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Mut and Merloni Previewing Playoff Hockey 4-18-14

Apr 18, 2014|

Mut and TC preview the Bruins first round match up against Detroit Red Wings

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Tom -- and house model or not -- 37 WEEI now. In the past he's grizzlies even last year. Remember Tom Karen. Growing a playoff goatee. For the the playoff run is that not happening this year expected to see now we'll -- peace now of course it wouldn't start until today anyway. On -- started the end of the regular season just went from okay yeah I don't overrule I don't I don't I don't think players do but. Might there is the playoffs they'll start to -- Is he cares about triple overtime between blues and black did not OK I was about McCain's coming back -- Pauly -- Against the sharks who cares if Montreal wins it over to. None of that matters to us. What matters to us is that we've waited three months now since the end of the season. To get the playoff series started I actually thought it was opening night of the next season driving in this. It feels like it's been out long as I listen I I just. And I asked Billy Jaffe an esteemed. NHL mine the other day I still can't get a good answer why this thing starts to. I know that what's underneath the national broadcast. India by two US markets NBC wants -- -- political -- emphasis -- who cares. You shouldn't have to wait -- Friday it is. It is at the last play after his series start right home teams it's I think that in game three of a couple series going on tonight I saw as if they called team six on OK who's the yes it's the bruins'. They're still sit around trying to play this series -- the Bruins request of prime -- and I've no idea but I'm with you. Would rather play Wednesday and let's get this thing don't play Wednesday Friday Sunday. If you want to of course the Celtics were home couldn't play that game at the garden on Wednesday night so it. I've likened it is anyway so I don't think they want to wait I think they wanted to wait at least the anyway whatever we finally get a -- no playoff beard today. I know playoff beard this spring from it. It's not gonna happen now that's what you want what they did it last year again -- a black box shocked us in game six and said that it got to mix adopt. -- try something different. And it's -- clean shaven Tom cared for the wrong. Alex you know the points national deal Tim Thomas you know November. I would still gonna watch it but I enjoy that -- Without -- and that he lines energy on apple have those two guys circle back and -- absolutely. All great line last night exit he can pick pans out he can't say that was the -- and you can he did get a call this bit ago I'm gonna start with -- year's playoff prediction for the loss -- will user who is -- as. A jumping off point for a lot of the date today we're to talk a lot of Bruins and a lot of Red Sox at 61777979837. The AT&T -- line. It's 379837. Allan Muir covers the NHL for sports illustrator at least SI dot com and his playoff predictions are up and -- interpret these out. Our jobs and here's one of the adding to people this entire packet of close to fifty people. -- picking the red wings to beat the Bruins in the first round and Alan your description was defies files. I really wanna pick the president's trophy winning Bruins to go deep but they drew the Kryptonite match up with Detroit in the first round. He follows up with their house to open the entire Easter conference. Into chaos he eventually picks the kings over the penguins. As is Stanley Cup final but it's that. 67 words I wanted to highlight here to start the conversation. Kryptonite matchup with the Detroit Wilmington the first round do you feel like thomas' eight Kryptonite matchup. For your Boston Bruins with the Detroit red. I guess -- being gay superhero fan as a child I'd have to say no because Kryptonite means that that they will completely render Superman. You know mortal. I'm it would be a and and -- to the superpowers of the Boston Bruins going -- -- I I think they've drawn a very very very tough match. Unlike -- you saw the -- today into Berkeley. May -- less surprisingly Jack Edwards thinking it's going to be an easy first round nothing's easy but a quick. First round of the Boston Bruins I think this is going to be a long drawn out now meet you I'll -- -- same -- and -- and it's my same prediction I made out of Wednesday and with the -- grounds as San Diego we agree on that and you don't get to game seven. Anything can happen. Obviously. But I think the other with the wings are healthy they're fast they're young they have more playoff experience that you would think a number eight's the dark. The W two seed as we say in today's NHL. They've they've got a lot of experience the young players that the stub my -- to get to see a lot about the university main. I'm playing College Hockey who's a gifted playmaker with great speed. He's gonna you know we saw that last game last meeting between these teams he's gonna give the Bruins defenseman. A real real tough time but the but those young players on this red wings team. A lot of ever the American Hockey League. Whichever because I'm a member of the -- -- tell you why then are your doctor -- commercial that says you are trying to pirate well they -- -- definitely need to do a new spot we really need to keep. He beat Portland -- hall of fame but. The guy. Not quit as young players with -- red wings team won the they went and I think you want it all in Grand Rapids last year the American -- -- you've got a group. Where even the young players have been you know through that long stretch. Through that playoff cry know what it takes. To battle in the playoffs doesn't mean they're gonna win. And I don't think there are I think the Bruins get away but I am worried how much of a told us this first round take on the Bruins -- -- as we've seen so often in the NHL. The other team that gets the first round. Clean and easy often has a better chance in this Bruins have a better goalie Bruins have better forwards Bruins have better defense. Having said all that. The specific. Match -- forward speed. For the red wings vs the Bruins and Jimmy Howard. Does have the ability to be as good as to grass which then makes it very difficult city