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It Is What It Is Cast: Logan Mankins, the offensive line, and Brandon Spikes' guarantee

Apr 17, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Christopher Price discuss Logan Mankins' breakdown of the offensive line and how it will look without Dante Scarnecchia. They also discussed Mankins' rebuttal to Brandon Spikes.

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Welcome back to Gillette Stadium everybody my name is Mike -- as specifically worth all the patriots place. Presented by Raytheon he has Christopher price of course the patriots expert reporter for WEEI dot com. Chris it was interesting hearing one Logan Mankins speak today. Up in the red suite level area of Gillette Stadium talking about his future with the patriots he has been here as people. I'm sure know by now since 2004. He has been an integral part of this franchise on the field and obviously one protecting. Tom Brady. What -- your takeaways from Logan Mankins today in and what he feels needs to be improved upon upon the offensive line now. That off longtime offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia is no longer here. Same as it ever was Logan is nothing if not consistent he is currently used just straightforward he's gonna give. He's one of the best interviews in the locker when a consistent basis because he's never going to sugarcoat things he says. You we just talked to me said look things -- -- get better we can always improve literally think we have a great game there's always things we could pick apart there's always things we could take a look at. Gonna be interesting to see this year the first year that I offensive line without Dante Scarnecchia as the coach in terms of a continuity perspective. Gonna be hey I wonder how that group is gonna look now because again that they do have all five of those starters coming back. They have Logan they have made folder they have Sebastian former they have Dan Conley they have Brian window. All five of those starters are coming back. That does say something from a continuity perspective. They're changing coaching however it's gonna be really interesting it's gonna be interesting to watch that group progressed over the course this spring in the summer going in the regular season. One interesting question I thought today that was asked of Logan Mankins what do you expect from the coaching staff. What do you think he expects I think he expects guidance I I I will say this. You're not looking at a young group of offensive -- you're looking at a group of guys who've been there for -- -- group of guys who put the other two pretty good numbers over the course of their career. You're not looking for. A new coach to come in and necessarily ride you hard and I think that was part of Don these coaching style anything being enjoyed that I I think. That big new coaching staff. If it's going to be. It's going to be a challenge. To be able to. Incorporate some of their thoughts as well as. -- what they can take from that group of veterans so you're gonna need to maybe meet the Little League you're gonna need to meet the middle little but I had -- -- think you're gonna need to see a group of guys. Bend a little bit in you're gonna need to see the new coaching staff spend a little bit and an again. That's going to be one of those positions even though they have five starters coming back in 2014. It's go to bear watching over the course in the spring and summer. 21 thing I that I get from a lot of fans that I talked to is the wonder that when the patriots can get old there is concern there. Either old or broken down or both and that's obviously the one concern any patriot fan has. About protecting Tom Brady. Do you still think Logan Mankins. Represents. Solid offensive line that young and energetic and can still get the job is done day game inning game out protecting Tom -- I think -- care and editing is seven attempts at Logan Mankins is still better than under present -- most guards in the league -- yeah why is that because he's still one of the best technique wise one of the best offense the one you're ever gonna see. Now he's been hobbled by injury over the last couple years -- -- he joked about you know -- -- nothing horrible nothing catastrophic he's been lucky over the course of his persons human league in 2005. He hasn't suffered a major injury. Well we have seen him play -- that's an -- exactly he's a guy who's been able to play through he's a guy who's been able to it to to really survive and thrive over the course of his career. Now when you look at the exterior of that offensive line when you look at you when you look at the -- older and Sebastian Vollmer. Those are guys for a little bit on the younger side even though Sebastian team Italy there was already a few years older the most rookies. The interior of that line being -- -- up there in years Bogans didn't appear in years if they are going to address it in this draft. They're going to get an interior offensive -- I'm not saying that that's going to be your priority but it wouldn't be surprised to see him go after interior often deployment on day two guys that I keep hearing over and over -- a guy was compared to Logan Mankins was -- -- -- feel when offensive linemen interior lemon at UCLA the guy we talked to a become mine who says he loves Logan -- he grew up on Logan -- called -- bad -- his -- offensive -- If they do go after offensive lineman in the draft this year it's going to be one of those -- your guys again it might be a but in terms of those exterior guys I think the younger guys interior you might need to get a little bit younger as CEO is looking toward the draft to look at for next year. Well it's -- you used the word bad ass because what a Segway I think that is into our next subject of course Logan was asked about it he went up against this. Bad ass every day in practice and that would be 151. Brandon Spikes obviously Brandon Spikes and -- to a much lesser degree Aqib -- took their shots out the door the patriots organization but Brandon Spikes. Bringing up the term slavery. Bring up the you know the information. If you well. That the patriots really hold you wonder at. Bill while it checks thumb and don't like you move don't like you allow you when he freedom. And Logan was asked about that and essentially he said and I'm quoting here that's brand -- just Brandon being branded. Your interpretation of what he said and how much Chris you've been around him a lot how much did Logan have to bide his time. Diving at Logan had to bite his -- -- Logan's been around for a long enough for you understand the program I I I don't know if he would use such. -- in language may be on the fields of Logan's a guy who as we -- -- likes to play to be echo of the whistle. You know not just the -- so he is a guy who is he he's never -- to hold back in -- think that's probably away from the cameras he was just like -- I think though. Talking to us. He kind of had to hold back a little bit again Logan knows the system he's been in the program for awhile so he knows what's up so. It wasn't a surprise to hear that I did love is it's a great quote though it's it's it's spikes and spikes -- has a sense of humor that's always going to be. What I really took away from that Chris was the fact that. Logan said everybody around here knows the program exactly and have that any thing and puts a smile on bill Belichick's face. In when your being asked except -- clearly a sensitive question like that. About Brandon Spikes it's -- him saying everybody knows the program everybody knows the expectation it would defray. ECUs to I think was he who we -- know we have around here we all know the way we do business and he says you know -- would we we know what's going up in so I think that was enough. For him to say when it comes to this whole spikes process and it's been interesting a lot of not a lot of the guys have addressed that this offseason having that to mean that we in the media think. You know we're going to be talking with more guys we're going to be talking more captains over the next few weeks and maybe that's something that we need to get into -- you know. How the patriots operating on the more of the captains follow Logan's Montrae added that he laid down today but it'll be interesting to see going forward. Any other surprises you think the patriots might pull in in the days leading up to the draft I I don't think that they're going to be any surprises leading up to the draft I do think that's. It them sticking -- number 29 is unlikely all say that I think history up or down driving down I think when you look at. This drafting you look at specifically the areas of need it you would identify as. I think the feature to gonna trade back -- -- the country back at a 29 era tornado Lester retreated out of the first round. Being that of get Jamie Collins I wouldn't be surprised to see them trade out of the first round this here. Maybe go after wide receiver may be -- to look we talked about for profits of -- a defense of -- one of those bodies as well so. The chances of them sticking a 29 or not -- says that. And for the first time of about 5000 times over the next. Couple weeks leading into the Draft Powell mentioned why. Value and that's just really what it's all about down here night in Foxboro when you talk about the patriots Bill Belichick and the NFL draft. As always it's a pleasure Chris he has Christopher price -- Mike betrayal -- at the hall at patriot place presented by Raytheon. WEEI dot com.

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