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Butch and DJ Bean on Sports Sunday: Bruins/Red Wings - Analysis and Breakdowns

Apr 20, 2014|

Butch and DJ continue their preview of Game 2 between the Bruins and Red Wings in Boston later today.

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So DJ. DJ dean of WEEI dot com is here on -- Stearns I mentioned in that flash. That this is the fourth year in a row that the Bruins have had home ice advantage. Started a first round playoff series two games at home and it's kind of interesting now and this is guaranteed because they lost on Friday night that they never won those two games. Last year. You remember they won Connie easily for one -- Game where I'm -- scoring Toronto -- rednecks right scored the first it was someone yesterday stump me on the dates and who scored the first school. The playoffs the Bruins last now that I got quite everybody in that I was like you know what your race that we read and he -- you just reminded me that hard that the topic of discussion. Was the veteran vs the rookie and all of a sudden -- group crew made that a moot point by going on his magic cut -- so it's that that was such a fascinating. -- situation. Because they get their -- point where the Bruins need a left shot defenseman. And they're going after it crew games Archos skiing all these guys they had on their roster other NHL roster in -- and Johnson. But because they had used up all their I guess emotions -- conditioning assignments. The had tried to send Johnson down to the HL late in the season so we could play if he was needed. But they weren't allowed to do it so they had this cold NHL defenseman who they couldn't play because he hadn't played. In like months so that's why they had to call Marcos area but let's call crew go up. And they get a couple gamers. So I guess my question to -- is when I look back at the last three years and game to lose. All different situation just what this might mean for today's game -- here's what I mean. Last year the Bruins had their way for a warning game. The leaves were the ones asking themselves questions how we gonna beat this team guess what happened. They decided to out physical the Bruins in game two I went back and looked at games stories -- -- this'll pop into your mind but. Follow me they out hit the Bruins 22 to ten in the first period of game two. Johnny local scored two goals in the second period which helped them a lot but they won a game to fortitude to take momentum and the send the series to Toronto. Yes well Demi did did they did come out. Hard amber ready to come out hard early on it in that game and I mean England yeah -- people had a big game I hate that hits that here's why because it's basically as. There are more advanced that's now that say they'd try to indicate. A longer team possesses the -- who as the puck when you're on the ice things like that. Hits to meet that just says you didn't have the puck but but doesn't it. Doesn't isn't that stat meaningful in the sense that means your physical yeah but they decided to be physical on it right up working for -- and -- in this year's look -- -- they had what does that mean for the Bruins this year. In this situation is here right I think that it's too. Professional series I know that the that second line with -- hand and in Qatar in night Quist is an awfully young line but. There was I don't -- it is that it it's at a business like series between the two teams because everyone on each side. Gets it with the exception of as I said that dreadful third pairing for Detroit that. I don't think that's. It Detroit's in over their heads in that too in that the Bruins need I'm asking you continue to paint a picture this morning that the -- what the Bruins need to do. Today compared to Friday night is not that much difference right is it mean if they can get to the front of the net and that's we keep talking market -- that. -- shots from the point. There's a position where if Howard doesn't give opposed rebound -- put -- -- And -- capitalize. Zero goals is not a good look for the Boston Bruins and it's something that I mean I expected this team to score 34 goals a game against the -- maybe I was wrong. All right let's go to the phones -- lit up people wanna talk about game two today talk about the Bruins here on Easter Sunday so let's go to. Orlando and lost hope who have beaten down Ireland up. And on -- -- -- this ball down right now okay. Optional. That got. Hobbled Dobson to we got stuck -- him to that is liquor is the only. Puppet -- all of their. Man we always what do we do RB action we shot him there. And about a plague so some might say there I mean you're you're. Go ahead. We want to act. We get the ball -- -- Pepsi. Man and not gonna go. Eleven Atlanta comfortable that they are familiar you're chattering you're channeling you were close channeling her inner herb Brooks there. For the Russian speech that's that are they might be just nine times out of ten but not -- a bullish not. And I hardly -- at school -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that's -- so Orlando added that that's a white hot take from Orlando that's true. They can't neutralize that suit you -- you hope with him though video