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John Farrell joins Dale and Holley 4-16-14

Apr 16, 2014|

We discuss the Red Sox early season woes with manager John Farrell, as well as his views and faith in MLB's new instant replay system, and the continuity in the Sox outfield.

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We will run the program discussed the the nominees for the patriots hall of fame. And the ES system speaking of systems that need changing and we think the instant replay system in Major League Baseball needs changing I would suggest. The patriots might need a little weaker toot their all the -- system we'll talk about that a little bit later on while also talk more about the these Stanley Cup Playoffs first round begin tonight in the NHL but don't begin here in Boston until Friday we'll talk about the Bruins. -- Detroit Red Wings series a little bit later on in the in the program as well as we start to get to ready for that. Some of the flu ridden Bruins have returned to practice today they got a few guys back still missing a couple with the flu bug. I'm including whether defenseman Kevin Miller and Matt are cow ski hopefully they'll be back tomorrow is good news the good news they'll start to Friday as it turns out it it probably will be. -- if they had started tomorrow as. We all thought they were going to it may be that they were going to be missing. -- hockey players -- but we word about the will be on yeah. Bergeron played last year with brokerage people literally I got a letter separated shoulder let me ask you a quick question for John programs on here. The Bruins are the best record in -- home 317 in what three volumes are. What. We we we've been told. That that in the hockey. Home ice doesn't matter as much especially in the post season. Why didn't you been told that by people who don't understand the game maybe that -- that is shared your retirement wise to educate me quick loan. Claude Julian. Home team get last change. Home team gets the matchups that they want. Claude Julian gets to make sure that. You know win -- -- Mike was steps on the ice for the Detroit Red Wings Friday night he will ensure that he either has today you know Chara and or Patrice Bergeron on the ice against them. You get last change you get the match -- you want yes home ice matters that there's a reason the Bruins were 317 and three best record in the National Hockey League in home. Eight they're good beat their really really well coached. And that whole thing clips when they go to Detroit next week because Mike Babcock is a great coach as well and you know then he'll try to get the matchups that he wants. But but it's it's parked it keeps getting glossed over by fans and sometimes I wonder why. Alex talked a manager of the Boston Red Sox John Ferrell has brought to you by our belly insurance. Town fair tire and Mohegan Sun John joins us on the AT&T hotline John NATO. Eric I argued that you were pretty well as it warmed up at all in Chicago yet no knowledge at -- a year or warm area. Man it was miserable last night wasn't. Well I mean when you're considered below thirty are torched its springtime weather but still not an excuse are all seems plain that there were ready yet -- -- here aren't. I joked earlier I think that Tony La Russa once Q I'd date you or at least adopt you. He's going honor are raving about your conversation that you came out of the conversation saying. I stand by what I said in New York just give us a sense of out of what you're thinking about the replay system and the parts of the conversation with Tony La -- that you can share with us. You don't like our I think first and foremost I have always been I'm in favor of adding instant replay. You know I think we've experienced. Over the over the years that it there was beat. Availability of replay -- called on the field I think actually everyone. Want everyone intentional -- that are. And I think -- through this system has been import implement -- earlier there's doctors and adjustment or all -- some of the effects. Became the unfolds some of the emotion between managers and umpires it's. Removed somewhat. Although the other night that's what I certainly case. But I you -- again I think we're going to go on prayers and and we've got to. It would be accepting -- some things are experiencing early -- knowing that. I think there's a lot of Smart people and all and whatever adjustments you make as we look formal reports. Did you guys dodge a ball whether to hear from an injury perspective with both Dustin Pedroia and -- you are. Yeah I think so you know I you know that there are some short term situation that we've -- -- care love and coaches Ctrl+Alt and here today and based on his throwing yesterday which was. Even more aggressive than on Sunday people in the right direction so we should get a letter formation on the open today and likely -- availability tomorrow. Right now just to enter in the lineup tonight so. I know I guess that somebody monitoring -- that's cropped up -- you welcome Mike -- situation last night with a dislocated finger. -- he's there today but fiscal coach not fracture I -- ligament issues so our you know he's gonna need. A look at trying to get some swelling out of -- that there should be back to sure. John Taylor Twellman here we opened the show talking about Bogart's and the level are concerned what's the level of your concern with no RBIs and and still learn in the position shortstop. Well you know you know are we -- in the you look at the overall. Actually called it -- their their their you know that this is a young guy that is extremely tired of it the work and preparation is is as good as any better now we have on this team. We're fully and completely confident of his ability not only -- to become a run producing up sort of player but also -- -- the stronger. The last rights of all that nobody. Throw a little bit short. Inopportune time and gain. We're gonna have you know it's a box and down for the young player but this is