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DJ Bean, WEEI.com: Reports from Bruins morning skate, 4-17-14

Apr 17, 2014|

DJ Bean joins Mut and Christian Fauria from the Garden to report the latest news regarding the Bruins before they get set to take on the Red Wings in Game 1.

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Our boys DJ being he covers the Bruins for WEEI dot company joins us from us skate today DJ -- for an hour you. What is happening well what's happening is that we had the Bruins practice today following you on Twitter and apparently. Pretty decent amount of Bruins here and Kelly pie and Bart how -- not available for Bruins past practice. -- before game like this DJ are you feeling differently about their availability. For game one tomorrow there may -- did earlier this week. Maybe just couldn't and so many -- this point now I mean they didn't practice Sabatini in practice but it urged the Sunday. I really didn't play in those -- Eliot -- to -- or another on Tuesday Wednesday Thursday without having practiced. I mean I aides seemed pretty obvious from the way he went down that it is that it. Looked like a head injury at least and that it's Saturday and Kelly got back thousand. I mean I wouldn't be surprised that they were just keeping them out in resting them but. I would have thought that it's not -- the seat that they could be on the ice today. You know maybe it put them on the ice tomorrow in the comfortable with them with that twenty minute skate being -- out on the ice and -- date but. -- they -- answer bark out to be applicable it is they keep track of that's a loose so maybe eat healthy and he's just. Got a bit of a book a called it something about. Woolsey I mean if I you don't vote and they have a top decision or Kelly to have a decision with who they put in their retreat just or convert current. DJ how over analyze in this game as far as the fear factor that goes into the red wings. Priority of you've got like them and how are yeah I don't know what you. It's a piece of -- of the Bruins really -- the first game of the playoffs. Immediately lead. The rhetoric that every statistical category I mean the Bruins. I mean a third fewest goals allowed sort of third most BF four strong launch of the best goalies in the league. I mean the red wings have to play a perfect game -- matchup with the Bruins. Pretty damn close Christian but that's a really good point another number -- of that rhetoric and the only -- with a minus differential to make the play. I know -- -- -- because that is now on the best to replace your -- traveled out to vote yeah or like I'm. But but the numbers don't lie it got Brendan -- the brother probably at the our youngest person probably the -- Eric I keep on their top Perry right now because the injury to Jonathan Ericsson. I mean people talk all about how the right we have this all these great offensive players. At the end of the day the Bruins are better offensively in the defense they'll be facing it -- proper. That there's a lot easier than the defense the -- be facing so. I think that the bruins' offensive enough to win in this series. I think that it could before. I -- baggage. It could be our first six games but in the broad struggle in the first round and they -- to go seven but to answer question Christian. I don't legitimately see chance that the red wings beat the girl. You caught the -- watch himself description called on Dennis Seidenberg out there skating. Last couple days it was three in a row yesterday DJ with Seidenberg out there again today skating before practice. He sure wasn't in he's doing more now and he's -- all I'll say that I. All you can. Just trying to get them excited to you know read into it all you want I think it's happening in the united our jobs. Information but I mean it felt terrible I mean overlooked or even getting orchestra are. After that -- it would place the lightning. The Canadians. It could be -- of those teams and then -- finals. Who goes. That's pure speculation on that point but here's what I do so you've been out there which on what side YouTube. Hard big laps around the -- -- on our -- but he -- bit and then from there are you go to the neutral -- reducing smaller circle of turning a bit tighter. But generally still relatively big turns and then who take -- along the Blue Line he unilaterally process. Which is crossover that's pretty tough thing to do on your -- and then he did that for three straight days now today what he had it and which would kind of eye opening for me -- I put some video on the a bit on Twitter YouTube or whatever the Internet does these days. Yeah. -- program governor Jack excuse you're skating out in the -- and -- the terms of the circle. And in catching passing and shooting that our concern take tighter terms means that you. Putting more more pressure on that in both with some of the toughest thing to do. Christian Europe probably better topic and I am but he probably noticed dozens but -- you'd think about the maybe one of the biggest obstacle to overcome. Well that's. What 88 week it'll be what or everyone's looking for here is the injury updates for tomorrow's one got to follow DJ being on Twitter dvd dream. At WEEI dot com thank you DJ able tucked either in the series. This DJ be joining us so.

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