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Dale and Holley with DJ Bean : Complete Bruins-Wings game 1 preview and analysis

Apr 18, 2014|

We get you ready for Bruins game one of round one vs the Detroit Red Wings, with DJ Bean from WEEI.com

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That two weeks stretch between the conference championship in the Super Bowl. It doesn't feel like I've I've talked out I can't break it down anymore it usually by the end of the two week stretch before the Super -- you talk yourself into a reason. Why the team you know is better is gonna lose the game. Only this time I think it's worked just the opposite I think we're talking you off the edge we have we have coax you back in away from the dark side. I think -- starter the week a little feared. I think that's fair that's fair bringing you back in -- much they would. Have. -- -- -- -- All work this all Michael people out there. There's not a stigma with it go ahead I've needed and I've been there before. But your music players it's -- -- Are off for -- and I apologize dictated how about a way. But you know this is this self diagnosed here's -- problem. I figured that self medicated to. -- happen often. The problem. I've been afraid of the Detroit Red Wings organization or. Organize each. Looking at the 2013. 2014 -- That's not match match up with the Boston Bruins. Gold -- Ebola in years. Scared of -- and it should be played. Going back in the red wings three years three years in the playoffs. And these self proclaimed hockey town USA Joseph Louis -- stop. -- All. The octopus on the ice all that stuff. So scared you scared to think -- -- history and it's all clothing you're scared of the red Jersey. And you're scared of that man with where in the vinik teacher in the suit like that scares them. I'm not scared him. That's going to be out. West and west and Johnny's in at closing time -- what little water. I want Mike Babcock with -- That's the guy who's been in probably looks like he's been 7500. Or so easily like if you -- a ball and got -- back Chuck Norris tonight. He's got guys I believe he's got to keep -- mystique. -- so that. Would you say is that users somebody asked question earlier about an hour. They they said it was it was a fine question like how -- you feel player goaltender going this series is for those who don't know Jimmy Howard. -- very good goaltenders struggled this season has never been past the sector on the it to playoffs somewhat said -- feel player goaltender going in the series I feel what Jimmy Howard news. You styled and he's an unbelievable. And -- knows it and -- -- to -- to report that the all race that that's that's -- Thought well it's actually like ignite a softball is. Mike Babcock wants to tough questions. You want you to try to challenge him now earlier I thought we're talking about. -- told -- -- Russa and I wanted to date on Carroll because he went on and on jobs for earls raped and or adopt Alia -- whatever he says matters so important. Pierre McGuire and Babcock next level Pierre McGuire -- but Lou. He mentioned Babcock I think seminary times. In the interview. Talk about -- creative Babcock is. Babcock and learn from the mistakes in the playoffs. On paper the -- Windsor and Detroit but this game without one on paper -- to see what Mike Babcock. -- comes up with. To count the rewards. On one hand yes it makes sense for acquired say that about it but it vote. Awesome playing their four lines are used. Boston playing Smart the first article game. Ought to do what they have to do not play out of character and don't think that's how I mean if if you do what you're supposed to do on paper you should rent. But the games are played on paper and I I will play that should help keep saying that the losers over. To me Mike Babcock when an amazing work in 2006. Its first years -- coach in the future red orange. Okay yeah and I'm sure he was they didn't put the wrestler but he also said. You know I watched Mike Babcock when he was in middle school he was the coach existing products -- theater that I watched him instead -- the full name of the city state country what their last holiday this already. -- one handy -- makes you wonder. This guys playing chest everybody else's play typically on hand. If you're talking about the -- Or that you're talking about the that's good news for the Bruins that. -- the only way. Red wings a witness theories. Is it Babcock comes up with something that nobody has thought about history yeah she can't. Well what you don't like -- feeling better about it regard because when he got to pick his coaches for the Olympics he said because Julian if I had to pick between two I tournament tipsy. I said if if I did I did the whole little check mart effect you know office -- -- goaltending special teams out of that teams are -- I said Coke you know that's that's the one. I couldn't Detroit at the check marks I did say coaching was. And I think that Cox rate coached it sells Julian Wright and -- -- -- I think they're both great -- -- if you think they're both great coaches. -- -- -- -- -- I think that cut rate coached I think he's -- overcome a lot of stuff a lot more stuff includes it. Governments -- really really too I guess big hurdles this year for Claude Julien did. To deal with one was replacing -- Steinberg another one wasn't becomes -- on this we didn't know that the Bruins -- gonna have a good third line this year and we didn't know how that was kind of -- -- take shape. Luckily Bradley Smith emerged for them but those are really the only two things that Claude Julien had to deal with all year one of them in the third flight took care of itself immediately. If if Pierre McGuire was is it the coaching roles were reversed and -- coaching to jewelry. And Mike Babcock is here Boston does this year come at a radio and -- -- out. You know watch out I know Boston's better watch out. Only quote -- because Claude Julien I mean when he got to Boston he was kind of the Marty Schottenheimer of hockey in that you gave him any team he'll get into the playoffs who knows what will happen. From there but you'll get any team he coaches to the playoffs so I think that it yet you'll those injuries but to those star players he would have the same result. We will spend almost all of today talking playoffs Stanley Cup Playoffs Bruins red wings just down the street from where we are here at west and Johnny's on Portland street. But we would be remiss if we didn't at least begin the day in and give a little opted to Jon Lester. Who I thought was superb last night in fact I found myself sticking with a baseball a lot more than Stanley Cup Playoffs last night. Because I had one pitcher thrown a no hitter and the other pitcher thrown a perfect game and it was great to its. You're right except -- -- and start with. Sander broke -- I know about it that there. What's the new story -- Jon Lester was the story answer. I accurately -- the story of Jon Lester but standard. With one home run. He's giving it about Miguel Cabrera. And I do that and realize. That OJ. They're very comparable you're absolutely right -- with Jon Lester this is he's on the entire season. He's been on his game it's no run support none he's been on it from from the start of it. Whether Red Sox won its guards whether he's -- -- to the pulpit or like last night. He looks like he has been you started this season. In the season for. Last year that way to do. Little bit about a rough stretch in the middle. Here in like July August September heat dial it back in again and Lester as I watched him work last night. Member a couple of years ago we were. He'd he'd let things throw him off you know we would call it right -- he'd get thrown off. He looks like he got out just -- -- him the ball back having just I'm in fact you look at Chris Sale last night. He was the guy who was thrown off by stuffy -- -- guy in the arms it beat Lyon and he'd be stopped around the -- is great picture -- yes Ellis. 