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Scott Lauber, Boston Herald, joins Mustard and Johnson to talk Red Sox

Apr 19, 2014|

Last night's game started with a suspicious double down the line, hit by Nick Markakis, that was ruled fair. Lackey struggled again. Scott Lauber joins the show to discuss the Red Sox early season struggles.

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John -- wrapped up a roughed up again for the second straight game here to talk about that in instant replay and all of that in -- would you. Would you dial up forested Scott clobber for the Boston Herald joining us -- Sports Radio WEO Scott. Carrier which happens that's been a long time. We today would be just good day as any to check in Red Sox I'm. Losing to Baltimore and it's. A rough first. Seventeen games are so Red Sox obviously defending their World Series title and expectations running high and everything else so far. It's been difficult to live up to the 2014. And thirteen season in 2014. -- Yeah -- sure has looked -- -- I think he's kind of common denominator within net gain that probably. Would it. Which sort of sum up for seventeen teams you can and an issue with -- instant replay that went against Spaniard had them. Some players in the lineup who ordinarily would not be air not for some injuries status. -- kind of disrupted the Red Sox in front of continuity that they've tried to build and then he had. You know just what he's not pitching very well on the offense kind of struggled -- -- leaving the bases loaded Carolina -- in effect playing in the and you know those are all kind of things that have added up to I think what what you see right there which evidence and then. I think everybody knew under. Perfect circumstances there repeal little political World Series hang over those things tend to be. Are almost automatic routine that we did the year before they kind of have a little bit of a -- to fight that a little bit early in the season. And then they have these complications that are built on top of that and I think what's it sits at what sort of manifests itself as a step -- and record and slow start. And all the political all they've got to keep themselves out. Scott primarily I've been focusing on the Red Sox two games and it may -- just me but they seem to have had three or four we're different instances where this replay. That hasn't worked correctly is that your opinion as well in his John Ferraro I know he can't say a whole arc -- the gets fine but now they get discouraged by some of these things. Yet there's no question. Well replay system has not been a friend of letters and and just last week in the -- in New York that the two instances one on Saturday where. Bogart's went back for the -- after eighteen and over but the peace and I -- pretty clear on the replay that that that's what happened didn't end the not only today yacht. Did they not happy with the way the sort of thing they uphold the caller said that he would say it did not lead to a run in that instance but then the following -- eight. In a year after the play out on the double play it's your belly get into where it was at best inconclusive whether he was -- -- not and they overturned the -- so. That goes against them in Iran does scorer and a play in the and at last -- if you. So yeah I mean there are some bugs that are being ironed out in the system which is what John -- -- Hearing and they'll be. It's it's an imperfect system right now and there are growing pains involved -- All of that but it doesn't we do a whole lot to. It is offers very little consolation when those calls and those glitches in those -- keep going against -- -- so. They have not at all a lot with instant replay and there are problems in the system and the probably talk for hours about. What -- -- -- an early exit and whether or not they clearly need to expand the replay and whatnot but. You know I think that the Red Sox are are. -- -- tactical that would keep hearing well we've got some things iron out and those problems continued to. Impact Jordanians intelligence. -- -- so what we June due you have just been named Commissioner of Baseball to succeed. Bud Selig. And you are going to fine to own this -- replay system what would you do to make it more effective. It's a great question it's pretty complicated I'll look I think the first thing you probably wanna do is keep the managers out of the equation here. The chair and sit in the -- at all but I think -- net interest as. Enough on their plate and and also look -- an awkward situation here now you've got managers to go out -- close calls. They go -- so are the umpire. And basically spent all -- their -- on the fuel in their dugout so they did it's people from their dugout and a replay official in their clubhouse. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's a lot of awkward this year will you have been editors involved I think if you only to have eight sort of command center in New York that's set up. With somebody watching all the replays of all the -- kind of like you do in the NHL. You can take mantra is out of the equation and you can simply notify the umpires and now. When those guys in the in in New York or watching all the games believe that there is that it needs to be reviewed so. I think that would be start right there -- remove the managers from the equation I think. Which are gonna happen the scene I was here in the CNET editors mean BP in the used their challenge just to use it every team that they don't want and the game with a challenge in their pockets. You're gonna in their interest in some weird things but -- already seen with you arguing -- the cut out. Are managers now are no longer allowed to argue that chuck Harrell found out -- And overturned call or up old policy it. But I kind of people but the emotion out of the game it kind of takes. As -- barrel set the other day in in an effort you put west human they have an in an effort to remove the human error in the game. They put more on the