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Should the Pats draft a QB in the first round?

Apr 17, 2014|

Christian Fauria and Mut discuss if the Patriots should draft a quarterback in the first round if they fell the "next Tom Brady" is available to them.

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All right here's the question. And Joseph are -- saw -- to what did you find L starter Joey. What did you find out the Red Sox won what did you -- When they went to bed last night and they were up or run in the eleventh inning I thought it was over. And then I woke up this morning's they want in the fourteenth LB this morning Christian Fauria when did you find out the Red Sox won last night. And around. At around. 505 AM. -- when I woke up and it's a welcome to five hits news. -- out of five state -- five. I'm the only guy here on the old royal loyal guys stayed up and saw the end of the game sobre Braden -- save the game at the end. You sat up. -- -- yell and yell hi guys that I saw it live at 120 from about. All but the five to 120 in the game added I saw line we do one now and one torn between -- half hour before -- -- -- -- -- as I might of I'm appalled that an account that woke up at 125 it's a holy crap this game is still one on. How is this possible. But I -- live after admittedly fall asleep for a couple hours 127. AM this morning live hours and seventeen. Minutes in law argue -- and I give credit you know we'll talk about little bit later date. This -- great crowd shots. -- empty seat after empty seat was empty row and the section. Under a thousand people there when that -- ended. Yesterday morning and I'll tell you what. I heard this morning. Left you. Made an -- be attacking elicit by you'll get a bullet through that year or. There's some special significance to all of it. -- -- -- It's the united OK I work tomorrow see gigabyte or a college you'd want to say I stayed till the end but -- how old I am right now my kids at the game by. I'm going -- my eyes are shot at around 930 every dime it is -- -- -- -- -- I guess it's a it's a random Wednesday. Right. Kids aren't necessarily out of school yet at holy Thursday today Good Friday -- got Easter coming up. So it was so got to go to school but I got to understand. Why you would -- good stated but even during the summer months -- who want to be at the ballpark till 1 AM in the morning. From what I -- a thirty may I don't wanna be Disneyland at 1 AM in the morning with my kids -- wanted all -- he didn't meet. The united too long. I could take data at that -- either. I couldn't take small small -- that I'm not doing that -- -- the -- and left. Like I I would told -- -- a TV segments Chicago today the talk to the fans that stayed. Watch that. Sir why did you stay until this hour to watch this game I'd never leave early. Okay. I don't -- travel again. The crowd well you're out. You're traffic to get out of this thing but the Red Sox Napa blue streak we'll talk to baseball. Later on the show and about some things that came out of that game last night -- -- buckled performance and the Red Sox offense still. Struggling and so the big pictures that the boys talked about today the state baseball Sam Kennedy. Was all with the NC talking about the baseball how long these games aren't -- -- league. As she reaching out the Red Sox to help put this will talk about that later on the show but. We -- three weeks away today. Three weeks away from the first round of the NFL draft and now you like the set up now they go first round on Thursday. Second and third round Friday. And -- the rest of it on Saturday yet the product I don't even know that. Held -- I feel about -- Donald had. I love it I mean it's great prime time. It's at it is it NFL's most popular sport in the United States so it makes sense on notice that there and it and put there on a Thursday night must CTV. I could do without on some of the height. Melissa gaga. A schedules coming out next week I think for 11 now when all the game's going to be. And that's going to be fantastic. I can't wait for that it is -- yes some of some certain teams on camera -- money to help with us is that -- there -- pledging it's like a contest to see who can pick what teams. We're going to be playing win if I give you guessed the whole schedule correctly the saint. It was rammed me guys up against the date. An opponent not the time. With it let's do with how. Because the waste time and a lot of they give a better shot of the perfect billion dollar. Bracket. From Warren Buffett that you try to figure out the rams the Saint Louis -- schedule is going to be get the dates and times and opponents right now. Homer away no shot -- Brad Angelina billion dollars for this you only get a hundred exactly knock it up. But justice actually put a whole lot more time into this and what a brackets are running ads -- -- don't want to put -- ago. Randomly select on -- -- wanna go back and CO OK when the delicacy with bookings are -- -- -- wanna be in prime time I know it's going to be good again they're seventeen and you know what their bye -- going to be against it against the -- gonna be the democratic. Yeah yesterday if you miss the -- we just brackets on her are like picky Mercer. Mercer why. The bracket I know let's not I love the way it I love the way it happens I love Thursday night. That first day. I