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Butch Stearns and DJ Bean Have an Interesting Discussion regarding Red Sox prospects

Apr 20, 2014|

Butch and DJ get a call regarding Red Sox prospects and have an in depth discussion on what the future looks like in Boston.

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It is Easter Sunday I'm what Stearns along -- DJ -- of WEEI dot com along side. That Loper is taking your calls DJ it's always a pleasure for me I think a lot of other Boston sports fans. To check in with rate from win every once in awhile already. And -- I -- happy Easter Eric. And how are you doing best wishes to the Bruins I hope they're playing in June hope they do well. What -- change appear and what part about it sucks. And in particular want to talk about the black hole that is lead off and the black hole that is the outfield arm. Indiana want to bring up a player who is presently not playing outfield. And is presently playing in double play and strongly suggest. That com by July the Boston Red Sox should be taking very seriously even if this kid is still a double play and still playing second base. The -- that's him to the big leagues eczema treatment last -- -- keep that. -- -- -- let's start till -- go backwards I wrote down what you wanted to talk about -- -- start with -- bets -- got a report -- Ohio. I'm gonna go back to August 2 for the first that can -- you and perhaps this is when he was still playing at Salem and high -- Carolina league he was twenty years old at the time. Since August 2 on a regular season and the playoffs which Salem -- every single playoff game they played. And now -- thirteen of the fourteen games in Portland at 48 game stretch. We'll keep that -- reached base. Safely every game at 48 straight games skating on pace. Going back to -- fairest of the last year on cherry picking. People he was solid but not spectacular something clicked in early may see him make -- Since that time that we're not talking and I'm more than 100 games stretched. At this point you'll put it in a UN IA and now -- 21 you'll been public already had a hundred plus games -- rich smoky back. He's -- at least 75. With nineteen home runs. Instead it. Not only not only that he's got an on base percentage drop 400. Do you approaching Miguel Cabrera is about four -- -- you talked wealth for people pay -- rate for people that that don't follow the Red Sox like you do and others to move -- that -- -- 21 year old kid. He was a fifth round draft pick in 2011. He's now one of their top prospects he's listed as top ten most list he's in double -- as you said give give us reasons why the ascension is just. Going to continue is this kid can -- some speed bumps like everybody else. He may but so far at double -- ice. For those folks who who believe the nonsense that some fans make stuff up in Papua province. -- in particular. And I can't possibly you've seen guys play a lot. That you. People who are still stuck in two centuries back. Minor League Baseball offers state television package you can buy it for the year from sixty dollars. He can watch it on your home computer -- you download an app you can watch it on -- mobile's device. Okay almost panic that I had seen for the Portman games on television pats played. In every one batted leadoff and the Owens pitched into what you can expect to get the particulars on -- Good -- games in double play what you say kids throwing 95. Treat veterans who you know most of Boller on a change speeds in the last night they. A kid who will pitch in a Major League Sean -- -- a fairly savvy left handed kid with an outstanding changeup and breaking ball. Most dedicated who really struggled with him jets went three for three with quality it's going to center right going the other way just stayed back and talk. The off speed stuff that the it was featuring in just drove it the other way -- has had great approach to -- it -- Probably comparable predicated triple HUT needs who -- violates Pollard in debt. So -- knowledge sex on your other subject of our outfield. And lead off let me just jump the shark here -- -- Bogart's and Pedroia. Cemented in the middle of the line of course Bogart's could go to third but. That would mean rare or somebody else going to be your future shortstop what what are you saying put bets in the outfield right now. Say I'm saying that the Red Sox if they're in it and they. A -- -- playing they don't deserve to be entered in July but given initiate but it division you'll probably be in it if the Red Sox are in it. -- Another trade or barring some one of the outfield is actually showing the ability to be a competent Major League. I'm excluding Victor Reno holiest. The rest pretty outfielders that date -- shown me almost not think and I am including the feel good story of Grady Sizemore. Who gets bad jumps in the left or sent and whose offense is now starting about it. I'm so -- we're just to bring up Bradley Timmy is the biggest disappointment om op. I made because he struggled struggled -- -- Does what he struggled to start re rising disappointment you. Because I thought he would be eight. Capable or at least a decent Major League hitter right now he isn't he is not close to a capable of -- in Major League. I waited waited in fairness Dustin