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Sam Kennedy on the state of the Red Sox 4-17-14

Apr 17, 2014|

Red Sox COO Sam Kennedy joined the show to discuss the state of the Sox and MLB.

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-- front office report is brought to you by noon turf care and Toshiba business solutions. Joining us on the AT&T hotline. -- nicest guys of powerful guys. And Boston Red Sox organization. Use the Red Sox chief operating officer are pals and in what -- be the next commission he's too nice there is too nice young. I'm thirty yards right exactly that good morning. Morning guys and I never felt so good. That's totally face Chris Sale tonight the movement off balance out. On the heels of a five hour and seventeen game. Fourteen pitching changes fifteen walks in 504 pitches -- compelled to ask this question. Is baseball aware of worried about an engaged in making baseball better by shortening the game with easily employed tactics. Yes short answer is yes I can tell you from her personal experience we've been working on. A lot of issues related to the pace of play specifically within the walls for the past four yawkey way over the last six or seven months. And the -- commissioners absolutely committed to it but it's it's gonna take time it's it's not a simple snap your fingers. But we do need to address the pace of play it is it's clear it is a real life problem that faces us. And the world changed so dramatically over the last several years in terms of how people enjoy sporting event. That we need to adjust and we can look at it'll start times we can look at. Streaming the game simple devices to get them -- -- more touch for the younger players we can trying to make instant replay instant replays great but it he'd be instant. We can look at the wake of the season I think there's all sorts of things that we can do it. Mr. -- actually been in touch with us specifically and then we litigation. Project and does make some recommendations and suggestions and we'll see how that goes to recognize we have been issued a problem and it's it's something that we cared deeply about probably no bigger issues facing the sport and just that. Sam who if anybody would be resistant to order obstructionist all of make it the better stay in the batter's box having the pitcher you know -- a certain period of time. The an intentional walk just go down the first base those kinds of very easily easily applied -- remedies. Yeah I think you know maybe page Jonny Gomes 41 yeah. You know I think listen the players it's easy for those of us who never played a game at a at a really high level of us. And it makes suggestions and think it's easy to like get to have people adopt so I think there is certain written book game. Certain ways the players played the game. But what can make it a rule it and you know sort of taking it out of in lieu of the the players and then to have the umpires have the ability to would force to. The ideas that you're suggesting. I think it just becomes part of a college game is played in -- and I think that is absolutely doable we just have to commit. As an industry to making that happens I think you may get some push back from beyond field personnel I was all of these issues but. I think overall people know it will be better for the game and along. See your part of the problem mr. Kennedy you just say he's came up with the reasons why you can't or shouldn't do with dates. -- should be just dismissed out of hand so what if Johnny Gomes a suspect in the box he makes -- a million bucks a year users connect to suck it up David Ortiz can announce that on his hands once and stay in. The box the pitching coach can't go to the mount ever -- that. -- we talked about a radical ideas you know ticket out of the -- is they have a manager goes on the field yes he's gone these objectives noted that none of that you don't talk about. Enforcing the rules about delivering a pitch within in twelve seconds into the -- -- so. Now you -- absolutely right we we are up part of the problem to the extent that you know we're the ones that are running the game and and has cloaked in this Major League Baseball we need to work together. Generated and there is an effort under way but you know talk is cheap we need to start. Making some progress in this area is and it's really important. How all the kids. Mike you're determined not to do you stay up to the end of the game best. No I didn't they have the end of -- last night when the weekend cable monopoly through the remote without TV it's that I I get a guy that he pitches -- the school bus it's you know I got to go to bed. What's preventing these -- -- right should be twelve -- between pitches a guy should stay in the batters but we know all this stuff. I don't know anybody who disagrees with this beat -- if you -- hundred fans 99% the most say yes -- -- -- to -- the players to be short of the players. I mean -- and stuff happens a lot of wise -- the players' responses mean Weiss is not going. Yeah I think they get a kick out of via collaboration there's something called the collective bar yeah -- they need -- has millions. Indeed have the rules. They're