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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson

Apr 19, 2014|

The Bruins lose a hard-fought opening game against the Red Wings 1-0 on a marvelous goal by Pavel Datsyuk. In addition, the heartbreak continued as the Red Sox lost to Baltimore and the first inning included a very controversial play which resurrected the conversation involving MLB's Instant Replay.

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And if it's Saturday must be sports Saturday A and the mustard and Johnson show we're taking it on the road. You know we've been complaining Larry so much about the lack of 130. Saturday games like he used to be when we are grown up 130 just one of those. Great New England traditions on Saturday that going away from a little bit but lo and behold. What do you know here's a Saturday 130 Red Sox and Orioles will be plane again. This afternoon and we are in -- below the center field bleachers out near the pavilion. On lands down street for the first time this year and spring is in the -- what can you said. Round real dog laying down your whereabouts is a million stories for but it. Great. Is only one question going. Across the landscape of New England this morning and it's simply this. Did you see the play. It was one of the great plays. You're gonna see a hockey game unfortunately. The guy who pulled that off was wearing the wrong uniform I'm sure that's -- talking about absolutely how. A -- back through the. The there first of all thinking -- reminds me of Floyd Mayweather. In a sense he's -- upper east very skilled he's very fast he's very hot it. And you know Boston can play almost any style but the one team that I heard all the pundits are we talking about. You know Boston the best team in the league and got to run over everybody. Detroit skiers me because they have raced ideal. It's -- for the Bruins to keep operate if you noticed last night it really surprised me I think the shots on goal was almost even a Bruins always shoot at least ten or fifteen more shots and their pro. Well Jack broken down after the first two periods sixteen shots apiece. When he checked -- it was 21 shots apiece you couldn't have found. A more even game opera wings had their surges they had their Russia's they have plenty of opportunities they had one power play. Detroit had to -- let him play last night basically that we're game seven their -- wouldn't be. Any whistles long. You just have to chalk it up to. One of the great individual plays you were probably get oversee and I guess I was so right pretty black and as the Bruins for and you read this. Yeah I had this step back if they don't why did Jack a lot of credit because Jack called that as if you were calling it on a national broadcast is a. Pop -- now it is it is the. He didn't play the homers he never does he captured the excitement of that moment any sense that right away it happened at the Red Line. He drew that -- back with his stick just extended -- unbelievable and they -- the -- -- was talking about how that -- is longer anyway so he's able to wrap that -- command line. And it can destroy they had a couple of quick moves waited for. The traffic got to unfold in front of the net and just allow much room -- yeah not much. You quit and fall to cut at all I don't think and a -- you could see that he's had the name and see it up and in again you know court hosted Jimmy Howard also who was it ever as good as -- is to cut. I say at a time right you know took it was right -- that -- goalies in the league but does Jimmy Howard stood strong with them and what. It was obviously. Let's face it the -- stating the obvious you certainly do not want to lose your home opener. That advantage of having the crowd of just just the comfort of being home the Marines are for weeks over the going to be you it is -- -- -- lap but nonetheless. It's not one of those games Greg where you can even intimate. I can't you can even get mad about it conjecture has kept watching it in Detroit was one of those teams you know what that's right your money your favorite teams. Very -- that's very quick very -- Mott. They just don't make that many mistakes. But and I think that you talked all the pregame hype in because they were the last game to be played in the first round in drop the puck till 735 a liking to was already begun Montreal is already in game two. By the time the Bruins drop the puck for their first. Game in the Stanley Cup players but I listen to Pierre. -- yesterday with -- and you know he you know -- you might have heard the interview -- Slobbering all over Mike Babcock and he quickly stopped talking. About what a great coach Mike -- that is he gave his kudos to clone. Certainly recognize quote and they work together obviously. In the Olympics and took home gold -- Babcock for some reason. Appeared just kept on hammering away at this guy understands what it takes he's won more Stanley Cup games than any other coach since 2003. And the -- -- that we I you have to emphasize this they lost a very tight. Well played hockey game because of an individual -- I still think they're gonna win the series but I think a lot of Bruins fans who were apprehensive but one team you didn't. Thanks Adam and I am right you didn't wanna -- you can't go by the use of many finished in the standings because as you know they have a lot of injuries. Even have now had a knee injury he was out -- well they they were asked him yesterday about that's OK and and Mott said -- anywhere near a 100% McGuire said no while they