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Jeff Bauman on his recovery 4-17-14

Apr 17, 2014|

Jeff Bauman joined the show to discuss his recovery over the past year.

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Or 3-D and C I've been looking forward. To this moment the segment this guest. Quite some time and that ramp up and amp up even more one night got the book stronger element with Bret Witter and not read this compelling story. -- -- -- a tragedy a recovery. And a man who has taken a horribly bad situation and made the best out of it possibly could on -- talking about marathon bombing survivor and call him driver. And bestselling author Jeff Bowman joins us on the AT&T that good morning Jeff great job on the book. Thank you burn -- a best seller -- best stuff are humans SL is already. -- Earthquake. You'll bonus from. Our our our -- -- don't know. Agent that was this a difficult project for you to undertake emotionally reliving recounting the details of that day and this year. All emotionally you know not really because everybody. When they hear the story anyways you know of the vote however that a lot. You know going over almost every day but. There was just -- is like another task that I had. -- -- busy schedule at the with a. Was it in anyway helpful to discuss in complete detail I mean I'm telling you like I can smell the gunpowder when I read this book acted. And you know I can't feel your pain -- your description as an example. Of what you went through physically in the hospital bed on the first page of page number six is palpable when it was with -- yeah yeah. It is it is it's -- it is. -- the kind of puts -- back there you know playing on the sidewalk and it that is really it's helped the stock vote. Now like that these pills smelled them in the sound. They're -- it you know it will be second talked about it you know. As the anniversary arrived and the fifteenth of April came and left. Was that unsettling in anyway for you or was it April 15 just another day. Yet after the accident tribute was that's great. But it it's stopped through the people who lost their lives and you know it and I thought that. The tribute did a great job in ordering them and you know and -- And in Adrian -- the decree with their speeches and really proud of that. I'm really proud of all the survivors you know. We've come a long way in -- year. I an uncle does joke but I I was surprised I wondered how honest you could be. But everyone among your family about your personal life and I was surprised than than thrilled with how you pull that off that is a very good book and it's a great story and you were surprisingly honest. Was that tough and just between us can you reveal the parts that were. Removed from the book as I heard you even more honest in the original version with some of it didn't make the final cut. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Don't know. Bill. It. It is horrible but my mother and you know the legal stuff that I grew up with that in itself is between us you know that I thought there were a little too personal -- I really want to think about and Brett you know -- we really thought about it. -- -- -- I I had the final that -- that I took the world is they'll lose some other details. You know them that they -- upload your show actually that was that are. Thanks if -- hit -- -- the it I want to take that you know. It's well Wikipedia's though you know. And you look at it but I wanna mention that some of the guys. Com. So wasn't positive thing in December -- there was nothing we are not problems -- I applaud. Would have figured there -- directed researcher vote to different things on his show and he put them in there that. I -- kind of brought up -- -- the touchy subject. Yeah are Karim in a hand to be the third guy can. We appreciate it again and again it's an excellent read and there's lots of stuff in there that I'm sure was difficult for you relive and one thing that struck me is. The guilt. If you feel of the second thought you have. And you you put it this way that you're the only guy. Who could've prevented this when you saw. Camera land when you saw the backpack. You didn't I mean there's actually nothing you could have done no one could've done and then put in your mind. You do we lived that and you do ask yourself you know could you have stopped that's what I can you think that temple could have done. In global war effort at first you know it was the the the you know my thought it overlaps over you without covering this dwelling on certain things and I really people really know what -- the -- or videos play. Talked to were certainly has some tools you know because. We didn't have that moment -- there to each other and sound like you've waited thirty look at -- -- They turn the cut through the dense crowded he pulled into the little like you know world which -- problems and I I didn't say anything to looked at them you know -- And then I kind of felt guilty for. What could I have done it if you know started -- with the with the breakthrough -- Just put a little bit -- as well what what happened. So you're not only made eye contact with Tamil when you physically bumped into one another. You'll you. I have went back. And look towards them -- card through the crowd in return yet. Through the -- crowd you know ultimately you know. Generally you don't think you guys don't come through -- -- -- in Georgia via. Or rather solid I noticed some. -- -- to oil -- them what would you do differently I always wonder I heard the mark who -- real talk about it you know. -- why did he go here and why was he there and you say why did -- get out of bed that they wanted to go to the marathon wanted to go to the finish line what you ask yourself. More than anything else. No. You know I don't think about himself you know out -- I'm living my life and I was there are out there haven't followed it it was a great current. It was my first marathon and you know talking to -- my lapses. You know that's what I did. I was there supporting learn my girlfriend who is now my fiance and you