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Joe and Dave postgame with David Ross 04-17-14

Apr 17, 2014|

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Red Sox catcher, David Ross, who had the go-ahead RBI tonight as the Red Sox beat the White Sox behind a brilliant pitching performance from Jon Lester.

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All right John David you did it off tonight -- doubled to put the reds actually had this day great tag at the plate down. Throw that would put the they had been -- Course catching Jon Lester Koji you we have our work most of her current regulations. Yet that was great great outing by pitching staff I -- you get to horses. And the American League going at it between now Lester and sale and you know I think people got their money's worth tonight -- him how is. Pitching duel for the ages those guys are really thought the ball well Jon -- really really. -- the ball well pretty tired out a little bit there at the end but you know I think I think. You know we owe a lot to him our bullpen to a banged up long night last night and he goes out and how we use use him coach he so credit Jon Jon Lester was that -- Rios if they want. Did a great game to anyone and I mean you're you're right -- a -- you've you've had great defense tonight is timely hitting -- pitching was off the charts I mean look I'll start off with them -- a home run to David Ortiz you have like. I mean if your baseball fan at that that's instant classic these guys battled. Seau was on the ball really well you know bogey -- hand and and they come back and answer with one and we have a big jam in. And in love right there in the eighth John was his digging down deep and get that got that last punch out from others see it go in and then we come out and get all get but -- Oreo and a great. Great -- from sprout from owner Jonathan yeah right there are so. Is it all around good team when not a lot of good plays guys pick each other up memory did a good job today it's nice to get out of here with a series went. And the out of the play was so huge to say -- take in the lead there right. We try to make me really which you had at 280 pound behemoth she definitely. And I know -- Ernie is a down slide either so I told him what that amounts of things but it for slide he's that I have to announced last laugh at. Yeah I mean that's that you -- the blind spot down their rights record that the best part about that was just -- throw gave me a one hop. Right there to me so I can make it tag in my -- by it was it was well executed relay dinner -- not hustle got the ball and so. All around good team win like a Saturday or just a lot of guys battle and one out wanna compete with each other for each other so it's a nice team win. Finally David for letting go of it you feel things kind of turning a little bit and a couple of wins last night fourteen innings he really grind that one out. Tonight a lot of different things that well played game heading back home how big is it. -- had to go back home there's a lot of events still on going on back home but. You know what what we got guys we're not full strength but we got guys that are are having great at bats and battling and and that's kind of what -- center last year with talent so. We're not gonna we're not the guys that are their bench players haven't stepped up and and come through in. Getting good at bats from guys and you know I mean that's what we're gonna do what we are who can be carried by our pitching staff right now and and those guys going around in horses -- and you know we'd like to get him some more runs and I don't let him breathe easy a little bit but they're they're grind it out that's kind of guys we have we we got competitors and and guys that that are never gonna give then -- and I love compete with these guys. David thank you so much congratulations Sacramento state did all right the Red Sox went three don't want that now 7 and I -- -- -- -- rubber game of all three year -- games a series that they've played the -- where they were 11 going into the finale.

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