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Sox win in extra innings 4-17-14

Apr 17, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing the Sox 14th inning win over the White Sox.

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If you stay up. Until the end of the Red Sox game last night. They did two things to people as well everybody it was riveting raise your hand. And number two Larry these notions that you season that. Could use paper that. Yes last night until 1:27. In the morning should get three season tickets up how. -- are familiar for him. Here's that these two topics overload last few days you know. There's no African Americans playing baseball anymore 8% this only 67 players in the big leagues three teams have none. What's what do we do about it in LaTroy Hawkins that the that you did column on. Sports Illustrated said the issue of affirmative actions should be a rule that you have to have a certain among black eyes yet on east yet. -- -- -- -- You gotta have a you gotta just have a place this to me like three jobs and each team that molecular for the Celtics on no that's next to that next that's one question I heard Tony Russo talked about it there is manages and pundits have talked about it. The other approved a pretty Smart they adopted their -- all the -- that's a 10. You know he. Annoyed to attend that every one of the view that you agree. But you -- to -- our story this story is how -- boring baseball can be. I was -- command every black and like I didn't. Asian middle aged and all the critical patient guy in the guy who plays lacrosse street performer. -- -- chooses. Tennis or whatever sport they're -- lottery yeah I honest to god I love baseball of the my whole life. Last night. I was a great example of why -- why are we wasting -- time when this cricket instant replay. When it -- coaches are walked into the -- and mound. Every five minutes it's cold it's me it's it's windy. People in the initial in the -- in the crowd freeze and that's pitching coach. On the mounts and you know just keep it down. Oh clock is no rule that's right -- o'clock o'clock -- like -- -- thought let's talk to a total asset when I'm right right now all I saw the grass grow at a I was watching this last night it was like 10:30 -- and in the pitching coach rivers -- speech ago out of there and all the infield this command. They shall -- and -- freeze in his ass up and say. Not a -- Kansas. If you make the game better if you want -- to play at white guys in. Japanese guy performers who. -- -- want people to like it. Loud and this guy nobody. Don't Cooper. That there and you know it was -- not a Major League I would imagine Bradley Cooper I don't edit got to throw strikes is capable. It doesn't get a -- -- -- get rid of -- the nugget hotels again don't make a mistake them. She contacted inherently notes -- hit me every night and noted Reba at that -- ago. There's somebody in New York baseball main office commissioner's office and you know weekend where but the transfer rule about the collision -- the plate. With Don Cooper is wasting 34 minutes of my life. It was located around I don't foresee a guy. That worries that allowed. The catcher. Marks out and so are kept the catcher. Chicago catcher -- twice with one bad. As and a -- Say dude so. That's what they're doing high school yes he wouldn't leave sick son get here. He's he's OK he doesn't need you. Walked out and talked. I'm -- it really frustrated with the idiosyncrasies. That. Try to make a sensitive medical analogy it's as if Major League Baseball and doctor blood sitting in his little. How much 21 million dollar dinner at that point one you know what you'll build up the that's that's almost as funny as Obama picking these out and you don't spend also. A couple of guys. Again I impersonate someone crazy labels like Michael Jack -- it is it you know plus pictures smuggled out -- point two billion. Sorry I cut his right by a million just list the public dispute argues. A lead to show you just sit back. Let's list the other things -- baseball. Other things wrong place other than that leaping transfer rule even -- yeah. Replays -- work public relations. Even go home connect and don't give a crap someone smashes and AJ Pierzynski don't get crowd -- -- and -- was team. There are sort of the last -- hopefully it does not it is as somebody city. -- to be a great game to survive. With two run right and now I can list a dozen things that bother me more. In the replay flaws I think they will work the flaws that just the football hockey did every sport did. The components replayed the work the kinks out what they still out Don Cooper to walk to the mound at at 1030 at night. When it's 33 degrees. And chit chat with pitcher if it's like anybody in the park. Experience and enjoy that they all seem like I've got loyalists experienced and I can watch at all it was busy I was performing with north -- I understand yeah get -- -- Crosby. I no longer it'll be you know I know he is he's short he was also it was a good. You were so good I expected to give that. Polite. Nice guy went to the body parts part of a charitable thing you so much funny that any cast members sent us a sandal and he's a hundred years old when he's in but he just has fun I was confident himself just have the blast by the. Family and wherever we know wake Forest Service outside Chicago you go in their couple times a year last night's one of those nights is we got the tickets we have to freaking going it's 22 degrees with the wind -- you walked in there and it's the