reflecting. An agreement between. The players and and management and I think again weeks. We will we will get there but it will take time are not considered to say that we can just snap our fingers and they've made changes although baseball. Over the last few years had shown a willingness to adjust to -- Replays being criticized widely over the last couple weeks but I think there was a huge step. Forward a positive step showing that they're willing to expand replay and trying to get these calls right I know if that's -- -- we've -- Particularly frustrated ourselves. But it is a good step for baseball and I hope again that it will become instant as part of but overall recovery plan open a more replay advocates couldn't we need to get the calls right and I think baseball will continue to adjust with the times so we we need to push it. As you've got people on yawkey way -- and. Our talk with Sam Kennedy Red Sox chief operating officer and -- more than a few people. Believe that a four year seventy million or eighty million dollar winner of the case may be offered to Jon Lester. Was clearly meant to send a signal clearly meant to send the message but there's a new business model in place at Fenway Park and in a nutshell. We the Red Sox like other teams the Dodgers in the tigers'. Are not going to over pay thirty year old pitchers or five and six year contract into the 150 million dollar range translated John. You're probably gone. That you say what. Yet and I'd like hey if a person halt he have to remember we're starting from a place where. The Red Sox. -- John Henry on down. And Jon Lester. You want to make a deal you know that's just starting place and I think everybody feels good about that a problem when it. In negotiation and details from baseball negotiations getting into the public domain when you have a a leak like we did. That this past week related to distinguish you one data point that gets into the media itself there gets dissected. I can say there are lots of other data points. Related to this negotiations that are not in the public. Spotlight in the media so -- say is that Ben Carrington Jon Lester. Larry Lucchino our ownership group pool will continue to work on this. And it's clearly when baseball discussions are kept private. And then baseball decisions are made public -- and that's been our philosophy. We wanted to see Jon Lester and a Red Sox uniform for a long long time. Absolutely yeah as a stand. I hope that they he is with a for a long long time and well we'll see where things go over the coming weeks and months but I'm hopeful that it that we do end up getting something done there. If that isn't it fair to say the oath that philosophically. Things have changed from even if they predawn registry post artistry you may have been more willing over the previous. General manager -- a more willing to give Lester say a 140 million dollars over six years than this current group might. You know I I think it is fair to say that we we have didn't carry a cautious and careful. As it relates to the longer term agreement although. You know as soon as -- say that you know you look at that what we did that with Dustin Pedroia. Recently -- There's I think -- every player a different situation. Every negotiation takes on a different tenor different. The sort of timetable. And -- Until I give you you can't rule anything out yet as a as a general rule I think there's there's a very. Reluctant approach to. These longer term contracts. Especially when. -- got guys like bench carry it in my case in the final hours chair Porter put bill one of the best minor league systems. And all the baseball and you have these great players coming up behind the current Major League rosters so. It's it's clearly balance but you know -- back and nutritional questions. Look I hope we get content on which. Last. Can we agree -- I know it's only been a couple weeks in fifteen games that we now understand or think we understand why repeating a world championship is so difficult and it's simply because all the things that went right all the breaks went -- way all the calls all the lock all the injuries there's a problem that didn't occur last year it's very difficult to repeat that. Two years in a row when everything went right for you the previous year. Yet I think we're. He has probably one of the hardest things to do it in professional sports. And and we are off to an awful start while there have been some positives. It's been it's been really bad and end the April. You really like to get off to a good start so it's been disappointed. And I think that there are people saying -- hang over is that you know this little let down. You know what whatever it is. Eat you can really point to the basics and we're not getting. -- great about a buck fifty with runners to support positions. We were one -- -- going in the last night's game at one point game step that's not gonna last we had Pedroia middle Brooks. Now Napoli victory domestic tranquility. It's it's. -- a lot of factors point to. I think we need to have some perspective. I know. For a fact that. John Henry reached out at the John Farrell and and -- yesterday. -- just today hey guys you know