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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - '14 Celtics Wrap-Up Edition - 4-17-14

Apr 17, 2014|

We tackle four topics that relate around the (merciful) end of the Celtics 2014 season.

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It is now time for fourth four. And coming. -- dollars. I think I -- and a and I thought overall our. You're not go wrong with this it's for that I it may fourth war brought to -- AT&T AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Rethink possible I think you probably guessing there's an NBA team to today's horrible thing. I think there might. Every time I hear battled him via NBC I think 1993. NBA finals on bulls. Pretty hard here on the air -- -- a bit about like eighties. -- Charles Barkley went up to Scotty. Game six that they -- up I don't know I would know what's. Paul Westphal. That's a -- remember -- Paul Westphal is coaching this. Starting -- that the shot was joking with him so. It's really out too late -- that's really thought they profit gonna win that game and probably should've won game six inches. Well and you know with such huge winning game five. Dissented from Chicago back to Phoenix what was the line don't programs to be just yet -- -- -- -- -- and thousands of people here right and I had a great. Now let's kick it off. Question number one the last time the Celtics had the fifth overall pick Danny Ainge traded it -- -- Delonte West and always -- react or Ray Allen. If you change. And you happen to have the fifth overall pick do you traded away. Or keep. Such a good question I think I would entertain. Deals for that it so I mean depending I like Ray Allen sure I don't art be it depends what you get back but I think -- the number five pick. Everything's in place including making a blockbuster deal between any. Is prone to game if if you could get capitalized as part of a blockbuster deal that -- that -- you do well if I know Kevin love's gonna stick around yes I would. But that's a big yet that's a very big. Well we are getting out gaining on earlier 2 o'clock out -- I asked the question about the height. Of the 2014. Draft. What I heard from dating -- more than prospects. I was more commentary. On the media lot of blame on the right but I don't right. So I didn't hear him say these guys aren't that good what he's saying is why are we. Putting these projections on these players at a young age and other words. This is still a strong draft well I have a well rated no I'm kidnapping and here's the thing. And I worked for ESPN happy for ESPN what they have they had publicly mock drafts since the year began you know Jabari Parker. LeapFrog into wigand's Ali was already eighty was as good to bar park has been number one all and also. Did its number oh waiting heard is that Florida where it is where it is again. I mean so he's not wrong. Hold that thought is that's coming up still. As we are speaking of the draft we've been speculating who proved to be -- BA player in this draft so you think will be the top star. In this year's draft. Like such a good question and you could make cases her I think all three of the top three. On the -- guy or girl that I should say. I think. But he he's got the one thing that you get scared like Michael and I talked about this before the show. Let's talk show right. He he has a tendency once -- give you the thirty point gain and an eight point game and that makes everybody think Jeff Green and that makes you nervous. But the talent is unmistakable. The make up is unmistakable and the way he defends. He could he could defend in the NBA right now that matters. I think that physical makeup is unmistakable. I'm not sure about. That the passion that it better doing what it takes to. To improve his game every year I don't know about that but I do know. That -- ban the intellectual her daughter talked a lot of state school and I know. Well no it probably get a degree ego he'll probably get a degree I think god depart Parker. Has it all day because. Carmelo Anthony is a polarizing figure. Where people compared to part Parker did. Carmelo that somehow seen as a negative. Part of our -- did Carmelo Anthony right now right now Carmelo at a brilliant score. And and play. -- yeah I think two or super missed under he. A kid that wants to get better that wants to make it work. -- to make it work in New York in part because his -- to -- -- in New York to. But he is still misunderstood. He is he is not a bad guy he is you know he's he's an evil like rest and I'm not -- not all are. If I could get Carmelo Anthony might -- Bring them on over I'll surround with the right guys and make it work and bodily but does not include anyone named Smith. Where shoppers are all these other -- that he's playing with right now while huge -- Jabari Parker. And three years from now dale yes we'll still be here we -- and show. From their banner ceremony. And -- are -- Parker on this team. Three he. Ran after Bogart's by the way you win the World Series MVP might get that a guy that. For awhile now there's been a big debate about whether or not you can build a championship team of ground -- on Rondo so. Is -- terrific guy who can lead the Celtics to their next championship I say no. He is one of the guys he's not the guy is one of the guys it's a better question yeah it can't be the guy and -- was right in what he said we asked him about it certainly. There's only one LeBron there's only one Michael