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Ty Law, Patriots legend: On being a finalist for Hall of Fame, 4-17-14

Apr 17, 2014|

Ty Law joins Mut and Christian Fauria to discuss being a finalist for the Patriots Hall of Fame, the way the game is officiated now, and Darrelle Revis.

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Joining us here in the AT&T hotline is four patriot now patriot hall of fame. Final list Rican boy the patriots dot com bylaw hates heights Mike and -- Christian Fauria today how Oreo. Very little going -- got good. We have spent a lot of time talking football and and have talked lacrosse today but -- start that. The conversation with the -- I'm curious to get that call yesterday -- the patriots like you know you're one of the three finalists with. Bill Parcells and -- Claiborne as a finalist for the patriots hall fame what are your initial reaction was when you got that call. -- They're they're yesterday outlook deluded you -- initial reaction or when they gave me -- call. -- you call him about particularly acute Mark Whitaker walked. Well. I'll look up in the -- launched. -- -- up call for different reads now you're exactly -- like all right you don't think it was a very critical we. You don't know -- now a little stuff. You know on the one of these two lot -- when I was -- that was. -- toll on respected and who. Be. -- farther along with dual core sales in the -- Claiborne. Already incredible already. You know what his numbers it. That's his gritty here with the patriot. Assuming you Libyan border is an honor to -- in. Consider what with the older original quote parts there is -- altering. Your automated and you know have been. We'll -- you sit there will appear. And in the discussions ooh look they're gonna pick it I feel like -- already I'm already want you to -- -- -- aren't. -- have you ever met -- Claiborne. I'll let them watch. Awhile while we're going to open. Clinton indicated but he was one of both players that know you heard about it look at these -- success. He was the channel my -- yeah when. But he was the guy that was chase. Yeah no one then -- Every one knows might change -- the greatest. Please you know you watched -- -- payable when you look on paper using -- Claiborne at the -- little. Yet he's using his first out his return -- now -- in that I'm I'm -- America. You know me in and it it was like he was the motivation for. Two. To be a bit because he's he's had a record. Not that anybody who has a record that -- wanted. One. What are so whistle after you retired jobs to do it's only great things -- now obviously we talked about the -- -- -- which is a great place. When you sit back after retired and look and you look back actors that to be like man out of a bad ass than he did that ever comic I mean if you hear what do you allow yourself the pat yourself on the back. -- playing really not supposed to be to your own -- you know be humble. Any three years four years and now considers they like -- 01 of the best that ever played. You know what it is this -- -- are to meet look at mark silk like and I never. -- much about never watched. My own treat politically does come across -- son -- -- -- the period he's always. Who is stopped and watched Mara lightning you know I get a kick out Ambien when you -- complete humility are remembered -- That was awesome where he -- them down -- and that was me. Because I've gotten our financial table like she's. Got a little bit. Well it is it is kind of is timely borders on some terms as Larry. I get emotional when I -- the or somebody. Told me about certain players are Aerospatiale some -- -- that local -- Or I got to stand. A photograph. That as well. That'd be an action or something like that it always it takes you bet with -- council busy right now don't have. Town because her at all what I are competent you're trying to move forward -- -- mean it's it's great that people recognize you for. You know which you dark but it really hasn't. -- -- in this media because I don't allow myself to get complacent. And weren't about what appeared to -- Well it's probably because the got drafted to Parcells -- just so our -- talk about that yesterday -- Talk about him as a coach you guys are -- thought on that that ballot people gonna make their vote to patriots dot com. Your memories of your first couple years the league that Bill Parcells -- head coach. All of Italy was. It was -- what he wrote -- maybe be in the first round. A draft pick of the term and he had a reputation of always. Getting all the guys I have to bring him his Gator raid at every -- about it -- -- allows you to carefully gathered apparently. You know coach recalled meat should be read slowly he was the guy that was always in my career. To bring out the best in the -- he -- That I can take it you know he does he know what made you better -- quarter got that sold it wouldn't -- would get on. And you know he told me you'll want to. And that's I don't completely -- only to be the world and you walk out of the bubble at practice and can put his arm around obviously you know look you don't like. You know -- studio. You get everybody else steer you right here -- incredible double play gives me. I'm only doubled the red circular -- But I thought I thought. -- -- did did did you pick up on -- cornerbacks. You award yet the beer when he wanted their you know took a six truck but who -- due to shock at the top ago. Yeah it but it but it was just one of those musical moment was like man you know. You know he's right we respect we Bobby Grier told me was the former GM these signal. He -- typical way you have to respect he's you know you wanna -- -- parity you're really lucky told me. That article Bobby Grier. He jumps on you. You still hoping you bite back at him because we -- in court -- as you know mom I'll presume we're out their plans are you knuckle statement -- -- -- Work if you say he didn't say premiere. Really it's targeted youthful. Yeah are talking about the court you know there we came together so he city -- you'll always loved that about -- Indian -- is that. You know. -- who he was leaving. Once we could have so much talk while we want to Super Bowl when he put his arm around me walking out of that bubble in the community you know we told either. I don't like man you know -- sleep. Yeah you know it's Ecuador -- It he'll probably the two hardest positions I think it it's just spoke up footballer recorder backers -- and quarterback would be the other -- scientists. What they're at what they ask you to do. You know what how good of an athlete you have to do to be able to do that. But the other side of it is just the personality. That that that that position brings. And some of the best cornerbacks have your mentality have that I don't care what it is if you weren't if you were to give one of your athletic. -- roots or any of your skill set what are your skill sets to one the future quarterbacks coming out a draft which one would it be. That would help -- be the best quarterback possible. -- You hear it here in remarks that is that is what -- will always a stroke or because. We're all gifted -- what athletically so more -- -- more than others bullet. I have to overpass. There -- a lot faster than analysts because you don't beat out and out you know I wanna talk about speed bill. I -- street so normal