we scored C a goal. Every other gamer every three games he's going to. Exit -- did put him on his ass -- that put him on his -- and the reason that it's it's interesting that both Mike Babcock the end -- Julian. One Datsyuk line to play against Bergeron line because in doing that they're basically. Tied at third basically sacrificing. Their bass players saying. We don't want Bergeron to beat us in these other guys don't want. Into it -- Detroit as the shoppers drug beat them. And Boston doesn't want Datsyuk beat them so they're matched up against each other. In hopes that he can be close to wash it it was -- meet until the the 56 minute of the game it was. Ralph's in Cranston, Rhode Island -- Easter Sunday happy Easter Ralph. Happy to you guys who you know the last two calls first of all the folder put direct link I think -- bit of a double -- here in the the -- That -- not -- yeah he's went. Let's face it gore lost again and and I could be here which when he was said that he would shrink who think the way they prayed in the third quarter. So many -- vote but just didn't go in. I mean I would love to see in combat platelets that intensity -- the same way in your own outlook excuses the play -- more memorable it flail well. But it would go to look for any and the bullet here -- -- so. We'll bring your guys go figure a couple -- today -- -- -- a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- by the way I didn't block the match. If there's not a very. Physical keen to record commodity series if they win it all broke that's it that's good point. You know it's gonna shop and about I definitely think it's better team than Detroit if they -- a club. The potential we think he'll -- sort of the next why -- they don't want as good as we thought you know. Good point Ralph it's a good point it is a good thing is exactly what they've done in years past its grip on the visit how do you mean I don't wanna sound like I'm downplaying the musicality. Because I know people are calling it seem they Democrats and resonate across these guys and I sure that battle Hulk but I don't think it's the issue out of the clothes looking at his team and saying. And we're not physical enough I think that's part of the Bruins game and they'll be fine. 82 as far as his account he goes yes they need to set a presence from a Jimmy Howard the need to get to those rebounds and that but with that also comes more sustained pressure in the operatives on the need to be set up. The get the puck back to the point they have a guy likely to confront and whomever is throwing the puck on net. And he's getting to that rebounder there on the power play any of seats there from what. In char is able to capitalize there it just vote getting sustain pressure in the operatives don't have a guy in front of the net and then from there the rest should take care itself. Other thing I gleaned from the previous game -- Washington two years ago -- Montreal two years ago. They beat Washington and overtime in game one and they lost in game two. -- hoping it 43 saves and acumen and lost two to one in game two. 23 years ago when they won the cup they had lost a one nothing game. To Montreal in game one they lost a 321 game tomorrow tree on the next without -- And Montreal scored two goals right away in the first two minutes of the game. And I'm Carey Price stood on his head stopped 34 shots -- my question is -- hoping Carey Price did phenomenal job losing game twos. Is Jimmy Howard capable of doing that in game two today no matter what the. We're so I'm gonna cricket great hope he didn't do much in that game Braden hoping it really -- recent if -- didn't write but so. And one overtime -- second overtime so dale hunter basically decided not series that they are gonna keep that there are diskette. Keep everything to the outside from from the Bruins all the shots were coming. The Blue Line like the -- and get any actual good looks a great hoping that they were throwing pucks on net and hope he was seen them needed to have anything in front of them. If you stop in the easily he put up great numbers -- series and I was pulling my hair out that the people are talking about. All of this guy's playing great as opposed to the fact the Bruins are generating any sort of off on so it's kinda similar to Howard the other night. You need to see is that he had to make what about Carey Price in that series Carey Price are member after one of the -- Africa which one ought to go back and look. I was arguing -- bout with another writer because he was asking all the Bruins players vote are you get. How you can get past I may be in game one may -- Here's his quote after game two. Here's Carey price's quote after the Canadians are down games and on. Two is not four we have a lot of work left to do we are good team we jump out and get the lead we're playing them real tight and knocking them space right now. So he was actually very. Prophetic when you look back at at the series is not over was point. Will you what are your better quote about the Canadians and two in 20 leads John Cooper today at lightning head coach at perhaps the best. Quote they're down two games amount of all of this episode the lightning are trailed the lightning had the