25. 25 I and -- you had a great match up of two dueling lefties and dealing lefties last night. When Jon Lester was in the eight innings he was in. That one run for they scored one run for right now they scored two in the -- so he got the win Koji came in another concern you had. What's -- situation. Like coach like me. About coaching I was watching this last night guys but. Every time Jon Lester starts. From here on out or from here -- that contract situation is resolved. I think about the contract and Cuba runny. Are running chart in my head does that number go. Or is that Robert Wood out with the start so clearly last. -- number that number went up but the other thing about it. -- -- I've been trying to say this for a couple of weeks apparently figured I'm not. We talk about Jon Lester compared to other -- stars. He doesn't match up -- -- lakers -- he doesn't match up with Felix Hernandez he's not on that right we all agree that he's not. -- -- -- But in baseball. Your fourth -- fifth starters don't matter in the post -- not exactly maybe you're -- -- sometimes. But -- browsers actually 23 start but what you're looking for. Yeah five starters to -- to the playoffs what you get to the playoffs you re reliable starters he's a top three yeah. Out of everybody and hate Jon Lester I have to say eight top of the rotation starter so you have a top of the rotation starter. In the regular season. Who becomes. Who becomes an eighty's. In the post season. I think that guy that's what I want. They went public -- a factory in the post season but Jon Lester maybe this might have a disagreement about how much he paid. Gives you the Red Sox. Hit it -- Felix. Which -- At their bodies cannot Justin Verlander. Any keepsakes or your with the bulls got the guys have superior regular season. -- -- If you -- look at my regular season which are good at least compared with in here that well with my post season. I'll take my resume up against anybody in baseball and that's why this is probably going to be. A tough negotiation or tease you about earlier -- -- said. Witnesses all over John masters -- the Red -- are not so sure. If you look at it from that. We'll make it quick oh make it quick hockey analogy here and -- teams that get a cup hockey okay -- hockey. Let's just assume because it was DJ our our our system that is out -- thank you. That tells me what are they about well I doubt -- though so look at -- important. He's a guy who routinely hasn't done much in the regular season the Bruins were well prepared to pay that guy a lot of money. On the on his next deal just based on the fact it was a light so post season player. And I think that's what the Red Sox -- note Jon Lester or he's gonna say. Regular season as you said I'm not up there with the purchase of the world but. Is the team gets to the playoffs routinely so you're really essentially the reason you bring me in here to do the job in the playoffs that lucrative deals. Don't get the feeling at some point between now and September -- dangerous and take hostages. You see him in the dugout and you know like before his pitchers mark fifty. And you watch them last night in the eighties that somebody somewhere and it looks like a guy who's just typical right off the deep end its. Won the most races. -- Untouchable. -- -- -- Editor people. Bill out of -- people who. -- -- OK. If you'd like to know why. There early. Work. Are. There recently. A just threw. -- eleven years ago it yours -- I'll let us. According to what they ought to work market. Yes. Reporter from the journal. I've met again at a small 3000 reviews they had to talk with Robert in Europe. Really was such as. It's the -- -- Sir. It. I agree great season with the -- that follows the readers. To. And I got Garcia and apparel -- -- now I was. Really against utterly following -- everywhere I hope he's afraid of -- -- come -- -- I had hoped that get that White -- to get the job. But beyond. -- -- When yours. You know if Lars Anderson aggregates and -- Arts and that messed with. It's like really rattled too. Like guys that falls in the category was rod. I grew up in Minnesota before back to me. Lightly first ever report was the Minnesota Twins. -- was like what my favorite players ever. Had a chance late -- in my life Fenway Park you know young cub reporter like say mr. -- now get. Out and is it to -- for a thankfully got -- arm and the year after that. It was so cool so nice and it made upper room -- another room. Now on notice with two people two sets them. Where everybody has got -- Which could take it and we witness -- and we bring you back from the dark side as well west and -- Portland street. That makes that up front door and look I can see the art right now on the street -- This would be the place where you pre game if that's the term use. Or issues that we. We will be at 6 o'clock albeit by these guys will be 6 o'clock. We'll talk a lot of -- you guys will breakdown the series is best week and will try to figure is gonna happen. Lightning is the -- and I don't think is that although this year where let's be honest. And lies in the -- the but I think again idea we'll get all that as we come back here at west and accurately as well with the JD Sports Radio. The only reason I say that is because of the creativity of Mike Babcock the coach. I think most people all on paper the -- don't compare Boston roster better on paper. Than -- just because of the veteran experience and the fact that. Multiple players in the group structured in part of the Stanley Cup run into the final and gore won a Stanley Cup. A lot of these Detroit player really haven't been part of that it's really -- huge turnover in their roster some because of injuries some because of retirement. It's just because they've had no other choice. He always had success you're talking this year in the regular season. You know earlier when we hadn't had. You know regular season I never thought much of -- I feel good -- over at this point the -- beard -- Here is we plan on being hardworking people feel oriented we're gonna have to -- standing. Thomas