run which you are might not be impeachment foot race. This is not a -- is a football field. -- you know you have to have mark said that no matter who you cover -- may be played against. You have to find a way to win you have to find a way to pick up on their level or bring them down -- sort foul play in the gears. Eight Randy Moss who actually -- and meet. More here and that's expansion would meet in the book -- What are gonna bring you down Ramallah so. You -- bureau which you can run -- put these bank. Notably to -- that would do you know something that I had in the ever since I was and high school inaudible and so it. These -- come in with the right -- sit in unilateral. Physical attributes. There will be more successful because if you got me here straight -- lettuce and that's gonna carry only the soulful. Sooner or later you're gonna -- that will. Yeah -- you can do your older do you teach a guy favorite guy doesn't have that personally that killer instinct that. That want you can you can you coats that out of them or visit is what it did you have you have if you don't you don't. You know what it's one of those things bad. You might it might have never been brought -- you -- for an update. Just to make it to that level. It's -- somewhere. It would attend the right coat pulling out. And to give you that confidence -- you view that. You know drive as you know you're gonna get beat. We I wanted to -- -- wasn't expecting to get beat out that we and every trap but also had to understand that dole got mutate to. So they beat me. I'll be damned if you come RM BCD is not going to be an export. But I imagine you are trying to get you were physical quarterback would fans love about you was that your at least physical I'm curious the way they called the game now right -- deep pass interference rules the the five you're -- eight it just seems like that record out roll the Ty Law rule yes because we all -- pull it could last time law -- would you have been as successful with these new rules and how much do you hate watching football Sundays the way they called again secondary. You know what I would have adapted because that -- Person and player Ryan because I want to be successful on the field and help seeing where -- -- has -- My mentality it would have been all their guys you watch a football the way it is today because. Basically play football I mean we've been coached so alone could dislodge. The ball which -- And as long as you gave the ball Kyrgyz air -- kind of look at numbers the the -- if he got beat on our plan you know automated so that have been part of me I'll probably -- -- picked up a few farms along the way. But our but out of major adjustment because I want to have -- career now when he. No one hurt marching in order -- -- you know bring home the Lombardi trophy. But it would have been or -- -- -- -- crowd while probably have a lot less money attorney today. I can get some practice. The patriots spent some money this offseason they bring it Darrelle Revis to bring in Brant brown right to watch you when Troy. Operate in these games down BK -- you guys what you guys -- your honest about it I know you've been critical. The patriots secondary at certain points the last couple years so my guess is bring in Revis bring in -- Browner. You liked the way of this new look up patriots secondary looks heading into next year. Are absolutely you have these two gas it is B two more -- damage control because that was in the united steel wall. Of the pictures of marking it and I'm like. Oh according to Logan in the big -- they're adapting their plate or -- -- that they didn't play. As a unit it would -- he's apparently no one stepped up there -- altogether a real leader somebody can look -- -- wanted to write. I think in order could have been a better present. Now that you the world rivas an established O parole a perennial all parole the best because of clear that being a bit because of back in the game you get in it so now everyone is gonna be watching -- be you know some of the real these type of guy he. It and great that world. Get rid of our common and security and order chipped it shorter because he looked. You part of the great. Seahawks beat duke blue -- to the plate in the big -- So he's an -- crucial personal -- outdoor experienced players they're all pros. There would they're winners so they're gonna help his treating tremendously in the longest Tom Brady. -- at all this can continue to put up points like they do. It's going to be a lot. Use your role for the Tubal scorched ever had a great -- -- -- -- and we're probably gonna see those two teams in the champ ship it. But now that you have. Two corners are out there that can hold it down like that Belichick who don't have so much -- You have Latin out and I can't wait to see we've got on the field because one thing about if he had the talent. Coach Belichick is going. He's gonna put some. You -- -- something. On that field to make those got successful he just didn't have the palatable walls. To do we want to do and -- yet go -- -- and open up everything and at all and a decent. It sort of agreed Ty Law during the patriot cornerback up for the whole payment Peter Paul and diet random question. Take -- whoever you want. -- to CU. Running out of Gillette Stadium and a full sweatsuit I don't know how many layers you have on you always doing something with her hands as you were running. Let me also he obviously did the sprints and all the work that the patriots had to do. I don't know it's curious why did you choose to get out in the road like a boxer. I mean was it a mental thing was at what we do what was that all about you. Literally and what Mitchell and because of my job. I had the war on the lot beat it in and cover about 11 you know we put pitch real low bullet quote relatively W Leo. Oh we will bring I would have guys go in and out the changes to run VP. Just get guitar especially from older top oh to the top guy out there and play in bringing him. You know that there for you know you've got his prison and there were bad if you planner that they -- personal data. And there and -- -- meet the on the deep route to meet our public know what economic condition my body away. I'm being utilized Winamp player and I have great I -- outlook. You know I'm not going to be guitar you know and and and somebody got that played with there were actually. -- -- -- -- -- -- You might run for two. But what quarter code you'll want foresee. I'm going to -- useful -- from the first quarter to the -- or more of the same speed all game and that's where there -- -- that took him to. There you know play in the game and that's what you would idea he sold mob squad beat condition at all it's -- We'll -- congratulations on the nomination yourself and Parcells and -- Claiborne people vote right now patriots dot com and Fauria. I said before the show he bring his whole failing to launch does a lot of got a guy Jeremy -- like thirty people went without or -- You do your vehicle and all you now result good day Easter -- don't know all week long enough to die up there every day. -- -- -- -- -- -- All right Ty thank you so much appreciate the time we'll talk to you soon. Our creator Ty Law joining us for pitcher quarterback. Soon to be pictured all Famer probably be this year.

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