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Bruins heavy favorites going into first round Series against the Red Wings

Apr 18, 2014|

Mut and TC discuss how almost every national hockey writer is picking the Bruins to beat Detroit. Will the Bruins be too confident?

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I don't believe in and never respecting the other team is not because it turned red wings. During the playoffs because -- -- team that's a respected that's a given that doesn't mean you go out there and play on your heels are horror played in your stick because you have respect form. Just means that you know we have to be your radio I think it's it's pretty obvious you know that prostitute. They wanna play the underdog card. That is Claude Julian that they're playing the card club because there -- major underdogs here. -- They were there fifty people if you count ESPN is another eight years of 58 people we looked at for for Bruins predictions Bruins red wings to people. Two out of 58 guys put the red wings to win one of them is 888 Detroit Red Sox beat writer house -- James. And the other -- Mir who called the Detroit Red Wings beat Kryptonite to the Bruins which seems a little harsh to me given the Kryptonite shut down Superman for good. You could even do anything. So I think that's a little bit too far but. The -- underdog role club because they -- major underdog. In this series. That not not that that the patriots haven't fake it back in the day nobody respects does not Pedro Martinez sent eight timeless sort always in never liked me. This team is a legit underdog at minus 300. In the in the first round I mean they're three to one favorite. To win this first round -- a pretty big -- to an Easter -- let's get the odds here second. Your team's the favorite and it's a new role for the -- top but it's pretty clear people expected to win the series what is the biggest favorites right they are the favorite to win at all. Which is always a little bit concerning. You know to those of us have been around here long enough. To remember the -- teams that have -- Boston. On their sleeves and struggled in the past but I just I just don't get that feeling from this team and as you said. You know the third line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Wear down. On another line in the you know brought talk -- speed. Well of -- deeper than the team that's speed starts to come back to earth after playing you know three games in six nights or whatever it ends up being so I think the longer this goes. The more the Bruins assert themselves. But I wouldn't be surprised if you're sick you're tonight you're sitting here Sunday after games and walls of these red wings. These red wings a tough they gonna be hard to beat but the Bruins beat him is gonna take. 6177797937. Is the phone number the ATP decks on 37937. What is your prediction for the series. What are you feel best about if you're Bruins fan what are you most concerned about you to this game. Tonight though that adds a lot of attacks say why isn't anybody ever mention the fact directly to three and we covered up for week. Bruins lost the season series. There don't want it didn't look gotten a couple of games well that that game in November you can argue six what was your worst loss of the year I don't along time ago in the teams have changed since then but and to the other ones are in October. I was literally on a home I'll mention that we've had three months to preview the securities talking about odds and paralysis by analysis John is in Rhode Island. He's first up -- -- and TC -- Oreo. Hey monkey see -- on the I really respect her opinions. But I -- a lot that's totally and completely disagree. You know -- one of those guys that come on the competition -- that you know uproot the best you can win every now one of those guys but -- is it. It would take a collapse of epic proportion to the Bruins lose yours -- they are so are secure they are so far appears at the Redmond team. There's a reason to -- and fighting and scrapping out all that keen interest in the playoffs on. It probably -- and -- a 100% healthy. He's probably the number two player in the NHL in the entire world behind crusty but he's clearly not even get around all year they have no Zetterberg. In my -- camera or you know -- him feel best about. YouTube mention that depth look forward stretch is one of many couples to correct doubled the debt neutral -- best -- in the world. I mean that's -- -- about interbrew and -- scheme can delete to get back kinda chilly out at all in Detroit has no hint whatsoever. This is he or finding your obvious abuse call -- predict that and that it's gonna happen to be evil scheme. I'm I'm just telling. People. And I used to John has Pruitt in for five and appreciate the full client that that the -- grass part of that is is fair and -- I guess -- go to the last year you said okay let's see how what kind of run he makes in the playoffs he had a regular two goals there at the end of the series and but he goal back for game seven he would pack it up to watch the Chicago Blackhawks celebrate on your home life. My faith and you can not shaken at all. You know he was able to get some rest here at the end of the year with Johnson playing. And playing well brass is better yet out of -- Jon that my confidence that the list of things I feel good about. I put duke up there I I I put the depth of their there. Three or four lines at the top of that list but goaltending I have my list as well a lot of things I said before -- better forwards they have better defensive unit they've got a better golden. I but I do believe. Wasn't well agreeing to -- -- I think they're going to move it over and over the Bruins win this series. I'm -- at -- about that as a cop out because it was too close to call. I just think this series is gonna -- pendulum swings. You know Datsyuk is healthy or he's not all the way back obviously. But you know that the second line with with -- quizzed on it. You know that David light line who you know -- their version of a veteran who's been