Scully told cable box only to our bullpen need to be as good as it's ever been in. And then we're going to be at -- Second voice you heard was Mike Babcock first voice you heard was here Babcock. As they talked about tonight's opener Boston Bruins in the yet for a red wings down the street here at the TD garden game one. Stanley Cup Playoffs the Bruins in the red wings. It's a funny thing and -- set it but people around here don't wanna say people Boston don't wanna say. Pierce said clearly the Bruins are the better team. If it and I am I don't know was put a lot of stock in this in this stuff but if you look at Las Vegas. By far the biggest underdog in the first round of the playoffs as the Detroit Red Wings. Not even close I mean it's there's this huge gap between them and the next one. Which is the Anaheim -- -- Dallas match happen in the Western Conference why don't we still hesitant in this town. To say -- is better. I think because going it's going back the last three post seasons they've been expect to in the first round and they've -- to seven games so I think the people are discounted. They have that built in fear of the first round and also. What Michael was saying like Michael I think is rather justified in fearing the red wings just based on their history even the casual sports fan knows that. If they're watching a playoff hockey game there's a one in sixteen -- -- -- one in eight chance that they're probably watching the expert red -- play because they've been their for the last point three years. We teach today wax poetic about all about growing up watching them ever since that 95 they've been such as greater organization I think. You don't need to know much about sports knows the Detroit Red Wings are usually here this time here. I think if you take a step further and look at the teams -- yes on paper the Bruins. Or are clearly better I think that we talk about the the offense of the red wings and they have those big names that you're scared of them. But at the end of the day you have to keep in mind the Bruins have a better offense. And also better defense so that means the Bruins superior offense is playing the weaker defense in this series I just can't see how the -- that when it's -- Such well and I -- answer your question good question why -- people wanted to day. I Cooper went to the best I grew up spent most of your life in new -- Growing up and doing. And would you agree that in New England. More so than anywhere else in the country you feel like if things are going well this what you felt for the runners at these things are going well. -- separate government around court. That is something has to go wrong can't be this. Is what you think if you think back to the stretcher last. Twelve years thirty years that now we got us I know I know that's just what it was about to be palaces. It got to the point where that was almost. Guess everything. Was going well -- David Tyree screwed this is right throat so David Gregory. And then Wes Welker. And two 171000. Sites today you know whoever you want to blame for -- last year so I think there has been -- Humility. Brought to new England sports. Win there was there was some arrogance so I don't think it is arrogance is not there -- we have seen the best teams we've seen. Unbelievable. Unbeatable team supposedly. Lose games. And I'll go back in 07 with the big. -- Yeah. And -- Got that Dave -- that people are right. It with pride the -- with a couple of do you feel it's -- They explained that due to his friends afterwards like how it worked today oh my god they've been a little it was outrageous all through that. That's what the other thing is. This this needs to be. Objective or some people just maybe go above and beyond. Don't wanna be called homers. Don't what does seem like their their push overs about not being analytical or critical. So you look at the obvious you look at the Boston Bruins nationally. If if you could take it away from -- nationally people are saying about the Bruins this off I struck birds gotta get what the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup. It up your -- the Bruins are the best -- nationally people think that brought to the best. But if you say that locally and do little to animated by saying the Bruins are great little too enthusiastic. What what happens all you're you're such a home. Well you look what we like started back together problem march 1 of the very first days -- working together. And their record was yet there but I said the roads of the best team in the in the national -- And I get all the reasons why not they were and ultimately they get going in the month of march -- the best record the national hockey. But I got exactly which widgets are you just homer are you just carry in the rose water. And as I said to somebody last night OK give me that give me the negatives. I'm good with -- I'm a homer because I say the best team in the National Hockey League let's take that as a giving Europe. Now tell me what the negatives. And another thing is like we watched so we watched all three of us who -- every Bruins game you and I Taylor in the building's third pearl -- the -- ones at least. We are kind of condition to -- I guess quote unquote homers because we watch one team every game that we routinely see these other teams that are brought in here. And none of them generally measure up to the Bruins whether structure wise whether personnel wise -- coaching wise with a goaltending wise with a special teams wise whatever. Ultimately these teams that coming here night after night. Usually can't measure up to the Bruins of that makes me homer. That's that's fine but all I know is I -- what -- just realized yet on this year yes you saw on the thirty one's seven and three are -- Chad DM Johnson. We all those games what he went seventeen. Well it will get -- -- now Jack you know Jack start doing throughout the south from Jack about the integration with which you all and. How badly we're -- but actually end and Jack made it a great point yesterday he ripped through the whole list. Of all the different teams that Chad Johnson played against. And you go back to close Julian then what kind of coach he has a look at the list -- A sort of a method to close -- -- -- the -- at home he DB but it network few games in their retail Caylee but most of them. Buffalo and Ottawa -- -- you know you start to run through the list and Jack ripped through the entire list yesterday. Of every opponent that he had this year. And he was great. It just wasn't quite at the point Jack was making is don't tell me that because Chad Johnson was so great to -- it to -- right as a trophy candidacy. And he pointed out that -- at the most part did that against inferior -- well yeah. Don't have quite what I wanted to just try to get that deals question maybe not be accurate but. Start to dig a little deeper when you said you know what the negatives. I tried it. The report tonight I -- I said before the show to you today dale. If under him as Arnold's place for the Bruins tonight -- our media hasn't skated all week so I would expect that the bizarre as would be lined up. You remember that April 2 game against the the red wings the Bruins dominated back in there were too many negatives -- -- colder in a -- change. Against term Bergeron. But one of the real negatives of some of that game was that the Bruins skated all over our agreements are used to people to connect game if -- please -- -- -- paired with -- again. I want so it was Darren Helm the -- on the power play and held at a great shorthanded chance because. -- puck off turn over dismayed absolute traffic cone of bizarre -- in the neutral zone so. That's maybe one concern for meat night I think that. -- Daniel -- isn't cliff Chris Kelly doesn't play there weaker upfront and you don't yet get to see the bruins' third line dominate the way it should in this post season. But for me. I'm not -- devote hundreds of planes in the. Lot of basketball and I would say if you look at a negative could be there history in the first round the last few years. If your team like this you think there that the best hockey in a conversation the guy came due with Saint Louis. Street Louis right after that. Really start to slide. It back into the playoffs because there's so. They had to -- at that point but really. Start to. Look a little ball horrible -- vulnerable than they had all season long. But if you look at the -- -- supposed to be the best human hockey what you want to thank. Is that they will go there and do any prickly says. He's I expect to be short years. Jackson seven game series six or seven games prickly fit spot cancers but I don't know what I tell you he said. So I -- I I felt the best of it is that something that your your pro experience. Maybe your little hesitant because they were battered in Toronto last year head shoulders about around a better Toronto took. A miracle comeback with a minute left in the game the captain to all the way that our pocket now. You wanna see this team is not are complacent and get the body just I'm better than you Detroit innocuous. Will will mean on paper like I said before the Bruins should have such an easier time scoring in the series but the red wings will the end of the day it's vote who has more goals. In the goaltending is better for Boston a date -- you've -- by a lot by by significant measure I think the people. Are kind of sleeping on Jimmy Howard in it that way I think that they're expecting Jimmy Howard to be morbid don't think figure that simply mean they've seen the regular season numbers. The numbers he's put up. Yet I mean I was surprised that mean I know the red wings hadn't gone for the playoffs last few seasons but. I was surprised I was -- through the numbers and I saw the Jimmy Howard hasn't been out the second round for these guys so I think people are kinda missing that point -- -- Dale you -- best team in the NHL for the Bruins. I'm not sure I go that far -- and their few Western Conference teams in the Texas that are. I think Chicago could be I think LA could be I think Saint Louis could beat southern but whether or not yourself. Right they could be but they're not think they think could be not meaning they could be in a few weeks of saying that if they were they right now who knows one of them could be better. But the Bruins in the Eastern Conference playoffs right now I think they are head and shoulders better than anybody else and I said it a month. That they -- the best team in the National -- him and backed it up with Faxon and why they -- Tell me why you think -- -- well I think the reason I'm hesitant on the Bruins in it's unfair it's the reason why they -- term might not win the Norris this year is because I compare them. It's because I compare aspects to aspects of teams past and I see that. That Dennis Seidenberg isn't there and I think -- they will be as good as they weren't last year -- this team very well right now. Without Dennis Seidenberg could be better than last year's team but just a minute now he got -- December 27 yes. They still finished second the National Hockey League goals yeah I'd equate hasn't played since January 19 right and they still finished what that means that the quick thing I actually with no disrespect intended in the Quaid. I don't look at the quick thing is even module loss at all because Miller's stepped in so easily and has done really exactly what Adam Quaid. Does anyway maybe that'll be another discussion for another time we get to the end of the regular season -- to. What happens with one of these guys but I think that the look weight loss was minimal because of what Miller was able to bring in I mean yeah tears to your site. A loss was more minimal and we thought it was going to be you have all that mean you got to give credit to map and I what's -- answer this with a couple minutes the Seidenberg issue because. If if you say they're better with outside part of that bat well or or anywhere they want the art there definitely is yeah yeah that's good. With the outside -- Our number two -- -- Sports Radio WEEI were broadcasting live from west and Johnny's on Portland street. Right down the street literally right down the street from the TD garden where the Bruins play to the Detroit Red Wings. Game one of their series ideas it is -- thirty face off at the little unusual for those that view. Who were used to 7 o'clock face -- here in Boston it is a 730 face off tonight. We've got a full ninety minutes of pre game coverage on this and that begins at six. One quick basketball out concerning the Celtics it would you know. Like the Goldman Memphis this year. They had eight point -- with the Utah Jazz -- they were tied with the jazz for the fourth worst record in the NBA. Lost pointless. So they have the fifth well. The fifth and that's why there's so that it there -- -- to losing this season that they that I don't think so I expect that it's -- Now at the same time. -- nets and the wizards held a coin toss with the 78 -- slot. The nets won the coin toss but the Celtics have their neck. So the Celtics right now our in the fifth and seventies. Scotland which many mission accomplished right I mean that's really what they went into this is a spot got exactly what they -- for now. Well let me just seventy well let's start -- seventy reported that everybody cares about the seventy is probably a little bit higher. That they expected that second pick to be and I missed the season. I knew going in with a rookie coach. Jason did it it would be a bit of transition period for the net. When I did anticipate is that you know adjacent to its lowest rate. What kind of fallout. And it short break the highest paid gold remotely. A kicked off the bench and hit and a special side note chartered a special assignment. Oh you -- give it I don't I don't want to get the specialists but it's what you don't work at a larger -- we don't care care about a word that you say or write. So I don't think that. They would fallout. The -- would be. In the conversation. Top three team. In the Eastern