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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Chelsea is pregnant 4-18-14

Apr 18, 2014|

The top of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Chelsea Clinton's pregnancy.

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All right headlines brought to you by ATT that cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible am by precision fitness equipment shopper the pros do. Precision fitness equipment. Divested -- maybe it's a bucket list. A populist guy you know. One written -- but it is certain things I like to do -- out -- Now a bucket list it written down nobody -- your Hammond and you wanna do now. You not really don't. I'm just -- don't know gold no direction no things are striving for that -- on the end of your stick. I'll play Augusta. That's why I mean everybody I share that right as everybody wanted a public you want I mean that's that's I don't -- -- -- I don't wanna play against the arsenals grew up. But the actually disaster to walk around yet public to go to the masters. While platinum from the members' tees yes I'd like to play for my final score to par three course it's a what a -- when you play of course and -- on TV if you feel much more. Intimate that's true yes true yet people have Mount Everest. It's climbing Everest -- -- going out to do yeah that's relevant now line them it's not one -- -- painful cold and dangerous well. Sad news out there high altitude avalanche Friday killed twelve Sherpa guides seriously wounded three. In the single deadliest accident on Mount Everest set for others missing still. That they actually do in the movie book -- club members I think they do yeah yeah yeah and did not sure who's. Ash ash right they right right that's given away casinos -- at this you don't. I have seen that went beyond al-Qaeda like group of fifty people mostly shepherds were hit by the avalanche more than 20000 feet. That ministries not your department the avalanche took place just above base camp. The climbers were counted four rescue teams have gone to look for the missing this is the single deadliest coal. I just had ever before it was from 1986 is where into an -- for -- idea when -- -- using -- at the -- does that make you 1 o'clock news and it has never done any public private places or stay inside its -- that's mysterious book ever wonder what would. Produce TV's most hopeless feeling of one of these natural disasters being stuck in an avalanche. In tsunami. Or hurricane or tornado. Chances. Mean they're all pretty monopoly could do it up and the -- this is sure -- to do into the public this is is become sort of a boutique industry which is the right sharper is got around these guys like us. Well climb Everest you know kind of OK climbers and handicap for what is sure to make an hour. A proposal that much and you know hired one help me get around this week -- was -- -- just -- yeah let's get the top of the staircase -- the -- that where oh -- and over the top with the Boston's strong in the tributes to tributes of measurement attribute -- to those years with Japan -- once economic crisis Poland texas' Bill -- has -- let's get to Tuesday and then make -- stop. -- -- So strong and we'll move on -- if mr. sang trolling you -- -- get to the calls. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was looking at that currently choke up just watch in the video. The pictures of the -- -- standing up on him on the dugout that was on the war and took picture right. Yeah and then -- tomorrow may bring in the sixty to get past that -- -- today and again a footprint select four and a friend of the show. Congratulations different Chelsea Clinton. As an announcement that it was another. Mark and I am very excited that we have our first child Horizon -- this year so. And certainly feel. All the better whether it's a girl or boy and that each year he will grow up in a world full of so many strong young. Female leaders. To think -- when your -- get through to get pregnant real. Bill's first thought I get to go to soccer games again of those that did two things one if it's a girl. And these will be hot teenage friends of hers like eighteen years from now to bullies feel like I was pickle. It's a win. It would have been no he's taken immediately above five you know he's thinking let's talk -- Chelsea I'll drive the baby syndrome. Slick -- and had a baby -- that. If grade teacher. Darn -- -- -- on Craig's list two babies at one news story. He was to swing -- trolling trolling for subjects for. Victim is there anything creep beer than being the parent of -- Cambridge fifth greater and finding out that that's. Animal. Is taking -- your kids watching -- -- -- -- as you know we've talked about this before it's a delicate subject but it's. A hard if not impossible joke brave man to be in elementary school teacher. Because every once a look at -- -- suspicion that women can be joblessness to we have no problem the woman and you have a young elementary school child if you walked in and there you see. -- -- Out -- yes that's what an honor it was Anderson I mean it's always exciting always perverts or protect rightly I don't know as a pervert and a solid guy someone looked like him there are 31 grade teachers right now it's cool she has. A female teacher is one male -- been there forever he's a great guy. But I have to admit I'd be more comfortable with the woman teacher is what I mean it's not if they are excited apparently got into the man high school junior. I'll just elementary school -- is public Dick -- what about decade drop kid off at daycare and you see that Harvard kill themselves well this couple weeks and that red -- I don't and you say. This is rightly can't -- a guy he can't do that job because he's -- I mean that's the strangest I think the age is is sort of variance here there may be guys who Ehrlich in two junior high. It's on to say the older you get the less. And concerning it is what you've had a different are you comfortable with your daughter when she was in junior high school for teacher was again. More comfortable or -- right so yeah. Of course everybody were the minute he's Cambridge parents that probably had their suspicions. Is probably some signs along the way they said. This guys is not Josh we hear is that an area where he's 27 where you are paid administrative leave. His fifth grade teachers post agreement Park School. Told investigators he has hundreds of videos and child pornography hate these kids can change. And he has posted advertised on Craigslist where he has offered his babysitting ticket service what he did he videotaped. A whole fifth graders wilderness and ten year old getting changed. Not like there's -- -- thinks it's -- Kids getting changed. That turned him on his. Brother was interviewed a reason we're gonna stand by him because he's our brother but this past. It's one of those ones right I think some some Brothers youth good luck he'll bush give kids he'll ever have and I slept and ultimately put -- You know if you're on Craigslist in a different baby sitter I -- past all the requirements to be a teacher finally -- they hired him. You know how this got some random twice a real guy with the BBC kids -- -- -- That's -- can imagine -- -- on Craig's list along -- 27 year old -- Are you when when your day comes your grandfather here -- -- your daughter. Son's wife is pregnant with the BBC feel better now because there's so many strong women in the world and now you know. Which he showed -- that was really worried about my ankles what's the next step up from strong woman I mean. Stardom but what what makes Hillary is strong moment she stood by a lion philandering husband terrorist. Separate from ex president states is seeking. -- married Bill Clinton that's hard work. Isn't that does that set the movement back. And you want some woman who made on her all like some leader -- Sarah -- that's want to. But Hillary married into the -- writes. Capsule condi rice's amazing. Too closely should she start on -- on around. Halperin now her husband only being out on Iran faces a lot of fun that's Atlanta -- those calls but you by AT&T rethink ball.

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