know when you know and change werewolves. There are -- in my life and supported -- that I love principles there are currently in great people around -- does reward kids. You know. I don't look at the past like that this is you know I look forward. He talked about you write about in the book I have some level of sympathy against her for Joseph -- some -- things that he's a kid like you were -- people do stupid things like it's obviously his transgressions -- Much larger larger and you write that you. Don't want camera when -- -- eagle picture of the death penalty food group thinks he should be stoned to death EO Joseph. Can't sojo are sort of like -- Hamlet and analyst joke obviously. How do you arrive at that is that just you know since we've always felt over the death penalty was just. -- idled because. A Milpitas that I don't believe he should be put to death I just said you know and cut it differed over what happens to. I know that he's up against these charges and know whatever happens it happens to. At -- is not a Freeman you know free personal five. You know Lance Armstrong says -- that. Cancer was the best thing that were happening with some bizarre observation but he talked about Obama to change his life -- his outlook misses before you know steroid revelations right. I mean you could never say -- on the Stoops was a good thing but it is amazing read your book how much you've done in the last year a month. How many positive. Developments there have been in your life. You look at that say man I made the best of us. Everything that I think that you know yesterday out the you know. Boston and it. It have the millions and terrorists is zero you know that you were killed and they did absolutely nothing is as. It didn't you know I mean they did to a horrible thing but it didn't accomplish anything you know people are scared. And you know at this since we've. We've just grown stronger and became more positive. You know now we tighter security and you know. Ever really you know just. Really grateful and proud of our cities and and the support and that are real -- -- is. Do look at I think about it every day. Jeff you obviously worked her tail off physically and in rehab to get where you -- are in. What would be a short period of time. And I'm a -- emotionally what that development was because you said now you're sort of ambivalent. In different to what happens to to Joseph -- Emotionally was there a period of of hatred and anger and bitterness and revenge or did that never exist but. Or you got through when it it. Not yet. I never really that I I don't really spend a lot of time thinking about. These two kids at all. Five months and finally -- -- -- to get through some felt you know I look at other survivors in you know and I think everybody else doing great -- -- This is amazing you know and and that kind -- that that fuels my fire and not anger and you know on the I don't hold grudges against people it's more about. Applicable laws and seeing people doing great in positive. Positive sides you know. That's get through stuff. From lay out rehab standpoint. And analysts people gone through what they're probably can understand the process that you -- the other. Survivors have gone through. What was they surprising part of the physical aspect the most difficult part of the physical aspect that you'd never saw coming until I was put on your plate and he had a deal with that you overcame. I'll definitely that the process. You know -- the first third the -- and bad news in the -- Just from the first the most stood up there and it really challenge counselor -- you know what was booked my leg and that's been the hardest physical part is just getting my legs France's. Like shape -- -- that without the golf that I can actually wherever prosthetics when the time. Then after that it it Blakemore vote. Our values it's a party of saying kind of like insurance building up. My -- strengthened my whole body strength to keep my -- on all day and because it's it's really talk to do it but as. Now I can -- -- -- on all day and a fine. Jeff there about ten different levels of why you are a better man tonight not the least of which is used said even in your most painful days. You didn't want to press that morphine but which was available to you hey why would that why was that something that you wanted to endure when you didn't have to. And B how much pain you went on a regular basis now a year later. Yeah the I had more people and I think that she was treated. -- We have I did practice a lot but I would try to you know I try to. Press the left them less than. Using medications less and less control -- leadoff home I don't wanna be dependent on right there. The written I don't. -- at five far warmer process a little too long rocket from the muscle pain and -- some Motrin. The brother. He pushes the Bud Light button on that I that is. What's -- what's the -- an item up publicity for the book now but what you get past that that's all done what's the next couple years -- in the deal we made them is make them maybe. That's true to gradually alleged that one is the baby due. I thought -- here. -- that is you know what that is the best revenge isn't the best revenge getting married on hosts have a baby. Well this and you know -- dwell on them to maggots on the -- sizzled the last sell the other erotic and the other lots. Rot runs unmarked grave in Virginia that is the best revenge it's true imagery how much rehab do you -- a couple days a week. Of rebellion. -- one of constituted -- -- obviously the better. Yeah yep that's the I think well it the -- Aside from -- the baby what was the highlight of last. It is a whirlwind tour forgot and you know went to France you're at the CEO he went to Costa -- went to the White House page -- throughout the jurors that. Jimmy -- James Taylor. Yeah Kenny -- John Borden. Jarrod Saltalamacchia Middle -- friends and you've been everywhere what are what stands out the most. Oreo talked to you yeah yeah -- it academic senators think the mentioned that is so obvious but the unleaded gas can we guess