game takes. Forever just 910 years old us what your formative days ago as you can be fans. What is an -- and then we're gonna have to come up with programs. To get black kids to not play lacrosse. I'm glad to have a basketball football yet stumble across in tennis and track whatever conflicts with baseball. And they're supposed to say. But it's nameless. -- -- the -- if on the record Jesse reverend Al anybody who has anything to do it in double ACP. I start a program Rebecca black -- and tight ball is why subject them to the torture that we watched last night here's my medical -- -- you want to try to be sensitive here. As if eight million dollars but -- But Selig. They net worth I'll buy you breakfast to be within. Ten million dollars. But Selig has faith does a 375. Shot I'll say. Network that. 1171000370. I weigh all I got it right -- Sides between. 375. Probably parts of the world is now. See that the very lucrative pulled the Contra you know what he spends on clothing -- -- he -- -- -- -- the people -- Hollywood you and Brady -- completely. -- 800 who is Ayers is when is when -- -- and go to your super cuts late in the buffalo. Is that a hot dog every day -- If he doesn't and you know on target there. Why did in 90 am in direct message but nothing like John Hancock. The -- That ability -- -- that company that used to sign the Civil Rights Act like these is definite threat that role players -- attempt -- -- Eddie sent. That of medical analogy doctor -- is is looking at the patient and the patient as some sort of remarkably. Horrible terminal illness and it's clear from the very first test it's clear from the examination it's clear that this guy is about to. Expire and doesn't have long ago. And he looks at it and says. In -- little dirt fingernails and we have to get out of Africa as -- -- that it is hang nail on your ring finger bothering you I think she gets in the -- -- -- on that there. I was more joy. At the Celtics lost to Washington in the wasn't the -- -- wind tunnels inside for starting. We want or what did you see when they were Cilic the guy on deck kept notes in the people in the front row don't have these 900 all seats. Measurable course it -- sit there. They're at it it it it's a -- wanna start by commending all those black kids that we're trying to get the play baseball are smarter than we -- Syrian. I want to play that. Jackie Bradley said that might not play lacrosse. It looks of those people's faces in the stands reflects the look every time you drive down the highway and you CAA runner. Coming your way it is kind of like. So with -- -- people hate -- when I get all take a shower and be comfortable again. Let's say it up right -- debt and that's been asked out you don't if you run. It passed a runner. On the road when you're driving where he looked like -- like he. Gets -- gets some -- race and yet he still doesn't of the racers like it's the endorphins and -- -- -- spot ride out of time but I accept a deal from things that -- a crap each step as torture and it's supposed to be volatile torture sweet paid as Scott Brown called the and then baseball offices just as a revenue the only reason it has revenue is because of the cable explosion and they need programming -- its content they don't care of the games national ratings are down -- your -- -- baseball news pin is down national baseball fox is down it's not going to get better. I mean you want -- case that he used last night's game 5007 team Canada Mexico it's not a -- why it's a work -- school and it flew like five -- -- -- -- a school night and they. Picked were -- congress this morning on the SPN. And they're asking about the world choose in the past black we're gonna -- enemies. Have a gas to get. Baseball academies to kettle black kids to play. But it didn't just don't want maybe you have to make the game more into more attractive and you know why they used to play 'cause it was quicker -- Back and -- -- when Hank Aaron play two hours -- 2012 minutes and now they take three or what what looks cooler do you now after the Feller and LB. Let's not -- -- -- NBA will be my both. And and the kids that -- -- it's true I don't think the choices made. -- year at the level of say -- that Jackie -- was Eumig John James Winston right it was Woodson has to choose -- gonna choose football. But they're talking of the choice when the tenth or twelfth Brent Wright. Yeah but still there watching the game the board action than not watching the game last night we want to sentinels. Were saying why. They'd like the game well here here's the basic Tenet ask any kid 58101214. Years of age. Why they choose a particular activity and the answers to simple three letter word because it's. But right right now because parents or make an ambulance -- case that happened because uncle played lacrosse there usually feel lockyer will -- -- case may be. They do what they wanna do because they find that particular activity. Options at the example what seems more fun the answer is anything about baseball I think play. Baseball can be fun if they just let him play. Mean when -- twelve. The pitching coaches and go back right to how in our you know taken half an hour warmup oh like -- twice. To bring him in the game which is -- particularly ended I think to be a kid if you're playing you start playing that's -- I think to be into it yet to be inclusion you're -- you do whatever you know for when -- little of the Red Sox right that's I would guess is not happening in -- like a US -- advent of the game all over again football -- have extra points