series the. Sean or was -- DNC this morning this was his reaction when he found out that like a lot of a school the predictions everybody. As predicted the Bruins to win this series suffered just a couple of people. Do you realize that everybody thinks she'd just been a role in this first series. -- We all I don't anyways I get the globe delivered -- my -- like period a book. Well I I'm not out -- -- -- instead quite up actually. Are believed in her own -- about what this plan. And that's -- it's it's good to have. A player like sport who's been through these games and been through a lot of these games. Leading this team at least now -- -- an emotional lift for this team in the locker room and obviously. Opt out there on the ice and he can. He can say that and that is a positive -- Fauria yesterday saying that. In the Bruins won't be caught asleep in the series course not because this is like it's catching Columbus TC and actually think it's this might be in some ways a positive. They don't one of the series and say it's Columbus they happen to be here it's important -- six with an other one of the best players. We can get through this series adding just looking at Detroit. And the name Detroit and that original six logo. I think that's that's not a would ever won eight or 14 I gotta get through with -- 14 this year. That normal match up -- going to be okay we can beat this team when you see the red wings higher and you see the wing. That's it mean that that that just your mind you okay this is not the usual. 18 matchup and a call 18 scarlet regional won eight match up right -- -- that helps them out get prepare for the series mentally. I agree with that and going at Joe Louis Arena for game three is certainly not gonna make you feel like you've taken on a team that feels -- don't and we know the history we know the success the red wings have had. And I do think and I watched that Blue Jackets penguins and the other night and Columbus gave Pittsburgh everything you could handle at a that the wind at game three to one. I that goals late and and you know you cannot get the feeling with Columbus that they have won their Stanley Cup by making the playoffs exact don't think the red wings field. After this team last year a half of the players in this team this year we're on the team blaster to Chicago. Odd to game seven. Obviously they're not as healthy as they wanna be Zetterberg is. And -- Seidenberg situation may be a step ahead. A Dennis signed -- it it seems like reading the Detroit paper this morning there expect him at all in this series he could play if they advance that a conference semifinals next round certainly they had a conference finally feel like he would be able to play. I don't know many that's true about Seidenberg always skated four days in a row and and guys like me think he's gonna come back and play. But -- dot -- back for them and now help the Alfredsson who's been up and down he's that they're getting healthier at the right time this is not a team that was really good. Lost some players and a drop off because those players are coming back as a team it's had an up and down year. Los at a birdie the Olympic break had recovered is now getting some of players. Like Datsyuk back to their not that usual eight -- there are things I feel really good about. With the Bruins DJ BW we got a -- I think -- -- pointing out how good this third lie us this year Tom this third line. With Soderbergh senator Greg Kelly and -- on the wings. This line became a force not just -- were happy to have the -- contribute but. There were times where they became the the group that -- -- put them up against the other teams the Rabbani felt like okay this is a complete. And utter mismatch. Now I know I give Chris Kelly's gonna play tonight quite right now Daniel -- is -- place the summit that is torrent of a flux but. You say third line -- did nothing. The opposite the issue of the spirit like -- while there and help you win a game or two or three to seven games. Filings that -- question and I think that's -- the strength of this team. I think there's not another team to the National Hockey League. That can roll 34 lines with the Boston -- it's so again when you talk about the war attrition over six or seven game series and then what we expect here and in Boston to be a true mark Stanley Cup ride. -- this team as well positioned because they are not gonna have to be asking. Where for massive minutes out of the top line mass submitted to the top two like you -- to rely on six forwards to get you where you wanna -- -- nine mingled twelve. Even against very good team so I think you're I think this is a team that is deeper than it was last year I think it's a better team than it was last year. You know I I would say you know because let's face it. Going in 2011 we didn't Noelle what does he was going to be -- at the recent playoff collapses. Behind them. I am probably more confident about this team that had been any team. Recently -- it's hard not to get in the regular season they just I mean it became all the Stanley Cup Ron. Got knocked out of seventeen seconds and all that it was bounced back and score a hundred some odd points in and take home the presidents' trophy and I drove again I mean let's not you know add -- would give a guy who is Andy Rubin. You know commodity as a forward in and really you just saw coming. In his -- on this team down the stretch I think you get line is gonna have a great play up front to meet. Your biggest changes on this team obviously you talk about -- and all they -- But he had to give -- And you take away -- so those -- a troop losses. For the Bruins got kind of a flat. You know like when -- it's get overtake the puck pristine and stick by -- -- -- -- out -- wells last year I dissect and -- -- to break up. So I thought jogger was gonna have a great series what -- -- I was right there with you it's -- you're asking me what I feel best about heading into this series it's that it's that 13 four line -- -- at the first three lines. All being considered scoring lines it's the first three lines all via -- we -- game. You assuming you're healthy and there's an injury things we have to to get -- at some point but let's assume that. You know Chris Kelly Daniel hi come back at some point in this series thank that