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The Bruins prepare for the Red Wings 4-18-14

Apr 18, 2014|

The guys opened the show talking about the Detroit Boston matchup.

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I had a surprise. For you guys all set to unfold and we are live at the marathon finish line. Where Monday morning patriot addition of the antsy. Really no other reasons and to make Jerry -- because that's all about and to take your mind off of a task it was. Staring you in the face Monday when you actually come to work before you go run the marathon. And you know what that's surprise was going to be this does not make you smile and it was gonna make you distracted it was going to be a great Monday and it's all bleak but ruined. -- Am I allowed to think sometimes and Brady can pause and our kids ought to go on the vote -- there you Youkilis in the station -- -- both thinking a lot all right here. What do you think all right sure one of those things where you -- you think it's that thing -- peanuts and you open net and the thing jumps up I bet. You about a -- -- battle like that Annie and Eddie mr. I have no ideas out I was gonna do something that both against challenging me to 20. Since the two of you went hand in hand injury apple you'll popcorn trick on you in the movies -- you when you went to see the -- or Wall Street. All setup and -- are gonna dedicate. Three hours and how many minutes. About three a little over three three plus like certain camera remember I saw the movie like three years ago and Oxford we get -- 2008 I had a week it's too late and weaker -- more -- -- Yes someone deceit is that we don't Hamanaka talk about it anymore it's what I was. Talk about a Monday with a short slowly went through all the favored Ethiopians all the favorite canyons all the favorite Americans are a that we can get this all is a guy -- construed as a Moroccan he's yeah he's over there among the top -- your favorite site. That's why it was there who's visiting with Scotty marathon runner in Morocco again the the globe has. Runners to watch I guess that would be favorites does not Vegas line is there. But as one American guys in to American chicks. I think their tokens they'll do odds to -- Like -- -- if you -- and you're the expert -- ever seen it maybe it is exists -- -- to how many how many. Boy also wooded skinny people. Do we have to count down before we get to an American American on the US side this is according to Anthony the losers India globe is the 123456. Fifth rated. Ryan Hall all right -- -- -- -- token good run 1234567. On the girl's side is a -- Lyndon. As in America our -- tenth. About planting the flag against them yeah. -- -- And the league -- Lindsay yeah. That he's an expert the idea to me it hasn't always the first five as a percent of -- for the chicks. Kenyan Ethiopian canyon canyon canyon canyon American Kenyan Ethiopian American. -- the man. Ethiopian Kenyan Ethiopian Ethiopian American -- Kenya and Ethiopia and Kenya Kenyan. Moroccan. Od. He's 33 Paris from. This is -- is is debut he's never been here thirty or that it no business field favorites although all oldest. -- old chicks thirty problem sabres chick is thirty is the old guy reaches up oh -- -- there ever. Has. You know our history. Where -- time major champion this year it's OK with this you know why the Kenyans can have their day in the sun it's one day a year. Annie canyons in the NFL draft. I come -- I get a canyon on June 26 in the NBA gets a -- is it always been that the new bull from the Sudan battle -- -- right and you know it's not going to be in the canyons. And left in the country when -- it is true there'll be -- -- showered changed. -- back to the airport on a plane ride back home on halfway across the -- benefit along with the Colorado. Flight -- trader at all right let me go back of the 100%. -- would be around -- -- -- -- bit -- job. Unlike the ultra -- -- stay a great pull out you know the lesser lights like you on the marathon as I have no interest they will be gone. And all right let him -- they can win the money -- -- But the real marathon begins long after a long after they're gone. As to. 4549. Approaches. That's the real math on the issue when people like -- and had to cross some line they'll be a bigger crowd for you in the will be full the -- and the Abdul on the anomaly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 240 started -- and a run at 350 it is. Could definitely do that awesome -- -- -- -- -- these yes yes yes we slimmed down and he's running a national program was. Yeah yeah when the older you. Ron little older adult senior so you were unimpressed with my intended to prop up or you were precious minutes apart. And we discussed -- -- of course being -- idiot writes not a -- department of it and I think it's really get a different that you wouldn't want the -- to do it but you ought to get ready to do sitting down to watch a movie I doubled sector left out of the water an aggressive 59 -- nine good why not not on demand -- -- below death. Awful lot of golf and in about watched these Spanish version with -- -- costs but I've bitchy when you do that he's thing in the economy in the -- that the read. These days ago Monday morning good to discuss both football and -- that is get a rope him