Conference it's now level. I didn't quite work out that way they got a lot better the second half. It so that they respect also the better -- that it epic epic is it to -- and the other thing. With the Celtics -- the five slot. Milwaukee's the first pick in the draft of history technologies. That worst team. Generally. -- 80% of the time even -- time. That's one of the purse. Of one of the Utah will that the Boston. Will be the lakers. It's gonna walk. Not necessarily terrible news but it felt. Six perspective in the capital spent a lot of time talking Celtics. If they if they finish with a top three I think that -- Where I don't think one obvious spot if if the ping pong balls Lehman -- or god -- 678. You know that it's a disaster if they finish with a top three pick and it got up like one of three chance of having a top three pick they're okay and you. You can get -- mean -- -- important though to note too much about this draft but you can get guys in the mid to late teens and note that in the NBA at the top five top three top two -- To really get a star. Say they get one of those top three pick seventeen. Somebody out of court Al Jefferson went fifteenth. A lot anyway I just really note that the -- but Delonte West went though only 24 like you authority. Yeah I think it's good players I think also. A lot of people who say that about. The FBA draft -- top three pick out to support dominant player most of the time. That dominant players going to be in this in this top three or the top. And they are some examples of guys who have become dominant -- -- it. -- Where was it wasn't that Waltz out. Years yeah but if they -- of a complete dominant -- yeah -- he would. Defensive players -- the player of the year -- -- them talk about the -- the Kobe Bryant and LeBron James Dwyane Wade that type. But I I. I. I find it -- hires them. What I hear what you're not the top three can't find great players. I -- this strictly I don't advocate excuse making for general managers. And it can understand -- general managers say that we say -- -- that's why it outright lied to about that one and the other one. Well it's a weak draft. Even if it's a weak draft how guarantee you. It is it is is this what you get paid big bucks and we're sitting here watch. Even don't we draft they're five very good players and there probably separate very good players and they're not all in the top ten top fifty. You know the haystack go find it that's why get paid that's why your general manager plant now. So I don't. I don't buy that we draft conversation. I don't buy the top three conversation the best team currently the best deal originally. Even when there -- at what they were at the top five of the top ten. They figure out away to get a player in that slot that nobody projected to be there not a part projected Russell Westbrook. To me. That I've draft pick. Oklahoma City -- -- Same thing with James Harden he was the projected that guy that took a little higher the people is expected to go because you know what they're going -- -- with the spurs. And any change. Is it that is that category -- even though. It is -- Even though he did make some success story. -- but that would -- -- Greg what his Father's Day -- -- -- gave Pruitt when we're getting into this game is back overseas. 6177797937. Telephone number bus and -- Celtics -- narratives they did have the coin toss then we wanted to bring you the news that we've noted don't you don't know well Dorsey or no or DJ -- and if the celtics' -- Most of the talk in these parts will -- to be about the Red Sox and Jon Lester or the Bruins and the Detroit Red Wings the series that kicks off tonight. Will kick off our call with Chris in Weymouth Europe first on dale and -- Chris. I Chris he turned the radio down. Now they -- It up it was good comment. On. I thought you called last playoff time maybe it was a about it. I don't know what. -- -- -- -- What about them. It. I I -- both comply yes in all likelihood it out but I think he's an -- he's asking about. I think he's asked about the pairings. Okay all the pairings will be in all likelihood. -- that Hilton. But Soros or parked -- please park -- with -- jock in crew in Kevin -- That's the pairings for Boston he'd like Detroit got those well but. Yeah I mean it's it's looking like a Soros will will play for markets that haven't said what is wrong with our coast the but -- -- -- -- he has you know I got a feeling is that influencing the though rampaging through the -- right so quote it pointed it to say that guys were sick and the bunch of them were -- -- -- -- are included. He didn't come back to -- -- -- -- yesterday that it former Miller came back yes yeah that he'd been out for a while so you so that's right to Miller was back yesterday. He's off the ice today it is an optional in the Soros was on the race though. Assuming Archos gadgets and play it's bizarre from the left side of that which pairing which. I don't feel great about but. This is -- the question I have is not a concern. But you guys up that's. You mentioned at the port in the first hour of the show. Could that support because he's -- great playoff performer for the Bruins was out there there are different team. It is essentially have two public get replacing eight report. I don't have any questions about -- why should but in terms of replacing court he gives them something different. The court did what what do you think what you guys think is going to be in the playoffs and made its intrigue me is not a concern with just different. I I I think QB on the ice more. Yeah I mean I I tried to bring it up with with -- to each day it's tough thing to go well because you don't want boutiques to admit. Yeah the guy that that that left us was this great playoff players and we'll see what the new guy brings. But I think that given what you've seen from Jarome Iginla in the regular season you're not concerned because the guy no matter what time years he's just -- table even if he's scoring. He's played a really good game with Nathan Horton if you scoring he was not doing anything in this comic I was that was a big -- -- or supporter. But they should've brought him back option given long term deal lower well the lower cap number I tried I think that's what they want different conversation different day. But -- but it means that doesn't work -- nothing missing. The important thing doesn't work out they go after -- offered. Gala for the truth the red wings then they get hurled at him so it's funny how that worked out and that they immediately felt the way it happened Albertson's upon players played. On the towards the Atlanta right now but I mean for what year old would get his brought. The instinct see how well he fills it towards post -- Jews but he's been much more completely -- were never here well. And and pregnancies and you think about that that top line the bruins' top line. I am convinced that there is not another line like it in the national -- deeply. There so bay so strong and yet so skilled. I mean -- she is not a little guy