union's. In the game and I think it. Those are two conflicting things so. There's a lot that's wrong -- it and they're the times I've watched games this season and thought that this even really necessary we used to go through. You know. He's got her earnings to be even without expanded replay and there was a call that was missed a there's a call that was mr. going to talk to try to compensate. You know. The umpires are human and yet that was a bad call and but it was partly aimed at -- -- seem to be just as many at all when they have the technology sixpence so. Probably won't be what was the explanation for not overturning the first hit of the game the double that was really a foul ball. I think it's so there was an inclusive. It's anything you know at an event there -- -- that came out last Saturday in New York on the attacked play that I mentioned where everybody in the ballpark saw that Bogart's. Right now they're real horse put the base the umpires were provided with eight. Conclusive enough three plane timely enough -- to make that call not sure how that happens that's kind of a failure of the system right there are so. There's a lot that's wrong with it but I -- to get off to a pretty -- start by removing the managers from the equation if there's a place that needs to be reviewed. -- -- he'd be notified it shouldn't get to the managers to come out and figure they'll and I challenge should I chairman Michael who's my challenger -- not conclusive. That the inclusive overturn it in the -- that's pretty simple. So who would make that decision say that that that quote unquote double -- cake is last night who makes the decision. To look at that play them. Well I think they would be automatically -- -- and I think that's part of but my understanding that's part of what was gonna go on here anyway it was it. There's going to be this kind of command center in New York wherever it was going to be yard and there are -- people watching. They're these former umpires and they're they're all watching every game and so. If you got somebody let's say watching the Red Sox Iraq -- may say OK well that's felt all. That needs to be overturned. You know I don't know he umpires are -- -- maybe let's say it was headset or something like that on the field but. And then there's out of it reviewed ways automatically and it there's our Albany changed to read on this. So similar to the NFL or every touchdown is now reviewed. Automatic NHL where every hole is look yes you know I know that they'll be accredited increase as clear cut as a goal or touchdown. I mean -- do we need to define the -- they can be reviewed a little bit more chip. Ross sounds like some five should be put into this and this is a great time to do it during the season. More realize -- here's -- if the argument is that Larry doesn't know what he feels about first he wanted to abandon it now we understand I going to be nowhere out what I said is is one thing to note the ball. What's follow it and for the world to know look at it in the and it's another thing to go through this process. And then make college fair. That's frustrating to me I don't understand why some of these kinks were worked out -- had a time moving along and I know it's early in the season Scott. But what has impressed you in what has concerned you about this team so far. Well most concerning thing after the the offense without it without a doubt you know you watch those games especially the games this week. Chicago and then. You watched what the Red Sox were unable to deal with runners in scoring position in the game that went fourteen innings. Let the one of the worst teams have ever seen in my life and and one of the reasons was just because I mean I -- -- they have the wouldn't it seem. -- only partly relieved that he -- it leave runners on first that are. That sort of thing so there inability to produce good runners in scoring position have to be for me the most concerning thing to waste it. Some quality starts by Jon Lester by Jake Peavy. You know. Certainly like he hasn't been very good last start and didn't deserve to win either of those. -- -- didn't deserve to win its first one Milwaukee -- around Broxton roughed up a little bit but on the overall it's been okay. For me it's been more the offense -- what's wrong with it -- I think one of the things you see is a lack of city. A lack of a clear cut leadoff hitter and then the fact that the lineup this sort of in sort of out of sync. And act as an interest in congress seeking unity with Jonny -- and -- talk about you know the fact that. Everybody points to well they haven't had that lead off hitter and you know I think it's deeper than that I think they lack what hobbies outside -- his few moments of clarity to call the group -- in their -- you know I mean you look it. Where has got -- -- it that. You know first second third and nine cents who it's kind of -- who -- out of them. Our goal was saying look last year who gave the Red Sox on credit for working. Pitchers and rent and that driving up pitch counts and things like that he -- -- the eight. In the lineup who hit quite Mike -- you would take credit for driving up pitch counts not what needing knew it was now. So many pitches. They come out and jump on the pitcher early and know what you were getting so. -- get behind you would do that at a unique difference and I don't think the Red Sox were we know right now what they're that's groupings are their lineups out of joint and I think. Some of that have to do with no Jacoby Ellsbury out so that our new it's. Injuries they've had no Shane Victorino and yet very little will Mel Brooks. -- Ortiz it's that are a lot and sometimes it's sports that affects happily which affects. You know somebody else and so I think that the lineups -- that Detroit -- that's -- -- seeing and that's been. For me not really my number one concern when you look at what's gone on the first seventeen. Is it too early to be evaluating. All God's defensively and -- range. Probably so. You