the top line played -- -- line I mean that's the one that you you count on you feel like the Bruins being you put that when your hip pocket and -- Dick reach its consistently. That line and then it's about the depth after that that didn't happen. I mean at the half as much people are talking about the guys that -- out the guys that stepped the end -- like Warrick or or some of the guys in the Blue Line pairings. I thought it was more about the failures and he consistencies of those top lines the you'd think he can count on. Right -- -- I think that this -- like that -- not a one and it matchup anymore you know they get they get a lot of that. You know that there's more like. Like no one and three. You know I mean Detroit got a lot of guys back in the beginning of in the beginning of this play out. Yeah and and you know there's there's no question there there a difference he wanted to. Presidents' trophy and we should have played it seemed we should be playing you now TY. You know what we're not playing that great team now right where we can get screwed which is not an excuse but. I mean you know these guys you know to grasp for that one goal like that march on that -- -- amazing. Goal you know lists. Annaly and being that he could've made to apply but if he noted we -- haven't told different arbitration would be happened. Yet there are out there there's there's there's no question Tom that the and I -- appreciated this guy from the cape external attack dedicate the DY reference. The simple fact of the matter is -- degrees a very narrow margin for error an -- goes back to my point beginning. About the Bruins and about that sense of urgency when I talk about technicality. I'm not talking about hits necessarily I'm talking about being strong with the pot. And it starts by the way with base -- another area where the Bruins lost Detroit won that battle point -- twenty on Friday night. And then consistent possession and pressure in the offensive zone something that didn't happen -- And it goes back your people wanna talk about the guys the Bruins mr. who's coming back -- sector editing -- potter just war and again they cost the Bruins game last on Friday night. They weren't the -- appointed to its advantage -- come up when they needed to. I look straight to that top line and I didn't look at Tuukka Rask. And that's where I agree with Tom's point about the goal I did think -- screen -- with a laser beam. I can tell you it was just and all conceivable kind of shot it was a five -- tied to get under is pat it was it was tough goals a tough play for -- I can get poured it on him. When -- for two and a half periods there's no sustained were checked there's no consistency terms offensive chances and I'm not trying to take too much away from Jimmy Howard yet shot out -- I could tell he was bad but he sought every single freak shot aimed his way on Friday night. You're needs to be more -- Cali stronger presence -- in front of the net try to create some of those chances Philly and Boston is up next on WB if they'll. There aren't doing well -- you. Good and I think for me the most important thing for the Borough and I think it'll start of production. I think production -- gonna take away the confidence of the red wings and that and a lot more series. Again they're pretty good cause that -- principle that's all part of it but I think it all starts from possession. -- apart and created much and. Yep that's our team is built right I mean you expect those long. Sustained offensive possession because they can roll one to two to three to four all four lines. And have guys that can sustain a -- jacket keep the puck in the -- to zone that was I was most disappointed it. On Friday night -- that's what didn't happen that's what they need to get back to today completely agree. -- -- Our thanks for that for a check it and they'll six point 77797937. Again Mike Loftus. I'll get some his pregame thoughts coming up in just a few minutes you're an Easter extravaganza. And you know we we talked about this Cali a lot of people immediately go to words -- or or go towards these big open ice -- go to putting them on it on their grass and everything else. And I think there can't be that element for the Bruins they certainly played well. When they're the more physical team when they're stronger with the puck. I'm looking more for just that strong five on five play in the offensive. Public for more from the crate -- line absolutely more from the -- she line today. Because they should have a match up advantage. And you know if you look at it in include Julian talked about this a little bit on a Friday after the game about the comfort level that he had and that Mike Babcock had. Apparently with the Patrice Bergeron line opposite the Datsyuk line. And you're looking at two of the best all around players in the world. Bergeron may be the best. Rezone player in the NHL this particular season Datsyuk you know her obviously injured. -- throughout parts this year be indirectly your play well immediately went to came back scored the only goal on Friday night you know what he can do an act scored back goal by the way. With book Bergeron and Chara out on the ice tells guild is something about what kind of a player. Hobbled Dotson is and about how he can compete against -- the other teams. Better defense of players in defense of mind players but. If those two lines. Essentially cancel each other out. Or. You know live each other with -- that tight checking game that we saw on Friday night that it's very important. Pretty creature you -- and for the Soderbergh line. To get themselves back into the flow of having you'll be able to sustain a sport jacket sustained possession and create opportunities. You know the biggest the thing I wanna see you term that musicality is not hits it's not big checks it's being physical out in front of the net getting traffic out in front of the net. The try to create a better chance than Jimmy -- I don't want it to see nearly as many pucks as he seemed to see on Friday night. And he was fine don't get me wrong YouTube or shut out on the board as a goaltender union played back. But that was one of the easier shot out I think he's probably had to make a long time that put up a long time. He didn't see it's not a great scored chances either Tuukka until the third period. They -- hold on for dear life mode for about five or six minutes and then. Bubble Datsyuk makes one great play back the other way next thing you know Detroit's one nothing lead users. Gave to this afternoon putts to drop three -- on NBC have got you up until or Mike -- is Quincy patriot ledger is at the garden will get an update. On the Bruins in terms of their health. Going into game two we'll see you Mike thinks is the single biggest key to the Bruins. Reversing their fortunes -- even up the series. One game apiece after game two here this afternoon to TD garden like lot destroys -- next. -- body hanging out with you on Easter Sunday Sports Radio WEEI.

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