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Red Sox PbP Broadcaster Dave O'Brien joins Dale and Holley 4-17-14

Apr 17, 2014|

Sox broadcaster Dave O'Brien checks in live from Chicago for our weekly chat about the state of the Sox.

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We've got to the line judge down there right field line picked up the -- Did it happen it -- the it's just hard to Iran's growing around the corner Bradley -- -- with a two run double and the Red Sox can't take those six -- away. Oh sure that couldn't be a game that bloomer -- was doing instead of Dave O'Brien right Albany. -- it -- it's all about timing isn't as I get the five hours seventeen minutes. And the fifteen walking by who is great call like this state but his ball for last night was so good I'm Tony at all. -- Call block better than that Kenya. Can't do it any better than that and it was -- all night long it would took just one of those nights and owned by the way it was -- -- about 37 by the time -- you get the double. -- Let's start let's talk a little bit about the lead opposition because Michael and I are having this done discussion I'll put it that way. About you know whether it be better off if you just could find that guy who was the lead off hitter every game and I think ultimately they want to they just don't think they've got it yet Michaels thought. Kind of outside the box and I like that is that maybe -- Bogart could hit that spot. -- -- It's not a it's not a creepy thought actually and it it might be something big is undergoing a little bit -- on pace so let's not the only one it'll all that was. That was early on that it is you know because she's so patient up there because he showed so much discipline. And he took a couple of blocks it by a couple of pitch is less I eat -- said the ability to get on base. And he's confident enough to do you know eat. He has that that even with the bad throw the other night that it was great to -- packets. I'm gonna learn from that that would make. After shooting at him in the chest that had nothing to do with the cold weather. Nobody cynical about surprise is that you know he stood up and took responsibility for wanting to -- a lot about them all these years old 21 years old. But a guy like kind of like that idea might -- although it the other way PDs article that site launching the double. That probably you know you want to go right back there and Angela Pedroia again but I don't regret that when that game that Dustin Pedroia -- he was all over just what it was everywhere. Dave I don't know if we started at the great Jack McClellan is with us today too so. -- -- You -- -- the -- -- it as a huge future can -- huge and we -- at the end and Aaron Boone. You about -- the other day and I like allergic you well. That are a couple of times but have been -- eager for a long time and I love working when when you see India and you're you're gonna get a big. Now let's get to now what's -- we're not friends of his here I want. I'd say that's why I immortalized him as Jesse broke everybody's heart tearing down -- he's now welcome in these parts but it. -- after about Jon Lester what did you think when you heard the the details of the contract trickle out. Four years between seventy and eighty million dollars from last. I was hoping that and that it out sacrilegious to say that an eighty million lol I was hoping it was untrue because it's a little low ball offer. And if that's the way it's gonna go -- and make it very very difficult post those were my option and the other but the popped into my head was John did a great job holding its content. A couple of weeks ago when he said you know everything's fine relationship is great we're gonna move -- from the point but I. I don't know what -- I thought that was. It's there's truth in those numbers -- that there were lower than it should. I'm with you yeah -- thought. If you gonna hold. Hold the four year cap and you just don't wanna go beyond that you know Lester B 31 next year -- at start of next season. Maybe you up those numbers or say okay it's four years now we're talking 2425. Million dollars per season. -- and a fifth year if he reaches certain levels innings pitched days off the disabled list not got a nice little deal and you compromise on on both sides. Right and you know looked at -- they know who years they know he doesn't games they know he's done is most important games of -- life. The whole point so there it's -- to win world championships now. That's the guy you want pitching game seven you've figured that out he's done it before you under the -- in the biggest -- -- So -- they get it right in the middle of the crime and this is the guy you want but he's a horse. You know he's he's six foot or -- 240 -- he's -- phenomenal shape -- -- a perfectionist. To the the distractions sometimes that's exactly the guy I want pitching seven. The day you're around this team all the time and we respect -- -- a little bit here how do you think that played in the clubhouse that offer and do think it was disgusting players talk they got a lot of time to talk before the game on the plane all that. I'm sure they did -- -- sure was knocked around privately. One of the things I like about this particular group -- guises. They don't take their business outlook public they they don't make a habit of that that. I guarantee that this gut and I guarantee that it did not go over well with a -- pitching group in particular. Cluster pitchers that he hangs with the