want to. The only had to be good for awhile now -- you know he was right except he'd probably a 110%. A -- players such a thing is out of a bit that I don't like about us into the -- eventually is why it's so hot for the city guide me dirty play at that showers hit on Smith. Near the last -- is it was a boarding call -- and appropriate call in new as a constant theme witchcraft story and you should always beat writers about any sort of reporting. Hit like that near the boards now -- it was it is bad or is intentional participate -- that was kind of you know top hit by -- the other one that was so blatant to me and everybody -- is. Lunatic who has hit as stick work. Individuals. Compartment that was and everybody just after the like it was nothing dirty play well because the guided did it was wearing a black gold uniforms do that. First I first I likes fighting and violence on the -- you -- bloodshed fighting is different than stick work in the right here by the way I noticed he noticed that that of the gloves were not drops once last night because that's what they do. In Stanley Cup playoff action they don't. Well -- if you get the right opponent you'll get a little of that usually in the for a period but. I don't need it this is infinite value when you're playing top quality. Hockey I don't need it it's not necessary. By the -- you are I'm going to be really really good and kind unity is you're wrong on two fronts. Passed we are going to be kind to me by pointing out all my errors up but I can go home review that up and I could be hammering human in my golf life I think a kid gloves and -- -- -- number one is that -- -- -- whether Tiger Woods played in on the masters in the ratings were always right there in ninety like here that's not the point -- -- make. Appointees to act like it didn't have an effect on the turn him on course it to Larry you mistake my. Interest in seeing tiger has nothing to do with certainly recognize its ratings are different that you should state the obvious. What kind of state I don't care he plays -- I -- I don't like national -- to CBS pay my -- yes CBS is paying my -- -- -- does yeah they believe me that's a public sector job they don't I don't care what CBS's ratings are you don't want I loved the masters is tiger -- there I love every major obviously the ratings don't -- I don't get what I -- elderly and that's -- you here with me on ten and here's the difference the the person who loves golf and loves the game and enjoy shot making -- problem large Bubba with a bunch I -- -- around beaten up on all cup title. I love Bubba. The other thing you're wrong on an -- if you've got to join tiger would not -- and it's important -- if he had some parents say that it did. Second that I didn't care I don't care what anybody else second point is if -- man enough to stand up to this. The embrace our replay is that does that RI. That's how is that. Marc Jacobs is yet last night but the problem by about six inches and it's that it was you'd rather have them right even with the replay they can't get it right. They will get it right -- card you know now you're gonna tell me that obamacare is a disaster it is million signed up eight million you sound like a Republican at the beginning of the Obama care. And all the computer issues unless I'm planning on site look at Larry you you got to give it a couple weeks here talk about what -- -- to charity and that kind of give it some time out of ten in -- offseason to work out. How are you worried about us agency the play last night. I did see the -- was a problem now. You know what they're gonna call that -- -- seem rather. I'd rather have all -- out instant replay equipment that what -- they can't get it right in April and -- -- -- -- get rivalry their you know a lot I would he you have to pick your worst Q I have my you know finance or you just gonna cross -- a look at it like your home rotate. -- -- -- -- Which are wrong about something you've never again Larry I'm not going to make a judgment. Based on the first three weeks of class a great way to the World Series I think it it there are some quote unquote kinks that need to be worked out that music from every Davies one mile time favorite English groups. You know what it's going to work eventually you're you're evaluating eventually Larry. Well why don't you leave it alone in do you get that might explain I think why do you. Work on their work on it assays and sound like a kid needs immediate gratification. That the key even walking down the aisle to candy store without a grabbing directly Alabama's black -- the Mars bar and I'm just upset the concessions and pulled out there right now that's -- about that about I always your best in Europe for any employee. My paranoia -- -- it. Farrell what did you ask him how he feels about even got behind already -- I give John I tell you John Ferrell not. Only did he win his first year as the manager of the Boston Red Sox but he's the very first manager ever to be reported a coat over -- group and it's the replay costs and he's got back don't want ago. You know what Larry I I I think you're gonna sound. In a couple of months as usual you rush to judgment you make decent -- it was in. It didn't remarks then you realize that it will find a way to become effective. Just come down their April games. Last night also in other words it gave somebody if you if you blow a few games and April that that won't matter in the standings out when they really count in September I think that you'll fine then eventually they will find a way to make this