first two games at home. And he lost them both to the Canadians so now they're gone back to Montreal the canes have a two nothing lead now but should sound familiar. Today John Cooper said quote I'm sure they've never had a two nothing lead on the road before and come back and blown it. And so Bruins fans will appreciate gets lawyers -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey hey guys -- -- era and a couple of -- Kabul according to the brunt on. Game pornography is sort of feel appear feel points per game one and I think with the Bruins aren't no game boys that. Detroit is -- about -- current go into the curtain. Trophy winners. In Detroit -- quicker and I think the -- participating. Our second point. -- here in in 2011 preachy the top line -- Consistently I -- the play action points so I'm looking for a creature in our top clients. Start get from point to serpents and pucks in the net that's going to be incredibly important -- at their appointees. Kept coming kept backed I think our -- being he's tough he's physical when he when goes one on one battle. And I think have been back -- be -- I think. Chris Kelly and -- being held in there's also another concern because north liberal Bryant almost four lines can be inconsistent -- and. In there also be part compiled -- -- to mean you can't discount that India as such yet to give -- -- credit for. For I would -- made a lot of points -- I'll go to the creature point. Considering they're down one game tonight at home considering that it was dot Suk dobbs and scored the goal yeah considering all that. I think the credit she point is an interest in one meaning that. At the end of what you are writing about tonight DJ on WB -- dot com. Helps the Bruins immensely. If the first line. Is it a positive way written and however yeah here meaning that if considering adoption was wanna scored the one goal and one nothing India -- Craig -- and the first line. The guys who end up being the story of this game and Bruins win that's significant. It will be but I'll still be waiting for a deep depth to merge on either they canceled it so we're chemical in the series but how. The -- -- online against Datsyuk line in the creche in line. Against the -- in line might cancel one another out and from there at depth is going to tell the story that's all we're talking about going -- this year I don't disagree on how the women one takedown you literally cellphone taking you literally -- The trick you -- -- one goal behind right now and one game behind exactly they're not cancel each other so so that's that's what I'm saying so that the third and fourth lines. In in game by game one where the ones that canceled each other out. It was Pavel Datsyuk played against Patrice Bergeron Zdeno Chara then the -- different which is completely. Out of the ordinary for what the Bruins are built it's success on exactly years aren't what you -- arm Bergeron -- on the ice. Goals are not scored if they are it's for the Bruins so I needed it the shake hand line is the integrity -- -- We'll see how they match them up. I don't going into the series -- Mike Babcock said he had. I think the -- different. Offensive lineups he had in his mind that he could go with at any point so we'll see if they go at the same thing obviously -- that it worked in game one. But if crunchy if scratchy again lot in -- teacher matched up against the tar night Quist in -- again. All of whom are very very very good young players. The experience. And what David -- those in the post season. Should overpowering that handles big bodies I mean that that's that's a matchup that that's a mismatch the the -- that can guard Keith in Bedford hello Keith. Hey guys would have. Good idea problem. Quote sorry about that. And Kimberly Odom. -- a whiplash -- back to baseball soon. I'm really missing the fact that we don't have a day game today on Sunday -- But the next two weekends we well both days. Our sirens sounded the next two weeks volunteers somebody up so much. I'm getting a little tired of you know this mantra that game baseball games and it don't matter. And I get side specifically to be a point of we're gonna play two more games against Baltimore in the -- series against yankees. Before we get victory you know in the world -- books back. -- division you know analysis and it's seems to me that we really can't afford to lose to many of those five games. You know the before -- you know become super energized triple a roster you know. So what is your overall point that while the games in April matter just as much there there at a critical because they can't afford to fall behind. I would be. Why are you know you know what their record is very well Donald I keep keep you know the record is right now. Eight and ten right you know the yankees' record -- -- enemy. And that's the difference between first and last place so while I agree with you the -- eighteen and eight and April and that was huge. Part of -- them winning the division last year while I do agree with your premise the games in April count as much as any other month maybe even more so depending on the start it off. Only two games -- I know I'm not panic. I'm just saying that these are more meaningful games and. I'd I disagree