you guys reached as I got one a message -- I was less agents -- really you really like him I'm gonna say Pedro Martinez. The coolest new friend you have. Embassy senator fools that night and I'm just telling my ass and I'm happy I was invited. Here or expect that that. I got freaked out. -- -- You know everyone has been so great -- come on. Yeah I really like is Hillary's amazing he's still that this stuff is simply Gibson. Has -- system elements -- fabulous she's. Two men. And and I have to say probably my new quote to -- that this probably Kevin. -- my ball. And then I got really quote and he uses. That the guy knows everything about everything in the in the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did you bring your guardian is like the nicest human being other government my life amused that edit himself. But I got his life at a lot of credit -- you do at school but in all these people you met -- you mentioned this the book at times you felt like. You know you were on display you relax and kind of whatever you know. Circus guy you know being shown off and and you get you really sense the sincerity. In some people as opposed to others that -- That some people really care and other people discount wanna glom on. You I mean there's so many people there that they cared. This is in. I don't know what the problem of more overwhelmed by it people's generosity and just thought you'd have and the full year of her garden used to it and really accept the sisters really really great people up there. I'm just really grateful. I guess it should come as no surprise that you hold no animosity. To the photographer who took this electronic pictured has been all over the world. Around here are your three or four times when you don't hold. Well a lot of animosity you -- in different toward does -- of Brothers but you were asked does it bother you that somebody in this most. Poignant most. Vulnerable moment of your entire life snapped a picture and the whole world at least up to that point. Dude Jeff Bowman as that guy in the wheelchair with Carlos holding your federal artery. Yeah. Yeah I do think that's another thing I don't really think about it -- know the picture mistaken in North America do about it. This is -- and try to make positive thing you know they consider the book if this should it's shows and read people. Five -- you know from there on nobody ever left my side. And so -- -- always been there next to me. Either Carlos -- you know -- or might might let down by a ball Kevin knows the -- if solely Derek you know people my uncle Bob did Nolan -- my side and I was playing on the sidewalk and it's just you know -- shows. People helping people. I don't know I've read our Charlie did together that took the photos and he's a great -- is the guy that he's from New Hampshire so. He he's he came forward -- were bandits and you know it. Is that these -- good guys. The New York Times photographer took the photos of the rehabilitation won a Pulitzer. Yet you are yet but if he's the Kodak. A read it read that Harold letter from I think it was Monday right so when you wrote it was publishing house -- -- -- -- Tuesday Tuesday it was a Tuesday. A tough decision was it not not to be at the finish line Monday along that you what did you guess arrive at this decision a recently. Our hotel we said you're in you writhing about you know which we -- for pages they decide to spend with your family and friends that you did you consider. Walking you're going to the finish line showing up the race and all that day. Yeah you know public be. To be right around that area. I definitely I don't know far I'm not computing crowd. I'm not -- Scared of the verdict this is what prosthetics to the process that. Not too -- -- getting in between people. And so over the char lie -- I want to be there and you don't need to be around that atmosphere and and show people that you know. We're we're not scared about not afraid and see. There I don't no -- the other night but. You know I didn't think -- to vote not going in and I'll definitely be there Monday. Jeff how much -- mice that guy is correct so you correct me if I'm wrong are you -- three in first pitches and flag waving. Yeah yeah yeah -- change that meant. You. I. -- -- -- I think and he knows this photographer guy won a Pulitzer he's -- he's probably gonna win one yet this book I think he's on the on the rebound here yet the guy at the on most street the -- this lunatic in the near and the -- he did he freaked out the Norton brothers' a little bit. And others. He didn't bother you. Now. This could be. You know the -- of the Christian people there. In order to Philadelphia her and this is -- the you know the looks like he has the mental problems. It's true that you dedicate the book the Martin riches than Lindsay Lou and and crystal Campbell. Did you talked the richest family and all the talk to Andy the other grieving. Survivors because it seems that may have read a lot watch a lot of TV no one. Has bounced back and no one has made the most of it like you have. -- You know I've met I've met everybody I've I've talked to mr. Richards on -- -- the patriots game and he's is that he's a very quiet very sincere guy and you know everybody is going through so much so. In the press that I was busy in the united water you know take on the challenge of running book is side has so much going on. But I you know everybody has so much going on in. -- And everyone I think everyone is kind of making the most of what you know mark mark from -- get married today it's right. This is amazing contractually. And that his wife and you know. Every I think everybody is that in the book of everything. I'd jump Boris say good bye not to do need more support but I'm looking at our message street on the AT&T text line and one after the other says. Jeff is awesome -- -- inspirational. We had this guy can teach us a lot about how to live our lives what blastocyst tell -- not to worry about crowds they will park for you as if you were the king restaurant and from walking down the -- -- got that going forward Jeff thanks for taking some time the book is called stronger Jeff Bowman with Bret -- I can tell yet. It it it it it put your right. In the spot with Jeff from the beginning of this nightmare. Until the light at the end of the tunnel but he's -- is he emerges at the other -- better man and his book would indicate a strong man. Jeff thanks for the time good luck we'll talk to -- Thank you your -- it doesn't Callahan on the AT&T. Were you surprised and a -- it is an -- and LA is is what told Aaron said in a lot I probably says it was Goodman wasn't rupiah. 