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It Is What It Is Cast: Bill Parcells and Patriots Hall of Fame

Apr 17, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price discuss Bill Parcells' Patriots Hall of Fame candidacy.

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Welcome to Gillette Stadium everybody namely the hall at patriot place presented by Raytheon my name is Mike the trial yet. He is Christopher price the patriots expert writer for WEEI dot com Chris this seems like as -- a place -- any. The talk about what we wanna talk about in this segment that is the three finalists. Nominated this year for the patriots hall of fame. You are on the select committee. Bill Parcells is on that nomination list this year as our Raymond Claiborne and Ty Law. What goes into the decision making and tells a little about -- little bit about each candidate. We spent about two hours over at CBS scene. Talking about a handful of guys who are eligible to be nominated you have to be out -- -- for a -- years not everyone can be nominated. So you're starting see this group of guys like Ty Law the visa last year you know we've we've seen Tedy Bruschi we've seen guys like that. That class of player start to come forward more and more quite frankly to look at the list it's a very impressive list this year Ty Law I think quite frankly the moral and professional hall of Famer I don't question I think you look at a guy like Ramon -- -- I think get a great career I think he deserves recognition. Along these lines I think he deserves to be the patriots -- Frankly though you can have a going on Twitter indeed do a lot of people who still believe that even after fifteen years there's this belief that. Parcells shouldn't get into the patriots hall of fame because of the way it ended well. Franklin -- feelings get over -- it's been fifteen years he's patched up is feeling -- organization the ownership. Has patched up any ill will that they've had with Parcells in the past -- it's time to set that -- to move on because he was absolutely transform it apart. This franchise history this team we wouldn't be standing in this building quite frankly if it wasn't for Bill Parcells in what he started. Low twenty years ago. Why are fans so on forgiving. The body groceries comment if you want me to put the mail you got at least let me buy the groceries why do fans not one elect go back to you went to the jets. That's what it is he went to the jets if you want to be achieved her she went to Seahawks or if if you went to the players -- would be none of that deal will not just erupted Chris but. It seems as though -- bands would let that go especially a lot on Twitter and I know it's a dangerous game to be judging everything. By Twitter because that's really only a handful of the most passionate fans. Or the most agitated fans about Bill Parcells responding to you but still it seems to me. There's this feeling. That people don't want to let it go and -- as you mentioned. This franchise has won three Super Bowls. They have been to two others since he laughed. Obviously went to a Super Bowl with him at the Helm they lost to Green Bay in Super Bowl 31. I just don't understand. Why people can't athletic -- even though he did go to the jets who care. I have but that's still like him that that what that's still what sticks in the -- of so many people again. This is not to take anything away from what the franchise has done over the last fifteen years has been announced -- model franchise. Bill Belichick Tom Brady Robert Kraft they've been able to agreed in many ways the gold standard for the National Football League at the same time. Key and Drew Bledsoe and Charlie Weis and the rest of that group. It showed up here in the early 1990s they were the ones who got the ball rolling on all of -- they were the ones who restored a sense of relevancy. To this franchise as it relates to the national football like I still believe it's your point I still believe -- goes back to the jets the fact that he left here. For New York I don't believe that there would be the level of passion -- low level of vitriol directed toward Parcells and particularly the way it ended if he had gone to. -- of the chargers have achieved during other franchise I think it has a lot to do with the jets in New York. All right well let's move on from Bill Parcells for the time being I think he's gonna get into the patriots all -- It's stunning though that this is his third go around I really can't believe that a man in -- The Pro Football Hall of Fame mean it was just inducted is not in this hall of fame I think it's only. A matter of time before that indeed happens you three your weight behind it. One Rodney Harrison and I think that's a fascinating choice he did not get in this go around he was not one of the three finalists but what TU. Sticks out about Rodney Harrison what he meant to this organization. In a certainly the last two Super Bowl victories. Rodney Harrison showed up here and -- absolutely key part in the franchise history and in the spring of 2003 that 2002 team. Was not that good in the need a little bit of a wake up call in Rodney it was a kind of witness in the past run with a guy who who kind of attach some jumper cables that it took things in kind of woke people up. -- remember his first training Q whether whether I believe was out of training camp for -- -- yes we lit up for Iran coming over the middle and started a fight he was the guy. There was absolutely key to the development of those two Super Bowl teams the 20032004. Super Bowl teams. I think what he brought to the field it's easy to identify him over the body of his work over the course of his career. As a scene Diego charger but I think what he did over the last 67 years of his career here in New England it needs to be recognized as such that's the reason that I put his name in the nominees he wasn't voted in. Now -- -- three finalists but I will continue to submit his name for nomination as long as -- on a committee. All right Ty Law I think this is like a no brainer like you said. He is a borderline hall of Famer. Ty law and it can still means a lot to this. Organization. We see just beyond our reach over the Arab beyond our site you and in my sight line. The number 24. It has the name Revis on top of it but in my estimation my mind 24 wolf first and for most mean Ty Law that this organization. Yeah I agree would say -- anything did it's interesting that you look at a year. When it comes to the patriots -- have to -- every Claiborne. You can make an argument that those are two of the three best quarterbacks and has to the French charity for my teams in the mix as well for those are the three. Best cornerbacks in the history this franchise. Law I firmly believe. Should be in the conversation for pro football hall of Famer I don't know if he's gonna -- in but he should be part of that conversation. What he was able to do not only in his ten years here in New England but beyond that his work as a defender his work and -- ball skills this is a cavity. He was really interesting because a lot of ways what he did it in -- group that that 2003 -- steamed it's does have a good team defense. They got the rules changed. When it comes to pass defense he was absolutely use the phrase transformer when you talk about Parcells in a lot of ways Ty Law was just a transformer her presence here on the field. As Parcells was often. All right Chris people hear us who talking about the patriots hall of fame. And wanna get involved how to they go about voting for their favorite patriot hall of fame finalist. Over the next month of from from mid -- -- from mid April until mid may you go -- -- dot com you can vote of one of the three finalists being announced that in then they have. The presentation here at BP red jacket ceremony is always during the pre season I don't think that they have a specific the other yet. But that they have a right out here in the that there at the courtyard right on from a hall of fame so it's always a great ceremony. Especially for an old timers specially if you ever real sense of history over the last few years we see a lot of great team -- Bruschi. Troy Brown John Morse -- a lot of those old names. It's a fantastic thing and it's a great honor to be part of that committee. I would encourage folks to go to patriots dot com to vote on their favorite final. I got to tell you Chris out on a personal note the two induction that really stick out to me over the last couple years Drew Bledsoe when he came back. Really kind of almost making his peace it was a karma type of experience for drew coming back here and getting recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks in this. B port number twelve the greatest quarterback in this franchise's history in terms you we talk about Bill Parcells. A without Drew Bledsoe this building above us also you make the argument is not built in the other they induction that really stuck out to me was Tedy Bruschi. Tedy Bruschi for one reason and one reason only the energy he brought. To the field and to this organization was on display. And his. All patriots hall of fame induction ceremony that's the reason fans should definitely get involved. In the process that they certainly have access to on patriots dot com he has pressed her price. I'm Mike petroleum. Here at the hall at patriot place presented by Raytheon WEEI dot com.

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