good young player that became -- offer right now. I it's exciting you -- -- -- law and order. I was debating with with twellman before you came on. I think he's he's the shortstop I don't know. How you see it if it's futures at third base or what have you put. It looked like a shortstop to me is that his position -- that's what he has in baseball. Yeah no question Michael you know. That there's going to be plays a Kaiser are a little bit more. You know their their strengths and her ability to allow them to make certain played a little more readily and others. But he has shown us on the arranged on the -- straight. There's no reason to think that he's been a lot that position now. 810 years down the road as he continues to a lot physically that taxes approval process that's part of the you know that this particular physical look at shortstop as -- -- operational. When I -- Jake Peavy -- forty pitch inning for your early in last night's game I would've given zero chance he would have gotten it through sixth did he surprise you with the way he settled down and and got it his way through the next few innings. Well in the middle extra might or might have been right there what you portray you know the one -- that Jake is shown. Of course is part currently is tremendous competitors -- and he. You know there's that the next inning when he came out what this extra -- and where he's sitting at 59 pages after three as opposed this is the New York City street critique their children. It all the sudden got back into some pretty good territory terms of getting through that's extra. In the middle let's six -- -- -- start to piece together or click OK -- -- the strip the -- Hopefully Bridget and peca. But you know GA record number precaution and that -- and it is they want to get in the sixth inning. -- to leave a couple of grand strand of that and turn the turn pro football title 11 tie. -- -- -- The strikeout totals -- -- in this and there are stuck to bury your ministers starts but I think you'll lose as much as news. Better and competitiveness to get us through those six in the last night. I have ever heard it once and herded to 175 times from UN and and a lot of other people in baseball who say. The approach to good hitting is that swing at strikes. And don't swing at pitches that are strikes are for the most part so how to explain. Your team's struggles with -- runners in scoring position are you swinging at balls into it as opposed to swinging at strikes is it that simple or is it. Something greater that you've -- You don't like I think there's a couple things at play here -- I think the root of it could be you know art. -- individual desire to do something and make something happen in the moments where we recognize that created a lot of opportunities that we my short. So when when the effort level might increase like they're going to be the guy that gets done. I think that's where we can that's where currently expanded the strike zone or rather than take this same approach in those situations that we it to bill the -- You know in New York prime example you know they've lost leads off with a double double took third on -- on in chill out. And then two pitches later in the over Arctic there's just at Harlem's. The senate seat to be over Russia. And expand the strike zone and we just stay would say -- players to -- approach birdied his first talked about -- -- The other thing to do. In the moments and that's where we've got state to back. But consistent approach we we got ourselves out quickly and counsel and otherwise. You know. And the trademark of our offense for years -- only -- to seek answers to remain patient and -- addressed which is that there are. John is it safe to say that it would be your preference to have some stability at the lead off positioning your batting order and is Grady Sizemore at least closing to the point physically where that could happen. It's cool it yet and I would -- actually -- spot. You know what so we've we've got rookie approach. -- left and right matchups. At the same time you know we're we're looking for that leadoff guy certainly to Kobe's absence creates that we -- fully accepting a bit in order when his signing to. Note starting -- took place shall. He -- we've got a remote parts injuries have played in the back performances on a little as well shall. I cultural fourteen games were still trying to. -- settle him looks and continuity truck lineup but there's been recently haven't been able. -- you have a reason for doing everything from shore but the numbers suggest that Dustin Pedroia as a lead off guy. Is not so good what's the what's the reason for putting him. You know like Michael that the -- has been a when he went through that stretch where you know the week prior to you know there the rest interest bother him. In and -- -- -- and -- are the leadoff guy did not get on he'd look to do a little bit more. In terms turn pro baseball it extra base don't try to probable urged patience. Or try to do is just to get him to think about -- to achieve those. When he's right he does so well. I just get on base and let guys aren't can start to build in the on top of his on base so it's a matter of not. It's about her take what the father trying to do more than maybe right now. Anyone is capable of just she Christians. I'd give some sense of the guys aren't watching how the opposition might look to -- and people. It and just give us the ability to get the start. You see much more from a pitcher when their working and any of us can and do what will you be looking for specifically. From Clay Buchholz early that will indicate to you that he's where you wanted to be tonight. A dark thought between them -- start one and start to. You know that there was there a marked improvement to the overall -- and consistency location. That sort of progression usually you're like -- they -- -- tonight for. -- -- -- it's a matter location in the strikes and the and the repeating it. Where the Milwaukee game you know there was all pitchers