an effective system. Most of the replay calls so far have proven to -- make it sound like they have no idea they're completely bumbling and stumbling around but it meant to point your surgeon experimenting with new instrument rallies giving you brain surgery well. Okay that's an interesting analogy and I'm marketers yes OK how do surgeons. Become. -- and talented surgeons they have a learning curve in there. The residents in their intern I don't know like OK okay but the only but they they do start working on live patients are now -- -- all right and her. And so eventually I'd rather have them get a couple wrong in April and have a system for -- -- a guy great guy brain -- and bring to follow the guys that I wanted to use masking -- I think it's going to be fine I think and I'm an impetus stick to my guns -- -- and -- Ride the roller coaster in and out depending on whatever way the wind lost a mix metaphors. But I'm gonna stay. Obviously steadfast in my belief. That within a month or so you won't even worry about instant replay in being intrusive or an effective or anything else. So I'm not worried about at all hey listen baseball needs to find a way to use this technology way the other sports do. The other sports user. Very well. NHL particularly does -- -- that was the best the and I felt the NFL has gotten better that reverend initially they tried it they abandonment and re instituted. MBA they only use it really for shots and a session here's here's the difference. The NF bow our complaint is and repented and replace they take time under the camera did do it. But when they come back nine times about it and they get right -- but so far Larry look at the guy scored on the right line and say you know he's out of bounds and you get it right so -- well at least they got it right. In baseball you look at some of these plays in the guy he gets the first base ahead of them. And or frowned then. And they don't get it right so you say what are you looking hat they'll get it right. I I really think you are worried about something that will be improved as the season goes along in that when you're in. A crucial game in September may be a playoff game. They understand. How finally how to use this thing effectively and today. We'll -- you -- it is I'm against replant against replay but it's just as you pointed out for party. Why can't they do the same thing in baseball have high definition TV guy open a controlled both. He's looking at it right after the play occurs. Empire has a as a headphone on in his a year any justice but what's that say for files and the guy can answer him immediately yeah I think that's one of the things the methodology. Methodology is probably -- way they go up I like it but again. Don't throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water into the baby looks like a case though. I think that it is a system that will. But how do you do in the offseason -- that you got to use a look at him you can simulate play -- and an -- from the camera music you can practice they probably should have done it in spring training I know -- always are hard to -- I don't like practicing during the like -- tell you what I'd rather have them use the technology and maybe make -- few mistakes but generally making it sound like they're making mistake -- that you look at the numbers. The vast majority. Over I think I don't have any numbers in front of me but I did see one number or something like 81 out of 84 replays were. Viewed as correct I just don't understand it as if you're if you're sitting at home in -- watching the -- And you see the ball was -- But here's the problem where. They get a different right MCI and that was I don't I don't but yet but your anecdote right there that example is what they use that would motivate people to use the technology in the first place in other words. If you have. Access. To view the umpire doesn't because of the camera work that they should have the same access is no reason why. Millions of fans watch your game at home. Can clearly see that the umpire made a pork call. They should be able to see that as well if it takes technology. That's opening while they are going made over big waves -- world it made -- in Larry they don't have the money to get the proper camera and I know that your I don't know why you're so predispose. As I'm just to take a -- analogy out of first play of the game last night Greg you if you're paying attention at all when I was older I was -- -- -- about wild wild what you did that determine the outcome of the game is not the point the point is he if you can use it get it right so the first hit of the game was double that the Imus show that was a foul ball so Red Sox. Just could never recover they felt it completely apart emotionally taken a subject people of that thing get the car right architect so they will the next time while saying what -- you currently have -- -- would you rather. Have been not have access to the replay and clearly at home sees the ball gulf policy to be frustrated with the umpire you know -- I got the wrong call -- I don't want to play well -- units of many baseball has survived all these years I doesn't I don't mind using it. But get it right if you -- if you got -- Used it it's embarrassing to -- now maybe they have a different camera angle. But it's embarrassing that the -- you watch it right into C embarrassed that we are embarrassed as embarrassed for baseball to see that the probably about six inches foul. And you probably double so you would rather. I'll be watching the game yet here's the