Pedroia was -- below 200 for two -- I had -- -- hand in rejecting but I can't talk -- talk about his rookie year Dustin -- it was -- I was here on the radio that Memorial Day -- hundred clamoring for that they that they didn't sign a Mark Loretta that offseason who wish they'd treat him pretty easy it is what. Where we wise Bradley get to 75 last year in Tripoli he would not speak exactly he was decent. We get a 189. Going up and down to eight times in the majors right now he's -- -- and he's on pace to strike out 200 times of the year. You can't look at Bradley right now and say you can't miss. Fair enough but you can't look at him and say he's not going to be a major leaguer -- -- -- All he's he's definitely going to be a Major League at worst case she's a terrific fourth outfielder but if he gets to seventy. Libya -- good everyday center fielder right. So so -- I don't we are going to Russia but I do wanna get your points so what is the outfield situation for the reds what are you doing in their minor leagues right now you put some of their. Best on base contact guys in the health field now as opposed opposition. No I think they've got to keep that at second base they think he's going so good that at some point I don't know when maybe in May maybe Ngo. You've got to be forced to move him to triple -- you could still put him at second it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- And playing his first Major League game out of position ideally you could wait until a year would still put sent him to the Arizona Fall League ready instructional league. Give him an out to this club give him instructions. And then have him hopefully back next year resume regular and you know left -- So who's their leadoff hitter when Victorino comes back in line for -- it would be -- arena. Even though he's got a forty. Point difference in his on base percentage and consider a lot of games from second to first and thirty point difference. And that's only get two guys -- even belong givens Sizemore struggle -- Sizemore. Get out of is a little fun maybe camp but I don't like it either victim you know apparently double talk here. I'm so what they're talking about. I mean well I sip on the he draws a lot of water if it's possible. But again I mean you're worried about putting pressure -- -- is -- induced. Spouting his Major League career not even -- better -- -- it is a fair amount of pressure media I mean. I don't know all I know always what I've seen combat. Using dynamically -- data that guy he reminds me of and it just -- there eighteen games and having seen him a handful of times last year and a minus. Place in person and a couple of times and deviant -- So like -- didn't maybe. Maybe a dozen times overall but all but experts -- The playwright scene reminds me. Formal hall of fame who bet at the -- which the same kind of dynamic guy that would have been -- and it's. -- so two quick questions -- -- way out really quick break -- DJ wants to know this. -- all three years from now is the starting third baseman for the Red Sox is it will medal Brooks -- guarantee -- and my lawyer. Anticipate that it speak what is likely -- its middle Brooks. And I wouldn't say why is that it that if it's not -- some -- convinced that it would be teaching you might be needed to put bets that the -- -- soloist he. He has no power in eight and again at some point and we need 6200. Lives. And occasionally he will turn on a ball hit for Powell but because it is right now looks like he might not hit you six home runs in a Major League I need a corner guy. To be able to do more than put up. I mean he is he's less than a Bill Miller right now for me at their pace in Miller was this worship. Interest at the burning -- take it there you go I don't -- last on forty in my opinion. The Red Sox are gonna be facing this situation like it or not at the all star break a guy like Giancarlo Stanton whoever emerges. They gonna have a chance to get because of the depth to their farm system to me the only way it happens is if you start with either. Henry Owens -- at the Renato would you trade either one of those guys all. When they antennae and battle 796. Yeah. And I'm sorry I would put -- way behind and the -- and somewhat behind. Matt -- who was still coming from shoulder stiffness. -- will talk about that later in the generate. I wanted to talk more about Renato -- -- you've got -- all right thanks -- you've got to thank you. Hear Israel Valerie from the first the ball he just. Awesome yeah second of all the -- -- lights up. Both sides either way rate Red Sox prospects are you kidding me. In other words this is your new -- -- -- well at another texting doctor and that we got a text that says. Baseball talk white guys talk a baseball. We've taken one largest -- Bruins who we've been speaking Bruins literally every minute except for that call. Ala Billy for behavioral Maria from Watertown and Ed from Weymouth we got to take a break. Gave written when the time you guys -- next we come back we promised. Saying for a couple of other open phone lines for the rest of you at 61777979837. Met Loper is taking your calls its Easter Sunday all's good in the sports world. On as the Bruins went. We're back put more after this.

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