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Shawn Thornton calls in on gameday 4-18-14

Apr 18, 2014|

Shawn Thornton discussed how he prepares on gameday in the postseason.

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-- broad coverage continues as we are joined by Barbara. Austin ruined man. Mr. trump joins us on the eighteenth 8 X 1 good morning to support how are you. -- -- great -- question for you I just in general your game day routine but specifically your game face. Application when and how that happens at the reason I ask that he has. And we we you're probably much too young to remember John Hanna who was one of the greatest patron to -- time on game day Sunday. His teammates would avoid him in the locker room and in fact move their stuff away from him because he was just that -- -- -- get riled up. Out of work for you how does that work your teammates. Depending on the situation. Would make a buck duke is it always going to be it's not matter it's Tuesday Wednesday Thursday that the matter at all that I am but a lot yeah for me. Up and you know a certain focus probably wrote it Hillary -- -- let the -- people I get aero or 31 second third game tonight I'll let. Polar -- circulatory. So it's -- that -- have lunch with you today or yours you know -- with some friends this afternoon you're OK you're you're social you're actually doing a radio interview on the morning of the game so it's once you get to the rink that's on this. The east which begins to flip. Yeah a little bit. I think you know we -- morning it's a lot. We focus during both need it on outlook on yelled that morning. He's got to get -- I we -- we asked this question earlier hum everybody is pick and you guys everybody in every newspaper and and ESPN national. Web sites do you guys read that are you re do you read the papers. On a regular basis are you on line and do you realize that everybody thinks she'd just gonna roll in this first series. No. We all I don't anyway as I get the globe delivered to my wife -- period of -- Well I I'm not at their search earlier instead quite well actually. Start leaving her own hype about what is the plan. So if you're in the locker room at a dead certain dressing room and and and somebody writes something service and area real negative about you guys doesn't make its way around. Now now I think there's. Like. I -- all them. Thought well at the goat -- -- that something disrespectful would never happen others. I think maybe that would. Create some extra motivation. But really it might get -- -- public -- are not now. Elderly values Apple's award and there. A shot based on you know the two or three days worth of work you've had preparing with closed since the off today. And I know he's not afraid of anything but based on what he has said and emphasized to the team. What concerns -- following things the rust from the lay off. The Lou that went through -- the dressing room the absence of Kelly and Heidi at practice yesterday. The chance of a hot goaltender overconfidence from beyond the better team for sure. All the hockey history a seven game overtime game sevens in the first three series of the last three years. All of a lot of along with effect from it got. A little of everything. Capture. All kind of been mentioned but nothing opens up about it. We really I don't all I'm really don't worry about too much is how we're gonna play -- a he's he's circuit played a right way things usually work out the rest are just now are off the -- struggle. Are that how will leave Marleau line. Click or two faced a when he used the wind. Observation. With Jordan in there. Or Wear maroon with Girardi at all. If there -- -- -- -- we joke about it Doug Jarvis called room one skate like three months ago the kind of -- the majority were -- -- deeper -- started. Obviously we played on certain year. Are -- to -- body is here and pick. He has incredible playoff games. But we have some chemistry institute and so he put -- -- -- game should be should -- should be pretty good. Specifically. Both from hockey standpoint and an emotional teammate standpoint what is missing if Kelly and I don't enter the well. -- -- they're both really good players people really fast skaters I think. Not. There's speed there's the big action brought. I'm so I don't know what's going on our third. Have you ever felt better about it team as you have in the play -- -- the first round has been a struggle the last three years but as you look around the dressing room. They have -- felt more confidence. I'm not sure -- all I guess -- it. We like what we have said that since the deadline. Indeed we're talking about a -- like the group of guys in public. The group out made up so -- also oh that is quite some success here. I think the only argument we get against you guys advancing. Is it's hockey you know strange things happened was seen all these one run one goal games overtime games. Weird things happen you've seen in the first round and all hell last year ism but as we as it