with -- wanna see we're going and I disagree and here's why -- disagree. With they go to win three or three and chewing their next five games it's not making hill of beans difference. In my opinion. Now if they go for an one thing it themselves right back in the race Bob Bob lie and their their do and it's an. Would be nice if they win two out of three to the Yankees especially since they lost three at a -- yes music critical now. What I'm saying is we can't get -- far. That's basically yeah I wonder if you know I guess I'm. Unless we've got to put the ball there's still a great which is wrong -- street everything it seems like. That I I'm just saying that the next five games and more important than. You know they're not a backdrop to -- the plan -- plan. Well thanks for the -- keep -- you know going from bruins' playoff talk. A Red Sox April games talk it's hard to put a level of importance or urgency. Online the next five games be right they're playing the Orioles. And yankees. It is it any perspective it's just hard to do it when the Bruins might be down two games to none and heading on the road. It's just it seals and certificates. Rate rate -- a straight Man -- from little still know exactly though how to solve its problems. Right after Fred New Hampshire and -- in New Hampshire of the great state of New Hampshire is up next inning double barreled. Action -- map Loper screening your calls but Stearns DJ being sports Sunday on Easter Sunday stagger. Bars for both teams were ready to play. Both teams but pretty good defensive -- so. -- -- -- -- -- -- part of it but we'll. As David Craig -- Saying it very bluntly we have to find a way to score some goals no doubt about it. DJ being -- Stearns and an Easter Sunday on sports Sunday on for the back to the Bruins I do -- but your quick comment on. Keep from Bedford point it is hard to talk Red Sox schedule right now but as a matter of perspective -- looking at this at the break. Two of the big reasons the Red Sox. Got to the playoffs. And did what they did last year was that they're the best home record in baseball. And they were twelve games -- 500 all the games against their division. 44 and 32. Against the American League east and they were 5320s. Last year. As a matter of perspective -- point why can't. Sit here while the Bruins are facing go down 02 possibly. Whip up a frenzy about the next five games for the Red Sox will say this. -- next eleven games are all against the American League east and seven. Eight of them home excuse me of their left. They're eight and ten in the month of April. And they have ten games left in April there were eighteen in late April last year. So we have to win basically -- and these gains in April to match their April last year probably knock out. They're all against the American League east and again it's early but -- three and five at home. And four and five against the American east only playing the Orioles and the Yankees. So if nothing else -- ten games left in April 7 of them at home and all against the American League east. They have a chance if they go six war or something better than 500. To start a trend that gets them heading back to next year. At the month and if it indeed a big. To where they were last year they're no longer in pleasant surprise territory I think at this point now it's more and expectations surprise so. Now there's more pressure on them now to do it I'm saying that when they do -- And there analyze the similarity. This is stretched between the Bruins and the Red Sox noted the kids -- the Bruins underwent a copyright. I don't know how they handle today's situation is huge. Or saving it I might not be devastating to your point of their veteran team been through this before done that before. But but against this is foreign to the Detroit Red Wings not the Toronto. Maple Leafs who just happy to be in the playoffs which -- Montreal Canadians -- the can get out of that sort -- that the Canadians can write UN and turn around with a of Michael Ryder going to be -- there they have their own news though with about Calkins. The guys over -- that we Babcock. He's got. They played out late eleven deep -- -- was so mystified intrigued by discount because this guy doing he's got a -- guard its -- -- He's greeted box scores the media after in this Internet press conferences. Like there's -- mystique about it now at the same thing with Mike Babcock except. He always wins that was incredible the could make that sound that was my Hayes RRE or use. Its outlook is that it is. That's exactly we're having some malfunction and -- Titanic anatomy now that was from there was times. That was from Bugs Bunny decayed. And that the little alien guy used to come Downey was given nebula -- you. He would nebula. So we are no -- there right analysis at the F word. Is it with how impressed taking -- And guide you on -- rolled the. There's no way he's going on here but you're right the red wings could be putting the Bruins. And his anyway let's go to Fred in New Hampshire hello Fred. Bush say that -- it would look for and nobody's ever won. A seven game series one game so all these people get off the stage I mean come on. Actually I disagree. A game seven somebody wins a seven