but he just looks like it between -- -- -- and again please tougher than that and stronger people people realize but he's he's the skill. Between the two battering rams but but they bring such a physical presence. Forget about all your all your concerns about -- sorrow -- what's gonna happen. Just tell me if you're Mike Babcock the greatest coach in the history of the -- -- -- creative tell me what your gonna do about the gala. Great -- Lucci just tell me who you're gonna play against that that. Right depending on how they match up defensively at least -- wall and did Brandon Smith -- others tough time against those guys because they they Wear them down physically. And you don't always -- you wouldn't teach and that's why you get colors and textures that people on Twitter readers whatever state. Why are they picking up -- six million dollars the pain of sky six million dollars or 24 goals a year. Yes yes because he's -- he's a fair I mean we talk with Chara I -- -- be the most difficult player in the NHL play against. As far as forwards go playing against the mean Patrice Bergeron is a tough got to play against because you'll give you anything. Meal that it is tough to play against because you get off the face the -- you're -- what the hell has happened in my body so. Well. It was bad joke there I think I've got to pass on. An indication those years of therapy or he's gonna act they do a little restraint personal growth on here but but I do when asked yet this. Don't you think it's it's better at the lucky. In this situation you just. So they wanted to -- come back. Which would have been the -- so Horton comes back. And say it is gone report back. That it worked out what Alfredsson. Ghost red wings and they wind up with the third choice to get -- retrospect we all know now the third choice with the first choice but what are. What they saw initially Michael sometimes the third Joyce is the right choice now you're helping -- sometimes it works out better and LA only parent and maybe not only. But it. The thought process was with with Horton makes it of course he's our guy we know him better than anybody else to elect him -- let Alfredsson over -- I wonder why they thought he would be a better -- well. I think people -- -- -- more realistic that I think I think that Peter Shirley said longtime senators leading Ottawa. Where to longtime senators go right to public Chris Kelly -- -- they come to Boston. I think that they just probably rule it -- in the -- -- given that he had already chosen against them. And he probably didn't think negatively again but I think they thought that bridges that -- it wasn't until again was rep non -- at fault yeah that exactly and said hey. You know Nathan -- has gone. I got a guy who can slip in that spot if you want to Collison went really yeah exactly yeah I like what Peter surely got an indication that hey this might be awkward but. Think it would look like if you guys -- like to at least talk but that the penguins remember at the end of at the end of the season after they'd been eliminated. It -- -- much cap space in the -- doled out contract extensions to people and you kind of put it together they. So that I can be able to get back and get that point Don Meehan put -- together sultan says. Where will my client thrive the most even if it's on a one year deal which he got a one year deal is going to be -- freeagent theater this season you'd think the Bruins bring him back but I mean. This has been a money's the. And it along time ago -- opted to play currently. It's a long time -- -- not go to that your favorite maybe it was last year but. I see this. It makes it so it applies to the pro guy. Great pedigree. It would meet -- nameless and looks like and with these guys for rod. Here's a lot I've asked a million people about this people who watched in Calgary people who watched in Pittsburgh and the best answer I've -- on it was -- -- -- -- it's -- news. And he station Pittsburgh's we will -- La the penguins. And I said. Wives so much better with the the Bruins than the penguins and take note of the fact that it's one point. It in the playoffs -- -- -- too much that -- a look at the numbers for Pittsburgh down the stretch were fine but did you see him doing this with the Bruins and he said yes. Because that it was a good player with the penguins but he wasn't room again. He did look like himself even though. Even if Carol McKinley is not Jarome Iginla can still score a goal every five games but he didn't have that that with the penguins for whatever reason. That we saw from Calgary all those years. He's still figure to be that player but not Pittsburgh so if you went somewhere where he could be that player the jury can score thirty cool what they did. How a male what what the Bruins did you. -- making enemy. I think hitting the weight of all the board's responsibilities they're similar players they're big -- exit the -- -- a really good they are really get open -- great genealogy ever. You know watching him and but just to be fair. I think he did he did not have a bad post season last year he had a bad policies against the Bruins which you know who did. We are you know -- that. Everybody wearing a sweater so it I think we kind of single they get -- because he had the infamous last shot at the right of that that series that that Ross Gload easily they they got him back -- -- shut him down. They shut down everybody. And they were talking about two great franchises. Two great general managers -- racer rose up here yeah he's probably Saturday a better general manager to rally throughout. On the National Hockey League is that fair to say get GM and the real yeah yeah so he should birth for what he did -- yeah you're you're looking at you looking at. A franchise that has great players that Portland. They were they knew how to use to get the rate to import it didn't work out. He didn't feel comfortable there even though they did everything it was supposed to do what we -- how what what the Bruins must have been something subtle. That they did that the -- would -- Because he looks like. I I just think that it has been restored I think he's playing with players who were similar to him and obviously there are many power forwards in the -- like Jarome Iginla. But Milan Lucic is certainly one of them and if you put him on that line. Yeah I I loved watching Horton line over the -- that that curriculum with -- over the last few years because as you said. You have very skilled guy great passer created a 200 -- player. As they say. In David clergy and on either side he's got to bowling balls. I think that if Jerome -- had the opportunity to be one of those bowl bowling balls for. For the last however many years and he -- a that he be put in the daily lows here. -- just figured it out there but that's exactly what it that. That's probably that they the only thing. He's a -- scrambling right if you look at it if you'd take. If you take notes are. It put up on the penguins. Probably as is typical of matchup as you say he has