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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, Previews Bruins-Red Wings 4-18-14

Apr 18, 2014|

Pierre McGuire of NBC Sports joins the program to talk about the creativity of Red Wings coach Mike Babcock as well as the potential for physical play in the series.

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Final hour -- elude ID 37 WEEI Lou and parts unknown Tom Karen. Nice not to be in the house today working double shift -- -- was a triple ship Red Sox last night committed to show. Grind away for four hours of the right back get a tonight at 539 -- -- early to -- -- Friday night -- our first fretted that way the season and coming your way at 530 before our networks with two n.'s coverage on Nelson and -- on his government hasn't lost what segment like that there is -- -- tonight he will make his first appearance in segment three -- and -- Fenway when I -- -- skate. He strike skis. Back on the sidelines as he should be around what time a segment although Adam -- did a great job in the -- no knock a lot of our grip and the other people -- is not report written meet. Your banana belt it might be that not repeat anyone just telling you that Gary strikes he's my favorite my -- is all but silent reporters in general. There's one guy the are all looking up to. Got between the boards Pierre McGuire he's gonna be so of course NBC sports network and he joins us on the eighteenth the outline Pierre it's much and Tom Karen happy playoff my front. Thought I love my great division of the Telecom. A -- It is Bruins and red wings game one tonight and the the theme this all week has been it's the team in wanna see in the team to give the Bruins the biggest. Challenge here in this best of seven. -- any disagreement with that appear that this of the three match of the could have Philadelphia Columbus Detroit. -- of those three. I think it is the only reason I say that is because of the creativity of Mike Babcock the coach. I think most people on paper the rosters don't compare Boston roster better on paper. Than -- just because of the veteran experience in the fact that. Multiple players in the current roster have been part of the Stanley Cup run to the final and gore won a Stanley Cup. A lot of these Detroit player really haven't been part of that it's really -- huge turnover in their roster some because of injuries some because of retirement. It's -- just because it had no other choice. The one thing I will say about mr. true roster a lot of the young players that you actually -- an American league championship last year Grand Rapids where others can't Qatar. Stuff like Chris Riley shape and on the sure -- Brian -- you -- on the line a lot of these guys were major players American women you know are American League -- -- cluster. Apparently talked about the matchups here I've been saying all morning you know I think the -- -- better forwards better defensemen better goaltending so they're the better team that said the Bruins at times this season have shown us. A little trouble against. Teams with great speed you've got night -- -- you've got held you've got guys. Up and down capital cantor I mean this red wings team has a lot of speed will that be a a problem will that be a tough matchup here for the Bruins. That's going to be the number one thing to watch -- outcome and I totally agree pure point is to watch what -- do when they're attacked in Zdeno Chara. Watch what they're doing their tracking Johnny boy chuck. To the bigger more important defenseman. For the -- just because to shut down capabilities. And let you they played chip and chase sake. Or they really try to stretch them -- and create huge change and so you won't know that until the games start but this is going back to my point -- They're saying the mark when we started off Mike Babcock to me is the most creative coaching NHL. Doesn't mean he's the best even though he's getting one of my -- coach of the year but I think he's the most creative coaching the national -- that. And you'll see how he breaks down the bruins' defense because the -- affectionately know what. Is extremely good. I keep saying creative it seemed like it might be tough to be creative on the road the year aware. A cold will get the Claude Julian look at the last change -- the match up so when you talk about that creativity. How do you do that on the role in these first two games. Because of the way they might attack if they played -- change and check cocky which look like a lot of people expect him to do that equation and and to the Bruins in terms of matchups. If they play in orbit stretched game back to break -- match just because they're in doesn't really matter from it more free flow. And so it's not nearly -- station to station great hockey. So it's going to be really interesting to watch -- Detroit comes out and I know that's why I think I told arcade operators what we build our structure we are in the game. Just to value it appeared to be watching for that clearly just to see how Detroit decides to attack ought to. And I'll speak to some of the creativity and Mike Babcock. There Pavel Datsyuk -- a 100%. Would probably be the best player in this series how close to want to percent how much of Pavel Datsyuk will we see. Even -- close to a 100% based on all the games I've done and I've got a lot of -- game addiction she Olympics. The fact the demand you imploring -- -- -- Paula just take a little bit she reported being shut. I think Patrice Bergeron both rosters I think countries -- on this season as the -- player on both rosters this season. I just and I yeah it is hard to argue that because I did such a good two way player now has got thirty Eagles to boot. You know when you talk about the Bruins forwards. How big of a concern is it that you're you're probably going to be without Kelly brought it to be an Alpine a at least to start the -- That's a big concern I mean you've got to definitely look at it could kill restriction effective player not just for -- try and eventually Karl sort of Gergen particular. And we nurturing but also because he's such an important part of the penalty kill and -- Chris Killen and huge -- and Denny partying Gregory Campbell are one of the botched. Handler come to control anything Carter leaks so sparked a big loss to social. I mean again you look at it it doesn't make it any easier from Boston but on paper as you correctly should or what but should not we're told -- agree to a fault review. On paper. Boston the lurking out there to go on proven it's that simple. And it's been tough for these presidents' trophy cup winners last eight years for been bounced in the first round. Odd to have gone on to win a Stanley copies via -- he joins we know about the speed of Mike was to talk a lot about the speed of Detroit what about. -- -- past year -- year in a big audience the Bruins -- you sit -- to watch the first game be asking Bruins fan whose -- with it annoys me in itself Brad what you're gonna hate Brad marsh and he's gonna get under your skin and is opposing the -- but it does Detroit have that player to they have one or two of those guys -- -- -- -- game three back in Detroit. Bruins fans a circle and said that's the guy I don't like about Detroit team. They have two -- -- just and that won't -- a new entrant -- just -- -- can skate in the big -- B control. Are your and France and nicknamed the mule for a reason he played big increase property please would care. And he'll get under your skin especially in the slot Sobel of the two guys who I would -- a lot of -- -- by the end of this year is warm -- people are fond of. -- Franzen got such a good playoff history as well first team that maybe doesn't match the Bruins and toughness. Go all the way across the -- how important does he play a role in that toughness to respond to the Bruins. What they'll tell you about Detroit comment I've been doing their game forever. Is that thirteen -- and there are strong in America they are. On the tribal fighting with them as much is a bumpy and he talked a really -- support -- middle retaliated very often. They play whistle to whistle the play chess -- shoulders -- nose to nose to destructive punch in the not very often just not part of their. DNA is an organization. What they are keen to speak in future to make plays. They sacrifice their bodies to block shots they support one another when there is a skirmish. It's so it's not horrible where they're gonna go out there like Philadelphia little from time to time -- the Rangers wolf from time -- time or even -- -- from time -- there are gonna -- that. They're just completely -- far. Friends and all the way back from the concussion here as he also. I think he is Obama really do mean against yours are getting younger. I he'd be the first person to tell you that there -- a lot of miles on the odometer. But he still I think he's way past where you -- say that he's only 8% I think you'd probably caution Margaret. How much. How much do you account for Detroit having been here are just like a year ago many guys at twelve or thirteen guys on this roster -- to Chicago. To game seven you mentioned DNA you mentioned the makeup of my path is part of that make up that part of the reasons cup series because they have been there and will not be. They won't be today about the bright lights of the post season. Well they're all they're not intimidated at all -- one -- people need to know. And don't forget they added -- offer chicken for a long period of time when he was -- not a -- was a thorn in the side of the Boston broke so. I'd -- and you won't be intimidated. I can tell you that traveled bastard won't be intimidated and I can carry in my question to tar and chance. And that's true Miller almost they won't be intimidated -- crumbled a lot of you've been committed itself. Knowledge this is to me again it comes down to Boston player in the four line game. Boston playing it Smart the first article game. Ought to do what they have to do it operatic curator and the -- well I mean if you do what you're supposed to do on paper you should rent. But the games are played on paper and I. I will play that should help keep saying that the losers over to me Mike Babcock will be an amazing election in 2006. Its first. Years to coach and in true red orange. They got beat they were the number what she. They got beat by any -- from Edmonton Craig McCouch. The coverage but we'll see intricate scheme will finally watching game seven -- Carolina. He was the most creative coached by a mile deploring the term neutral zone coverages and zone coverages matchup situation. Useful from the creator of I think that caught with a huge coaching lesson that you're in never forgotten that. Here we can't talk about a surge can't previous series without talk about the goaltending and and Tuukka Rask is clearly establish themselves as one of the elite goaltenders. In this league yet I still think there's a feeling from some Bruins fans until he hoists the cup. It's still. Tim Thomas and who's the guy who everybody thinks about here just your assessment of what you've seen in the development over the past three years to grass. Paul -- which I have ruled it was my adult the only award I can vote on as coach of the year before -- did trigger action would be my best in the trophy winner he would get Martin number one vote. He is in my opinion anyways I extradition all of the respect of certain number of Hamas and Hendrik Lundqvist. And all the other great call covered up -- could there have been a lot of them this year saying a lot of different city. I think to graft and the school he's a big reason why defense won a bronze medals -- Olympics is a major reason why the -- on the present trophy. And I think he'd grown unbelievably. In terms of his composure and ability to relate to his teammates. And also dealing with big situations you know and -- bully really is slow are tremendous tremendous change their -- doesn't share. Here I'll admit I was surprised and I'm not to claw back to beat Dallas 43. That's by the biggest Saint Louis last night taken downed Chicago in a third overtime of the games we've seen so far seven out of 81 rounds are under way. What is stood out -- both these other non Bruins red wings series. Targeting. The targeting his more apparent than ever before and star players if you watch Saint Louis and Chicago last night. The way they went after David back in Chicago so that things in the way they went after college -- And then on the other side of things if you look at what they've learned afterward Jonathan page. And how they've -- with that Kim and the way they try to go after Patrick Kane. Targeting around the -- I mean I didn't ranger game last -- with Philadelphia they went right after Ryan McFadden and order guy. There are laid out a little chaotic. If you look at the Pittsburgh Columbus -- is equal opportunity hitting. Huge huge huge hit by the -- of the players. -- Paul Martin and mark Christopher what playing in. You know on the other side of things really went after large and very young to actually brokers most the first. Few minutes of the game so I think the one thing is standing up to -- but more than anything else targeting your star players. I guess that the follow up would be be noticed the officiating you with the targeting has been there. How is the officiating be different in these gains appear if it all different on what is on a regular season. They're letting a lot of tickets go with they're not letting go is -- It's interesting. So argue the case in point last night there was a play -- -- -- Girardi clearly interfered it was a structured but it was a big body twice. Yet who later on there was this -- current situation but it was more of a couple. Actually called that -- and it's aside and start working on page -- on the same kind of playing. There were two totally different -- Good morning what the critical thing in the other one was subject dropped and a -- on different teams but virtually the same call so they're really look at our troops structure but they're letting big body hockey Japanese really are. -- great stuff is always look at Boris and hockey finally getting underway the Bruins and red wings the last of the eight series to -- -- -- tonight 730. At the garden game two Sunday afternoon we appreciate the time here as always tremendous insight will talk you next week. But trying to cut two billion humble but she around the bill into actual audio. Nice -- system that is Pierre McGuire NBC sports NBC sports network and he's brought you by an awful power equipment and by.

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