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Scott Stella on his buddy Mark Fucarile 4-18-14

Apr 18, 2014|

Scott talked about the fantastic E 60 documentary Dream On and how his friend is doing.

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This one's for you Boston. 63. On -- piece that was exception. Well done. Steven Tyler Joseph Perry and you young -- in the back for the Southern California. So they didn't they must -- there with the Southern California kids choir great yes so I couldn't I didn't recognize the featuring -- right -- so obviously in Southern California. For point to an end to a great great piece is that like on demand this recommend no it's not -- -- -- -- look for -- and look for it on you guys did he plays against the wind is just -- -- strong. No it's called three months Audrey that's right three months three months and Ben Affleck and Tom Brady the narrative. Scott's stolen by yes that's true and we're so glad he's on the phone he's so mark. Reveals brand Scott you'll recognize him and he still has got a cap the morning Scott how are yeah. Good morning gentlemen -- everybody follows the wedding. It was it was phenomenal it was amazing. You know some people see different Beers at a wedding and it is beautiful I got -- -- -- into -- it was milestone. Precedent to get up walk down the policy not. I'm not not pressing YouTube just want to get up and walked in yeah pretty impressive but I can -- We're working toward Beckel you know be. Able to be mobile is the wedding guests -- it's not as strong as tough as nails so we -- we do what else could gather and play in the ceremony this and I will bet more investment yeah. Yeah did he get an idea of the -- some sort of possible. You guys that nice guys didn't attack Marcum beat him up put it in the hallway behind despite -- -- I'm not. They know we that would let Malone missed I'm glad that -- that was great particularly now that I can and must marking the a little party should but it does being boxed. Almighty would get me on -- replace. Watched as it was this aura around it was created or you know he treatment he eventually treat him like Cuba -- -- You guys were great this this -- great awesome I am in love is his crew just it was very impressive the way you stood by them. I just wonder in though. Can you put into words Scott how much your friend mark has been through we got. The sense watch and that that nobody I got the sense that nobody you know a lot of victims -- a lot of survivors lot of people have been hurt. Nobody spent there was much. Pain is physical pain is your friend mark who Colorado. Yeah it was not. There was it was long it was into him he. Lot of pain lot of people might as you know -- call was everybody's marked -- around you know just you know -- and Joaquin Phoenix. Lot of pain and but a lot of strength. I I -- what it was tough but not these that is toughness was. Was Superman and tell me. -- -- A number of things touched me about his plight in all that he went through. But the the that the numbers of the -- EC -- 800 the surgeries he had you know 45 or fifty whatever the case may be. And these were like simple surgery things these -- they were harvesting yet. Up the sport guys back and it was clearly not even a close to a comparable moment of Saturday's in the hospitals. Now but you know work with -- keyword are even when we go in there in the morning he has a great and we. Arm you don't has got a great wife everybody when you're going to end up no matter how much Cheney was really tell you Joker smile yeah which humility to do. Hey we knew we were kind of kidding we said we'd love to get to. You Scott and mark's crew. Together with a certain group of people just to have you know fifteen minutes of fun with them and and I'm not sure which ones you would choose whether it be the surviving terrorist. The I'm tired of Boston strong idiots that are starting to come out of the woodwork now -- the scammer who actually tried to scam the one fund at a 2.2 million dollars with what we're would you begins got. You used at fifteen minutes trying to say that it's this record and we're pretty you know you know. We were pretty pretty solid crew I would say it wouldn't that was Superman but not agree I don't five minutes will operate. That's a good idea yeah I was tennis 75 percentage and the other day are tremendous turnaround that's a good point 2% at the other days. I've -- I -- -- -- and and you know we're friends with them. And I respect his opinion he's more vote a lover than a fighter any any and he's a peaceful laid back kind of god be more like mark mark wants to stone. No joke -- to death I assume Scott you fall more on the outside -- where you'd like you know to rip them limb from limb. Oh sure your assessment of the situation his mistress spot out. Scott thanks for the time this morning please pass along our congratulations. To up market is lovely bride and Gavin as well and we -- to talk -- down the road. And I think -- -- and honestly put you know he's been the people want here in the survivors and and -- everybody involved you can see you keep going -- you're represented them to keep. But still what people forget them. -- just out of curiosity and -- may be users of the program but I don't know what he's probably in his honeymoon what what are you and mark and the crew doing on Marathon Monday. Our -- stay away or get together or whatever. Are who we don't really know -- judgment and you know I we don't really don't have any plans we just. You know take it day by day we would everybody's bill and I know I've dealt worked so but. We don't really figured that out yeah immediately got big tables Figueroa would do. Harnesses -- -- involved from day that's -- I like big data tables are gonna get a might be somewhat ironic. David -- mandate state when when -- what the Spalding who directly work schedule came everybody but Davey is. Markey is right here man -- a lot of days -- a lot of things and not. David Nelson to say it's a great guy. -- it's got to our best everybody. I thought well I -- fifteen minutes they've said it's on joke. Some say that's been good at the people that David's every cushion of a guy with a -- big -- -- Am always yet but it kind of they're all awesome the friends and have them in the world and you just get the sense that. They would love the they would love to see justice done and open will be in thinking years but. I'd like to see you will be with these guys or Obama TV crew would like to see how they'll react de justice prevails. We have had a lot of requests us to win that. Sunday night at 7 PM on ESPN. And Sunday night. ESPN two. At seven via a repeat that only get back from the rate for buzzer beaters but I know you wanna see this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Again when we get back.

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