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Kevin Millar, MLB Network, 4-18-14

Apr 18, 2014|

Kevin Millar joins the show from the golf course, discussing the Sox struggles to score runs and the Jon Lester contract negotiations.

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Butler or -- -- 37 WEEI -- in parts unknown Tom -- in the house we are joined every single Friday by our guy Kevin Millar -- who brought you by air rest restoration special stand -- -- -- -- my guess is that. Odds -- Friday it's spring time Lars on a golf course somewhere Kevin -- TC today -- you. He keyboard model what's going on good have a Good Friday I just pulled -- nine iron out one point seven out in the went a little traps -- -- -- -- are now back -- you. The right -- the radical Florida -- there's good and thousands of gamble are all on course good bad in different how we hit and so far today kept. I'm I'm even after -- three Ron Paul for a -- will be chipped it up for an open down the street or here over a bunker but -- And that dog fight. I you'll fight through it we'll talk with the about helping baseball's always do this Red Sox team. Struggling offensively Kevin they great -- great pitching last night again from Jon Lester and their bullpen but as an offense that not really found. Their rhythm yet is an office at the plate. Do you fight against try to do too much when your team struggling guys are getting on base no one's getting it -- its -- position how do you fight the urge to try to do too much up there. Early on everything's a little bit magnified in -- right you're trying to judicial when you're trying to do that -- -- trying to get that scoreboard not looking at a hundred jet due to our average. So that's great question. The main thing is -- indicate you're right they're cats and seen that the the one thing that I seek its -- figure out who tallied up consistently. -- I think the main thing is that you know Pedroia. X rays were negative he got a court don't -- at risk. That would have been a huge lost Napoli and it stringer saying that a little nagging little injuries are gonna go through -- not clicking and also ownership but. In the big leagues right now there's not one team. Click continue to play well but I think everybody's kind of parity has got a great candidate don't yet. Definite bad doesn't -- leading off the last couple nights and again ideally you'd like him to be number two number three hitter but. About a lot of different lineup combinations right now Pedroia keep Seleznyov the leadoff cleanup -- -- out there he seems to may be their best choice right now and it's thing. Yeah I mean you know what the at least two did you settle on outside more. I I I just like at some point. If -- -- I'm healthy. I want to play every day let's play I don't we -- there's no perfect science have like that -- -- days a week. I'm going to be healthy all year but I just think at some point you're gonna have to find some consistency I know you'll -- -- many years to kind of mix and match. And I think -- and a good job guys in the game and plain primarily targets -- at bat but you're Grant Hill and with the role acting wants to do that. You know you can go wrong Pedroia -- a lot behind the Robert -- in the horrible so we put him anywhere I agree with that but. Do you -- your eighty year old who is my lineup you know and varieties and let people know there's going to be a little bit tinkering. -- -- -- They can be okay. Yeah I know one thing you guys always appreciated with Terry Francona is you would generally know if you were going to be a lot of coming into -- game immediately players expect plenty of getting a day -- got a heads up to god is like to know where they're batting you know if you committed -- -- to him six to mark sat next to him to. It did you guys does that matter to a player as he's get in the clubhouse in the afternoon. You know it kind of does this argue in the lineup while only gobbled lead blocker because I know there against lefties you know populate it behind me and how it you know behind Randy out -- You know you let you write in your gonna -- -- or -- some like that I actually like it should we all want a role when it it's a ball and guys from Britain get to the closer. You you had your starters. And an immigrant player year old players I think that the big thing if you all want a role because you know their virtual on every lap every teen. They're important but at some point they can get to see what you're looking or at squad and it's hard to get there. It's hard to get that when you're not hitting you know -- beat Detroit Tigers. They scored at least in my Iran's. You know at that point before last night. And anybody who have been that you would never assume you'd call so they haven't gotten -- lacking that right now that cannot find there -- -- but watch the Red Sox. I'm and I any larvae this year are they going to be looking at just that power the current status is. -- -- harder going to be that guy again. You know -- gonna go 3800 against the biggest I -- again your bigot pastor baseball and you know -- happens to summer I'm certainly. But it still apply to scrap. -- large joining us. Broke over the weekend on fox -- the Red Sox at all for Jon Lester for years. And seventy million dollars that we all agree that that number is not gonna get it done but out of that Kevin we have heard that. Some of the players in that Red Sox clubhouse were -- rolled their eyes habits and really that's all organ offered Jon Lester we offered Jacoby Ellsbury. Half we got on the market he went out their became a free agent made a lot of money now -- we going to be something similar. -- Lester and I was curious and as teammates have guys who were free agents. Two other players talk about that like when that would have been the number comes up in the contract negotiations going on. Does that talk capital months guys in a clubhouse when a -- and it's free agent year guys. Talking about contract with the team. Not good question might not at all talked about I'm reluctant stopped or anybody it's negotiation it's big money we're talking about talking about Lester to -- aren't. It can't block their plot. Well financially so. At the candidate you know it it to trying to sort of scrambling -- -- -- Boston loves playing their I know that you know this guy is an opponent I'd. Big horse for this team for many years ditching many big -- so that's a great Gregory you just got hurt and if you allow this guy to lead. You better have a replacement and sometimes like I told you -- or you don't realize what you have. In your club house we always watching any you'll know what they knew now we -- -- somebody else. That market we almost a little bit proper planet you don't have to make a deal comedian you'll count times and you're seeing it get hurt. We've seen that happen over the years. But I think Jon -- it at some point they'll get closer. There are a little off