don't but you know when it -- thank you pray for. A body was much better -- in New York. And he feels -- watch open the other day like. I hit the ball started -- a handle more consistency was a power when not having to really generate any edit. -- -- -- -- -- -- Like and Richard you know he did for our start in the early in the year once. Regular season begins you're getting more in game shape and so they can -- support. Are your T shirts and in spring training said turn them turned oblique and page on and on and I can understand the mentality of the sentiment behind it. But is that is that going against. Human nature but he did win the World Series last year. And the reason you say turn a page spirit because it's difficult to do -- how hard how hard is that to do well how are our hard has it been for you guys so for. Two of league last year bought. Yet to have that yet have that mentality of because that the reality is. You're the defending World Series champions and you T shirts say turn a page from mythology -- a bad plastic did some good. -- released -- pumping -- something extremely unique and special. Where -- we originally talked about is the things that we control matters and they are all or that our preparation. And our guys look great job of that in the things happen. Come together as a as we might have expected from ministry training at least the first fourteen games. But the one thing that we continually focus on -- talk about news. Is just the lead up for the game and once you're -- but you got to respond in situation accordingly. And see what we've done a good job in certain areas to war or still look -- its stride opera. Final question from me when there's an old saying a locker armor clubhouse -- get the right guy. If one guy pulled a prank on another guy make sure you pulled a prank back on the right guy get the right guy. I was thinking of that when I saw you arguing with -- umpire knowing that it wasn't his call you were arguing with. And knowing that it was somebody in in New York on the other -- on the other end of the of the -- phone was making the call you feel like you're almost yelling at the wrong guy in that situation. What he'll say Tokyo don't shoot the messenger. -- well. You know what that was even talked about before we just like a popular is that -- -- not or Mick McCall -- so I understand that by. I guess in that moment you turn -- on everybody together and intensity. Unfortunately rework and the -- -- -- -- and trying to target clearly stated you're going to be struggling a short on the field not the case but. You know. There are YouTube electorate you get to the social much you can take based on what you see internally look at -- that -- And and also some of the things that -- -- on an hour -- so my comments came out later actually it was that we're basing. My. That's my interpretation of what we've been struck department and that's where. I took exception to so that was our conversation yesterday -- -- just -- aren't something and knowing that we've got to get through our. Stage Europe. Getting accustomed -- instant replay it again. You said it's hard to have faith in a replay system what will it take. To have faith in -- in the replaces -- for you. You know I I think that's where our experience what that repetition where you know you you view things through your own video. Knowing that. Same deal he's just going to actually your anorexic more consistency. Not particular about I don't think it's as much -- rule interpretation just float things are and how could someone see. The same villagers. That maps work. There there's going to be differences he. Inevitably you got two different humans looking at the same thing so I'm gonna interpret differently than any other -- we we've just got to get that aren't. -- played so well but just to be implemented implemented more. Regularly. In every game that we play. And I want to switch gears and toll off this topic in my last question. Just as gives a sense of what your emotions were yesterday on the anniversary. Of America are bombings in in what you are anticipate. On Monday at Fenway -- You don't Michael. And that -- reporters yesterday is that there are partly a function conversations going -- in -- cute as exceed certain. Whether you -- or other stations Parker remind -- what. It took place a year ago. It still so many different things that the first and foremost thing is never. For getting those telephone equipment -- and suffer so much from -- senseless tragedy. But I think we also. You know take a step back and and maybe. Feel good that we are able to be part of something to help others deal. It but first and foremost at people and soccer are first and foremost my. It to say -- were part of an incredible city there are strong community. It's a land handed some small way hopefully help I'll. That that's where we continue to look for ways to do just that and they -- the one year anniversary is another. Milestone or another marker along the calendar that. Brings -- healing all in all. Hopefully that tactic chased the Monday will be another reminder and I'm sure. Everyone contributing to -- acknowledging what took place here though it'll be special as well. Those T shirts for the White Sox last night were very classy gesture. Mr. Wallace and -- and we'll know that you operate about you know scorched. And speak specifically operation all that. You don't other cities recognize some of the tragedies and hardships are alternate. Acknowledges it makes it. I think it brings everyone together trying. You know uncertainty and are appealing word that you feel like deductions support from his promoter that might not be exactly and cost. John we appreciate time as always we'll talk to next week. -- -- -- take care that is John Farrell manager of the Red Sox brought you by our belly insurance town fair tire and Mohegan Sun. 6177797937. As the telephone number it's dale and -- and Taylor Twellman Sports Radio WEEI.

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