love that it -- drag on like recently on Saturday it would start. And when it was starter or in the morning a little. Don't told it would start at noon and that's what it was awesome all right I like to practice Saturday you'd like you would happen and stardom because that you could plan a whole sort of Saturday afternoon around it no you get the first pick a first round. As the first three rounds and ended Saturday night with that third round they have -- four through seven on Sunday. You could have a whole day built around it where is this -- night prime time our -- proud to -- You -- likes when you order your food and restaurant would you want your apt that your -- coming at the same time. At all. And use our -- okay here's all your stuff on the plate you want all at same time trying to equate ordering those three -- I like a little here's mobile app I got my little app here's my Thursday night bam boom and it's good outlook some more. OK I got my I got my second third round on Friday though there's mileage -- I got my dessert. Who's mr. relevant is going to be the last pick of the draft many you got you know guys -- ticket picked up during the Dalai -- just waited. They break it up bit overwhelming with a bunch of names and numbers but I don't wanna remember or care to think about is immortality but first round pick. And then I -- debating what they should do in the second third round. Because a second or third round fourth round. Actors at a ten I don't know about Abbott goes where you get -- Bal you pick some of the patriots last year they have a pick of the first. The DB column in the second round. We sit around wait around for them pick. Well -- that yeah in the first round they trade picks with the patriots and you sit around all Thursday night this year economic. Mean that sucks that's OK I saw this league -- On UN to draw you had bad and there's a pay out the next day you got out 52 bit deny your team you can't get air adopted. So now -- start to think about these things -- You don't with a pages that to second to second round picks to third round picks a fourth and two cents. I think you have you know camera -- of the world you know. You know -- -- picking up later on and three. Texas suggest the people who watch the entire three day draft should be euthanized. I don't think that's a little bit to four. But it gets a lot at that it's Thursday to Friday. At the big chunk your day Saturday I like the Saturday at noon you know permit would get on the TV. Tagliabue attack who'd come out and start the draft and -- -- the first round first couple hours of the big rounds and your team would pick and then. You know look -- entered the first round pick a pick at some point today. Now this thing Thursday night prime time you might not get your team picking but. The patriots will draft three weeks and tonight the doing it may pushing back a little bit they like this offseason schedule where it's. -- January's the playoffs February the Super Bowl. -- marches the com -- April as the schedule. May is the draft and in June there's some sort of big kick off event for the NFL in July. Training camps are they want -- at every month the NFL wants to continue to print money eleven event every month. Did you watch any of become mine on NFL -- very little I know when you're -- here for a week filled in for Lou what are you kind in the kind. I kick it into nine and gotten really out what I'll be into it but I found myself just transfixed on how they were just watching some guy Ron. Just watching it rotted it could he beat is next time you know when we started going to hold the bag drills I was really into that but that the forty times. The bench test. That was it seemed to me back I can ally it is you know especially with all the -- -- put -- these guys watch and guy. Put up to 25 yeah interesting view it and other times he -- -- how is it because it can be funny thing is that it -- has no bearing on whether you're gonna be a good football player. How everytime you -- pushed. To what point five pounds off your chest. Is. How big your handers document owners. And it ten -- -- -- -- our size and yeah yeah so old that's very important what my little advocate against. Well I think the -- size is more important how much you can bet to Mike bullet goes in there years ago these draft stores right -- mobile workout warrior. Bumped up his draft spot became in this high paid player but he did it through get himself just pumped up and and doing. He was he was he usually work out warrior he was a column -- superstar who never translated to on the field would -- -- hole. If entrapment -- I do wanna know that are running quarterbacks who throw on the run. He's a little bit shorter is going to be a problem throwing on the run with the mobile -- put all your. Yeah -- have catcher's mitts is Gil Brandt said about his hands that's why haven't. 2.5. -- -- I practiced for a month and a half out of only notified us I think it's like to hear these guys and they're doing they're doing all these -- -- getting interviewed. It like they really mr. personality really get it changed that much. In the last remark like does John -- also on the stand -- the news who's gonna do all the right things and you know steadily be. A better leader. Late Johnny is tape recorded media began to become a better quarterback. Knowledge of these guys the -- is about we put so much emphasis on I love it. Because it's constantly you know they're costly contradicted so everybody has different opinion and change their -- based on tape reporter throwing. His -- day -- missing a much receivers are dotted and they'll coming out ads and fatigue shorts like -- look -- look different I am. National. I had bought an helmet. Opt out different strategic take me used in Cleveland. Know. If you look at the film. -- -- but I love it I love like -- going to be great I can't wait in -- right NFL also. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get picked number twenty night for the patriots knew we sit on the couch again. It's gonna say with your chips were you when he chipped -- clean -- chips yeah. Oh you do I got I had what she -- art so it's at Thursday dropped it -- debris the first round of the strategy and a you'll be it'll be baked lays a -- -- I they'll be 29 pick -- the patriots can take with a got to put around -- Trade cards and patriots are traded their first round pick to lob Minnesota first set a third -- fourth and a seventh like it'd a year ago he's OK got to go to bed. You're -- those three or four hours of the patriots not to make a pick at least a high Saturday all day drinking -- strap these to have. You can no okay -- more hours of August 2 topic we'll see where it's gonna happen we know the patriots have a first round pick the question is. What are they going to do with an 88 question has come up here on the show. In regards the quarterback position and -- what I did -- talked of this back and forth and and got a lot of reaction from callers patriots fans and textures. Should they draft a quarterback this year -- this started months ago actually when you were in for -- and we we had what what was the timeframe for Tom Brady comedy you know -- this Tom Brady had left at apple hold you to this quote. You have member Avalon hold you to school you set at the time. Tom Brady can play as long as he. That was your -- them -- that that -- he can't play as long as he wants but I'll try to -- the question up may forbid that this discussion. How much longer going to be the number ABC right now I think you're right that there might be some leeway to let him play an extra year or two as the starter here and say. You not the player you work. You know several -- the unanimous MVP or even in 2013. We had a great year last year was a really good year for robbery. Receivers were in flocks -- -- got her right away Hernandez in jail gronkowski heard an operating had a really good year. The tickets they might be right OK you got that guy but because you're and it will give you one more year Tom OK but at the level he's that. I think it's like three more seasons were Tom Brady is Tom braids and leads you to this. Is this the year they identified the quarterback they want the first round they should spend that first round pick that 29 or they move up. Well go back couple spots. This been a first round pick on the quarterback if they think they found the next number so if -- identifying. Let's just call it a case. Guys who won't Peter -- though will be -- and our country to be he'll be I think you'll be gone but boy you could factor in trading up to get. The quarterback to have you wanna use that as an -- you want it. That is part of your discussion so they believe that one of these guys say the top three guys public morals John demands -- papers water. Dispose those top goes the top three close everything first the 31 round quarterbacks B draft yet you're the pro Derek -- from Fresno state if you want. He's really a person he's more -- -- second round guy but also I identified one of those three guys. Okay and also brought in to drop below do they also for from eastern Illinois. -- more second or third round guy you -- Actor folk -- Tom Tom savage who advocate for Pittsburgh -- a lot of pub right now the outlawed -- some might take the second -- stay here in the first nine take. Tom savage or whomever it's our first -- -- quarterback they picked. Then his next -- you should you spend at that high to pick on quarterback. First -- First round pick where they are one and I. Moving again you identify the guy that you want. Then you go get a bit that's it I've seen them do it and why wait. Even if you know lie -- is Tom Brady has three Tom Brady years left and I think this -- -- -- week. We think that it might elicit. We are everybody had an opinion of -- blitzer in the pitchers had a completely different view of templates and I don't think they could wait for -- books -- get out of it just abnormal mole was not a little bit. They can put Tom Brady in there. So. What up for whatever it's worth whatever work it doesn't really matter like if you found the got that you want. And your your survey released need to budget guys -- this is the guy you beat you wanna mole and you don't want to start right right away you wanna to. Go the way of the other backup quarterbacks at the patriots have -- but they've never actually had a chance to play except. Matt Cassel who. -- stepped -- let -- and if you haven't got to love the new way a millionaire quarterback but still very average below average -- -- in my mind. But he he made it work for him based on everybody has so arts so state. Yeah you take them you take them if he'd do it that's the guy you