the thing I feel best about. Is going to be their depth there lines one through four. What I feel worst about. Would be either penalty kill and -- sounds crazy because there what eight in the NHL this year 83 point 6% the penalty kill. My nightmare scenario would be used to spend seven games. Chasing the red wings five on four with -- night -- and dots to combat that group those skill players under five on five the Bruins are much better team Detroit. What I'm fearful of -- they spent much of this series chasing the power play unit. Of the Detroit Red Wings which was seventy point 7% in the top half this year for power play teams. And that there are going up against a potential penalty kill that doesn't apply. That does not Chris Kelly specially for a couple of games here in the series its public ice skated today. But is still not ready to play yet no official word we're still waiting on -- but he's still a couple of games away. That would be by nightmares and air my only nightmare scenario as you expand a long time chasing the skill Detroit. There on the power play you're on the penalty kill you give up syllables goal -- just your play an uphill. And chase and a team that good uphill that that's my. All the major concern about the series I'll be honest with yeah. And you're gonna have to play disciplined you gonna have to stay out of the box. On but the Bruins are gonna -- very physical style and what you're trying to slow down fast forwards that can lead to penalties -- you know you stick out. And our mistake you hooked you grabbed -- hold on. If the guys get around you and and I totally agree that as good as the Bruins penalty kill is. If it's not. Fully staffed it's not going be that good and I think the other side. Is where the birds take advantage on the power play which you don't pass playoff runs we talked about not really helping this team did his -- like. Why is it's gonna power plays I've seen. It and number of years and I think that's where you're gonna have to help you suffice it needs power play goals and saw the Rangers last night scored two power play goals against Philadelphia you can get that. A power play goal per game. And if these games are as I believe all going to be very close games one goal games added two goals and an empty net. Power play goal wins or loses a game so I agree I just think you got to watch both sides to match up he got to get time on the power play. And got to make sure you limiting the amount of time the red wings have a demand -- Alaska appear at this when he joins us and a couple of hours now Pierre McGuire old -- 1 o'clock about brick MS Talbot the hockey guys have come on and I consider you. Comic a hockey guy you're you're as good as it gets in terms of breaking down these games and watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs while rescue. How do you account for the -- what's the word I wrote down the uncertainty. The import the the the uncertainty I guess it would say is the -- I kept coming back to the Stanley Cup Playoffs and went back and looked at last eight years. Where four of the president's trophy winners got knocked out the first round two with a -- Stanley Cup. Hot how do you account for that made sold. Unpredictable when you get to this a team that's been so good all year you call them in the the most confident even as Bruins team and any of the teams recently. They're the best regular season Boston team since the 2007 patriots you've got to go back to back team that was eighteen and -- sixteen on the regular season. To find eighteen that was as good. In the regular season let's count for the last eight years four times knocked out of the -- at the first round. How do you account for that as a hockey -- Well I just think you know hockey and in the old forget who said the coach who first said you know hockey is a sport. Where hard work beats talent if talent isn't working hard I mean it really you know it is the sport where a mockery grinder. Then suddenly you know get one off the shin and subtly get momentum and and -- a series with three -- and I just think. That the team that works hardest. Even if there is a gap in talent becomes -- team that wins the series and -- a Saint Louis last night at the word overtime. Get that goal just 46 seconds and now you wonder you know does that suddenly kick start I think both are very good team I don't think -- -- was any big fluke. But does that just sort of completely set the momentum for the rest of that series you know -- can deal last year Pittsburgh comedy year. Right haven't you heard you don't sit him for this long drawn out series. It's when that first game in the -- would just shut down is it we -- the heavy game we can't battle this heavy Bruins game. And I think that's why the Bruins are well positioned. Because I do think. That this is a team that has something to prove after last year's loss in game six or it's a team with so many veterans of vineyard reminds me. All the red wings in their heyday of the red wings of fifteen years ago we UT's game and I care what seed were you that the red wings who can beat a team to beat I think as the Bruins this year and yeah I think they're gonna have trouble with the red wings because they think the red wings are good young fast team. But I don't think they're going to lose the series because I just love the makeup of this team law of the heavy game they play. And love of commitment to the two way game that the followers have. And Chara is is going to be the best as the -- And they've got about a girl so I just you know you got to win this series. Yeah I just think it's it's going to be a lot tougher than than some people. So we're gonna talk up Bruins here early in the show we see you guys already lined up 61777979837. Is the phone number eighteen tee -- line. Is 379837. Those are the the three questions that we -- asking you guys today as prince fans who waited as Tom said three months off for the playoffs to start. What do feel best about heading into game one tonight what are you most concerned about. And then finally which a prediction here in the series you were you taking in this series Bruins -- red -- 617. 77979378. TT text line. 379837. -- your phone calls next TC in the house Sports Radio WEEI.

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