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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Jenny McCarthy is engaged 4-17-14

Apr 17, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed Jenny McCarthy's engagement.

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Headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible am by precision fitness equipment -- the pros do precision fitness equipment. -- -- -- -- Appreciate it a PP RE CIA to what are you APR do you like the mean. Home. Erode the -- that it Prius gas -- hard words -- words might panic and -- well he's sending email to. I'm 72 way and friend of the show appreciating offering yeah that -- -- well with the offer you. There no drama from there that sent the game -- that's why I'm about -- -- Also -- -- appreciated appreciated quixotic both the -- hold on record here that river that left yeah. This is call. I think as of I think he has voice voice I thank Kirk liked it to charge it. That's true yeah well I'm a fourth at least if he's -- church I should cause of X acute shouldn't they remind me of the bad. Grim report that I need for today's headlines here pal cabinets and -- -- the marathon starting. Yeah I hear about this cherry -- yeah I heard your ride got reassigned -- he feels bad are primarily -- to bad break that's a problem and I need to find them uncle what -- the -- PD in the -- -- -- -- Put them poked but the big 100 miles an hour with bullets on to get -- excited as a great idea. Although it -- figured out commute -- the it -- be on the air up I didn't find somebody and yet we're looking for is somebody who can get Kirk. From the finish line where you were broadcast better yes thank you from six to what 838. Maybe eight. -- run a -- is right Copley Square someplace. Is so I'll only call that in the New Zealand -- square -- yeah. Or that the leaders say that yeah he was on at least issue but they have to have the Jews to be able to get shoot -- Hopkinton -- it because they're going to be you know going to be. Lot well they -- -- sets and close post and walk his dog -- like a walk that's you walk from the 495 X up up to Hopkinton farce that report miles probably. Now that's that's an initiative. Within a mile and appreciate that figure -- -- -- -- -- -- What about -- it got 27 interns here and there was stupid Obama trusts and or one of these idiots. So political improved serve -- -- go -- -- kind of spokesman. It -- Time now probably matter which is light and got it it is headlines the Boston bomb hoax suspect plastered -- accused terrorist. Joseph cars -- have a FaceBook pages long history of mental illness we learned yesterday cabinets and also goes by the name Dave Robinson was in court Wednesday. On charges including disturbing the peace disorderly conduct. Disturbing public assembly possession were used to be hoax device and making a false. Bomb for a minute 120 years if they want to -- right he said it was performance art and the vice was not explosive that's been suggested also learned. That is arrest history is on its first arrest. On June 19 2009 he was arrested after violating a restraining order. Taken up by his mother -- -- record -- she received the order -- earlier after cabinets and quote threatened to cut me. With an exact tonight and I tried to wake him up according to court records is currently being treated for bipolar disorder it was tossed like sixteen months ago -- mania. Of his illness two days after that arrest -- again to -- in the past the chargers including harassing a police dog when arresting officer brought -- in the prisoner. -- you looked up I mean spit in my face please report. That it. -- chart was charged with those. -- it was a -- charges they were dropped. The diagnosis was -- yes. Have you heard this before I ever determine a lot of those kinds of mania but yet never in any Iranian general media I don't know seems I'm gonna assume -- hand respects the it's in -- more than the grammys because. Of the letter of the statement and the fact that. They're not paying for lawyer and not pay for his lawyer there letting him -- on his -- I didn't want credit for that we've talked about I don't know what the dividing line has been dozens the letter from mom to break us it does mean we said the -- that -- predicted this yesterday that there would be heartbroken family and Wakefield. Who did everything they -- wit's end at wit's end and that appears to be the case and they areas. Discussed the range and quality I mean they make they make a lot of money and I've supported him in the past so by torture Remy told us. They have to -- -- -- is that what it would saying I should show on -- on appearances police -- but I I don't think they had somebody from some. High level Boston defense team. Standing next to Kevin and I just don't court would only jail and bail her out yet I I I set that would bail and -- did to if if my son. Reached the point that -- -- and yeah wouldn't April I don't think humans aren't so why would make. My wife would want to yeah -- it would be a problem. But murder -- would draw a line ever feel like this is still a point where we hang him. Think well you don't I don't know -- that she's -- to kill mom died but that's that's and they have done everything they could do you know them you know we've said doctors and therapists and medication in schools and everything they could do it now as an adult they can't. They're getting the bill mechanic and a dynamic of that and they can't admit them