know I think we need to see a little bit more bit at shortstop and I don't think it's -- Honestly I don't think it's been all that bad. Certainly there are all that he has. Hasn't gotten to that Stephen Drew might have gotten to last year and that policy which he has app. Absolutely would have. But I think we were a little spoiled last year you know which it was -- good defensive shortstop as you're gonna find. And Stephen Drew played out of his mind besides we last year so I don't think Bogart's has been bad I just don't think he's been -- A level that they were last year they knew that going in that. That's even true when you do a great -- was not in the picture of the trade but certainly without even through that defense was going to be a little bit weaker Australian. So what happens in the Red Sox as we said early on seventeen games. Everything fell on the place perfectly. What is a reasonable expectation for Red Sox fans in 2014. At least at this juncture. Well look I think huge. Should still expecting as the expected team that's an intense -- ops if they didn't if the -- It's going to be a huge disappointment I think they have enough talent out there they have -- Iraq is good enough. And frankly the elite this year my weak enough. That. You know I don't think there's any -- incidents do not intend for or for postseason spot so. You know I think they're gonna turn the surround. I don't think you can expect many seven -- against an apartment happened I don't think that was gonna happen before it started evidence and so. You know it's it's not going to be quite go to run -- -- it was last year I think you know certainly it's gonna be a whole lot closer. But you know I think it should be our contention here I think everyone's going to be disappointed that it should be. That's a team that's been reluctant to buy outs even -- there are probably not as good as they work year. We are you talk about you in you say the the weakening of the American League east -- the alignment cosell used to use back in the seventies and eighties on Monday Night Football is a parity. Or mediocrity or 84 of those teams are probably win the division. I think it's parity. You know I -- which it says right I mean you look at it raised the Red Sox yeah. The Yankees and I like your built a lot relief from from spring training I think the to -- by just a wild card and and I I. I know that in a lot of ways I am not destructive wanna either by. You know again you know you look at look at those fourteen -- I think any of them have a shot to win the division they all -- with their share of injuries early on this year. -- the -- pitching depth this pretty much gone -- meant more being out in. An -- -- being banged up and some other things BAT's. That's the names and their lineup over the weekend last last week -- network. Barely recognizable. What's a -- say an error and I like that and the Red Sox says we detailed look at their injury problems so. In three particular -- Where teams are all good to do it and they're all gonna have. They're all good enough to make buy outs and they got it make itself so the parity so the injuries. That BP seems a little weaker and I think they're going to be just jockeying for position really throughout the course of the summer. Scott last question for me last year I think one of the things that. Works so well for the Red Sox is they all seem to being on the same page management. In the team and they were galvanized in moved together. With these low balling quote. Lester offer. Do you think that it all. Is an issue in terms of some of the players and their attitude in and they are saying the the offer that was made. I don't think so I think. You know I think any player who's got through negotiation realizes that this is part of art of the deal on Jon Lester said in January that. He was open to take in the hometown discount I think the Red Sox work trying to see what is definition of all -- this or. You know so a lot of I don't see a lot of people said and then and and comment is that you know why -- -- -- make an offer that was. Well you've got to figure out exactly what all -- period and you know and if there was any chance that -- lectures you on don't discount waters that sort of appeal seventy million over four years he's foolish. If you didn't make an offer like act it just kind of get an answer that question why why go higher that you have to. So the Sox will come -- I'm sure Lester it will come down a little bit. It's it's how close and they want they make those adjustments. I will determine whether he's -- -- here so I don't think there's any. I think there's any difference of opinion on whether John what what are they want Jon Lester back I think everybody from beat boxed set. The that the coaching staff that is eighteen it's walked Jon Lester back here to the matter of defining how much he worked and now I think they have a better yet both sides have a little bit better idea what what range area and and and now all sort of see how close they can outlook they renewed negotiations. I don't believe that. This is going to be able until the end of the season I think he'll pick it up at some point. Media and the all star break and see where there rat but again I I. I don't think about all offer was this who was as much a waste of time that everybody thinks I think that's just part of negotiation that's part of are these things go in any player who's ever been through that I think understands that that eagle so. It wasn't like a slap in the face kind of offer I think it was just -- what do we mean by hometown discount offer and I don't know that. You know the Red Sox ever fully expected that number to get out it it it doesn't look good for them but again it just kind of what what negotiations are like. All right -- appreciate good stuff as always we'll check you out down the line body. Thank Scott Scott Glover the Boston Herald -- mustard and Johnson and Sports Radio WEEI.

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