want you got to grab. Elbow but for guys they think there's value there does need there in the holy ground. Yeah and I figured out you not feel what it's about. But Texas is treading water draft the next Tom Brady right now Texas party group on the AT&T to excellent but why every 7937. Because you so you're not the only crazy one because the patriot fans who believe that I think you're crazy to. The rethink -- crazy. It because that pick your sped up first topic does it help you this year. Does it help you this year on the field. But it doesn't matter. Of the matter but you don't matter I helped write up does it up in just a quick answer is well now of next year. Maybe. Maybe maybe it also maybe might it has Oprah may be worth say three years. Listen we know you're we see the 2014 can be great for top could be it could be -- About the fiftieth like okay now start to the wheels come off we're gonna start in -- this -- into the system. I don't know it it may be. You're one know -- -- maybe you're three okay. They really need to make a decision now because you don't want you know 34 year contract that's invaluable. A first round pick. Is a five year contract it's a four year deal but by the end of year three. You have to decide whether I get to pick up the option for year five -- did that Bryant and -- Miami. Every gets the year three the dolphins have to tell him -- agent double world okay we're gonna pick up that -- which they probably will. But state -- first round quarterback this year probably doesn't help you this year does -- LP next year part of helping your theory. If Brady plays at least three more years you draft a first round quarterback too sick for three years right. And -- that aside after watching him in practice not on the big help pride that you Allen Iverson. Yet to decide whether or not after year three you wanna pick up a fifth year -- first round quarterback when we think Brady has at least three years left. Absolutely. Not yeah and the topic is they brought these quarterback -- brought in man's -- audit Bridgewater -- -- -- quarterback that would portals. They should have no interest in a quarterback in the upper body despite a player to help this team win -- next year the year they have the realm Revis. Finally have a for a year so why I spent a draft pick on a quarterback is that LB this year when I went all in the best quarterback in the National Football League. Based on the premise regarding decided that the guy they want for the future so that's would you take how to know that the next crop of quarterbacks come out next year's draft are going to be even close -- kicking yourself. About I'll I'll -- manually past Obama's guy. They're gonna have any. The humility -- products because. If if that's the guy you want to you read it but you take on. You take a -- grab it and you sit on you still don't know it's it's still you know us now bypass about it's because this team hoping that maybe next year or somebody else. No because you hope you need used to acquired tell the focus should be talent for next year's team. To win these next three or four years for Brady -- front and -- radio -- this little limited window left right. So why would you take the next Brady when he still playing at this level. And I think is that facilities cornerbacks like I mean if we think Blake morals diamonds dollar Teddy Bridgewater are even going to be around but -- and I picked I -- -- -- draft dot. So it's -- -- -- it's going to be somebody else who would be that's economic trade that number 29 date get a couple picks in the second round maybe a few to pick a first. I -- -- to pick one of these guys that drop but it didn't drop below are some that's a different kind I'll talk about in the first round and you say you would do that I is that I want I've taken them you got -- on -- hole like Ricky Ricky Williams thing I'm not not Namibia. You know Mike peca a committed this you know this -- everybody get one guy you would do the air -- -- -- is what you would do I -- know them. 6177797937. Is the phone number your patriots -- you -- this offseason has been -- three weeks the first round of the draft. They take a quarterback in that first up they identify him as the next -- 61777979837. Is the phone number the AT&T -- line. It's 37937. Right -- called Mike Freeman says the going to be something entirely different with the pick which would I would think about doing. That and your phone calls -- a lot today Saturday muck Lou and ID 37 WEEI Lou away -- in the house happy until. 2 o'clock at 61777979837. The AT&T text line. 379 -- 37 Ty Law patriots hall of fame finalists will join us I believe. Next hour. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Parts -- well above the ball well but this year rubble for Parcells Russia now after the backlash we got yesterday. For people tell -- Parcells not all Famer minute they're both gonna get in and bylaws player will get in this year Parcells. -- for the fans although -- my god. The people calling yesterday texting Christian I know I was surprised by it. And what he meant to disorganization. And so just out of spite. -- Oprah -- this year now I lost it and wondered -- that brought both married auto parts. Not all right so -- talked to Ty -- next hour we -- -- 83 free ticket Thursday between the Red Sox tickets in the 12 o'clock hour we'll get to. The Red Sox and Celtics issues -- rob we're starting an elite donors that exactly thank you NFL draft first round as three weeks from tonight. Would you draft a quarterback in the first round Christian would have if -- identified as the guy. I think I would wait. Textures as much I agree with you wait for quarterback we have more holes to fill that that's my point is that. This team's window. There are still so many holes why don't feel like -- -- news while they -- and -- -- double locked when the AFC the FCS all the Broncos went out rebuild their team. Indianapolis a year later under Andrew what will be some pretty good teams there at the top and there are other ways I would spend on that first round pick and other tech it's like 5050. Pictures of the Christian mutt asked Green Bay how taking air Roger in the first round it's sitting in for five years worked out certainly worked out up pretty pretty well. Another Texas says. Of course if big if he's the guy you identified as your next starter. Of course she grabbed him only a fool wouldn't. While they call -- -- -- that is in the first round I would not. Take a quarterback I would take a I would take an offensive player. I always -- while saying takes safety in that first round with the addition of Darrelle Revis snagging a move guys around. I'd be locked in the secondary when I would worry about war is their offense I wouldn't take a quarterback which is why long moment. What Mike Freeman reported today a Bleacher Report. He does this column where he goes through ten things that they're going on the NFL. He writes almost a guarantee that patriots. Will move in the draft might actually roll my eyes instead of course of trade Al. A trade that pick backwards and get more value. That's not the case is all security -- try to move in the draft or try really hard to. To the entire NFL as fascinated a Bill Belichick and everything he does or says. Once again they are watching him the general consensus is will be extremely active in the draft of the 29 picked. Freeman -- -- continue to hear from team officials that despite the patriots working out a number of quarterbacks. They truly feel like Tom Brady only as a few years left. To what the patriots really want. Is a major receiving threat for him so they can take the last shot or two at a Super Bowl the -- to Freeman. Belichick apparently feels that is one of the main -- degree is from their team makes total sense. You know Brady is so damn good he makes up for a lot of deficiencies quarterbacks even great ones. Simply function better when they have a scare receiving threatening mentioned the Randy Moss example how good it. They became when they get -- boss so Freeman -- is -- gonna try to draft a quarterback. Or -- the first round. Mike Freeman says they're gonna trade up for offensive receiving threat. Which I say that all -- for. You wanna move up and taken offense a player goal for as long -- not a quarterback. Like this as. This is what I'm talking about Chris yeah it recognizing the window for Brady shirt at all augmenting that window with better. Players hell yes not a guy's gonna sit the bench for three years now and it does it. Let's say it but it -- that the guy you see the guys want that you grabber -- gotta -- you need to just eating guy you want and you've already identified -- based on the premise yes we take him. Okay always start thinking about that I always think of Tommy medics. You simulate former quarterback drafted by Denver Broncos in the 1992. And they DD OX yeah right Maddux is intact most Super Bowl asthmatics OK yes sir you are. If he was he was brought it endeavor to replace John -- to beat that heir apparent just like Aaron Rodgers was for Brett Favre. And I ever ever watching this whole thing play out like wait don't always gonna. Just take a backseat to some rookie you know just because the Broncos are. Assuming that he's going to be Dodson in the what do tumor suitable problematic the leaves it up and ex FL. -- forest for shorts student. Middle may permit -- little comeback in a play for Pittsburgh but. I mean that situation didn't work out. You talk about receivers are about guys who -- they can possibly get and others all Muslim prayer for you know for. Rockers guys you know and there -- -- got her receipt of -- rockers are 66225008. -- Coleman. Okay if if if you can watch that begin. A big take some of those other guys. Up from -- you know the Logan Ryan federal -- Harmon's army radical to be another guy that you could pick up. It doesn't necessarily have to be asked him to walker he's not going to be available -- -- out of organ state. I mean there's a -- guys. It's a bunch of of wide receivers expect to go in the first round Latimer the -- from Indiana. Is Kelvin Benjamin from Florida State now not -- to know who the guy is but the for this the first time I read this morning maybe you guys have ever this elsewhere but. -- say it again with -- offensive player in the but like -- -- solid we've got this quarterback discussion. I'd much rather see them do this Christian and I again I don't know who the player is but we're focused a lot receiver tight end. -- that receiving tight and they know they want they're worried he will be there in the second round. And want to add somebody into the arsenal for Brady they know that gronkowski. Might take awhile to come