that good I -- nine. If you invented the game all over again like right now. I'm not I'd love of the my whole life played at all that stuff you the same way in the same way -- started right now and you were tan. Would you think it was boring. Mean the world this change is more options. And the game has gotten so much slower when I was a kid and sit front and in this let me tell you watching majoring -- yet but I'll stop playing little completely I think wolf -- well because I. I cannot say I'd looked. There was no cross it you couldn't wasn't corruption. And if it were and I've -- games that policy. Total of that the smashing into each other and smack into -- 'cause activity it would have been a decision a pandemic would have would have been. Faced with that choice. I wasn't as -- I didn't you know I was and there are twelve could be -- them abandoned and -- mean -- -- they didn't have a high school. It's too pissed me off in Chelmsford Ulrich had this great program so I can we have the team because it looked like fun. I wasn't faced with kids today are. And you're right watching games when I was watching games is -- he would you know and watch and in the Portland yeah rice and yes. The game took two hours and if. Eighteen minute and now there's a difference stimulation that you did not have backing up to 50000 channels to 2000 channels and video games that -- that would provide this constant bombardment of movement and excitement and result in scoring. And the told or going being being being being a plus plus the Internet phone and that I -- have pong. -- off and upon all we have and we owned our own blow up a bit. Now but the ball. Did you look beautiful life and other right back from -- I was -- -- -- It apology and kids all came in my house to play pong on -- nineteen inch black and went touchy. Can't -- with their look at these video games on their devices and then dad's in the other room watching a baseball game takes. Five hours seventeen minutes of him that he tells -- that -- -- let's see only released in nineteen says. -- on you just bought a look at that brings back memories are in case but you're working out at 127 in case you didn't hang in there for five hours and seventeen minutes. This is how it ended last night fourteenth inning score tied at four Jackie Bradley up. Both who -- a utility bleeping infielder. Is on the mound for the White Sox. His name is Lorie Garcia where lower Garcia's career all the truth is that like some of the White Sox -- I -- not what -- problems. So that the White Sox have run out of pictures of this mess. Utility infielder -- Garcia is on the mound Jacqui -- was up 44 school or fourteenth inning 1:27 in the morning. We don't know why judge down there right field line and pick up the phone. It did happen that he took his -- to Iran's growing around the corner Bradley and his second with a two run double and the Red Sox -- -- tennis six more. Lane is actually kind of funky though he was not going -- balls so. Now it's one of those things where I wanted to make of those strikes. He got behind and down 20 and -- had to work their way back in Sony announced a backseat late. I'm pretty good swing on it. So in essence of that exciting moment that you just heard as depicted by joke mr. Leo -- sounds like that was fun and an interesting to watch. I will tell you that in five hours and seventeen minutes Chicago pitchers. Issued fifteen walk on which version for are the thirteenth one and I like the second one too. He's was actually really -- Chicago pitchers issued fifteen walks. 275. Pitches there were or pitching changes. In this game and the Red Sox win at six to four. 275. -- The White Sox this. If I am a big lacrosse proponent like -- -- announced this is -- take this video just say that I send it showed to everybody. -- commercial. It's really kind of cool commercial. Were kids in left field lord -- and they say here on lacrosse stick goes the next field as some mean that. This was a real life version of last -- it's in real life version. Of a campaign. To advance cross around this great nation. With a mistake we -- we always. Blockades -- it that short attention span yeah played video games. Well this case is -- their fault. Mean sit there all the pay notes because it did in the country law that you want action when your and twelve and fourteen years old guys picked at random year 86 that's my start to become a pretty big Red Sox fan so watching -- -- baseball figure. They played 67 games there were three hours or -- which is actually more thought will be. Last year the Erisa expert 130 games twice about it all the lights is almost policeman at a gloves -- the games that are. Yes to us what I mean did they do anything to make it better in the three and when it's all of the game now -- -- -- not to mix longer stuff his business it's not like they made it all the clock the extent that they just. Main drag out at the drag it patch Tuesday at bats this step and out every. Thing that sucks about baseball they added to see a pitch count clock if they enforced is a twenty. By second when he won the second question. I'd just at the math I had the Red Sox pitchers into the pitch count. 