magic keys right and but he when he was talked about KG Paul and Rondo and who won that championship form. I beg to disagree. It was cagey on defense. And Paul and -- since it was a two headed monster Rhonda was a complementary piece and he's a much better player now that he was then. But he still can't beat the guy because he can't score well on an extension to April as well enough either. -- and how well what is -- you know Danny said there are only a handful of ones in this league play -- not many guys who are -- kind. Say they are there aren't any guys think that. Not only around you know why not Iran about that you know -- Jacqui CoBiz Kobe's one. That on the back on when asked what he thought about LeBron glad you said that dale. The very best player only if the project three great. -- you don't this year you don't care Kevin Durant to MVP it's okay then maybe this year but if you said the other -- that -- basketball -- that's -- about well the for a when the best player in basketball it and told you. -- -- -- I've got to go in team up of my guys. To win a championship to get what I want if your -- and fine I'm I'm past that -- decision and most people are to its popularity probably never been greater. But when that one is telling you that that needs to happen that tells me. That there really are no guys in basketball when you say hey he shows up he will lead you there. Evidently -- -- -- you -- have your -- at a different wage ever has no one guy who can win a championship. You have to have a supporting cast I'll put it this way to the Miami Heat win it without LeBron James is I don't think so now here's the mistake you make. LeBron James is different. He's different. These different things Colby Michael magic bird that had that nastiness he doesn't and you don't as well as I'd like always easy to be the example. -- got -- guide on the floor you got your foot on his larynx if you're Larry Bird you're crushing it. If you -- -- to go. I've got has had -- gonna help -- LeBron is like. I want to crush it but let me EST wait first what I should do. Kobe doesn't have to ask anybody. Magic is meant to ask anybody Michael -- -- all crushed George don't crush its product that's -- those guys are meaner. They're meaner than -- brought -- you needed all of them all of them I think it's you know these lesser players. And I -- and I wanna say Lester to dramatic degree like Carmelo again. Those guys. Get criticized because so what does he want he doesn't want anything well. LeBron needed. He needed Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh Kobe main nasty. He needed -- first they -- Shaq was gone. It probably is all he needed these guys know our -- so it now think -- it but think about what you just said. Paul Gasol. Okay so he's very good number to a very what you know it would it would it would not on par is not on pars out of Kobe Bryant but -- wait. In his prime you could make the argument was very close to being on par. With the Broncos he won one on its own which account which -- I do what account okay -- my idol is my point is this. Michael one with Scott Scott Pittman is a hall of Famer and will never ever appreciate him completely sure because he was playing. Next to Michael Jordan Kevin McHale first ballot. We will never -- in the way we should because Larry Bird. I can go on magic Johnson and everything you want to work and then it later word but which is still -- the -- But once it starts there. And while some of the big names that could opt out of their contracts and into free agency this summer LeBron James Carmelo Anthony Chris Bosh and my least favorite player ever Dwyane Wade. -- -- player I hate him so much there is no guarantee any of them will hit the markets and wall. If none of these guys are available who was the one free agent you would like to see the Celtics acquired. That's a trick question because. It doesn't behoove the Celtics to go out and spend money this summer I don't feel. On a free agent that's going to be a middle of the road freeagent so my answer would be -- -- And and as we talked earlier they have trouble. Luring free agents lets name the last great freeagent can wait but the Celtics. Commits to come here I guess you could say Shaq at the end of his career Dominic. Are you serious and did you see the look you just got by the way bad I did an hour and a valuable the worst free agent signing in the history of the Celtics. Up big Xavier McDaniel maybe. And he picked out this. Eight a barrels who I love personally but even he'll tell you say they were trying to fill the seats over pay get through to the next thing. There aren't a lot of choices there so that's just I just. I don't see it's a trick question because I just don't see happen now. Nobody I don't think there's anybody there is an island analysts who started the the the guys play you don't let guys not going anywhere I don't believe so and so I don't believe so I mean if you could to and I don't think you could talk any of those in the coming here. What if one of those were available don't know about it well go as late night given -- Zeljko he's not coming here. Ago but I don't think he's coming here and I think bringing Phil Jackson. May have secured the -- some more chances. Because -- -- run the triangle offense and I think Carmelo Anthony ride -- that system. -- got Lamar -- what else do you need -- 6177797937. With telephone number AT&T text line -- 37937.

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