gets. In game seven is that how you look at every game every series it's hockey anything could happen. Yet I mean it's true. But. At the same time. But the work and and rhetoric way. You you hope that -- You're doing the right things as -- -- gave it away and so. Well we don't look at the big picture too much easier -- -- could go either way creepy things happened there. Electric utilities and checked out by it quite supplement by accident. People sort of form a power player -- the big -- at a copy happens so. But -- he just focus on playing our game and then hopefully earlier but the ones that look up. Was the guy the red wings of their million Boston's gonna hate. Four or five days not always happens in life of the seven game series is always a -- get a team was the obvious are the guys in Tampa people who say. I can't stand back I don't with the guys people who Detroit are gonna hate that we're talking when. It best. I was going to be people will look but the serious well against. They showed -- beating fights. I don't know I don't I never. This may be over generalization but by and large Detroit has looked at as -- speed out of power team a -- not a brute strength team. On this same subject we're talking about animosity and hatred all that sort of stuff the BC's play better or do you need. Hatred to play your style at its peak and complete your style with a there's major or not but does that help you if there's somebody or a bunch of somebody's out there that you can't stand. I don't know what the the year he shouldn't need anything extra to motivate its playoff so I think like these that we can play our game without it. That happens happens that I like the later he felt we kind of play at a -- in not players are. We're talking get pushed around but also level up there a lot of skill the complete opposite. I told on Monday at Braintree high and good for one's stupid question or interview and -- -- in this is that I ask the question. He said and everybody thought the stupidest question ever asked me so let me try with this what what. -- this hockey guys. And nicknames forty that ends in wilder time authority soupy berg he marshy back in the old days you wish moxie cheesy to -- and marquis. Why do hockey players always assign nicknames that ended why. Or just that the we're not a spark such. I don't know that. I cannot make up and we have other industries others to be well below what you hear. Does anybody not have a nickname. Not sure -- -- out on top operatic. Epic irritability. An aunt who is the one truckloads and -- Wrote. It and we're. I've heard -- called siege. -- Truckers streaker numbered as you know is no he could conclude the only know only too late now minorities. And while all the ball the ball -- little -- ball the John. It. Two time on the eyes and one guy that John -- in the in the dressing and that just I just got to avoid a moment in the game. We don't have anyone else I'll sit -- -- great career -- Pretty focused for game didn't talk a lot. These two we actually it aren't you guys that like how to go about the business but not the sir very sit beside him at -- because if -- so. -- -- -- easiest going guys that you would even know the game day or practice or room on Thursday on reports probably. Are out there. You know who's wave in the flag and I could listen to do. I had no idea. And there's so they're not sure oh sure I think that considers the anniversary. So lavish. That it by the -- really see the unfortunately it really -- in the -- so afterwards is that we're bitterly collector meetings were regular. -- -- a lot on the. All right Sean good luck that I we will be watching we'll talk to down the road. Record drop or with dancing Callahan on the AT&T. Is too well adjusted. -- too well adjusted you. Although he's kind of a rule I'm not going to be flights did not. Does not know may be one when that random one but he's gonna play and I think he's a normal regular play a regular. Guys skeeter he's a skater. And he's not a and we we always -- -- fights. We just looked that up he doesn't have any fights against any of them the -- and Tuesday fights over Tuesday. No big no no I mean there's is that he'll get less ice time because this is -- Europeans I'll finesse kind of -- yeah that have been my -- yes no. -- Montreal. If that happens it takes away from the -- you know what does does not -- hate. No you can't think of actor category you'll want cheap shot the changes ami and we which a month ago Detroit fans are gonna hate it's not the odds are -- not a question -- -- -- But there's not a guy like -- on Detroit haven't heard anybody name the name of who. As the narrator -- it was going to be hated by the brunt of respect each other plus -- in such an easy series -- -- walk over the war game Bruins and three -- separate stand -- for injury -- All right a timeout or 61777979837. This Boston strong has -- been overdone. Has really hit a hot button. Will do with that week.

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