alternative scene because of the great camera work by the NASA crew the ball is -- And the umpire not even considering -- you'd rather have that. I'd rather have them do it that way into you can get right behind -- right it lets you view on how they've been doing it -- all these years. Another -- if you used it and then get it right. I tell you -- -- a very good job as much as we criticize the NBA on many levels. I think like when -- -- one of those plays with a ball hit to use the out of the house a place yet they do their job actually gonna go -- now it takes a few minutes the I would the one thing I'd say about the NBA they take a little too much time. When we can clearly see daily sale it's hard to tell all I can see very clear -- -- you don't. Have a guy I happen at all who's already got the plate -- -- for you right but again you're not -- -- you mentioned accuracy I grit your but they're quick they are very -- that's what you want -- -- Angles you have to look at that -- last night to see that it was all right I was -- I understand your frustration. Because they haven't gotten it right but you're blaming the methodology more than the concept the concept is correct. Let's utilize technology that we have that the fans are already utilizing as viewers at all. Embarrassed -- having. The big -- -- -- -- -- me -- some concern about the ultimate guess they just sit they've never embarrassed that are sitting here watching the game and you have Wallace fouled Writely an eight and they come away after looking at the replay of the conference. And -- say it's an embarrassment. They opt -- it's embarrassing about fifteen years ago they had an all star game here and has. We're sharing Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa hit balls over this grade now are fans going crazy in the stands -- really bad seats well most people at all at that embarrassed out what was embarrassment because they -- -- -- -- TV commercial ones that they -- -- escorted Ted Williams. And some of the greatest players ever played the game which you please get off the world baseball legends play it's got off of -- -- -- about half hour. The thugs they'll recover my whole idea that you make it sound as if -- -- the proverbial guardian -- the gate preventing now -- and a Major League Baseball like it ever occur now I'm saying it's worse. When you call attention to. And you take five minutes to have your conference. And they use they'll come out together on you know what that's about embarrassing well -- the last. The sport that should worry about time and taking too much of his Major League Baseball -- everything they allow the adjustment -- stepping out of the batter's box he's walking around the -- They're not exactly promoting empress game and I personally market I'm used different if economic growth through all that. -- right. And well you know but so make yourself do you say completely. Abandon the tech now now I'm saying that I you know what I'm saying is I am surprised. Streamline modify -- -- yes I'm surprised I -- but you know less than everybody criticizes the NHL -- certain things but you're exactly right. They handle it is good -- any sport. Of the major four immediately. They look at the -- and head went that was the net knocked off its you know on our. Did cross the line immediately they go over and get a call rapper reached the center writes that it's civil war it's not my area. Right it is no reason why the umpires in Major League Baseball. Can not to lighten up a conference just -- your guy up in the grand salami celebrated his right over a -- you -- eliminating if that billion dollar and thank you. So for all your full money eating -- you're not advocating giving the tech now I want if you can use it does it right that does okay user rightly that we can agree on that board Larry how can I possibly say no I'm glad they called that. A -- like I don't ideals that doesn't bother me of course doesn't bother me the other thing is correctly and again this is not that they say you know we go girl out towards and dump. Among the table and some cases -- not this one. -- tomorrow is a 118. And not that Monday is a 118 running of the Boston Marathon and we've covered it all week and we've certainly gone over it and you need to it's like a shot at. Moment when you mix a great time. Which such a tragedy in its its its its own -- to get over that so. I know Barkley running Monday McCain is running Monday our rob referenced Iran retro -- and down. Many -- running I don't want anybody -- even when I was in great shape I couldn't I know you -- I couldn't I ripped a high school a gym instructor I was in shape that might summit in Italy for like this. -- -- every play no effective and accurate but I cannot get -- get out there in dues that. It's just amazing I it's one of my favorite days of the year and some people like it's funny how some people like things in people don't like. Others the game of baseball games going on marathon on a the only thing I wish is I wish they were more competition and they as they were turning the wanted to come down Portland's -- Austin street I'd love to see two or three people. Coming down -- wire well you know I had the opportunity many many years ago two I think two or three -- -- your run. No but I called two or three finishes right above the finish line you've -- -- I didn't even need to use replies yeah players have been at the black -- -- coming in for -- a six on site. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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