it's. It's early and hang in here and are going to be okay because you can tell frustrated those guys are and and we all are. But we do have a little bit of perspective. This is our our -- you're here together Boston. And that things will get better. We have got to start to hit. Again the pitching has been there so we will need a little bit patients and I know that's hard for most of us. I give us a -- Seminole will be good but what do you have planned for a Sunday and Monday. Yet brought you know on first and foremost that the attribute that took place on Tuesday. That was unbelievable. Remembrance where crystal and ardently pursued and Sean. It was unbelievable. An and I just to have my area my. I commend those involved with putting that together. Terms of the Red -- sort of small role in -- community gathering place. -- any -- doctor -- concern -- get together. I think you know they're they're gonna hopefully appropriately back pay tribute to what happened. They'll be an emotional musical piece of you're gonna have. That those kind of rallied together. To create -- one fund just seven or eight hours after the bombings going off. Got that Jim Gallagher and Jack Connors and Mike -- the guys that came together. And the very first day they raised a million dollars for the want to fund I think you're gonna see and survivors. Some of them that first responders in the capital -- there. It should be a very emotional night on on Sunday night. And on Monday when we're going to be I think it as best we can put most of the DA eight. And others we -- trying to practice some sense of normalcy did. Back the greatest in my humble opinion the greatest sports day. In and all of New England to Boston's. Which is America on Monday it's. We'll have our early start time 11 AM and that we all. Pour out of Fenway Park in code on it became more square because the street at the finish line it's tradition for many of us in the front office. And so hopefully we get back to some. Some normalcy and and really get back and it. What put that day is supposed to be all about and that's just. Celebration of an amazing achievement by 3637000. People running 26 point two miles so really looking forward to it and after the -- included in the capital and on your show earlier that -- just incredibly emotional and emotional week for all of us here in Boston on. I just hope -- don't you know we continue to demonstrate how resilient we ours is city and -- how strong we are as a region because it's been it's been quite a year. Sam wish we should probably in about whole answer that emotional response and all the stuff but there's something that -- if -- up the phone from you didn't ask it is I would kick myself in the butt. I don't know the schedule maker is for Major League Baseball I don't know whether he works out on a yellow legal -- as computer what happened is Smartphone to do that. Does it not possible at least to some extent. It and April to have northern city's northern teams play in southern cities -- southern teams. As much as possible I understand there will have to be games. In Chicago and new York and Pittsburgh and Boston Philadelphia. But is there cannot be -- Accommodation made to have them play in warmer climates in the first month of the season. That this short answer is happy yet they should be at it's he'd been called the center of the world. I know Major League Baseball -- Criticisms comments. Up from the from the different clubs. You know most folks wanna open on the road. As they. An issue that that the baseball faces. But no we we it ought to be within the wit of man to figure out yeah I'll we can be -- warm weather climates or at least two homes where we can get these schemes and and baseball has a real challenge trying to get you know -- 162 games and but it's helping that we we should be able to do it. I think is as we move forward. You know they'll become more more evidence of your community EC on sports center some of these ballparks -- Temperatures in the high twenties couldn't agree that that becomes our biggest challenge early on in the year so all ball forehead and -- hopefully we get there. Hopefully there's an app for that of the schedule maker confines and deadly Red Sox chief operating officer appreciate the time -- we'll -- -- -- weekend. All right 6177779837. The ball -- a Nagano games ago. And India that the high school game that much attention to what's going to take examines. Won't know your dollar no one right I finally broke my daughter and it would be no pitching coaches -- -- on the pitching -- -- -- how to play the game. That's worth about it gets like him frequently talk to guys and grow what if he gets up and how how will someone give this and get it always got to throw strikes that's a good question. You know -- that we live with a particular it will lose all its luster for me -- -- -- fourteen pitching changes in your. That's true love I love always. That's -- all right we're already well to the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan we've -- over the top as we noted Tuesday messenger and is on the FM's like easy -- where -- will continue.

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