'cause I'm here which you write everything right or party yeah but it was -- yeah yeah it was easy you said it best conversation conversation -- -- tells you know stop the you wouldn't expect this book I was going to be I don't expect might not actually like it and say I would like it. But I liked. And a lot and his mother was there and as well -- relatives were there and there was sand in on the body and it again up. Some parts didn't some putts you made me cry it rent it he made me cry. And on the Kafka. There were parts of the thing I just welled up this is from the heart. And the theme in my mind in the end it is. It's a story of two evil bastards and a thousand good people isn't just one story after another makes you -- Good about in your fellow man. Obviously gets into the two evil bastards. And in he is. Better man and I like -- said to you know he doesn't want stone them to death like mark -- mark who -- real and I do. But that's him in you know what. He was like that before is that if you would like always laid back he was always easy go on and he still -- we have among last year after. The bombings we don't want first if you read the book right as the market pissed everybody off weeks -- forget but even -- at that time attitude sure it's great. Jews and now he's got so much stronger does not yet and it looked out of -- yeah he lifts networks and risks. A lot of PC's hard as a rock -- Perfect. What do we call the little line above the title on the book it's that I saw the bomber. He took my legs but he did not break me he only made me. But in the word stronger and it's a great cover and it's well written this Bret -- guy wasn't at the party but I wanna commend him did a great job. -- -- -- -- The interview with a us and I was controversial -- island just -- the -- or whatever. And the quote. Was a big deal only in -- He's denounced till he yes which we glom on to -- we were gonna make T -- over put the boss of the cost too much we can do that but you know it was. Take away yet it was -- Any rights above that what that meant what they know and by people some people took it to file accuse. You know -- or something but it was poignant that moment that. I'm still -- in my legs -- -- messed up a lot of people are messed up but we're still here and that maggot is in the ground and he does right. Going back to understand US domestic off if you were John he is worried about being seen as sort of like. Prop. You know like Connecticut CIA white you would think -- him it's gotta be tough can be tough to decide what is is -- mommy who has the right person was sort of think I'm going to go all the place he was in White House -- in. I mean eventually you say they'd just he. You go to a game and you're there to get the crowd go -- idea that you kind of feel like dancing Barry what I would say that I'm leprechaun guy. SP I know right try to project myself and what I would feel a -- and job situation but I could see where those ceremonial things might make -- you feel like you were to coach from ought to thank. But I would also -- I don't know this for a fact but I -- Jeff would tell you this. The vast majority of people that he runs into encounters every regular people you know people we just happens to see on the street. People he sees that the book signing at Costco these are all people who love and care about him and support him are very happy for him. And are amazed and impressed by him that one -- -- nothing pisses them off what I asked about around the condom -- yet that annoyed me whenever I mean he's laid back music go on his family or you know Francis and screw him. You know kick -- his name right he can't get his name you have this in abuse exclusively was one of the first yet not the first. Get a money was in New York in the book came via his column Almaty the unlike Jeff you sweat the small stuff. It doesn't sweat the small stuff he does and that's what the big stuff I wouldn't be like him and you would name there and I'd be like -- -- Korea didn't want. To see. So joke about it I -- do myself. But does that help. And I'll tell us the way just like the way people -- and and he again was that way before he was on the ex chemist and a Democrat so laid back music own. Among his. And friends -- mostly. Insane lunatics. And he was normal. And he writes what happened book is his what it -- -- -- fiance was discount taken background notes you know as Sam -- is. And he says it's just the way it is -- way my whole life has been bounced around us and and you know. Lived here in there and used it toughened him up when you say it would seem like he was. Content making sixteen grand a year working at Costco playing departure of the year playing video games this friends and has some good. A new girlfriend and we likes I think have a girlfriend you think -- heard anything. They must have been together for 67 years just settlement in the met. Two years ago -- less -- -- -- the picture right that is one of the more -- of things he was a happy guy and he says it. Work Costco have in the QB is playing shoot a -- and sand. That's the way it's supposed to be that sounds good that's good life. And in he was obviously. Deeply affected by this but he still looked sentences at a great aunts and great family. And I knew -- some maybe I'm clear good. And he's gone on here no it was a Psycho he's -- debt and I'm still here. 61777. Point 79237. -- the full lines and talk with you'd Santelli. -- It's okay. Our young captain.

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