game series in one game. In order to win when he that would -- We're not here yet but -- and I disagree with you but not close any sixteen -- on top. So I mean with that basic math. It all comes down to the Bruins. -- need the actions that are not enough that it on on not Friday night. Oh come on don't -- yes there was there was an earlier religious values c'mon -- you really got to try it. When we talked about it Lou stick your head in the game it doesn't seem like you're trying I could and that's that that hasn't happened this level. Don't you can't talk about how they were involved and they couldn't get in front of that now. -- that if you watching Monica you don't pay like more pain right ankle because that would be fantastic atmosphere is -- that the Mets series. Put out and they end up. I don't know where she met there called a sitting twins to your to your point Fred that did not start happening until game three right they trailed two games tonight. Right but when we lock them down they didn't come back with any kind of pressure any -- look at the bullet in the back -- to Detroit I don't know what invite sent. You can talk about you all day long at the Bruins. Play the game but what what I'm on too much knowledge of the playoffs they had -- that acting they had they had it scheduled that was. Crazy when they come -- if you want I want you think. I didn't put in the effort and cannot look at Tibet ending -- -- right now that if they come out with -- back. -- wasn't -- the first line second and third line fourth line a bit. I didn't -- had to do with limiting for it's often easy law. Fight in this Portland started this these are people channeling their inner Claude -- this is the speeds they want for the game tonight. That -- You said you can't that he -- -- way we split the one nothing game against Tampa -- in 2011. Until it. We must tell -- right Matt stripe like we have heard that was like a perfect -- yeah. I want a car -- but it was all due to effort and beat the night. OK to try not -- we want to get but the only Thomas altogether you can print -- a good job you'd effort grows up some friends and trying to get you missed. Stanley -- Okay yet be better than Friday night show me. Playing ball coming that Sunday. You got -- Fred I like that channeling his inner cloture like that that's the speech she wants people -- that speech -- let the fire and brimstone at that. After it EF FA HT. Athletic. It's going to be Indian and understand window unit channel -- -- herb Brooks here. I'm not a lot of bad question to you is how hard do you think the brutal try to. That it -- well I think there I mean that's kind of a silly question. Either the team right now I look at them as legitimately injured in all the wrong places which team the red wings -- the -- Then you know they have two young defensemen. Who were playing very very well in his seat -- adding no surprise to almost everybody yeah and the -- he took a physical play. And that they are taught you to step up from any the other two guys are so pot. England. -- is more important that I like people people in this this like. People like the way that Miller came on the way that use -- idea that people some coming from I don't know where they -- newpark LSU was. The role the park just keep -- on this team is far greater than that of Kevin Miller. But no -- -- -- certain claim to the core group so -- exactly that ostensibly exactly. So I don't know wait wait unique anyway human. -- -- -- wish -- well you guys wanna play the logical game right now and several callers have gone the emotional route. I gotta take exception somewhere in between there to your point about quote. The Bruins are injured -- depleted and all the wrong places. Is Rascal feet HR healthy are Bergeron and -- in those lines healthy. I mean that would be the wrong right plays actually. Let me rephrase that then. They're they're injured incompletely you don't notice but what I. Okay. Okay okay so so we may be aren't while all of us state the obvious like I just did. Your point is well taken now if if the loss of Kevin Miller and -- koskie. And what they contributed this year as depth to the Bruins in what they could mean vs bizarre most. And right potter. If there's an effect on them I I would I would say you have a good point however again it was public option scored the difference in the -- and people game one. We can't say that enough we talked about how. It was gonna be the stars are gonna cancel each other out in the rest the guys the Bruins should have the advantage there with having Erickson are about having Soderbergh on their third line. That was not what happened Monday. -- on Friday and art. What happened was the depth canceled -- vote and in the 56 minute of the game the best player in the games portable. And in my second point is -- it's more important in my first. It regarding limit. If you don't have -- -- on that fourth line. You -- some massive piece to that match -- problems that the Bruins tree and it and the fourth Ramadan the other night. Eighteen B one step behind it seemed to be pinned in his own a couple of different times I mean getting to score. Here are -- -- had a had a great -- chance though where. The where he couldn't