black. Ian and with the colts. In particular Syria I sure didn't go over great but it. It's also business technical sign contracts that -- -- made a lot of money in the at all I think I understand what that was the first foray. It's not going to be the last one there will be other offers coming. And I think anybody in there is nervous that it appeal won't get done I really -- I expected. Players. Talk about him in the future and it's that he's going to be the -- of the staff -- for many years to -- that so I'm looking at a. Dave you know that that everybody talks about baseball players and says you you will eventually get to what the back of the baseball card says you all are having said that. I know these guys can hit with runners in scoring position better than they have so far this at least to me just feels like one of those team wide slump things. And I don't think there's the satisfaction of winning a five hour game should overshadow the the major issue at the club right now it's an anemic offense. Three hit the first inning and three over the next thirteen innings. -- not for a slew of relievers that Providence or get rolling up their couldn't throw strikes and effective at the position players their pitch in the fourteenth and acting is probably still going to right now we're still claim that the bank that. I got to believe that he. You're correct that once this team returns to hell we will start seeing those five and six and seven run innings that were pretty warm. Routine every week a year ago Sheen gets back and I don't sit there or street keep beating but I think Victor Reno is the key to all -- for me. And that's all problems at the top your -- well the defense are problems but for me Entergy more than any. And that that incredible desire to win in the they keep warnings and they have not been able to replace that ease back. Where Napoli is back in Atlanta an everyday basis and I would say this too -- -- Brooks has been missed. Pretty darn seriously. Gotten hurt and nice cute but the moment he comes out of the lineup threats are going to be much thirteen. Middle Brooks -- on cheap shots and and daddy practice the other day in a statement. Nobody talks about them you know getting back into the line I still think you're looked even able to swing you're looking at 25 to thirty home run guy. This season I think he can be in that ballpark -- runs so that's a huge difference at third base and -- -- not the team now that they're going to be in two weeks. And for all the good reason is that going to be much much better off that. So oh sorry -- but with all the injuries and I know that I'm cozy -- back I guess he's available now. You know it makes me nervous that he's available and I know that's crazy but whenever you're sore shoulder. And we worried so much last year about. Beat the miles that he put on board EP -- you know he was -- lights out. -- Red Sox and being super super careful with him. Yeah I think John is going to be very very careful with him but he he's ultimate spot where I want to win games and there are a lot of we stated. Good starts by this rotation to -- -- recently. I'm Lester a couple of those so you've got to win games I. I think they'll that it is that he is only the prudent thing to do to attack off on occasional problem as. Who else is just let -- leak at a chance to close -- it last -- he didn't do it. Either go to a -- another candidate who once and a while looking duke coach he would eight increased its impact the pack teams and -- back to back even I think I'm gonna keep it very very close and that the -- wants to pitch. And you know coming through the system in Japan. That old guys do is roll -- throw and they love to throw open the guy -- loves to pitch and and that's one of the hearing about coaching is that he wants the ball every single time. Even win sometimes it's not the best thing in the world for him to be on amount 3830 years also. I think they'll be very careful until. We're talking with Dave O'Brien play by play man extraordinaire one of the voices of Red Sox baseball here WB did a great job on you can't tell too he got -- I told -- -- last week. -- good. Now. Let me ask you this -- -- -- we were talking with John -- yesterday. And you wanna know what the difference it's the differences between the NBA and Major League Baseball. John Ferrell was -- 2500 dollars. Or for calling out -- debate. No David Stern would that would that the David Stern you say anything about his -- -- that's fifteen grand minimum. So he's he's fortunate that he's a baseball basketball every place. What do you think is that the future replay is this time next year will we have it will be refined scaled back. More expanded -- I don't think through expanded anymore I think -- get their hands -- with with what app Michael and obviously we are but silly comments yesterday you collided with a roll -- he's called remarkable thus far. You know comparing it to -- -- new car not you know where everything is -- -- and works and you first bite into cart you figured out if you go. They've been -- and is a true about it and number amid a -- and involve the Boston Red Sox and you know I I think when you look at aside spine like that it it's indicative bit. You know they got the message. From John and other managers have it done the same thing I have been kind of -- you guys all the past and you know. Talked to and interviewed it's only a good many times in in his office. And since his fingerprints are all the magic he's huge in this