through so much -- our fourth line player on that. They've got guys -- good move on apartment and moved by wind up to the first unit on the power play again night was on the points pretty good power play when it's healthy. Be careful that -- like the Bruins in this series I just this is the one match up when you kind of looked. Three weeks or longer and who they might play in the first round and I know a lot of people that Columbus was going to be a tough draw. I would take them in a heartbeat that you Toronto I think anybody instead to Texas as funny these guys talking about the -- is not being in the same league as the Bruins that's wood Johnson. Who won the season series I was Detroit three want it took three out of four from -- that's part of the equation for me I and it is still like a Super Bowl where. There's an underdog or favored and a major underdog in the series and is say copper championship Sunday. The line comes out -- there's no way there's no way that he can compete. And you get to the Friday before the Super Bowl and the same shows ago well. May XY and Z happens. And you almost talked is open and the underdog I think it's the opposite in this case that we spent so long. Saying you don't wanna face Detroit he spent so long saying how to -- the worst matchup and a good Detroit is. That's gone the other way -- Bruins fans like identical over the top every once in Bruins in six or seven pads going to be. I'm gonna say it's 45. -- -- original thought this out of the three teams could play that last week of the year Philadelphia. Columbus or Detroit. This is the toughest matchup of the three out of exit question and you look at what Detroit did down the stretch at the beginning of the last game -- beat Tampa today. Beat the Bruins beat buffalo fine repeats of loss to Montreal. Beat buffalo lost in a shootout the Pittsburgh. Loss -- Carolina. Beat Saint Louis three to nothing I mean it's yeah I think six out of nine seven out of ten whatever was. I'd just you know they are going bad got a good coach. He's got this team go to the right direction he's brought up some you looked in the middle of the season dom and I chorus but they brought up these young kids who have added speed. And yeah -- -- field there I think ultimate tough out yesterday it would be a tough out. And I think he's exactly right I just think you know go to Saint Louis tough place to play. The atmosphere there is you know they they've. Got a playoff championship type atmosphere in Detroit again over -- Like -- -- think they win the series think they're gonna happen -- it's a lot of people who listen to LB. On alert earlier this weaker calling yesterday I don't know where. A stick with his prediction Bruins in three and you look at for LB over the guard Tony -- -- -- the Bruins and three T shirt that did not -- in the office today but he says. They'll be their tonight. Paul's an -- it was some thoughts on this series today Paul. Hey good morning gentlemen and that's why it NHL playoffs guys in the and you -- -- it's -- earlier that. For whatever reason walk a collapsed president -- winners. Have been knocked out the first round but I'm Kerry oh -- -- was saying in the industry and I feel competent. It's because if you look at the numbers. And numbers don't mean anything now but the bottom line it. The brought o'clock 84 and I'm not mistaken I think it would be all leaked out sixteen and play -- or outscored them by -- It'll remind you reminds seat the -- plus 84 point -- -- Oprah being shared. I. Sports in general there's there's always surprises out there. And I'm gonna go with what the opposite of the only guys that I know -- 678. Go buy it. I didn't mean it is because article the opposite of what a lot of people talking about now and it just here to play out that way a lot of times. But you do it just saw a gut feel you -- it's -- opposite of the -- the trend nationally. -- Which are jobless and -- I mean it's a crap about school in the leaked to -- and it's not be you know not at all but -- -- I'll see a lot. I think -- -- yeah it's true and yet at all with the last hope will let him -- do that -- -- like eight. And talk to beat you by. Grab the best goalie you've got object the world -- any CNET eight for the playoffs and April to the last few years it is a lot Roland. The you say it's hard to do it thanks your call. I think you appreciate Tim Thomas for being the goaltender that. Was the the back end of a Stanley Cup -- how good he was especially against Tampa and against Vancouver. On they're in the Stanley Cup finals. I'll think to grass to make anybody long for Tim Thomas though I mean I think Tim Thomas you appreciate be put to the side -- say. They made the right move here even -- Thomas or decide to walk away for year. They have the goaltender a place that looks like a guy that needs. -- really Stanley Cup to get the validation of being in the I guess in the national level one best goaltenders. In the league yeah we asked brick he's got it up there in the top three we asked Barry Melrose. Call one of the best three goaltenders in the NHL and I'm not plotting for Tim Thomas and I'm happy they have -- does anybody like the cold Saturday. Make you go and forget about Tim Thomas I -- Tim Thomas but I'm not -- Tim Thomas was now to the gold. I had forgotten about Tim -- anonymity to the national let's not forget the Olympics meant to him confidence wise absolute what it meant to him you know resume -- And and this will be another opportunity to add to that resume I think to rescue -- what you feel best about labels concerned about who you pick in the series not we start today with your brewers bought 61777979837. Is the phone number the AT&T text line 379837. It's been three months and analyze in this thing. We get the talked about -- game night tonight of course the game is on NASA and as well. Yes acted out of all that -- outset of the schedule for good yield Glasgow are not more your phone calls -- appear McGwire at 1 o'clock Camelot will join us as well Sports Radio. WE yeah.

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