finish and then he tried that pretty ugly wraparound but. I mean they get their hands -- and by the way. By the way hockey maybe yes maybe hockey has started today Benoit who Lee -- scored for the Rangers. And the able to try it wobbly. A. And everything is starting Koran is not. To meet. Good NHL player he gets it and he didn't make a ton of mistakes. I'd probably handing out there really do. We I I like the point do you make -- though at least and of the year calling -- that you're mentioning that the you don't like her on game. Thank you for at least getting their writers they don't like -- That's fine but he pointed out Koran does not make mistakes yet some penalties down the stretch that was concerning if he's gonna be in line up early in the post season. Ultimately when he's on the ice he's -- -- defensive player he's a very good defensive player so much so that. The fact that he doesn't really creating -- able offensively is what tubes and he's supposed to be 82 way player he's a one way player -- -- sense that it would please defense. But at least this caller had it right as to why he doesn't like what are your choice you bring in Ryan -- up the right -- negative force Spooner play a position that he doesn't play. -- talk about a guy who. Won't score any goals I mean he might create them but -- -- -- on the wing though. Hard that I think part time if -- read it more authority LeapFrog and by the way -- -- -- that third line seat of outlooks on the road because grounds up the ends here. Six -- 77797937. As a number to join Michigan Texas at 37. 937. Butch Stearns and DJ being up until 1 o'clock and -- -- will take over that Loper taking your calls right now. -- I think part of what we're hearing from Bruins fans as they're getting up this morning thinking about watching this game on Easter Sunday at 3 o'clock. Is this. While we agreed that it's been fun to watch. While we agree that part of success in the NHL today is building an organization top to bottom in depth does matters yeah. This is sort of the patriots aren't while we agreed that we would love to have a contending team for a decade. A serious contender for a Stanley Cup when the playoffs start we don't wanna hear that. We don't we hear about depth. We don't want to hear they're gonna win the cup because adept when a seat. Who is gonna perform who's gonna win a game for you who's gonna give -- big kid who's gonna have a game or series changing moment. And do all that type stuff I mean. Ferrer unfair and Griffey junior -- the call what's that it's aware aliens. Regardless I mean they bail on me in the playoffs that's given. But they wanna have that one guy who being though can be counted on viewed the ridiculous they eager to be the star player. To be or to be the guy that you go to see each night I think it's why they get mad when guys like castle. In -- don't work out here how quickly -- I -- I wouldn't disagree with your point that that's a lot of people it's not me let me say in how likely -- as a fan. As a fan I do -- -- the the the litany of all star players to perform at a higher level here it's it's -- Bill Parcells to seat quarterbacks are like trappers they're judged by the colts again. And I remember asking him specifically when Bledsoe when he AFC championship game against the Jacksonville Jaguars and when it was first Super Bowl. I says so easy now he goes he's got one of those big first but he doesn't of the big poignant right. Any proved prophetic and in the end about so here's my point I do expect -- Bergeron Moochie each guys who I've seen be difference makers -- croak. Now Torre quote has gone into that he's at he's been ahead of the third best power play they had one of the leaders of the third bounced our -- -- I expect those guys to perform at a higher level over the course of a series it's going to be the difference. In this series despite your point which is a good one. That the that that stars illegally each other Roth back. And be the difference and it's so -- so so that to your point. When you say the -- wanna see those guys raise their game. And be different speakers in the series are you OK with Patrice Bergeron coming out of the series -- it's six of seven game series if Patrice Bergeron. Has no goals and two or three assists over the course of the series but you haven't heard from Pavel Datsyuk much. Yeah save trees yeah that's Richard Seymour argument I don't know if other people won't -- you mean you would of course they won't have been. This series and dot -- especially have to be in the difference in game one right gets neutralized and it's and it's it's Bergeron. And by the way these two or three assists were game wondered demarche on Wright and whatever absolutely that's Richard Seymour argument Bill Belichick started a podium after a game. Somebody said to him what a great when he -- did anybody notice. The Richard Seymour -- zeros on the stat sheet. To anybody notice the tension in sign Yemen in their right I -- -- remember that went out of his way. Talk about the dominant game that Richard CR had would zero. All over the stat sheet in football because he commanded double teams he allowed them to rush the quarterback they made key -- so it's a similar