in a pack in the people just can't get out of -- on Tuesday -- you you think of willful walls does Billy Shakespeare famously said alas a lack. I was planning this last night and looking on to meant to make sure it was there. It dawns on that might I can't do it. It dawns on me that the Boston Bruins for the first time in a month month and a half it's an exhibit on the -- Actually playing -- hockey game and I'm pretty sure it's game one -- why cannot you watch a movie after the game it's Friday night you don't have to get up tomorrow. To gain in three -- -- move against an intellect then what price of state told. -- -- okay. What a three hour movie starts and it's over one of them property Friday night -- -- -- -- a -- 10 o'clock exactly. That go movies plays in bed watching on TV -- -- I'd like consider that a for an hour and a half to three hour this afternoon. You know that it -- -- it's the -- and it's it's a drink and he. The way in -- Patrick Madrid and doctorate and at home so because. Has drink now. That he's brought to -- restaurants property as a -- -- That the account we don't know electric in the -- out all but -- -- the -- that's proper. It would -- steps off the deck. Jumps up and down. Along Obama may yet maybe rightly figure as the clock aggregate yet actually school could give credit where it's like -- the -- Or -- -- -- started my analysis last -- And it is as follows -- to do -- and ask another question. Kirk's gonna need to think it needs some time. What do you think. Hello. Lost its people or losing -- over tonight. That's the problem now that would -- this problem I'm right to the answer job ready to make my pick come out like when these people is he's on that I was afraid to say with that really -- -- That the Bruins are going all the way the Bruins dominate the crap out of Detroit and that close you could see his eyes. Did you see quoted passes in the little worried that this is all about -- the we're out here is though it usually is not worried about. Any ideas excellent question -- he has no concerns he knows in the steam roll this Detroit team in the next -- is worried that his team is hearing people like Jerry. These these gold. Acts like Jerry just and his team's ass and telling them how they are such such Faber David Edwards. Heavy favorites in the National Hockey League and he is worried that they are here Jerry and I are gonna say. Ouija show I was on our ups and we thought I was gonna have to look far and wide one of those. You know wishy washy analysts say. He's not going to be easy -- ghosts and then they'll take his team lightly fall into that I don't have to look far right right across the up close is a professional warrior. Yeah he wore a -- got used or is seen as an abuse all week ago but -- as he looked worried he's warm -- nothing I sits around and stews -- you can -- all right posed as a professional warriors -- -- the injuries he wanted to wave -- hide hide his overconfident -- is -- hi Kelly in the that the -- -- gonna go with that was she gonna say I'm saying that their -- and original sixty you know I'm not saying you can't -- at all. This is not what congress sixteen there. You stay out there or not that'll tell you the lightning it's the bruins' jacket Blue Jackets lightning right right and the and the sharks in the red X the original four. The first four teams right up yet. -- the original fourteen as the third year wrote everytime someone playing in the policies every time someone analyzes they say it like it matters the -- -- -- A whole house affect diablo like wow you know like throw the records out. I mean look when Louis arch and realizes he's playing its original six mr. tries hard to. Less relevant in the Red Sox public relations staff on opening day saying putting is no right -- that the media notes. The Red Sox historically on opening day are there is 117 at 135 after all that tells us -- look at Howard Baker the that's relevant and it's eight. Original six team playing missile six is a 11. Concern going in the -- all see what he's. If you -- and -- hockey. That's all hockey. Sure if this were basketball and the team finished with the best wreck of the NBA. Were on the and that the home team the rooms were in and and everything gold for the -- wouldn't say hand -- -- in in them and now what's gonna happen. -- say they can kick the crap of this lesser. Like this is lower seed this this team has struggled. And with the injuries and everything else that I mean I hear is. Who's this Joseph McDonnell is via yes does the break that if you don't know each position group and coaching everything. Bruins have the edge in every category of the problem. That's a problem to that silly that's a -- don't think they should elitists say roads are better in every area. Oh we have issues to you that's what code is were these seven things he's worried about now and they will be probably in ascending order -- the thing he's worried about the most. Rust it last played by six days ago right five days ago. Flu that has come -- the locker room but I guess apparently anticipating some of the work that angle angle tango. And -- to help -- and Heidi did not practice yesterday their availability tonight on Saturday is very much in question. Would you not agree that they are the cogs in lines three and