like for example that the the plate he can't review one of the plays he can't review. It like a one -- line drive short whether or not at all which caught or whether it's get. That is not reveal like you're -- it's only the recent work there that's something these stepped cabinet meeting its you know there's no way he'll repeal -- this and figured out. Might -- is that if anything happens we will replay next year it will be it will be scaled back. That's fewer of these arguable play each will be route you'll -- A year from now getting the game is slowing down I think some of these calls -- taken for ever. There was one call that took five and half minutes about ten days ago but he was not an Oakland. I think that's ridiculous the game is too long that is we all know that. I think it's going to be scaled back because -- the umpires here are just taking over the game and that in that sense and that replay room. And that I didn't editors also realize. So what else is going on here but are umpires back here in New York. They're not going to in Paris they're brother and on the field they have an opportunity not to do and and that -- -- an extra few middle layer that I think -- -- talking about. David the problem I'm having with as I watched this it's not that you'd there're some plays that you don't have irrefutable evidence to overturn I understand that we all accept that. I seem to place in Red Sox games where video replay got it wrong. I'm looking at the plight into occasions they just get it wrong how can make how can even answered that. Yeah and you know John. I'm told that -- the ball -- -- to enter the globe does not have to be viewed in the pocket in order for that to be to catch. He's confused about that I I thought I heard the same -- heralded in and it looks different. When we look at the replay the other one is whether catcher as a right to block the plate and an RTC to a three plays where a catcher has been blocking the plate both foresee as the ball. And yet the call has been upheld as a as an out at home plate. That should not be the case so. -- umpires are lacking consistent vehicle that the umpires on the field are not in sync with what the replay rules are and what they're supposed to accomplish. That they that. Might -- might -- what bothers me is the the one challenge and we sought very early on in the season when both she had the one challenge used it. And then later in the game there was an obvious mistake -- he had no challenges left or party feel about that. Well I don't like it either and I and I don't think the managers have not spoken to like it either but it it goes the one thing it's kind of on about it Jacqui. It adds a little bit strategy. That wasn't there before and I know. In -- I think -- the team manager to manage but I think that kind of interest that you have to be careful about when you can use your challenge and how quickly you -- it. And that puts more onus on the managers. To be prepared and to be picked up with their video guy. But you know John Carroll is privately say a couple players like he's got out argues W the first thing the the art system news. Are you here to argue or you need to wait you guys give the thumbs up thumbs down. You know it's there and they want to know and others in the comedy. Aspect to this to the ticket. I think it was that what is actually some good news. -- shelling tweet about an hour ago 39 days later and he has homes so Curt Schilling is evidently returned home from the hospital and cancer fight that's good news for everybody. That is that is terrific and I -- whether there comes a time in the near future you get. Act on broadcasting as well and if that's a priority for sure -- and they get back on there because I think in this -- Sunday night baseball. He's that he can be -- absolutely brilliant guy and a lot on the listened to put. First and foremost his health and not make a -- so that's tremendous there's. David we appreciate time as always we'll talk to next week. It or take care that. That is stable Bryant one of the two radio voices Red Sox baseball here on Sports Radio again via the show on the shelling tweet came an hour ago. A with a picture of a sign that says welcome home dad current and Chia she tweeted out 39 days later and he has home so. We hope for nothing but the best -- -- we went through. Radiation treatment is his teacher. That he had on in the picture she -- outset you know finish my radiation treatment went like it my superpower right and so a good for him I'm sure being homers. Big part of healing process and and hopefully that will continue to go well as well 6177797937. -- telephone number. AT&T -- line -- 37937. It looks like Dave O'Brien agrees with you and Jackie and meet. The -- offered just didn't seem quite right back Davis point was he was hoping it was wrong. Because it was a -- that because it and it just sends the wrong message. And again I'm I'm asking you guys who were texting -- and tweeting us you know Kamal what about the this is not real world. We understand that we understand that that this is not paying firefighters or teachers or police officers or nurses properly we know that taking it outside the real. I like going to the movies. I think it will be the willing suspension of display that said you know this is not this is -- but the movies are too expensive -- In the movies that are threats and -- at a record 6177797937. -- holly and Jackie McMullen. Sports Radio WE yeah.

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