argument. Would Bergeron went IC raise their games. I'm talking about -- each being -- the you know. The mad Max the -- -- yeah and changes series right would that I'm talking about Brad Marchand scored two goals in three shifts like we've seen and done a time when -- under question. Where he's gonna be in by the way if he hasn't scored goals in three games and they are down two games to one that'll be a storyline in a game for. -- with a bunch of other -- who carried them she again. Has donuts by game four. Right and -- so. So again. And I still think that'll have but I still think that the the scratchy line I know we're only what were only one game in the series this -- -- -- should still be a difference maker. We'll see if it happens but I I don't expect Iginla to put up -- that I certainly don't expect creche and it put -- -- -- -- remember -- will be keeping apparel 12011. Because it's the last time the they lost the opening game of the series and people were really freaking out. -- was quiet early on in that series and saw the guys had to carry the team before he got going but he did get going. And I mean -- -- how big the games that Horton had as a result of playing with. Dexter says similar to break right after this is again healthy he missed games at the end of the regular season and didn't do anything in game one. That didn't do anything has stretched. Nobody scored any goals right he did have one really good scoring chance that he teamed up with that first line that right that tablets that should help you know -- -- any problems with him. Well here's thing B SATA late in the season and I -- I did the eight the date before he sat his first game of the season it was it was late in the season on say it was the Detroit game and on April 2. The day before. I was talking to him a vote. He had not missed a game due to injury. In seven years the only games that he'd missed in that span were last year when he was traded. Because the penguins were head of Calgary schedule or something by being treated -- automatically missed like two games or something. So he doesn't miss games due to injury he played 82 games regularly he's got a nine times this would have been his tenth I was talking about the idea that you know. Assuming they don't rescue you gonna play you're -- 82 game season and he was saying I'm expecting to -- 82 game season. I'm fine I feel good. I didn't play in the Olympics on cable playing need to -- -- and I'm not gonna cried a code that. I want you to sit or I don't want you to sit me because if they feel that resting is the best thing to do that share. Then he'll do that ended up resting him for what 345 games the rest the regular season. So maybe he was playing there's something tiny the type of thing that he's used to playing through because. You don't play 82 game seasons without a scratch on your body you get them are these playmakers on the small and that he's fine now but that's speculate. He did being torched on sports Sunday were back after this. Final segment nearest port Sunday get ready for Chris baloney now this must stop and another another plane -- played Bruce earlier so. Old 45 or six of more here's where I think you're going -- four. Because I am such a Springsteen fanatic and others and you'd think I don't have an appreciation for other music Terry -- for Peterson -- for Robert all I have a great appreciation for Chicago. -- great appreciation for all the great rock -- I have no matter fact have a very diverse. Musical. Case for you I seen everybody from Rachel sweet back in the day up OK a club casino. Two the stoppers from East Boston and a local bands you know all this and that I just happen. Did it happens to be for me Springsteen and everything else yeah just happens to be. I don't know if there's a one thing that everyone else -- -- Billy jewel but I mean eyes yeah I tried try to like everything at credit that try to get some good amount of the pop in there. So we were just start going off on a tangent about the LeBron James draft. And keep thinking about the Celtics Chris one is coming up we just -- -- little bit. I just looked it up for us LeBron James went number one Darko -- check. Yet or do marsh took a number to slam dunk -- Melo Anthony went number three. And Dwyane Wade with number four number five in between Carmelo Anthony at three in -- -- number five. The player that went number four I was asking though is yet who is a current NBA. It's our -- of a stretch. Sidekick. I was in the playoffs now I may make some noise guy it was championship rings. A guy who is a third wheel on a team with three superstars. Was a Chris -- it was Chris Bosh while in that war in that very same draft Peter surely to exact handle eight overall. In front -- to cure and everyone's still hates it you know the Celtics took with a number sixteenth pick in here that year was the yes I do it was. They treated him US -- Memphis. Yes. While in college college and easy. It what TB in Detroit takes rebel rebel -- is IQ I like it got out to Bartlett a thought winning any Celtics talking about it all up ideally show. But ID problem I crystallized gonna have our Chris Forsberg on. At 3 o'clock in the -- they need to be with the Celtics now it's gonna get