like in the like Adam went right it was nothing yeah on Tuesday night except that you missed the that you would get him set aside and given whatever help he's going to get in Bridgewater state. World war was for him to do something -- at least stupid and criminal and like rallied as -- ever. Right of refusal wanting to have -- come grammys they get a good night's sleep now that he's walked incarcerated -- they probably won't mind if they keep me on the thirty days right. But if -- about this and and so room are. Portnoy has -- on this on -- stolen. Isn't even if he's in jail or he's in particular. Don't we all society feel safer simplistic kind of person that I know that was only confetti. But is the next step something more dramatic spectacular yes -- Violent attempts before finding out about his police blotter -- up. Prior to us. Said this to some whack job right looking for attention artist thing you -- you always sort of artist thing play it to the exact -- knife. Bombs right -- he's violent -- -- -- said he yesterday you start hearing this double file path trying to kill this family right and absolutely becomes something else we -- thought it was kind of -- you see the guys pictures -- him via yesterday that I was just an audible but no he's. Any agent doesn't consider consequence McConnell -- some serious consequences to this -- him and beat. He's trying to -- choke -- right and -- his. Screwy crazy cycle fall in love so what's the next step is -- more confetti or is it real bomb is real -- real gun. I mean we have to find a way to keep them incarcerate -- in jail. They called -- -- mail should spur demand that long I mean -- investors -- going to be there unlike the grammys I think the absence would be thrilled if he. We're disdain for a year or two or three. Maybe twenty. Maybe just maybe I've just said become that -- -- it was deuce I just in -- this guy anymore one out of our lives are put news here listen in on -- romantic. Jenny McCarthy. Donnie Wahlberg are engaged. They are engaged. These kids are gonna make it here we at the south and the view yesterday you -- and you watch the views and be -- for you got out -- it doesn't Donnie Donnie seem really normal for Hollywood guy yeah. She's not normal you know she is not very strange experts put the sound of Jim telling about the announcement how -- I think was proposed. So. This weekend I was sitting with -- -- of course durst can do connecting the couples do I love you love me you love me and he went into the other realm. And out team and then with a car that's -- well. Any candidate to me and I didn't I was going on yet and it haven't ran away and having came back Curtis said. You hot. And it he ran away and you what was happening had to start crying and then I came back credit cards that marry but spelled wrongly set and Mayer why. And and it allows him you know time Donny came out without end and -- shirts that mean of the crash of our Ali -- And he got got his -- -- sat in its current track you've got caught it's democratic and sag. And -- -- -- me of course yes and in that moment. Of us that denotes the other. Yeah. -- -- it slowed the mile I am I feel like a lot his role in the world he's so wonderful. -- important. -- there aren't I would rather marry Melissa makah engine also that there is no actually it's crystal met there is no chance this scored the last. Not a lot of these two states that I'm -- you admin and two years to get married -- -- -- I think this whole thing they -- they get -- no Woodstock last PL Larry you know she's not just -- couple times she's got her son was -- he's railing against Madison in the world which has millions of vaccinations vaccines crazy goes on -- and talks and -- all the crazy sex -- I just that's what -- which -- -- -- used to be out rabbits out -- -- do you think guys have made the moves on -- -- -- on -- -- -- -- on the -- Well. I mean -- yeah if he hasn't. Then -- -- -- is liable to -- is all I stand by she's battled like a more than -- personally number eighty -- first -- it's pick and what you're just Mickey he visual too perfect right shore yet. Short and -- but would you admit that bull attack on knowledge edges of the page if you -- -- -- please leave on the course of its choosing between ten but I would keep looking from the surgeon -- were to order -- one to ten. Physically giver in eight 80 yeah I have given -- 66 and a half with no baggage right now let's hear it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it's never works older you know Hollywood couples that last album Paul Newman and to remember -- Cronin and Jessica and that's too. This girl's got divorced Amy poll is getting divorced. Ohio and it Will -- Continent where there was I am right I mean they they were cute Hollywood cup I want to give it. I buckle under to two you are just two and a half from marriage or new aug oh that's true that break up in the will be Michael cycle for three and a half years over under going over under on illegal yeah I believe that -- -- is America's third marriage yet. A lot happier single that was Mary second it is all -- you -- marriage she did -- -- -- out outlasted. I I don't want. I went way over and I think I've already been exonerated we will deal with that. Your phone calls the celtics' draft position. A little bit of hockey preview later in the broadcast. Jeff -- it'll five. Sam Kennedy Red Sox chief operating officer at 845. Laps to go won the NC.

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