four should say yes they are. A hot goaltender in in in Jimmy Howard. Is something he worries about whatever coach just about Heatley in the India playoffs. Over confidence this is the one that Jerry is going. Because everybody in the world Los Vegas Gerry Callahan -- Powell pork chop Hagerty. God Joseph McDonald even got a guy from the Detroit repressed judged by -- -- and the Bruins are better offensively. Defensively. Goaltending balance depth. Schemes musicality. Playoffs beer expert -- eight things as so quote only worry is. People in his locker room hearing that and thinking. We gonna win this game winner of this went. I don't -- I was still hard to say here's my analysis the rules of better every category so. A move of this series. I kinda locker do you think if you say go into tonight's game we're gonna -- is better which shall. This -- veteran leadership over confidence thing -- -- -- I think. What that is the that the cookie is a pocket rams have hockey but you know. This team has to let me -- at least get the Stanley Cup finals and this is at this point Iraq and indeed on the -- to win winning is off but they get there I'll bet you look at the super -- and get to the super glad you're here but get to the World Series of capsule that they don't get to the finals. Always rattle celeb that we ran through this whole thing before the first round last year and that we listed sixers have things about him it's about now the second witness cedars. About a lot of the -- indeed it was -- the charge on this everyday it's this -- the this power -- stocks -- the percentage they can't score I was bitching about the power is a guy that got -- -- -- it was a problem at -- the only ones that you're leading the -- leave -- there aren't talking about the -- -- at a press release are too -- I believe is -- -- -- leader -- the -- -- -- 6 am. Okay you were you just one more follow. You're a follower it was a one of the legion is an analyst Patrick Bieber could you repeat. A greater scale down jacket with a -- -- dale was -- And you're as usual in the back of the pack you know fallen with your all the mental torture and anyway with the -- -- everybody was to every day -- pop socks in the win with a partly that's not a problem anymore. All and I think in the third best power play in the two who was in the series has been tested and you know can win without tables on -- That's not a problem anymore no more problems last year when they almost won it all came and twenty seconds of winning at all. They're better now. Are not just for clarification is -- here like every third word I'd say. And then assigns value put words in my mouth I didn't say they're going to lose this series because of overconfidence if you were called my original question. What is quote. Worried about and I'd say he's less worried about the rust and the flu hot goaltender. Then he is his team thinking that this is. A mismatch in your your right there won't be a single guy that puts a sweater and it gets on the -- -- we just need to show up however you were discounting human nature. If you read if you believe if you see the film if you see it I'll even those three losses to the red wings well one of the wrote. But the other two losses they easily could won those games. It would be human nature. Not that -- Orton gonna join us at 830 or grass is gonna it'll backbone this whole thing in goal as they can we just need to shall -- think that way I'm just telling you. This is what perhaps worries quote now there's one more thing. That might were equal in its history major. Colds but he school if you're genealogy may be genealogy its success a philosophy major -- However if he were a history major would tell you. The Bruins historically. -- three years struggle in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The last three seasons the last three visits to the playoffs. The bruins' first round opponents took them to game seven overtimes. Game seven overtimes weapons and over a point -- break here or there -- break it to chip on the ice got loose. You think it's -- that this is gonna be a four game series. Three by three regain its going to be so. Domino that dominates so. It was like -- per game war. It's 616. If your analysis because -- can lose 226 schemes pretty easily -- expatriate. This year Osama say five. -- five -- for -- -- so I told you cut them up -- is stricken with a game that abacus a hockey. That's that's whether that's I that's analysis I gave that you stole about a minute later it's as. Hockey weird things happen to the Bruins are better team and we just happened but but that's one place at one game series let's say. You know maybe a bad bounce here. There and the Bruins lose last night. On the Red Sox won but sales. And that they beat him beat his team and beat him because -- baseball. It happened and ask what happens in hockey happens in baseball in one game but it -- seven the better team almost. The better team usually pervasive Bogart's after the home Ramirez on the basis -- -- equipment phone down on its tumble the light goes off. Guess what guess what guess what -- do wrong. The bogus to roll out she wasn't she wasn't able to make it's -- what he wasn't in it. It's true it's. On something in the normal what's the problem with the wrong I don't get and