more more intriguing you got a month from today may twentieth when the ping pong balls drop. And for all of us that are aware breast cells into a frenzy -- -- lead the charge that you want Andrew weekends where he -- art barker. Or according to one -- and be with with -- history tells us that one of these top three guys is not. Right good NBA player yeah so the market smarts -- know -- on ways. The -- -- sums. The Julius Randall's while a lot of those four through ten and other guys might be considered settling and the Celtics are screwed if they don't get them. History tells -- Right Paul George was right. In the draft DeMarcus Cousins was our report extraordinary right now was. The NBA draft so that you got what seventeen as well. Seventy that you get you get out. Is excellent fifteenth overall line that he has and superstar there. Was he thirteen a double check and -- there's -- any somewhere in the -- had good history of doing that's so as winding down here DJ. What happens there with the browns. What are you writing about at 630 time. It Carlson Robert. Oliver -- that that's crystal ball. Also -- goes consistent with what you've been preaching you -- a couple of things that consistently. Day that being played that badly in game one they lost one but the but the way to read that -- their fine for all the victory all of Orlando. And everybody else for that one step up they want cordially with herb Brooks speech. Think they have to raise their game that level. Much higher from what they did Friday night to win this game. Right. Thing university to have the thing you've been preaching is it in. And I'm dying. Point that their depth will win out when it's added that while I don't wanna talk about it and it's not sexy that -- -- -- three and four. Will be the difference in this year's US would be a difference today. I think it should be but will city you think that. In a series in which you think you have summed it can miss matches. It when you are the home team. And you get last change the you'll be able to take advantage of lines and pairings more so at home obviously then when you're on the road so I think today should be that -- I I didn't I didn't not like. Carl soderbergh's game I did not like -- ericsson's game Louis -- would have I mean you wouldn't totally different game. If -- wanna say it was the first period Warrick had a feeds to. -- in front -- who was that I think it was -- we keep mentioning his name he was tangled up with -- -- -- -- -- something but. Ericsson finishes that off and you're talking about a a one nothing game at that point who knows it or comes back. -- text or points out I was wrong you were right fifteen Al Jefferson was taken at Deloitte. Nice and then another -- says DJ is writing at the -- did when you said one by writing later on today Sid did is right at the Sagan trade was a mistake. Yes I'm going to continue to bring up the city that seems like the Bruins go down four games to one to the wings where you're writing about. That she I want people blurt something -- -- expects. I'm reading my last thing and then I'm going to break -- -- a couple days later and then on discretion concert there this summer so at 3 o'clock today. Bruins and red -- by the way Philadelphia's comeback and scored and in his 121. Rangers over Philly right now in three minutes ago on the first they're coming out -- -- -- that they're coming out of that -- -- division the Rangers are I think it's Bruins Rangers in the Eastern Conference finals so if we if that happens I mean I'm sure you're aware this. There -- two teams. In this Stanley Cup Playoffs right now it could win that. They're two original six teams it could win the cup this year having played against all. Original six teams because the way it's set up now. But the playoffs you know who you're playing in the next round great you know the year playing either the -- Bruins would play the Canadians the Bruins -- -- play the Rangers. Bruins who Bentley the Blackhawks forever -- -- or the red wings could have that exact same run -- and on the originals ya right yes so now so it'd be so who'd ya so. U the Bruins or the or the red wings. Could win the Stanley Cup slipped quietly have a break out against arguably. The archives for the rest this playoff run. I have to -- I have my Gordy -- Jersey now you have to break out my John Bell a ball a rocket Rashard Jersey for the next -- Then I have to go and break out my genre -- Vic -- field jerseys yes finals. -- -- -- Or an inferred might Tony as you know Rogers and rematch -- -- cup finals yes right yes Erica. It tests that optic Springsteen song to go along with -- -- OK Alec that. He's a -- hang in with -- as always is -- yes and we'll see what happens they should be funneled at the garden should be a fun atmosphere absolutely Easter Sunday Hampshire were not done talk and -- in this in the Stanley Cup. -- great stuff Chris Gilani is next Matt Loper outstanding job as always. Orlando. Our paths. -- and he's just not admit love. I have a great Easter Sunday everybody will be back next Sunday on sports on -- WBI crystal -- Is up next taking you throw and join the rescue data rescue -- -- next week.

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