everybody says he's the most -- got to that matchup with the hockey. You can about the pain when he -- good. But it would be Zdeno Chara because he's the outline here right that's not what their defensemen do. Right there it is so what would that get. You know you talk about he thinks through what kind of player two way player. The paint points up and down that's not exactly their DNA in that that it outstanding. Talented players but that's not really what they're. Out so maybe in Pittsburgh he was in a situation where it's generate offers generate offense generated offense. In Boston it's. Possess the puck and make the other guys miserable you can define me the other guys miserable weather beat physically whether be Smart to -- play. But make the other guys miserable and that's what creek she's line does just as its wells any other in the NH we. We had an interview with John which grows about a mile. A month ago and it seems like. Figures that was a different era it's different administration. But as before I got back indicted doctor -- but would you gross. He was talking with -- one in hockey and he said to Robert -- is always talking on the ice all the time. And what he's saying is anybody -- ago. And it hit you wanna go so to your point divide make somebody miserable anyway you want for your draw but it was like let's go what -- still. What did you -- it would do -- first game in Boston after the trade but he found Nathan Horton. Again if the -- battalions of replacing anything I probably would have replaced the roots that got an important it would in the third line player. He goes by -- Norton drops them yeah actually ends up. -- official pretty badly cut through the policies that but yeah that's literally. I've also never seen a guy. Appear to have more fun. He has this year. I mean the only guy I've seen smile as much as him as boy chuck I think boy checks smiles a little creepy sometimes because -- just out there yet. A -- budget that's very accurate painting I know. All adequate and Jack Jack Nicholson the -- he's just little error at that picture frame with rich -- in the looks like he's having the time of his life and is Pierre McGuire reported earlier this year on NBC. His family moved here his wife and kids are here is kids are playing youth hockey here he loves it -- he obviously loves playing on this team. I'm not only do I think the Bruins want to bring him back I can promise you he wants to come back next year which is why I think they'll figure out a way to get it done. My for my friends every now and then I have friends ask me. Nice discount the Bruins with the best got to deal as they honestly. All hockey players are good guys really could not to James feels that's that's one stands but I say. The Bruins had really one player with times could be difficult deal that was toes Sagan. They got him he brought it perhaps the nicest person in the world in Jarome Iginla and then we are and it's obviously a pros pros well. Everybody in that room -- Johnny took the ball which capsule is everybody in that room -- 6177797937. As the telephone over the AT&T -- like oh yeah I haven't hear from me. Is 37937. Were just down the street from the garden where west and Johnny will be here till 6 o'clock. And I can see people here talking and and that's a great point at Dexter makes remain -- give us playing them the recchi role. Both come come from the same beginning in the WH -- Campbell is blazers. He's just a younger recchi in you know what that's actually pretty good call a bigger more skilled player the Mark -- but it it's a good called on the part of the text -- 617779793. Sevenths telephone number. Where we're at west and Johnny's been here till 6 o'clock. Of course game one Bruins and the red wings at the garden coming up later on tonight it's available Hollywood -- -- Sports Radio WEEI. What industry -- few days. Before deploy Elson between schema of the sort of -- -- For the meeting so I think everything is -- Done and now we just they're ready. Accurately. Zdeno -- the captain the Bruins talking about preparing or being prepared to play the Detroit Red Wings they begin tonight at the TD garden game one. I and and frankly I'm I'm at the point of putting up the white flag here I mean I've said this in the past. And it may just be that the Bruins answered to a feared here because I expected this this avalanche of Bruins calls. You complain that they have a chance to talk radio this avalanche -- Bruins calls you know tell me why they were gonna win the series and how easy it was going to be. But I am now convinced more than ever that they're afraid. They are a scared. They're much like you were on Monday they're scared. I'd been able to knock them off the lead to. Or diagnosed or. Confident. -- -- I did you did you buy you by buying -- patriots analogy with the Bruins that once you reach it maybe the Red Sox that. What you reach a level of success. In the regular season. It's -- it becomes about counting championships or else -- for the for the Celtics next year they're not gonna have this problem. 557. This year. Would go back here they go 4537. At the a dark days. Like a 4537. Next year going to be appreciate. Because they've been that would be that -- where's the Bruins. I have had a 118 point this year 150 or 181151. Way. They're great. Whatever. They did win last year so now they're going to be judged not by a hundred. Eighteen points in the regular season not by winning the first round series against the -- -- it's it's. Can't you make up war the 72. Loss last year games to -- it would. That's going to be judgment that the patriot. Stephens on the cellphone you're next on dale -- -- Steve you know -- -- just sorry guys -- plan -- not bad. On -- Arnold who bought. I west hey don't go home like it. Every you know west I read all the -- are gonna be able to why. You are repeat that there's nothing good -- you as they say you tell him tell the white that I -- You guys stopped by west Johnny experts PayPal with. Have a drink or two if they go. It would be -- -- IO -- I'd do it like okay -- -- I. -- It. The deadline I have been added I'd like it's Friday night -- the playoffs. A lot of games that we want to oppose it badly anyway toward. What they are are there aren't. -- can be bad time management council prepared yeah right what's gonna. -- -- -- Saw it but it won't -- -- only the big hockey diet. Is wondering that. I don't they lost the three games with Detroit this year and is it that we basically have that same team that we lost. What did you know a lot of those three games like what what did that why did we lose -- -- -- well like they would like. Why are on trial argument stands until. No they actually didn't asserted that it they get a one play -- NN it's not your fault Steven you're not alone believe me I'd hate it Stephen is representative of what I talked about -- There are there are. True tried and true Bruins fans who have convinced themselves this is going to be of one and done. Will convince themselves let you know they were