right now but it should be a sack and -- -- from opposite bench and how many -- -- starting pitcher out. That makes sense for the Red Sox they'll -- -- best program but John laughter. There's no doubt in my mind he would then everything of people -- -- -- -- -- -- corporation and -- it's a wonder how black belt. Kevin you -- do this and in 2000 by the guys coming up the championship. They didn't bring everybody back in the 05 season you know you would Johnny David you guys come to mind who didn't know if you'd be back year after both wanted to play here in Boston. Organization I decided to go a different direction what does that do to the psyche of the team. That you know just six months ago was the best team in baseball celebrating a championship now -- you're trying to find your new identity but contract decisions. There guys already gone Ellsbury Saltalamacchia you know you're never going to be the same team -- do you find that new identity the year rafter. Right Tommy that's promising to do is repeat because -- exactly what you at every radical right you know Mel Brooks gets hurt early on Austin to big void at Serb erased a mix and match and -- -- up. You know -- man. You know who's been very Bogart gonna wanna put double what it star player you know they just have a security blanket in injury drew so that -- will give breathing there. But -- very saying you got to remember this guy. If the game changer and when you lose that. -- Stole -- base leadoff guy hit for power play he would be pentium it was huge security like you know. Who was laid out so it's a whole different year and there's going to be a whole different identity you have a great nucleus of guys have a quarterback picture of archer. That matters. But at some point yeah identity or have to figure out what are we as a group -- we power hitting team -- we are you -- run scoring base stealing. And right now it's it's a little bit slow going for the Sox and there's certainly so we're in the first two weeks this these. I imagine Michael Pineda last week and talking about the sale -- from the Yankees and kind of slap me around and looked like couple starts. You can't change your opinions on a team. I guess what that cannot Canada now Kevin and I and know what to expect from him. And the way he's pitch and always the cubs the other David he just cruised through that team beat the as an array of pitches he's. Another ten strikeout game. If to -- the -- at that level plus -- and if sabathia ever finds it. The upgrade the Yankees in the AL least vs what you Faulk went into the year 'cause I upgrade them a little bit out of the pitching -- is good in early on their injured. They're fighting through -- and they got a pretty. A pretty free and good rotation of the knock is gonna pitch like that. Well you're exactly right it did to me. Tanaka is for sure sort by their rotation to be you know Berry -- good I mean we're watching gadgets -- high three above average pitches. And and so far has done everything they've asked him to do. Now you throw granola now -- thrown premiere. That looks good NCC Everett Paramount lot -- out of the great game last -- -- at least he can achieve that Allen had pictured below left they don't want side you don't have not. The bottom line. Is that the Yankees are a better club people gave prep for complete pitcher -- -- -- the court situation they've done a good job there was -- seem going out. There offense is built on how to -- at the age you know and I still roam all -- at least -- edition of our lineup it. You know you want about the infield and Brian Roberts great game last night and you know that -- great situation. Into the ballclub so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gary -- the only team above 500 in the division they're the only division in baseball. That only has one team above 500. Is that because this is such a good division the -- beaten up on each other or is this division after just two weeks of the season not quite what we thought it would be. I think everybody's got a bit better I mean mean that the blue -- gonna hit the Orioles are gonna hit. They're going to be better I think erase the -- keenly locks Matt Moore they've -- up from injury but you know -- map and find a way to keep that can compete and Red Sox are gonna dry and yankees are better so yeah they're gonna beat up -- a lot of Pletcher might -- our bureaucracy operate at 98 -- -- -- come -- Where you actually a lot of high eighties and so what you have. -- one for me another week another question about replay have you. I read it every few feel better about it after this week -- feel better about. Another transfer play at home where a guy caught the ball home plate third on -- first but he got a drop didn't. Got reversed -- has been flipping out about this all week Kevin do you feel any better about the way they've worked respect. Now it's gonna it's at that time I mean what you link -- catcher -- plate and the biggest thing we talked about are going to be a trap played outfield where you -- a lot transfer calls. But they catch the ball is bobbled noted that factored out. The rule brought -- -- partner you know it does take time it's all new play at home blocking the plate and we all know what's different. So we have got to give it some time that -- fine -- elaborate a little bit. We're going to be controversy but I think overall it's gonna it's gonna wind its way out but it actually -- Wear blue numbers -- what. I'm convinced outfield is gonna start running the ball back in the umpire just just keep your gloves keep you -- talking a way to run it all the way it. -- -- -- I don't ask you think it before it got Gavin outlets that it nearly 15100 games -- Major League Baseball we know get on the dot. We hear about your golf game probably more than we want to but we don't you can go way -- we -- -- just like you playing basketball in the driveway evidence of intentional talk but. Tonight in Boston it's all about hockey the Bruins have taken the -- game one of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against Detroit Red Wings. I want people to know what a truly elite athlete you are. Because few people know that as a member of the Portland sea dogs Reggie White out on the ice -- -- that's moral thing up in Portland in. But ordinary and I let her analog stick popping into the little called America our -- Al -- It built wobble wobble wobble in the whole match -- it out about her grandmother got player yet. -- bigger role a role. And my dad is an elite athlete. Golf club hockey stick gotten out easily solved the -- be easily that it affects somebody gets on skates though Kevin politics gambled and all the entities. At all. -- get -- year round in straight Kevin thank you. Ordered taught in the Campbell larger it's every single Friday -- does he's brought -- you by air arrest restoration specialists and by Britain's --

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