back. I would side for that right now you wanna move up the draft to identify the offense -- -- can help this year not the quarterback in his sit. -- I would love that I would loved it is so anti patriot to go up -- skill player in the first round -- they -- one of those. Yeah and you think about you know just looking at tied it in general there are some stunts and that Beckett easily stepped in and help your team. I mean I got vital thing to be routed the number one tied it right now -- you run out of North Carolina I mean here's passes his nose got some. He compared -- Hernandez by you know he's got that speed is anyone's doing yeah he's not quite as shifty by. -- a big physical guy that can run 200 to about six foot four bidding got that the tomorrow's what does -- say because. There is a clip Kingsbury connection there coach at Texas Tech was here. As a backup quarterback. You know for the patriots. So you're gonna get some good Intel on on days of march -- T -- east fell way down mean he was at one point when I was look at these mock drafts he was considered a first round pick in the latest. -- actually mocked and who knows it's right gamble in the forties. He's got him pulled the second round and has -- -- North Carolina is the only tight and our goal in the first round but maybe it's him. But it is looking at twenty not taken a Merrill got. I think it offensive player after what they've done the offseason Christian I think it's so important. To give Brady a top flight offensive weapon without first round pick -- -- -- get loaded up on. And nature and they they tried last year right and they tried to take some guys don't make a difference on some younger receivers but got Josh Boyce. But Josh -- in the in a fourth round. And then they got Aaron -- in the second out of Marshall so. Those are guys that they were they focused on that position so I almost feel like the big -- what you want them to do that is last year. But not tight end. Qaeda -- -- -- for a whole different animal Ed Nixon rock pour it all your phone calls that he started patriots and the draft and nick. Anybody. A sanctuary gallop -- expect him. The one thing I'm thinking amateur that all the rain in the that wrap it. That the final few years it's on pre -- everybody knows that. I don't think anyone coming up at that particular trap quarterback why it. It can be an -- operate I get to idle -- yet even we Renault old -- I'm -- explore the -- -- -- I thought -- I don't have a I don't have a good feeling about any of the quarterbacks in the in the strapped. I don't think -- any of -- -- Tom Brady and why not use the last three years we outlook Tom Brady in the Tom Brady -- To try to win another championship. That's what I'm talking about nick I could agree a few more -- eat it and somebody give them the benefit of the doubt ominous say. May be you know that this is going to be guy even if you think he's gonna be successful NFL quarterback. With three years to go for Brady. And the window that he has in the offseason they've happened Revis and defense loading up. It is more important this year to take a player that can help you this year and next year and the year after that is to take the next top. There's a there's a guy that -- South Carolina. Quarterback -- Connor Shaw I mean here's a guy that is projected could be. You know 67 -- free agent possibly. That has done the winningest quarterback in South Carolina history. The old ball coach coach dusty -- costly trying to get rid of -- and start other guys. He's kept ball he kept plane. Even when Marcus Lattimore -- -- is now a went down he was the reason they were continually to -- they continued went so. Because I start I start looking at the list going okay and everybody does right like who's gonna be the next Tom Brady who's gonna be the diamond in the rough who's gonna. -- it be that guy. -- Good -- by -- you know someone who could have half the career half. Agree that Brady -- in the later rounds yet it's gonna -- now. Ike I think it's really tough post Brady. To get anything done -- it's it's going to be. Will once Brady's gone you you mentioned John Elway and the Denver Broncos like once you lose a guy like that. There's going to be a transition period so if you know that already one -- maximize the years you have left. With that big of all the quarterbacks that were after. -- after Elway there's greasy there was Jake Plummer. Bobby eight bear wanna say it was their also he was a guy that play ability somebody cornerbacks. -- attempt to keep hope. It until they you know that went to the AC -- should be -- plumber. He was followed the best bit. -- them since Elway. But I mean had to go -- but a bunch of money -- -- -- a -- our quarterbacks and they never play the game and Peyton Manning. And now it really -- not really -- supposed Brussels but what are they gonna do. Who -- earlier within a play after -- paid man they should really be think about the same way but the. -- and they're not you know what they're doing that going on get Aqib Talib their all and for the next year and a half which is what the patriots should be in my opinion 61777979370. AT&T text line. Is 37937. Patriots hall of fame nominee finalist -- Ty Law will join us next hour we're talking patriots and drafts are -- you Sports Radio WE yeah.

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