understand that word deal a veteran a single guy any -- And you if -- Derek Jeter. Having a big deal yeah it was Jeter did that should be much harder possibly crack in your car unit that -- of -- -- some mechanic crazies seniors. Veteran -- Ryan Dempster. We would be a big deal. Now just as its young and rookie it's just the opposite of the I think he gets a pass each of these five and half hours and it was at the deleted his account. You understand all that why. -- -- delete your account for one in misguided tweet him. I missed cut and was one of the better the any of us would have to America except of course the -- -- Guys hit it -- guided missile. At a depth and so when the Farrell's office and they hope that. Said you know you were supposed to lose that was a private message -- sent them Twitter account via rail and it wants the credit for rough up the suspect. -- what's the problem with that he do wrong again I I'd I don't know -- -- they run the ball he's apologized. To beat the Red -- sure the phrase whether it was from John perilous probably. But John -- problem Larry or something like this. You represent the Boston -- right ought to play them manager but I honestly we re tweet -- picture Curtis. Some people can take a look at it. If that were sent out on your quarter count. To be a big deal. It's it's been like that -- -- -- had done it goes to -- -- -- -- took the picture. At all we can see are taking extra urgency as you would not make it and Richard had -- slicks and stuff like that the past the you know have material you've heard about about Pete sending. Correct pictures like that yes is people. And as Woody Harrelson said in the two detective and he. Kind of stuff people send me yeah. Supposed to -- but there's just to make sure I was like it's okay the second best quarter count. He she sends it to record an -- -- she did you know actually if somebody else -- -- mistake tweeted yeah. The -- was trying to send it to some problem. Well then he should not the -- Twitter account should say. She's optic and as great as ordered up some -- not naked said between all the needed tweeted -- set off a great account now. Habits and I'm somebody's gotta gotta be a Twitter account that does -- -- -- -- creates -- -- there is -- at Arizona Cardinals docket oh yeah yeah. Even care in the people that if this were done of the -- what's the big deal and a -- just fine line that's -- its -- in the spikes it in the in the old. You know last year he would have been proud -- now that god be locally we could recruit suggest that he. Have via sports groupie Twitter account to -- wants to be his management would come down hard on. He couldn't do it anonymously now. One guy his lefties in Dallas signal would be. Sure right to be good -- -- -- Rock Ron -- good call probably will grow Carty did it right across probably one. It be the best one enemy between tweeted pictures of him with a porn star -- and the majority here felt she dated. He wasn't exactly careful -- and that situation that would make the patriots happy. If you're. Probably probably glad he deletes the account and he learns a lesson you know he's got to be more careful he goes on its home run. Guess I -- a thousand more picture show it to be more careful. This important this is up well it is if she's naked -- is like this like Brandon Spikes in two of them. The only -- why does that matter I mean. Mean -- the ends up that -- not a dead -- because he edits it probably doesn't your account but deleted. The legal action that isn't really sure it's accurate this is still this picture's pretty innocent I think it's almost pass for -- butt floss right. Seconds after a year of Fargo which policy that media in the gym sometimes you know you on the beach in debates that's true he looks like he's a rules package some serious work out do you Cassie or face the whole ways that matter. -- she can be cute. She does absolutely. She's skewed chicken Taco Bell commercial that he's fine to have your Bogart's were she in beauty if she's in Chicago or something that look and beat up. I don't know was Veres words to this is there texted us off -- where just the picture. I mean. I wonder how well. The process of guys checked in to a on the road hotel. Has changed with the advent of social media. In this day and age. We have had a -- were present when a former Red Sox player. -- of Playboy reputation that it's unbelievable when you when you show up in Chicago check and to you know the Ritz Carlton in Chicago or whatever city. There is -- a lot of guys mailboxes. Six or seven or eight of those while you were away pink little things that you know bubbles call Deborah called she's free to -- It still exists with social media. Twitter now people all tax now back down emails in private email accounts to direct messages a lot of they get a -- like this you don't need to be he does follow its sentiments exactly and -- picture. Right we were talking about this like you can't palace attack just this speculated that strange to -- it. The it's a learning process from deep faith and through church and for -- at all. Are 61777979837. It's the morning how game one when we come back I'll tell you in -- quote when we come back. We'll tell you what he is worried about.

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