504. Pitches through last. 504 pitches. That's in the buckled in 200 -- -- oh and you get buckled the sixth in the and -- -- And then I'm sorry I'm I'm souring on this it doesn't work for everybody the patients at the plate. It works for some guys obviously Ortiz works for him has got to get up there with the little aggression and say. I'm here to -- -- some young guys and eat it takes away from there. Their aggressiveness in the ability to get up there with a positive that -- -- -- there got to take a few pitches and they take it to. But that boom and they sit and -- I don't want fifteen I would like Dexter says people in the stands lest they were screaming for the Sox and sought to hurry up they were starting to sober up. That their -- -- -- -- as the 22 pitch -- you know why that you could it twice apps easily. That's funny high school game today about -- buckles all that messed up buckles. He said he delivered. Right and sacrificed -- -- -- if it -- and kind of for Q it was fatal I would say it's worth and -- typically buckled into the you know move on again and get another job it hurts the game it is killing the game it has nothing to do. Replay nothing short break promises name next commissioner he's gonna turn everything. That you know people -- is going to be at the gate Torii. Importantly. Beyond I like those guys talked a -- in Boston don't undermine. They you know technology and caught the lip and a big reason why Kitna played baseball either I know when I was younger I had a choice. To pick one -- here. And my parents would cover my expenses you know while I've played that sport but the other you know preceded I had worked the paper by a -- myself -- have yeah. It have all the so. You know it figured you'd want ordered not going to be baseball. You know they're gonna use the ball. Basketball something like that. -- -- you agree if the cost factor were equal across the board and notes sneakers and a basketball for basketball. A lacrosse stick and you know -- from -- hockey obviously -- spent some of the equipment baseball content don't think that even if the cost factor with the same. The nature of the game. Draws people away from baseball young people away from baseball and it's almost anything else got to change with the times and -- art -- twelve year old -- -- twelve year old -- right now you're gonna watch that. And we don't feel it see it here because we have shrine of the writer and -- -- -- a ball and a competitive team in under the White Sox gets its new Kaminsky. And -- owners. And you have you know average -- below average team and I mean you know have a lot of stars and -- players that the president could name me. You have to have some -- scored -- you have to of the game the game has been part of the appeal camp not the appeal. Propagate what -- again. That the youth the youth of America grows the game and if they're not watching it then they're not going to be playing it and then they're not going to be a eventually have their kids do -- told mr. million times of read our back said one of the proudest things he was he he. Bottle in his life not some sort of basketball scheme was that when the Celtics weren't very good. And know when they were very good questions. He made available I think he said. 300 tickets a night. Set aside. Or walk ups so that and bitter time a father can look at his son or parent to look at their kids -- -- So self esteem get up in the morning she'll get some tickets they're good at this time and as a result a lot of young people. Had the seeds planted that basketball was fun to watch is actually based public that they would rather incensed minorities to come and play it again. As opposed to changing the game and making it more attractive for young people will grow the game forever be -- would what would. Roger Goodell do if you -- set their last five hours seventeen minutes and pitching coach a puts it. He would say you get on the phone with have a conference calls have a meeting be in my office. We got a problem we got a problem in this NH Lotta choices and now the attention spans are shorter. We get issues the scheme is just not really entertaining and might be great in September may be in the pennant race may be in October in the playoffs. But right now middle of April whatever this is middle of April Wednesday night cold Chicago night explained to me. Well we have 517. -- All right 6177797. 9837. We got a lot of ground to cover today and stuff I'm really looking forward to -- this -- Sam Kennedy you know Sam Kennedy. Then again you might is the Red Sox chief operating officer. We run some of this by saying this is a powerful guy in the organization and he's -- younger and his plan sport he doesn't you know pitching he set the report on -- -- issues have issues here to talk to Sam Kennedy about 845. Just Bowman don't column Obama it's Jeff Bowman of the book and watching NASA is behind me it is called stronger. And it is a great great read it takes you back to a year ago with the tail and -- smell. You know things that happened at the finish line when you read this chapel join us in the 8 o'clock hour as well. We have a decision to -- we have to decide whether it's more. Beneficial. Or should -- less painful occupation -- To get up at 345. As we do. Or to be a Red Sox beat writer and stay up until 240. Will deal with that and and that's enough for all the stuff ambulances there is something that you. The latest on. Cave on our paglia. Avon Edson the performance artist who's now under evaluation at Bridgewater Welch did did our source at battle ahead yes evaluated at Bridgewater state I think it may last longer than thirty and -- -- our girl crystal is celebrity now -- Date is well let the evening news and some mr. along time you're gonna miss for a lot longer all of that straight ahead. With the -- I believe they're completely a 100% an excellent.

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