walking around -- like he was standing still which they didn't do. The other night was goal. Was after a bad line change Chara was responsible for to begin with but people looked at that highlight DJ and they are convinced we are out of here. Right and I repeat the question he asked was. It's the same personnel that was so there. When those when the red wings won three of those four games the answer on both ends is no in the fourth meeting I looked up who some who sat. In that April 2 game Jerome McDougal was on fired on the stretch indeed some get to thirty goals he sat in that game Alfredsson sat in that game for Detroit. Neither the teams where the teams that you're gonna see here tonight. It's always it's almost like looking at. In exhibition game pre season game. In saying that it's how it's gonna look in the regular season it is to this teams that have the same personnel so to answer his question. No and on the they were making a traffic court Zdeno Chara thing. Not even at all. But we're talking about adjustments. And most playoff series. And that's another reason the matter. Even if it would have the Bruins had -- all of the games this year and they want a plot does it. You're still talking about getting into the playoffs and good teams and good coaching staffs can adjust to what. 88 superior team is doing and make it they can make more competitive that it needs to be in the case of Detroit. Is there any fear that of the opponent. Is there any fear that they keep coming in and -- the Bruins in game one. Oh sure they made him wonder whether they want then make the Bruins got. Unsettled -- call it. I hear that it today at a situation we have to have me come. Columbus nearly did the other night with -- that would plumber can almost do it it's -- right right. That was just heartbreaking to watch you just cut saws -- in the Middle -- news that it -- that were. You just saw that Columbus team eventually at some point that game was gonna turn back the young kids they were. It will back game but. Yeah sure it can happen to come and steal go back a couple of years ago Bruins Canadians -- the first -- the Bruins at home and it was almost similar situation where. The Bruins have a lot of questions health wise they were without you know -- four of those games that your. And I still maybe. You wanna talk about the playoffs. The last 45 years for the Bruins. To me that's that that's got to rank up there with -- one of them -- oppressive heat you're going down zip to your mark -- Montreal. It to come back to when that series now of course the number one thing has to be the comeback against Toronto taxes is so unlikely but a strong number two. That's where -- a series so many things changed that series that's where Nathan Horton really established oh geez okay this is why they got this guy. Yet those game winners. Michael -- people were. Begging for Claude Julien to sit him make him -- healthy scratch and play -- Sagan. He comes up hue Jackson give crosses that bus that has written about this bruins' third line. The Bruins that third line in that series game four against the Canadians the bruins' third line had three goals including writers game winner. In the first three rounds of the playoffs last year the bruins' third line had two goals so pretty credible the other thing. In and sometimes the memory fades you know as time goes on. And and it believe me I'm not saying anything derogatory. Tim Thomas did not having magical playoff run to the Stanley Cup championship. It started. Halfway through the Tampa Bay series. He was pretty pedestrian Montreal's here yes. You know halfway through the Tampa Bay series and especially -- one nothing game and then through the entire Vancouver series he was -- right. He was -- but people got their head that the entire playoff run from the beginning of the Montreal series through the end of the Vancouver series. He was can't drive it wasn't a -- ask questions after after game two of these this guys -- -- that part of the whole peaking too soon thing but. Is this guy's best games this or are at this guy's best games this season. Behind him and that -- rightfully so. Claude Julien was asked this year when the Panthers. When Tim Thomas played for the fifth time in Boston. Joseph McDonald said there's -- -- people say that the Bruins wouldn't have won the Stanley Cup without Tim Thomas do you agree. Include Julian said. Tim Thomas -- won the Stanley Cup without the Bruins which I think it's a really good point I think that. People what people for get a vote with that post season by the Bruins in the Stanley Cup as Tim Thomas -- -- as my. Yes sir but Claude Julien also put Dennis Seidenberg in Zdeno Chara together and made the most lethal shut down pairing. We've seen in Boston in a long time that interference stepped up and played huge minutes with Johnny boy -- so a lot of -- with about how well it would. Let's play defensively -- up in Maine you're next on Sports Radio still on how. The jolly. Good don't it is an area. I'm Greg -- operating. This. Odd ball out of elite. Ruined it there aren't. Outlet guy we have the best record in the National Hockey League and they -- -- win -- year's highly ranked as they were offensively defensively special teams goaltending. -- mice I mean all the intangibles you up with. And instantly there so you shouldn't be afraid of anybody now there are some folks concerned I think because of that. That winged wheel on the front of that sweater it's great it's critical vote is a great applicants well I spoke I spoke out its red light. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To quote cash I know that I know you guys wildcats tonight we got taller or. Art that is sick because all. Agree. It's -- -- Take a very advocates can -- just from this could happen. Or as I like to -- hate -- dollar sign off you know you know like well that. As for -- you know like she like the -- that Yemen attractive but for whatever reason there like that's good. Our I was it's got to. Like that appealed I'm actually creeped out how to make it appeal to people -- about it it the view that it actually tweeted that out early. If you're a couple western Johnny's cup hang out. Or give me. I gave me. Especially if you're a female -- 8619. Exactly nine point six went -- that -- -- -- real house ideally. Because you don't want in that that young -- yes. Cash she's about my 52 victory she could be -- did you make an exception for her she's not sure but after the old Don -- thing of your behavior like shot. Hours as they say at Wyoming she's been written art where I'm just say ended that's that the law that she's got going -- Arnold why is -- Dale Arnold -- family -- -- that I think it's -- talk about girls with my friend Michael and so. You can't you're -- pound dollar. It's at seven while they have a -- 790 -- now like it tee decks lighted streets of sanity prevails. They'll -- Hollywood -- -- West and -- Portland street Boston Sports Radio but he media.

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